CRS++ Excel file - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and by liwenting

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CRS++ format

IDENTIFICATION DATA                                                                               BASIC DATA

                Reporting                                                                                                                                                 Type of flow                                      Short
                country /     Extending         CRS               Donor project Nature of         Recipient        Channel of                                             (main DAC 1                                       description /      Sector /
Reporting year organisation   agency            Identification N° N°             submission       country          delivery name       Channel code       Bi/Multi        category)         Type of finance Type of aid     Project title      Purpose code
              1             2                 3                 4              5              6                7                   8                  9              10                  11              12      13 - NEW                   14            15

               New or modified fields for 2011 reporting on 2010 flows.

               Standard fields for CRS Forms 1 and 2

               Additional fields for CRS++

               Concerns loan reporting only

               Concerns debt service only


                                Expected                                                                                                                    Investment
Geographical Expected           completion                                     Aid to                      Trade              FTC            * PBA          project           AF                               Climate change Climate change
target area    starting date    date            Description    Gender equality environment    PD/GG        Development        (Yes=1)        (Yes=1)        (Yes=1)           (Yes=1)        Biodiversity      - mitigation   - adaptation
            16               17              18             19            20               21         22                 23             24             25                26             27                  28 29 - RENAMED         30 - NEW

                                                                                                                                             * Replaces

               VOLUME DATA                                                                                                                                                                      For loans only

                                                               Amounts                                                                         ** If project     ** If project
                                                               received (for                                                                   type, amount of   type, amount of                                  (EPP:1,annuity:2,l
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Number of
                                               Amounts         loans: only                       Amount                         Amount of      experts-          experts-        Amount of        Commitment      ump                repayment per
Desertification Currency        Commitments    extended        principal)         Amount untied partially untied Amount tied    IRTC           commitments       extended        export credit    date            sum:3,other:5)     annum
              31           32             33              34                   35             36               37            38             39        40 - NEW          41 - NEW               42            43                   44             45
                                                                                                                                               **                **
                                                                                                                                               Reporting         Reporting
                                                                                                                                               on experts        on experts
                                                                                                                                               is                is
                                                                                                                                               optional.         optional.

                                                                                                 Arrears of
                                                                               Principal         principal                      Future debt       Future debt
                 Second interest First repayment Final repayment Interest      disbursed and (included in      Arrears of       service: First    service: First
Interest rate    rate            date            date            received      still outstanding item 51)      interest         year, principal year, interest
              46              47              48             49             50                51            52               53                54                55

CRS++: standard format

                         New or modified fields for 2011 reporting on 2010                    required                     optional                   not collected
                                                                                                         OOF NON-  OOF
                                                                                               MULTI                         PRIV.     PRIV.    NON    OTHER
                         Field name                                          Order   BI ODA              EXPORT EXPORT
                                                                                                ODA                          NGO      MARKET   FLOW    FLOWS
                                                                                                          CREDIT  CREDIT

                         Reporting year                                      1
                         Reporting country / organisation                    2

                         Extending agency                                    3
                         CRS Identification N°                               4
                         Donor project N°                                    5
                         Nature of submission                                6
                         Recipient country                                   7
                         Channel of delivery_name                            8

                         Channel code                                        9
                         Bi/Multi                                            10
                         Type of flow (Main DAC 1 category)                  11
                         Type of finance                                     12
                         Type of aid                                         13
                         Short description / Project title                   14
                         Sector / Purpose code                               15
                         Geographical target area                            16
                         Expected starting date                              17
                         Expected completion date                            18
                         Description                                         19

                         Gender equality                                     20
                         Aid to environment                                  21
                         PD/GG                                               22
                         Trade Development                                   23
                         FTC                                                 24
                         * PBA                                               25                                                                                 * Replaces 'Sector programme'
                         Investment project                                  26
                         AF                                                  27
                         Biodiversity                                        28
                         Climate change - mitigation                         29
                         Climate change - adaptation                         30
                         Desertification                                     31
                         Currency                                            32
                         Commitments                                         33
                         Amounts extended                                    34

                         Amounts received (for loans: only principal)        35
                         Amount untied                                       36
                         Amount partially untied                             37
                         Amount tied                                         38
                         Amount of IRTC                                      39
                         If project-type, amount of experts_commitments      40
                         If project-type, amount of experts_extended         41
                         Amount of export credit                             42
                         Commitment date                                     43
                         Type (EPP:1,annuity:2,lump sum:3,other:5)           44
                         Number of repayment per annum                       45
                         Interest rate                                       46
    For loans only

