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									Palm Harbor Headache Doctor, Dr. John Rauch, Helps Hundreds Get Out Of
Pain Fast

Palm Harbor, FL 09-January-2010 -- Rauch Chiropractic Wellness Center is
pleased to announce that Palm Harbor chiropractor, Dr. John Rauch, has
helped hundreds of patients get out of pain from headaches fast.
Headaches can have different causes, but the most common are
stress/muscle tension, and subluxation of the cervical vertebrae. Both
conditions can be addressed directly by Dr. Rauch without masking the
symptom behind analgesic medications that may have undesired side

A wellness approach to stress aims at reducing the cause of such stress
and minimizing its effect on the body. Direct therapy for muscle tension,
including massage to relax the muscles, has been shown to be effective at
relieving this type of pain.

When the bones in the neck shift slightly out of their normal alignment,
a condition known as subluxation exists. This can place pressure on
nerves exiting the spine and create muscle spasms as the body tries to
protect itself from further injury. Gentle chiropractic manipulation has
been proven effective at correcting this problem and providing almost
instant pain relief.

For more information about Dr. Rauch and how he helps patients find
headache pain relief fast, Palm Harbor and area residents are encouraged
to visit the website of Rauch Chiropractic Wellness Center at Members of the press and/or other interested
parties may also obtain additional information about this practice and
the therapies offered by contacting the following:

Rauch Chiropractic Wellness Center

Dr. John Rauch, Palm Harbor Chiropractor

33385 US Highway 19 North

Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Phone: 727-765-4830

Fax: 727-787-3828

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