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Lani Manuel 3104

    I began my coursework by brainstorming idea for my radio drama, this was done using Microsoft Word.
    I had to research radio dramas to increase my knowledge of them, this was easily accessible due to
    the internet , I used, and . I was able to listen to a
    variety of radio dramas from different genres and different decades. Once I had thought of my story I
    constructed my script using Microsoft word again to lay it out.
    Once my script was finalized I had to get my actors, I contacted them in both person and via email to
    check their availability when I could not get to them/they were not available. This was very useful as
    we could instantly communicate through email, if I had not been able to email them it would have
    taken me a few more days to get them all together and begin recording. The use of a blog allowed me
    to easily upload my work and then be able to access it from both school and home. Mr Milliken could
    also read our work as we went along and add comments for us to improve on. When I found relevant
    websites instead of having to copy and paste it into a word document I could just link it to my blog.
    When recording my radio drama I wanted it to sound professional and therefore needed clear audio.
    To record it I used a Sony ux 60 recorder and a Sony 907 microphone, it was easy to use and much
    quicker than I had imagined. Once my radio drama was recorded I simply plugged the recorder into the
    computer via the USB and could instantly hear my play brought to life. I was pleased with my radio
    play however it needed sound effects to make it sound more convincing and a few blunders required
    editing. This was done through the programme Audacity, with this I was able to edit and manipulate
    my audio. I cut sections out, changed the pace, found some sound effects from the internet and edited
    them then added them and added my own sound effects.
     I spent a lot of time on Audacity editing my radio drama to the second but once I was happy with it I
    moved on to working on my accompanying work. I made an advert for my radio drama using Paint
    shop pro ,I scoured the internet for visual I felt portrayed my radio dramas message. I found two
    images and merged them together and changed the tone in Paint Shop Pro, I also added the BBC logo
    to make it look authentic. I also made a webpage using Microsoft Publisher, again I used the internet
    to get the logo and headings form the BBC website, this made it look really realistic and I was very
Conventions of the genre
   The genre of my medium is radio drama, and after listening and analysing many I tried to
   follow the conventions as I wanted it to sound realistic and professional, it therefore follows a
   linear narrative however I slightly challenged this in my inclusion of a flashback scene I have
   swayed from a realist convention to give my audience a wider perspective and to keep them
   engaged. The story time is established through ellipsis, the narrative is kept flowing and
   relevant by uneventful events in between being assumed this quite typical of the medium.
   The genre is horror this is reinforced by the repetition of the haunting, audiences have
   expectations of a genre and I feel I have satisfied this through the sound effects and Eleanor
   being the only one who believes it at first. however it has a sub-genre of the story of their
   relationship. The theme of the supernatural is appealing to all age groups as it is intriguing and
   creates a sense of terror. It can also provide escapism from the worries of today’s society such
   as recession .My intertwined theme of deceit within a marriage and paranormal activity may
   also help draw in a younger audience and draw more female listeners in who may empathize
   with Eleanor as the listeners of Radio 4 are currently 51% male and 49% female.
  My protagonist is a young newly-wed, this information is given through comments by the estate agents
  and after they pick up the photos from the wedding, it is subtly talked about at the beginning when she is
  on the phone, some listeners may conclude it but if others don’t then it will become clear throughout. She
  is wealthy and well educated this is signified by her accent and reflected in her name, also when she
  speaks she uses correct English and words like ‘hectic‘ as opposed to’ busy’ and ‘hilarious’ as opposed to ‘funny’-
   “Sorry Sarah, so hectic! But it is beautiful…yeah definitely!” I also decided to call her friend Sarah, as this is a
  quintessential English name and will resonate with a Radio 4 audience. When she is on the phone she remarks on
  how beautiful her new home is, she is a previous Londoner moved to a quiet suburbia.
   She embodies modern values but likes the tradition of their new married life “home sweet home”, she is
  dependent on her husband but is an feisty in her own right, this is shown in her anger at him and reactions
  “AARON! TELL ME". She is well spoken to signify her class and culture but this is juxtaposed with her use of