                         Second interest rate                                47
                         First repayment date                                48
                         Final repayment date                                49
                         Interest received                                   50
                         Principal disbursed and still outstanding           51
                         Arrears of principal (included in item 51)          52
                         Arrears of interest                                 53
                         Future debt service: First year, principal          54
                         Future debt service: First year, interest           55
      DonorNameE DonorNameF agencycode
DonorCode                                     Acronym Agency name (FR)
  801 Australia       Australie             2 AG          Attorney-General
  801 Australia       Australie             5 AusAID      Agence australienne de développement international
  801 Australia       Australie            72 EFIC        Corporation de financement et d’assurance des exportations
  801 Australia       Australie            99 MISC        Divers
    1 Austria         Autriche              1 BMF         Ministère fédéral des finances
    1 Austria         Autriche              2 MIN         Ministères divers
    1 Austria         Autriche              3 BReg        Gouvernement fédéral d’Autriche
    1 Austria         Autriche              4 OeKB        Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
    1 Austria         Autriche              5 BMA         Ministère fédéral des affaires étrangères
    1 Austria         Autriche              6 Reg         Administrations provinciales, communautés locales
    1 Austria         Autriche              7 BKA         Bundeskanzleramt
    1 Austria         Autriche              8 ADA         Agence autrichienne de développement
    1 Austria         Autriche              9 BM/BWK Ministère de la science et de l’éducation
    1 Austria         Autriche             10 BMLFUW Ministère de l’agriculture et de l’environnement
    1 Austria         Autriche             11 BMLV        Ministère de la défense
    1 Austria         Autriche             12 BMI         Ministère de l’intérieur
    1 Austria         Autriche             13 OeEB        Österreichische Entwicklungsbank
    1 Austria         Autriche             99 MISC        Divers
    2 Belgium         Belgique             10 DGCD        Direction générale pour la coopération et le développement
    2 Belgium         Belgique             20 SPAE        Service public fédéral des affaires étrangères (hors. DGCD)
    2 Belgium         Belgique             30 SPFF        Service public fédéral des finances
    2 Belgium         Belgique             31 OND         Office national du Ducroire
    2 Belgium         Belgique             39 ASPF        Autres services publics fédéraux
    2 Belgium         Belgique             70 MPRF        Ministères régionaux publics des Flandres
    2 Belgium         Belgique             80 MPRW        Ministères régionaux publics de Wallonie
    2 Belgium         Belgique             91 MPRB        Ministères régionaux publics de Bruxelles
    2 Belgium         Belgique             94 MPRG        Ministères régionaux publics de langue allemande
    2 Belgium         Belgique             99 MISC        Divers
                      Fondation Bill et     1 Gates       Fondation Bill & Melinda Gates
 1601 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation MelindaBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  301 Canada          Canada                1 CIDA        Agence canadienne de développement international
  301 Canada          Canada                2 IDRC        Centre de recherche pour le développement international
  301 Canada          Canada                4 FIN         Département des Finances
  301 Canada          Canada                6 DFAIT       Affaires étrangères et du Commerce international Canada
  301 Canada          Canada                7 DND         Ministère de la Défense Nationale
  301 Canada          Canada                8 RCMP        Gendarmerie Royale du Canada
  301 Canada          Canada                9 GOV         Gouvernements provinciaux et municipalités
  301 Canada          Canada               31 EDC         Exportation et développement Canada
  301 Canada          Canada               99 MISC        Divers
    3 Denmark         Danemark              1 MFA         Ministère des affaires étrangères
    3 Denmark         Danemark              2 DANIDA      Agence danoise de développement international
    3 Denmark         Danemark             72 EKR         EKR
    3 Denmark         Danemark             99 MISC        Divers
  918 EU Institutions Institutions de l'UE  1 CEC         Commission des Communautés européennes
  918 EU Institutions Institutions de l'UE  2 EDF         Fonds européen de développement
  918 EU Institutions Institutions de l'UE  3 EIB         Banque européenne d’investissement
  918 EU Institutions Institutions de l'UE  4 ECHO        Bureau d’aide humanitaire de la Commission européenne
  918 EU Institutions Institutions de l'UE 99 MISC        Divers
   18 Finland         Finlande              1 FG          Gouvernement finlandais
   18 Finland         Finlande              2 FF          FinnFund
   18 Finland         Finlande              3 MFA         Ministère des affaires étrangères
   18 Finland         Finlande              4 Other Min. Autres ministères
   18 Finland         Finlande             72 FinnVera FinnVera
   18 Finland         Finlande             99 MISC        Divers
    4 France          France                1 GOUV        GOUV
 4   France    France       2              MINEFI/NATEXIS
 4   France    France       3   AFD        Agence française de développement
 4   France    France       6   MAE        Ministère des affaires étrangères
 4   France    France       7   MAE/FSP MAE/FSP
 4   France    France       8              COOP DECENTRAL/MAE
                                COOP DECENTRAL/MAE
 4   France    France       9   MAE/COOP MAE/COOP
 4   France    France      10   MINEFI     Ministère de l’économie, des finances et de l’industrie
 4   France    France      17   MEN        MEN/EDUC-NATIONALE
 4   France    France      30              MIN/EQUIPEMENT
 4   France    France      35              MIN/TRANSPORTS
 4   France    France      36   MIN/SANTE MIN/SANTE
 4   France    France      37              M
                                MIN/TRAVAIL IN/TRAVAIL
 4   France    France      42   MINEFI/BDF MINEFI/BDF
 4   France    France      43   Coface     Coface
 4   France    France      91   TRESOR     TRESOR
 4   France    France      92   SEU        SEU
 4   France    France      93   PTT        PTT
 4   France    France      94   ORTF       ORTF
 4   France    France      99   MISC       Divers
 5   Germany   Allemagne    1   BMZ        Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
 5   Germany   Allemagne    2   KFW        Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
 5   Germany   Allemagne    4   DEG        Compagnie allemande d’investissement et de développement
 5   Germany   Allemagne    5   BMF        Bundesministerium für Finanzen
 5   Germany   Allemagne    7   FO         Bureau des affaires étrangères
 5   Germany   Allemagne   12   LG         Etats fédéraux et collectivités territoriales
 5   Germany   Allemagne   14   Fed.Inst.  Institutions fédérales
 5   Germany   Allemagne   15   DED        Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst
 5   Germany   Allemagne   16   Fed.Min. Ministères fédéraux
 5   Germany   Allemagne   17   Found      Fondations/Sociétés/Divers (non fédéral)
 5   Germany   Allemagne   34   HERMES     Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG
 5   Germany   Allemagne   52   GTZ        Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
 5   Germany   Allemagne   99   MISC       Divers
40   Greece    Grèce        1   YPEJ       Ministère des affaires étrangères
40   Greece    Grèce        2   YPEUO      Ministère de l’économie nationale
40   Greece    Grèce        3   YPESDDA Min. de l’intérieur, de l’administration publique et de la décentralisation
40   Greece    Grèce        4   YPEUA      Ministère de la défense nationale
40   Greece    Grèce        5   YPEHODE Min. de l’environnemt, de l’aménagemt du territoire et des travaux publics
40   Greece    Grèce        6   YPEPU      Ministère de l’éducation nationale et des religions
40   Greece    Grèce        7   YPGE       Ministère de l’agriculture
40   Greece    Grèce        8   YPYG-PR    Ministère de la santé et des affaires sociales
40   Greece    Grèce        9   YEN        Ministère de la marine marchande
40   Greece    Grèce       20   ALLOI      Divers
40   Greece    Grèce       99   MISC       Divers
21   Ireland   Irlande      1   DFA        Département des affaires étrangères
21   Ireland   Irlande     71   DIC        Département de l’industrie et du commerce
21   Ireland   Irlande     99   MISC       Divers
 6   Italy     Italie       1   MGI        MGI
 6   Italy     Italie       2   AGEA       Agenzia Erogazioni Per l’Agricoltura
 6   Italy     Italie       3   OGPI       OGPI
 6   Italy     Italie       4   DGCS       Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
 6   Italy     Italie       5   MC         MC
 6   Italy     Italie       7   CA         Administration centrale
 6   Italy     Italie       8   LA         Administration locale
 6   Italy     Italie       9   Art.       Artigiancassa
 6   Italy     Italie      74   SACE       Sezione Speciale per l’Assicurazione del Credito all’Esportazione
  6   Italy         Italie             99   MISC        Divers
701   Japan         Japon               1   MAFF        Ministère de l’agriculture, de la sylviculture et de la pêche
701   Japan         Japon               2   MOFA        Ministère des affaires étrangères
701   Japan         Japon               4   EXIM BANK   EXIM BANK
701   Japan         Japon               5   OECF        OECF
701   Japan         Japon               6   FOOD AID    FOOD AID
701   Japan         Japon               7   OFCF        Bureau de coopération d’outre-mer pour la pêche
701   Japan         Japon               8   JICA        Agence japonaise de coopération internationale
701   Japan         Japon              10   JODC        Agence japonaise de coopération outre-mer
701   Japan         Japon              11   JBIC        Banque japonaise pour la coopération internationale
701   Japan         Japon              12   Oth. MIN    Autres ministères
701   Japan         Japon              13   PC          Corporations publiques
701   Japan         Japon              14   PRF         Préfectures
701   Japan         Japon              15   ODC         Villes désignées par ordonnance
701   Japan         Japon              71   NEXI        Nippon Export and Investment Insurance
701   Japan         Japon              99   MISC        Divers
742   Korea         Corée               1   MOSF        Ministère de la stratégie et des finances
742   Korea         Corée               2   KEXIM       KEXIM
742   Korea         Corée               3   MOFAT       Ministère des affaires étrangères et du commerce
742   Korea         Corée               4   KOICA       Agence coréenne de coopération internationale
742   Korea         Corée              99   MISC        Divers
 22   Luxembourg    Luxembourg          1   LuxDev      Lux-Development
 22   Luxembourg    Luxembourg          2   MFA         Ministère des affaires étrangères
 22   Luxembourg    Luxembourg         22   ODL         Bureau de Ducroire
 22   Luxembourg    Luxembourg         99   MISC        Divers
  7   Netherlands   Pays-Bas            1   MFA         Ministère des affaires étrangères (DGIS)
  7   Netherlands   Pays-Bas            3   NG          NG
  7   Netherlands   Pays-Bas            4   NIO/FMO     Gouv hollandais à travers la banque hollandaise d’inv pour les pays en dvmt
  7   Netherlands   Pays-Bas            5   FMO         FMO
  7   Netherlands   Pays-Bas           33   NCM         NCM Credit Management Worldwide
  7   Netherlands   Pays-Bas           99   MISC        Divers
820   New Zealand   Nouvelle-Zélande    1   NZG         Ministère des affaires étrangères et du commerce
820   New Zealand   Nouvelle-Zélande    2   NZAid       Agence néozélandaise d’aide et de développement international
820   New Zealand   Nouvelle-Zélande   99   MISC        Divers
  8   Norway        Norvège             1   NORAD       Agence norvégienne de coopération pour le développement
  8   Norway        Norvège             4   MFA         Ministère des affaires étrangères
  8   Norway        Norvège             7   IN          Innovation Norway
  8   Norway        Norvège             8   NORFUND     NORFUND
  8   Norway        Norvège             9   FK          FK Norway
  8   Norway        Norvège            10   OAG         OAG
  8   Norway        Norvège            71   GIEK        Garantiinstituttet for Eksportkreditt
  8   Norway        Norvège            99   MISC        Divers
  9   Portugal      Portugal            1   GP          Gouvernement portugais
  9   Portugal      Portugal            2   IPAD        Institut Portugais de l’Aide pour le Développement
  9   Portugal      Portugal           71   COSEC       Conselho de garantias financeiras
  9   Portugal      Portugal           99   MISC        Divers
 50   Spain         Espagne             1   ICO         Instituto de Credito Oficial
 50   Spain         Espagne             2   CESCE       Compania Espanola de Seguros de Credito a la Exportación
 50   Spain         Espagne             4   AGR         Ministère de l’agriculture, pêche et alimentation
 50   Spain         Espagne             5   MFA         Ministère des affaires étrangères
 50   Spain         Espagne             6   ECON        Ministère de l’économie et des finances
 50   Spain         Espagne             7   EDUC        Ministère des sciences et de l’éducation
 50   Spain         Espagne             8   MPW         Ministère des travaux publics
 50   Spain         Espagne             9   MIE         Ministère de l’industrie et de l’énergie
 50   Spain         Espagne            10   MARM        Ministère de l’environnement
 50   Spain          Espagne             11   MOH     Ministère de la santé
 50   Spain          Espagne             12   EMP     Ministère de l’emploi et des affaires sociales
 50   Spain          Espagne             13   INT     Ministère de l’intérieur
 50   Spain          Espagne             14   MPA     Ministère de l’administration publique
 50   Spain          Espagne             15   AG      Gouvernements autonomes
 50   Spain          Espagne             16   MUNIC   Municipalités
 50   Spain          Espagne             18   MST     Ministère des sciences et de la technologie
 50   Spain          Espagne             19   DEF     Ministère de la défense
 50   Spain          Espagne             20   UNIV    Universités publiques
 50   Spain          Espagne             99   MISC    Divers
 10   Sweden         Suède                1   SIDA    SIDA
 10   Sweden         Suède                2   MFA     Ministère des affaires étrangères
 10   Sweden         Suède                3   SG      SG
 10   Sweden         Suède                4   SAREC   SAREC
 10   Sweden         Suède                5   BITS    BITS
 10   Sweden         Suède                6   Sida    Administration suédoise de développement international
 10   Sweden         Suède               71   EKN     Comité suédois de garantie de crédits à l’exportation
 10   Sweden         Suède               99   MISC    Divers
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               1   FA      Administration fédérale (plusieurs départements)
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               4   SDC     Agence suisse pour le développement et la coopération
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               5   Seco    Secrétariat d’Etat à l'économie
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               6   DFA     Département fédéral des affaires étrangères
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               7   SER     Secrétariat d’Etat à l’éducation et à la recherche
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               8   FOM     Office fédéral des migrations
 11   Switzerland    Suisse               9   DDPS    Dép. fédéral de la défense, de la protection de la population et des sports
 11   Switzerland    Suisse              10   SAEFL   Agence suisse pour l’environnement, les forêts et les paysages
 11   Switzerland    Suisse              11   MUNIC   Municipalités
 11   Switzerland    Suisse              99   MISC    Divers
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis    2   DOF     Abu Dhabi Department of Finance
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis    3   ADFD    Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis    7   IHC     International Humanitarian City
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis    8   IACA    Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   11   OCFA    Office for the Coordination of Foreign Aid
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   13   TAQA    The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC "TAQA"
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   16   PSRL    UAE Program for Support and Rebuild Lebanon
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   17   KZF     Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   18   MRHC    Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   19   ZCHF    Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   20   MF      Al Maktoum Foundation
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   21   DC      Dubai Cares
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   22   RCA     UAE Red Crescent Authority
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   23   ND      Noor Dubai
576                  Emirats
      United Arab Emirates arabes unis   25   OTHER   Other Government Entitites
 12   United KingdomRoyaume-Uni           1   DFID    Département pour le développement international
 12   United KingdomRoyaume-Uni           2   CDC     CDC Capital Partners PLC
 12   United KingdomRoyaume-Uni           3   FCO     Foreign & Commonwealth Office
 12   United KingdomRoyaume-Uni           4   DECC    Department of Energy and Climate Change
 12   United KingdomRoyaume-Uni           5   ECGD    Département de garantie de crédits à l’exportation
 12   United KingdomRoyaume-Uni          99   MISC    Divers
302   United States Etats-Unis            1   AID     Agence de développement international
302   United States Etats-Unis            2   AGR     Département de l’agriculture
302   United States Etats-Unis            3   USIA    USIA
302   United States Etats-Unis            4   DST     DST
302   United States Etats-Unis            6   DTRE    Département du trésor
302   United States Etats-Unis            7   DOD     Département de la défense
302   United States   Etats-Unis    8   MISC       Divers
302   United States   Etats-Unis    9   INTERIOR   Département de l’intérieur
