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					                           Why should you use Glucosamine in a Dog's Diet

As you stand in the store pondering the plethora of varieties of dog food for your dog's diet, your mind
can truly become overwhelmed. The numerous ingredients in dog food simply complicate things even
further. Who really knows what all of those ingredients really mean? You see glucosamine on some of
the dog food labels. That sounds a bit familiar. Haven't you heard of glucosamine in the news? What
exactly is glucosamine and why should it be in your dog's diet?

You have probably heard of glucosamine in the news. Glucosamine has been beneficial to joint health in
humans. Research has also shown that glucosamine in a dog's diet can be beneficial to your pet's Health
especially when dealing with Arthritis.

Glucosamine is a dietary supplement. Glucosamine has been shown to encourage good joint health.
This supplement helps to maintain good joint cartilage. Glucosamine is one of the key building blocks to
produce joint lubricants. The joint lubricant helps to keep the joints moving and functioning with ease.
Glucosamine in your dog's diet will ensure your pet's joints work at their peak performance levels for
years to come.

How does glucosamine work to help your dog's joints? Glucosamine hydrates and lubricates your pet's
joints. The added hydration and lubrication will help to prevent arthritis in your dog. For this reason,
glucosamine is a good supplement in your dog's diet. Pet owners of large breed

Dogs that are predisposed to having joint and hip problems should especially consider adding
glucosamine to their dog's diet.

Shellfish is a good source of glucosamine. Another way to get glucosamine involves a unique process of
fermenting corn. This method to produce glucosamine creates a vegetable based glucosamine. In most
cases though, supplementation is the best way to give most accurate and targeted doses that your dog

Where can you find Glucosamine made specially for dogs? You can go to which has a safe an inexpensive product, just do a search on
Glucosamine for dogs at the website.

Glucosamine is typically safe as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Your dog's diet should include
glucosamine to encourage joint health. Your pet will not suffer from side effects or interactions with
medications when glucosamine is part of your dog's diet.

Alan G Brown

Description: Help Protect your dogs joints and prevent arthritis with Glucosamine Supplementation