  colloquial language conveying her youth.
  When Eleanor suggests Aaron put his games in the room at the end on of the corridor and he
  replies : “Um, no honey not in there- ” this subtly displays his secretive nature as he doesn’t explain
  why not ,the audience may pick up on this if not it will make sense at the end .“Sweetie I
  understand you’re upset but the estate agent said it’ll be fine…” Aaron can be quite patronising to
  his wife ,dismissing her superstations for paranoia. His use of the word “sweetie” is often when
  Eleanor is worried or angry at him, he uses to try and butter her up. Their relationship
  has previously suffered from Aaron’s secretive nature and his infidelities he makes a joke of his
  constant blunders when he says, “what have I done now?” His humour is soon turned to shock at
  the mess that the ghosts have caused, and Aaron is forced to entertain the possibility that they are
  not alone.
  I feel that my ideas where successful represented was really particular in the selection of my actors
  so they portrayed the characters I had envisioned well.
Choices and outcomes
   After reading through my 1st draft I decided to cut some of Aaron and Eleanor’s reminiscing about the wedding as they have
   just returned from their honeymoon and would have reflected on the wedding then. With a radio drama you cannot be
   obvious in the insertion of background information to the audience; it should be discreetly embedded within the dialogue
   and sound effects. I also added some more commands to the removal men as it would be very hectic; this would also
   require lots of sound effects for the moving of house.
   I also cut the breakfast scene as it was unnecessary and dragged it out too much and the information given here could be
   embedded within the others scene. The first haunting scene need more dialogue to make it more realistic. When in a high
   tension situation there’s normally more quick paced dialogue. I added more sound effects throughout the script to ensure it
   is realistic, there is always background noise in reality.
   After run throughs of the script I changed the surname, when Aaron says “welcome to our new home Mrs.Dilchen” to
   Mrs.Mayers as the alliteration make the words flow easier and sound more natural. ‘Dilchen’ is a plosive and creates
   constriction in the mouth causing it to be hard to say. I originally chose ‘Dilchen’ as I didn’t want to put the first surname
   that came to head i.e. ‘Smith’.
   I corrected grammatical errors and structural errors. As it is the script for a play I have to ensure it is clear who’s turn it is to
   speak and that the directions of what tone or mood to convey are clear as it is completely reliant on the actors portrayal of
   events as it is audio. Therefore a well drafted script is vital. I had to choose the right words to use, as a radio drama relies on
   the spoken word, therefore each dialogue had to be concise whilst subtly giving away information e.g.. “So you lied to me?!
   Again!” Whilst each word is effective so it each pause. Sometimes silence can speak a thousand words, at many points in the
   play Eleanor is angry at her husband this can be seen in her silence, creating tension, as a listener you can imagine the angry
   looks she is giving him.
   After learning the truth about their new home and that her husband had been keeping it from her my character Eleanor is
   understandably furious. I thought therefore a profanity was necessary to convey her anger and disbelief however due to
   institutional demands I decided to exercise self censorship to avoid jeopardising the broadcast of my radio drama, therefore
   edited it to “What the hell Aaron?!”

   Collectively I am really pleased in how my radio drama has turned out ,I fell it has progressed from script to audio
   successfully. I think my actors ,script and the silences/sound effects have worked together and I am proud of the outcome.
Audience Feedback

  I played my radio drama to both media and non-media students, all listeners where able
  to follow the action and understand what was going on. The media students could
  recognise reality claims and references made to the everyday world. They also read it with
  the preferred reading, one listener said “The tone of the woman’s voice shows she is upset
  which makes us be in her favour.”
  I have therefore successfully communicated my intentions and am pleased the audiences
  The easy accessable equipment has meant that a group of media students have become
  producers of quality ,edited, media pieces instead of merely commentating on others work.Due
  to the technology we used and the software our productions could be mistaken to be of the
  same standard as a broadcasted radio drama. We studied radio dramas before embarking on our
  own so we were therefore familiar with which conventions to follow.We produced radio dramas
  form our own imaginations ,however due to the institution of school we were limited to an
  extent with censorship.

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