302   United States   Etats-Unis   10   PEACE      Volontaires du développement (« Peace Corps »)
302   United States   Etats-Unis   11   STATE      Département d’état
302   United States   Etats-Unis   12   TDA        Agence du commerce et du développement
302   United States   Etats-Unis   13   ADF        Fondation pour le développement africain
302   United States   Etats-Unis   14   HHS        HHS
302   United States   Etats-Unis   17   LABOR      Département du travail
302   United States   Etats-Unis   18   MCC        MCC
302   United States   Etats-Unis   20   ENERGY     ENERGY
302   United States   Etats-Unis   21   IADF       IADF
302   United States   Etats-Unis   31   EXIM       Banque d’import/export
302   United States   Etats-Unis   33   OPIC       OPIC
302   United States   Etats-Unis   40   PRIVATE    PRIVATE
302   United States   Etats-Unis   99   MISC       Divers
Agency name (EN)
Australian Agency for International Development
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
Federal Ministry of Finance
Various ministries
Federal Government of Austria
Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Provincial governments, local communities
Federal Chancellery
Austrian Development Agency
Education and Science Ministry
Ministry for Agriculture and Environment
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Interior
Austrian Development Bank
Directorate General for Co-operation and Development
Official Federal Service of Foreign Affaires (excl. DGCD)
Official Federal Service of Finance
Ducroire National Office
Other Official Federal Services
Flanders Official Regional Ministries
Walloon Official Regional Ministries
Brussels Official Regional Ministries
German speaking Official Regional Ministries
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Canadian International Development Agency
International Development Research Centre
Department of Finance Canada
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Department of National Defence
Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada
Provincial Governments and municipalities
Export Development Canada
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Danish International Development Agency
Eksport Kredit Fonden
Commission of the European Communities
European Development Fund
European Investment Bank
Humanitarian Aid Office of the European Commission
Finnish Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Other Ministries
French Development Agency
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry
Ministry of Education, Higher education and Research
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
German Investment and Development Company
Federal Ministry of Finance
Foreign Office
Federal States and Local Governments
Federal Institutions
Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst
Federal Ministries
Foundations/Societies/Misc. (non federal)
Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of National Economy
Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation
Ministry of National Defence
Ministry of the Environment, Land Planning and Public Works
Ministry of National Education and Religions
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health - Welfare
Ministry of Merchant Marine
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Industry and Commerce
Agenzia Erogazioni Per l’Agricoltura
Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
Central administration
Local administration
Sezione Speciale per l’Assicurazione del Credito all’Esportazione
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Overseas Fishery Co-operation Foundation
Japanese International Co-operation Agency
Japan Overseas Development Co-operation
Japan Bank for International Co-operation
Other Ministries
Public Corporations
Ordinance-designed Cities
Nippon Export and Investment Insurance
Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Export-Import Bank of Korea
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Korea International Cooperation Agency
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ducroire Office
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)
NLD Gov. through NLD Inv Bank for Developing Countries
NCM Credit Management Worldwide
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
New Zealand International Aid and Development Agency
Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Innovation Norway
FK Norway
Office of the Auditor General
Garantiinstituttet for eksportkreditt
Portuguese Government
Institute for Portuguese Development Aid
Conselho de garantias financeiras
Instituto de Credito Oficial
Compania Espanola de Seguros de Credito a la Exportacion
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economy and Finance
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Industry and Energy
Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Environs
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Public Administration
Autonomous Governments
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Defense
Public Universities
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Swedish International Development Authority
Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board
Federal Administration (various departments)
Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation
State Secretariat forEconomic Affairs
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
State Secretariat for Education and Research
Federal Office for Migration
Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sports
Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape
Abu Dhabi Department of Finance
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
International Humanitarian City
Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department
Office for the Coordination of Foreign Aid
The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC "TAQA"
UAE Program for Support and Rebuild Lebanon
Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment
Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation
Al Maktoum Foundation
Dubai Cares
UAE Red Crescent Authority
Noor Dubai
Other Government Entitites
Department for International Development
CDC Capital Partners PLC
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Export Credit Guarantee Department
Agency for International Development
Department of Agriculture
Department of Treasury
Department of Defense
Department of Interior
Peace Corps
State Department
Trade and Development Agency
African Development Foundation
Department of Labor
Export Import Bank
code                                            name
  1 New activity reported
  2 Revision
     Previously reported activity (increase/decrease of earlier commitment, disbursement on
     earlier commitment)
  5 Provisional data
  8 Commitment = Disbursement
Recipient code              Recipient name (EN)         Recipient name (FR)    ISO Code
            625   Afghanistan                     Afghanistan                 AFG
            298   Africa, regional                Afrique, régional
             71   Albania                         Albanie                     ALB
            130   Algeria                         Algérie                     DZA
            498   America, regional               Amérique, régional
            225   Angola                          Angola                      AGO
            376   Anguilla                        Anguilla                    AIA
            377   Antigua and Barbuda             Antigua et Barbuda          ATG
            425   Argentina                       Argentine                   ARG
            610   Armenia                         Arménie                     ARM
            798   Asia, regional                  Asie, régional
            611   Azerbaijan                      Azerbaïdjan                 AZE
            666   Bangladesh                      Bangladesh                  BGD
            329   Barbados                        Barbades                    BRB
             86   Belarus                         Bélarus                     BLR
            352   Belize                          Belize                      BLZ
            236   Benin                           Bénin                       BEN
            630   Bhutan                          Bhoutan                     BTN
            998   Bilateral, unspecified          Bilatéral, non spécifié
            428   Bolivia                         Bolivie                     BOL
             64   Bosnia-Herzegovina              Bosnie-Herzégovine          BIH
            227   Botswana                        Botswana                    BWA
            431   Brazil                          Brésil                      BRA
            287   Burkina Faso                    Burkina Faso                BFA
            228   Burundi                         Burundi                     BDI
            728   Cambodia                        Cambodge                    KHM
            229   Cameroon                        Cameroun                    CMR
            230   Cape Verde                      Cap-Vert                    CPV
            231   Central African Rep.            Centrafricaine, Rép.        CAF
            619   Central Asia, regional          Asie centrale, régional
            232   Chad                            Tchad                       TCD
            434   Chile                           Chili                       CHL
            730   China                           Chine                       CHN
            437   Colombia                        Colombie                    COL
            233   Comoros                         Comores                     COM
            235   Congo, Dem. Rep.                Congo, Rép. dém.            COD
            234   Congo, Rep.                     Congo, Rép.                 COG
            831   Cook Islands                    Cook, Îles                  COK
            336   Costa Rica                      Costa Rica                  CRI
            247   Cote d'Ivoire                   Côte d'Ivoire               CIV
             62   Croatia                         Croatie                     HRV
            338   Cuba                            Cuba                        CUB
            274   Djibouti                        Djibouti                    DJI
            378   Dominica                        Dominique                   DMA
            340   Dominican Republic              Dominicaine, Rép.           DOM
            440   Ecuador                         Equateur                    ECU
            142   Egypt                           Egypte                      EGY
            342   El Salvador                     El Salvador                 SLV
            245   Equatorial Guinea               Guinée équatoriale          GNQ
            271   Eritrea                         Erythrée                    ERI
            238   Ethiopia                        Ethiopie                    ETH
             89   Europe, regional                Europe, régional
            789   Far East Asia, regional         Extrême-Orient, régional
            832   Fiji                            Fidji                       FJI
            239   Gabon                           Gabon                       GAB
240   Gambia                              Gambie                      GMB
612   Georgia                             Géorgie                     GEO
241   Ghana                               Ghana                       GHA
381   Grenada                             Grenade                     GRD
347   Guatemala                           Guatemala                   GTM
243   Guinea                              Guinée                      GIN
244   Guinea-Bissau                       Guinée-Bissau               GNB
446   Guyana                              Guyana                      GUY
349   Haiti                               Haïti                       HTI
351   Honduras                            Honduras                    HND
645   India                               Inde                        IND
738   Indonesia                           Indonésie                   IDN
540   Iran                                Iran                        IRN
543   Iraq                                Irak                        IRQ
354   Jamaica                             Jamaïque                    JAM
549   Jordan                              Jordanie                    JOR
613   Kazakhstan                          Kazakhstan                  KAZ
248   Kenya                               Kenya                       KEN
836   Kiribati                            Kiribati                    KIR
740   Korea, Dem. Rep.                    Corée, Rép. dém.            PRK
 57   Kosovo                              Kosovo
614   Kyrgyz Republic                     Kirghize, Rép.              KGZ
745   Laos                                Laos                        LAO
555   Lebanon                             Liban                       LBN
249   Lesotho                             Lesotho                     LSO
251   Liberia                             Liberia                     LBR
133   Libya                               Libye                       LBY
 66   Macedonia, FYR                      Macédoine, ERY              MKD
252   Madagascar                          Madagascar                  MDG
253   Malawi                              Malawi                      MWI
751   Malaysia                            Malaisie                    MYS
655   Maldives                            Maldives                    MDV
255   Mali                                Mali                        MLI
859   Marshall Islands                    Marshall, Îles              MHL
256   Mauritania                          Mauritanie                  MRT
257   Mauritius                           Maurice                     MUS
258   Mayotte                             Mayotte                     MYT
358   Mexico                              Mexique                     MEX
860   Micronesia, Fed. States             Micronésie, Etats fédérés   FSM
589   Middle East, regional               Moyen-Orient, régional
 93   Moldova                             Moldova                     MDA
753   Mongolia                            Mongolie                    MNG
 65   Montenegro                          Monténégro                  MNE
385   Montserrat                          Montserrat                  MSR
136   Morocco                             Maroc                       MAR
259   Mozambique                          Mozambique                  MOZ
635   Myanmar                             Myanmar                     MMR
275   Namibia                             Namibie                     NAM
845   Nauru                               Nauru                       NRU
660   Nepal                               Népal                       NPL
364   Nicaragua                           Nicaragua                   NIC
260   Niger                               Niger                       NER
261   Nigeria                             Nigeria                     NGA
856   Niue                                Niue                        NIU
389   North & Central America, regional   Amérique N.& C., régional
189   North of Sahara, regional           Nord du Sahara, régional
889   Oceania, regional                Océanie, régional
558   Oman                             Oman                         OMN
665   Pakistan                         Pakistan                     PAK
861   Palau                            Palau                        PLW
550   Palestinian Adm. Areas           Zones/ad. Palestinienne      PSE
366   Panama                           Panama                       PAN
862   Papua New Guinea                 Papouasie-Nlle-Guinée        PNG
451   Paraguay                         Paraguay                     PRY
454   Peru                             Pérou                        PER
755   Philippines                      Philippines                  PHL
266   Rwanda                           Rwanda                       RWA
880   Samoa                            Samoa                        WSM
268   Sao Tome & Principe              Sao Tomé et Principé         STP
269   Senegal                          Sénégal                      SEN
 63   Serbia                           Serbie                       SRB
270   Seychelles                       Seychelles                   SYC
272   Sierra Leone                     Sierra Leone                 SLE
866   Solomon Islands                  Salomon, Îles                SLB
273   Somalia                          Somalie                      SOM
689   South & Central Asia, regional   Asie du Sud & C., régional
218   South Africa                     Afrique du Sud               ZAF
489   South America, regional          Amérique du Sud, régional
679   South Asia, regional             Asie du Sud, régional
289   South of Sahara, regional        Sud du Sahara, régional
640   Sri Lanka                        Sri Lanka                    LKA
276   St. Helena                       Ste-Hélène                   SHN
382   St. Kitts-Nevis                  St-Kitts et Nevis            KNA
383   St. Lucia                        Ste Lucie                    LCA
384   St.Vincent & Grenadines          St-Vincent et Grenadines     VCT
 88   States Ex-Yugoslavia             Etats ex-Yougoslavie
278   Sudan                            Soudan                       SDN
457   Suriname                         Suriname                     SUR
280   Swaziland                        Swaziland                    SWZ
573   Syria                            Syrie                        SYR
615   Tajikistan                       Tadjikistan                  TJK
282   Tanzania                         Tanzanie                     TZA
764   Thailand                         Thaïlande                    THA
765   Timor-Leste                      Timor-Leste                  TLS
283   Togo                             Togo                         TGO
868   Tokelau                          Tokelau                      TKL
870   Tonga                            Tonga                        TON
375   Trinidad and Tobago              Trinité et Tobago            TTO
139   Tunisia                          Tunisie                      TUN
 55   Turkey                           Turquie                      TUR
616   Turkmenistan                     Turkménistan                 TKM
872   Tuvalu                           Tuvalu                       TUV
285   Uganda                           Ouganda                      UGA
 85   Ukraine                          Ukraine                      UKR
460   Uruguay                          Uruguay                      URY
617   Uzbekistan                       Ouzbékistan                  UZB
854   Vanuatu                          Vanuatu                      VUT
463   Venezuela                        Venezuela                    VEN
769   Viet Nam                         Viêt-nam                     VNM
876   Wallis & Futuna                  Wallis & Futuna              WLF
380   West Indies, regional            Indes occ., régional
580   Yemen                            Yémen                        YEM
288 Zambia     Zambie     ZMB
265 Zimbabwe   Zimbabwe   ZWE
OECD Development Cooperation Directorate (DCD-DAC)
Channels of Delivery

10-Jun-10   (*Updated 1 December 2010 to include new channel categories effective in 2011 for the reporting of 2010 flows.)
 Channel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    DAC
            Channel                                                                                                                                                                                                           for core
 Category                Acronym (ENG)      Full Name (English)                                                               Acronym (FR)   Full Name (French)                                                                            2a/3a                  Notes
             Code                                                                                                                                                                                                           contribution
   Code                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Row
  10000       10000                         PUBLIC SECTOR INSTITUTIONS                                                                       INSTITUTIONS DU SECTEUR PUBLIC
  11000       11000                         Donor Government                                                                                 Gouvernement du donneur                                                                               Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
  12000       12000                         Recipient Government                                                                             Gouvernement du bénéficiaire                                                                          Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
  13000       13000                         Third Country Government (Delegated co-operation)                                                Gouvernement tiers (coopération déléguée)                                                             Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
                                                                                                                                             ORGANISATIONS NON GOUVERNEMENTALES (ONG) et SOCIÉTÉ
  20000       20000                         NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS (NGOs) AND CIVIL SOCIETY
  21000       21000                         INTERNATIONAL NGO                                                                                ONG INTERNATIONALE
              21001    AGID                 Association of Geoscientists for International Development                        AGID           Association de géoscientifiques pour le développement international                100

              21002    AITIC                Agency for International Trade Information and Co-operation                       ACICI          Agence de coopération et d'information pour le commerce international              100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21003    CLASCO               Latin American Council for Social Sciences                                        CLASCO         Conseil latino-américain des sciences sociales                                     100
                                                                                                                                             Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en
              21004    CODESRIA             Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa             CODESRIA                                                                                          100
              21005    CUTS                 Consumer Unity and Trust Society International                                    CUTS           Consumer Unity and Trust Society International                                     100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
              21006                         Development Gateway Foundation                                                                   Development Gateway Foundation                                                     100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21007    ELCI                 Environmental Liaison Centre International                                        CILE           Centre international de liaison pour l’environnement                               100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21008    Eurostep             Eurostep                                                                          Eurostep       Eurostep                                                                           100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
              21009    FARA                 Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa                                         FARA           Forum pour la recherche agricole en Afrique                                        100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
              21010    FAWE                 Forum for African Women Educationalists                                           FAWE           Forum des éducatrices africaines                                                   100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21011    GCE                  Global Campaign for Education                                                     CME            Campagne mondiale pour l’éducation                                                 100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21013    HAI                  Health Action International                                                       HAI            Health Action International                                                        100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2000)4
              21014    HURIDOCS             Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems                                HURIDOCS       Systèmes d’Information et de Documentation sur les Droits de l’Homme               100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2000)4
              21015    ICRA                 International Catholic Rural Association                                          ICRA           Association internationale rurale catholique                                       100
              21016    ICRC                 International Committee of the Red Cross                                          CICR           Comité international de la Croix-Rouge                                             100        1211
              21017    ICTSD                International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development                        ICTSD          Centre international de commerce et de développement durable                       100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
                                                                                                                                             Fédération internationale des Sociétés de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-
              21018    IFRCRCS              International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies                  FISCRCR                                                                                           100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)9
              21019    IFS                  International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres                 IFS            Fédération internationale des centres sociaux et communautaires                    100
              21020                         International HIV/AIDS Alliance                                                                  International HIV/AIDS Alliance                                                    100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
              21021    IIED                 International Institute for Environment and Development                           IIED           Institut international pour l’environnement et le développement                    100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
              21022    INAFI                International Network for Alternative Financial Institutions                      INAFI          Réseau international d’institutions financières                                    100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21023    IPPF                 International Planned Parenthood Federation                                       IPPF           Fédération internationale pour le planning familial                                100        1212
              21024    IPS                  Inter Press Service, International Association                                    IPS            Inter Press Service, International Association                                     100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21025    ISC                  International Seismological Centre                                                ISC            Centre séismologique international                                                 100
              21026    ISHR                 International Service for Human Rights                                            ISHR           Service International pour les Droits de l’Homme                                   100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2000)4
                                                                                                                                             Fonds international d’affectation spéciale pour le déminage et l’assistance
              21027    ITF                  International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance                 ITF                                                                                               100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
                                                                                                                                             aux victimes des mines
                                                                                                                                             Fonds international d’échanges universitaires - Échanges intéressant
              21028    IUEF                 International University Exchange Fund - IUEF Stip. in Africa and Latin America   FIEU                                                                                              100
                                                                                                                                             l’Afrique et l’Amérique latine
              21029    MSF                  Doctors Without Borders                                                           MSF            Médecins Sans Frontières                                                           100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2002)3
              21030    PAID                 Pan African Institute for Development                                             IPD            Institut panafricain pour le développement                                         100
              21031    PANOS                PANOS Institute                                                                   PANOS          Institut PANOS                                                                     100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21032    PSI                  Population Services International                                                 PSI            Organisation internationale pour les services en matière de population             100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
              21033    TI                   Transparency International                                                        TI             Transparency International                                                         100
              21034    UNION                International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease                         UNION          Union Internationale Contre la Tuberculose et les Maladies Respiratoires           100                Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21035    OMCT                 World Organisation Against Torture                                                OMCT           Organisation mondiale contre la torture                                            100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2000)4 Replaces WOAT
              21036    WUS                  World University Service                                                          EUM            Entraide universitaire mondiale                                                    100
              21037    WWB                  Women's World Banking                                                             WWB            Banque mondiale des femmes                                                         100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
              21038                         International Alert                                                                              International Alert                                                                100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
              21039    IISD                 International Institute for Sustainable Development                               IIDD           Institut international de développement durable                                    100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
              21040    IWTC                 International Women's Tribune Centre                                              CTIF           Centre de la tribune internationale de la femme                                    100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7 and DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21041    SID                  Society for International Development                                             SDI            Société pour le développement international                                        100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
              21042    Interpeace           International Peacebuilding Alliance                                              Interpeace     Alliance internationale pour la consolidation de la paix                           100                Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5, Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2
              21043    AWEPA                European Parliamentarians for Africa                                              AWEPA          Association des parlementaires d’Europe pour l’Afrique                             100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
                                                                                                                                             Conseil international pour la lutte contre les troubles dus à une carence en
              21044    ICCIDD               International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders              ICCIDD                                                                                            100                Reclassified: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21045    AMREF                African Medical and Research Foundation                                           AMREF          Fondation africaine pour la médecine et la recherche                               100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21046    ACORD                Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development                                ACORD          Association de Coopération et de Recherche pour le Développement                   100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21047                         AgriCord                                                                                         AgriCord                                                                           100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21048    AAU                  Association of African Universities                                               AUA            Association des universités africaines                                             100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21049    ECDPM                European Centre for Development Policy Management                                 ECDPM          Centre européen de gestion de politiques de développement                          100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21050                         Geneva Call                                                                                      Appel de Genève                                                                    100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21051    ISPEC                Institut Supérieur Panafricaine d’Economie Coopérative                            ISPEC          Institut supérieur panafricaine d’economie coopérative                             100                Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21053                         IPAS-Protecting Women’s Health, Advancing Women’s Reproductive Rights                            IPAS-Protecting Women’ Health, Advancing Women’ Reproductive Rights
                                                                                                                                                                  s                        s                                    100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21054    LPI                  Life and Peace Institute                                                          IVP            Institut Vie et Paix                                                               100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21055    RATN                 Regional AIDS Training Network                                                    RRFS           Réseau régional de formation sur le SIDA                                           100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
              21056    REEEP                Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership                                REEEP                                                          '
                                                                                                                                             Partenariat pour les énergies renouvelables et l’efficience énergétique            100                Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
        21057   ICTJ           International Centre for Transitional Justice                                           ICTJ               Centre International pour la Justice Transitionnelle                          100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
        21058   ICG            International Crisis Group                                                              ICG                International Crisis Group                                                    100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        21059   ASF            Africa Solidarity Fund                                                                  ASF                Fonds solidaire pour l'Afrique                                                100         Change of channel category (formerly channel code 46001 und
22000   22000                  Donor country-based NGO                                                                                    ONG basée dans un pays donneur                                                            Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
23000   23000                  Developing country-based NGO                                                                               ONG basée dans un pays en développement                                                   Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
30000   30000                  PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (PPPs) and NETWORKS                                                            PARTENARIATS PUBLIC-PRIVÉ ET RÉSEAUX                                                      Renamed: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
31000   31000                  Public-Private Partnership (PPP)                                                                           Partenariat public-privé (PPP)                                                            Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
        30001   GAIN           Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition                                                  GAIN               Alliance mondiale pour une meilleure nutrition                                100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
                                                                                                                                          Initiative mondiale en faveur de l’informatique dans les écoles et dans les
        30003   GeSCI          Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative                                             GeSCI                                                                                            100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        30004   GWP            Global Water Partnership                                                                GWP                Partenariat mondial pour l'eau                                                100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        30005   IAVI           International AIDS Vaccine Initiative                                                   IAVI               Initiative internationale pour un vaccin contre le SIDA                       100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        30006   IPM            International Partnership on Microbicides                                               IPM                Partenariat international pour des microbicides                               100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        30007   GAID           Global Alliance for ICT and Development                                                 GAID               Alliance mondiale pour les TIC et le développement                            100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
        30008                  Cities Alliance                                                                                            Alliance pour les villes                                                      100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        30009   SAS            Small Arms Survey                                                                       SAS                Small Arms Survey                                                             100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
        30010   UNITAID        International drug purchase facility                                                    UNITAID            Facilité internationale d'achat de médicaments                                100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
        30011   IUCN           International Union for the Conservation of Nature                                      UICN               Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature                        100         Reclassified: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
        30012   GCPF           Global Climate Partnership Fund                                                         GCPF               Global Climate Partnership Fund                                               100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        30013   MEF            Microfinance Enhancement Facility                                                       MEF                Mécanisme de soutien au microfinancement                                      100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                                                                                                                                          Fonds régional d’investissement pour les très petites, petites et moyennes
        30014   REGMIFA        Regional Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa      REGMIFA                                                                                          100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                                                                                                                                          entreprises d’Afrique subsaharienne
                                                                                                                                          Fonds mondial pour la promotion de l’efficacité énergétique et des énergies
        30015   GEEREF         Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund                                      GEEREF                                                                                           100         Change of channel category (formerly 42006 under EU Institut
32000   32000                  Network                                                                                                    RÉSEAU                                                                                    Code changed: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
        31001   GDN            Global Development Network                                                              GDN                Réseau de développement mondial                                               100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
        31002   GKP            Global Knowledge Partnership                                                            GKP                Alliance mondiale pour le savoir                                              100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        31003   ILC            International Land Coalition                                                            ILC                Coalition internationale pour l'accès à la terre                              100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                                                                                                                                          Secrétariat de l'Initiative pour la transparence dans les industries
        31004   EITI           Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative International Secretariat                 ITIE                                                                                             100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
40000   40000                  MULTILATERAL ORGANISATIONS                                                                                 ORGANISATIONS MULTILATÉRALES                                                              Renamed: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
41000   41000                  United Nations agency, fund or commission (UN)                                                             Agence, fonds ou commission des Nations unies (NU)                                        Renamed: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
        41101   UNCCD          Convention to Combat Desertification                                                    CCD                Convention sur la lutte contre la désertification                             100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        41102   DLCO-EA        Desert Locust Control Organisation for Eastern Africa                                   OLCP-EA            Organisation de lutte contre le criquet pèlerin dans l'Est Africain           100
        41103   ECA            Economic Commission for Africa                                                          CEA                Commission économique pour l'Afrique                                          100
        41104   ECLAC          Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean                                 CEPALC             Commission économique pour l'Amérique latine et les Caraïbes                  100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        41105   ESCWA          Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia                                         CESAO              Commission économique et sociale pour l'Asie occidentale                      100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        41106   ESCAP          Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific                                 CESAP              Commission économique et sociale pour l'Asie et le Pacifique                  100
                                                                                                                                          Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique (Contributions au Fonds de
        41107   IAEA-TCF       International Atomic Energy Agency (Contributions to Technical Cooperation Fund Only) AIEA-FTC                                                                                           100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                                                                                                                          Coopération Technique uniquement)
        41108   IFAD           International Fund for Agricultural Development                                         FIDA               Fonds international de développement agricole                                 100   988
                                                                                                                                          Institut international de recherche et de formation pour la promotion de la
        41109   INSTRAW        International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women              INSTRAW                                                                                          100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        41110   UNAIDS         Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS                                              ONUSIDA            Programme commun des Nations Unies sur le VIH/SIDA                            100
        41111   UNCDF          United Nations Capital Development Fund                                                 FENU               Fonds d’équipement des Nations Unies                                          100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6
        41112   UNCTAD         United Nations Conference on Trade and Development                                      CNUCED             Conférence des Nations Unies sur le commerce et le développement              100
        41114   UNDP           United   Nations   Development Programme                                                PNUD               Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement                             100   959
        41116   UNEP           United   Nations   Environment Programme                                                PNUE               Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement                              100
        41119   UNFPA          United   Nations   Population Fund                                                      UNFPA              Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population                                    100   974   Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        41120   UN Habitat     United   Nations   Human Settlement Programme                                           UN Habitat         Programme des Nations Unies pour les établissements humains                   100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        41121   UNHCR          United   Nations   Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees          HCR                Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés                         100   967
        41122   UNICEF         United   Nations   Children’s Fund                                                      UNICEF             Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance                                        100   963
        41123   UNIDO          United   Nations   Industrial Development Organisation                                  ONUDI              Organisation des Nations Unies pour le développement industriel               100
        41124   UNIFEM         United   Nations   Development Fund for Women                                           UNIFEM             Fonds de développement des Nations Unies pour la femme                        100
        41125   UNITAR         United   Nations   Institute for Training and Research                                  UNITAR             Institut des Nations Unies pour la formation et la recherche                  100
        41126   UNMAS          United   Nations   Mine Action Service                                                  UNMAS              Service de l'action antimines des Nations Unies                               100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2002)3
        41127   UNOCHA         United Nations Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs                          OCHA               Bureau des Nations Unies pour la coordination de l'assistance humanitaire     100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        41128   UNODC          United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime                                                UNODC              Office des Nations Unies contre la drogue et le crime                         100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        41129   UNRISD         United Nations Research Institute for Social Development                                UNRISD             Institut de recherche des Nations Unies pour le développement social          100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5

                                                                                                                                          Office de secours et de travaux des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés de
        41130   UNRWA          United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East          UNRWA                                                                                            100   964   Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
                                                                                                                                          Palestine dans le Proche-Orient
        41131   UNSSC          United   Nations   System Staff College                                                 UNSSC              Ecole des cadres du système des Nations Unies                                 100         Renamed Acronym: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5 Renamed: DCD
        41132   UNSCN          United   Nations   System Standing Committee on Nutrition                               UNSCN              Comité permanent de la nutrition du système des Nations Unies                 100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        41133   UNSIA          United   Nations   Special Initiative on Africa                                         UNSIA              Initiative spéciale des Nations Unies pour l'Afrique                          100
        41134   UNU            United   Nations   University (including Endowment Fund)                                UNU                Université des Nations Unies (y compris le Fonds de dotation)                 100
        41135   UNV            United   Nations   Volunteers                                                           UNV                Programme des volontaires des Nations Unies                                   100
        41136   UNVFD          United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability                                                                Fonds de contributions voluntaires des Nations Unies pour les handicapés      100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6

                                                                                                                                          Fonds de contributions volontaires des Nations Unies pour la coopération
        41137   UNVFTC         United Nations Voluntary Fund for Technical Co-operation in the Field of Human Rights                                                                                                    100
                                                                                                                                          technique dans le domaine des droits de l'homme
                                                                                                                                          Fonds de contributions volontaires des Nations Unies pour les victimes de
        41138   UNVFVT         United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture                                                                                                                                     100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
                                                                                                                                          la torture
        41140   WFP            World Food Programme                                                                    PAM                Programme alimentaire mondial                                                 100   966
                                                                                                                                          Fonds des Nations Unies pour la consolidation de la paix (Guichet deux:
        41141   PBF Window 2   United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window Two: Restricted Contributions Only)           PBF Guichet deux                                                                                 100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                                                                                                                          contributions réservées)
        41142   UNDEF          United Nations Democracy Fund                                                           FNUD               Fonds des Nations Unies pour la démocratie                                    100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                                                                                                                          Organisation mondiale de la santé - compte de contributions volontaires
        41143   WHO-CVCA       World Health Organisation - core voluntary contributions account                        OMS-CVSOD                                                                                        100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2009)6 together with new Annex 2 co
                                                                                                                                          sans objet désigné
                                                                                                                                          Organisation internationale du Travail - Compte supplémentaire du budget
        41144   ILO-RBSA       International Labour Organisation - Regular Budget Supplementary Account                OIT-CSBO                                                                                         100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        41301   FAO              Food and Agricultural Organisation                                                      FAO                 Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture            51    932   Request to increase coefficient to 66% was rejected by WP-ST
        41302   ILO-Assessed     International Labour Organisation - Assessed Contributions                              OIT-Obligatoires    Organisation internationale du travail - contributions obligatoires            60    940   Coefficient increased from 15%: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        41303   ITU              International Telecommunications Union                                                  UIT                 Union internationale des télécommunications                                    18    937
        41304   UNESCO           United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation                        UNESCO              Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture      60    942   Coefficient increased from 44%: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5       Rev
        41305   UN               United Nations                                                                          ONU                 Organisation des Nations Unies                                                 12    938   Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        41306   UPU              Universal Postal Union                                                                  UPU                 Union postale universelle                                                      16    936   Coefficient agreed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        41307   WHO-Assessed     World Health Organisation - assessed contributions                                      OMS-obligatoires    Organisation mondiale de la santé - contributions obligatoires                 76    931   Revised coefficient agreed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2009)6; Coefficien
        41308   WIPO             World Intellectual Property Organisation                                                OMPI                Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle                           3     814   Coefficient agreed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        41309   WMO              World Meteorological Organisation                                                       OMM                 Organisation météorologique mondiale                                           4     933   Coefficient agreed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
                                                                                                                                             Département des opérations de maintien de la paix des Nations unies
                                 United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (only UNIFIL, MINURSO,
                                                                                                                                             (seulement FINUL, MINURSO, MONUG, MINUK, MONUC, MINUL, ONUCI,
        41310   UNDPKO           UNOMIG, UNMIK, MONUC, UNMIL, UNOCI, MINUSTAH, UNMIS, UNMIT, UNAMID,                     UNDPKO                                                                                              6    943   Coefficient decreased from 7% and name updated: DCD/DAC/
                                                                                                                                             MINUSTAH, MINUS, MINUT, MINUAD, MINURCAT). Notifier les
                                 MINURCAT). Report contributions mission by mission in CRS++.
                                                                                                                                             contributions mission par mission au format SNPC++.
                                                                                                                                             Fonds des Nations Unies pour la consolidation de la paix (Guichet un:
        41311   PBF Window 1     United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (Window One: Flexible Contributions Only)             PBF Guichet un                                                                                     89          Coefficient increased from 80%: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)3. Adde
                                                                                                                                             contributions sans conditions)
        41312   IAEA-Assessed    International Atomic Energy Agency - assessed contributions                             AIEA-obligatoires   Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique - contributions obligatoires       33    941   Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2009)6

                                 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (extrabudgetary contributions                             Haut-Commissariat des Nations unies aux droits de l'homme (contributions
        41313   OHCHR                                                                                                    HCDH                                                                                               64    946   Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2009)6
                                 only)                                                                                                       extrabudgétaires uniquement)
                                                                                                                                             Commission économique des Nations unies pour l'Europe (contributions
        41314   UNECE            United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (extrabudgetary contributions only)       CEE-ONU                                                                                            89    948   Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2009)6
                                                                                                                                             extrabudgétaires uniquement)
                                                                                                                                             Stratégie internationale des Nations Unies pour la prévention de
        41315   UNISDR           United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction                            UNISDR                                                                                             75          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        41316   UNFCCC           United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change                                   CCNUCC              Convention-cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques             61          Coefficient applied and change of channel category (formerly 4
42000   42000                    European Union Institution (EU)                                                                             Institution de l’Union européenne (UE)                                                     Renamed: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
        42001   EC               European Commission - Development Share of Budget                                       CE                  Commission européenne - partie du budget affectée au développement             100   917
        42003   EDF              European Commission - European Development Fund                                         FED                 Commission européenne - Fonds européen de développement                        100   918
        42004   EIB              European Investment Bank (interest subsidies only)                                      BEI                 Banque européenne d'investissement (subventions d'intérêts seulement)          100   919
        42005   FEMIP            Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership Trust Fund                   FEMIP               Facilité euro-méditerranéenne d’investissement et de partenariat               100         Channel Code changed from 47039 June 2008. On June 2005
43000   43000                    International Monetary Fund (IMF)                                                                           Fonds monétaire international (FMI)
                                                                                                                                             Fonds monétaire international – Facilité pour la réduction de la pauvreté et
        43001   IMF-PRGT         International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust                        FMI-FRPC                                                                                           100   958   Acronym and title amended: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                                                                                                                                             pour la croissance
                                                                                                                                             Fonds monétaire international – Réduction de la pauvreté et croissance –
                                 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Heavily Indebted Poor
        43002   IMF-PRG-HIPC                                                                                             FMI-FRPC-PPTE       Initiative d’allègement de la dette en faveur des pays pauvres très endettés   100   949   Acronym and title amended: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                                 Countries Debt Relief Initiative Trust Fund [includes HIPC, Extended Credit Facility
                                                                                                                                             [y compris Initiative PPTE, Facilité élargie de crédit (FEC) et sous-comptes
                                 (ECF), and ECF-HIPC sub-accounts]
                                                                                                                                             Fonds monétaire international – Aide d’urgence après un conflit (EPCA) et
                                 International Monetary Fund - Subsidization of Emergency Post Conflict
        43003   IMF-EPCA-ENDA                                                                                            FMI-EPCA-ENDA       aide d’urgence à la suite de catastrophes naturelles (ENDA) pour les           100         Acronym and title amended: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5 Added:
                                 Assistance/Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters for PRGT-eligible members
                                                                                                                                             membres pouvant bénéficier de la FRPC
                                 International Monetary Fund - Poverty Reduction and Growth - Multilateral Debt Relief                       Fonds monétaire international – Facilité pour la réduction de la pauvreté et
        43004   IMF-PRG-MDRI                                                                                             FMI-FRPC-IADM                                                                                      100         Added DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                                 Initiative Trust                                                                                            pour la croissance – Initiative d’allègement de la dette multilatérale
44000   44000                    World Bank Group (WB)                                                                                       Groupe de la Banque mondiale (BM)
        44001   IBRD             International Bank for Reconstruction and Development                                   BIRD                Banque internationale pour la reconstruction et le développement               100   901
        44002   IDA              International Development Association                                                   IDA                 Association internationale de développement                                    100   905
                                 International Development Association - Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Initiative                     Association internationale de développement - Fonds fiduciaire de l'IDA en
        44003   IDA-HIPC                                                                                                 IDA-PPTE                                                                                           100
                                 Trust Fund                                                                                                  faveur des pays pauvres très endettés
        44004   IFC              International Finance Corporation                                                       SFI                 Société financière internationale                                              100   903
        44005   MIGA             Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency                                                AMGI                Agence multilatérale de garantie des investissements                           100   902
        44006   AMCs             Advance Market Commitments                                                              AMC                 Garanties de marché                                                            100         Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)10
                                                                                                                                             Association internationale de développement - Initiative d’allégement de la
        44007   IDA-MDRI         International Development Association - Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative             IDA-IADM                                                                                           100   904   Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                                                                                                                             dette multilatérale
45000   45000                    World Trade Organisation                                                                                    Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC)
                                                                                                                                             Centre du commerce international de l'Organisation mondiale du
        45001   WTO-ITC          World Trade Organisation - International Trade Centre                                   OMC-CCI                                                                                            100
                                                                                                                                             Centre consultatif sur la législation de l'Organisation mondiale du
        45002   WTO-ACWL         World Trade Organisation - Advisory Centre on WTO Law                                   OMC-CCLO                                                                                           100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
                                                                                                                                             Organisation mondiale du commerce - Fonds global d'affectation spéciale
        45003   WTO-DDAGTF       World Trade Organisation - Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund                                                                                                                       100         Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
                                                                                                                                             pour le Programme de Doha pour le développement
46000   46000                    Regional Development Bank                                                                                   Banque régionale de développement (BRD)
        46002   Afr.DB           African Development Bank                                                                BAfD                Banque africaine de développement                                              100   913   Revised to exclude the words "ordinary capital": DCD/DAC/STA
        46003   Afr.DF           African Development Fund                                                                FAD                 Le Fonds africain de développement                                             100   914
        46004   AsDB             Asian Development Bank                                                                  BAsD                Banque asiatique de développement                                              100   915   Revised to exclude the words "ordinary capital": DCD/DAC/STA
        46005   AsDF             Asian Development Fund                                                                  BAsD F. Sp.         Banque asiatique de développement: fonds spécial                               100   916
        46006   BSTDB            Black Sea Trade and Development Bank                                                    BSTDB               Black Sea Trade and Development Bank                                            61         Revised coefficient and placement - code 47124 deleted: DCD/
        46007   CABEI            Central American Bank for Economic Integration                                          BCAIE               Banque centroaméricaine d'intégration économique                               100   910
        46008   CAF              Andean Development Corporation                                                          CAF                 Société andine de développement                                                100
        46009   CDB              Caribbean Development Bank                                                              BDC                 Banque de développement des Caraïbes                                           100   906
                                 Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Investment Corporation and                                  Banque interaméricaine de développement, Société interaméricaine
        46012   IDB                                                                                                      BID                                                                                                100   909   Revised to exclude the words "ordinary capital": DCD/DAC/STA
                                 Multilateral Investment Fund                                                                                d'investissements, Fonds multilatéral d'investissements

        46013   IDB Sp.F.        Inter-American Development Fund for Special Operations                                  BID F. Sp.          Banque interaméricaine de développement: Fonds spécial d'opérations            100   912
        46015   EBRD             European Bank for Reconstruction and Development                                        BERD                Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement                   43          Added DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5

                EBRD TFs - ODA   European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special BERD-CTFS pays        Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement -
        46016                                                                                                                                                                                                               100         Added DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                Countries Only   funds (ODA-eligible countries only)                                                   éligibles à l'APD     coopération technique et fonds spéciaux (pays éligibles à l'APD)
                EBRD TFs - All   European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – technical co-operation and special BERD-CTFS tous    Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement -
        46017                                                                                                                                                                                                         43           Added DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
                Countries        funds (all EBRD countries of operations)                                              pays              coopération technique et fonds spéciaux (tous pays)
                                                                                                                                         Banque européenne de reconstruction et de développement - Initiative en
        46018   EBRD-ETC         European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Early Transition Countries Fund      BERD-ETC                                                                                     100          Change of channel category (formerly 47125 under Other mul
                                                                                                                                         faveur des pays en transition précoce
                                                                                                                                         Banque européenne de reconstruction et de développement - Fonds spécial
        46019   EBRD-WBJTF       European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Western Balkans Joint Trust Fund     BERD-FSpBO                                                                                   100          Change of name and channel category (formerly code 47126 O
                                                                                                                                         pour les Balkans occidentaux
47000   47000                    Other multilateral institution                                                                          Autre institution multilatérale
        47001   ACBF             African Capacity Building Foundation                                                    ACBF            Fondation pour le renforcement des capacités en Afrique                      100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6
        47002   APO              Asian Productivity Organisation                                                         APO             Organisation asiatique de productivité                                       100
        47003   ASEAN            Association of South East Asian Nations: Economic Co-operation                          ANASE           Association des nations de l'Asie du Sud-Est - coopération économique        100
        47004   ASEAN (CF)       ASEAN Cultural Fund                                                                     ANASE (FC)      Fonds culturel de l'ANASE                                                    100
        47005   AU               African Union (excluding peacekeeping facilities)                                       UA              Union Africaine (à l'exclusion de la Facilité de soutien à la paix)          100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47008   AVRDC            World Vegetable Centre                                                                  AVRDC           Centre international de cultures maraîchères                                 100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        47009   CAMES            African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education                                       CAMES           Conseil africain et malgache pour l'enseignement supérieur                   100
        47010   CAPAM            Commonwealth Agency for Public Administration and Management                            CAPAM           Agence du Commonwealth pour l'administration et la gestion publiques         100
        47011   CARICOM          Caribbean Community Secretariat                                                         CARICOM         Secrétariat de la Communauté des Caraïbes                                    100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        47012   CAREC            Caribbean Epidemiology Centre                                                           CAREC           Centre épidémiologique des Caraïbes                                          100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        47013   CF               Commonwealth Foundation                                                                 CF              Fondation du Commonwealth                                                    100
        47014   CFTC             Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation                                            CFTC            Fonds du Commonwealth pour la coopération technique                          100
        47015   CGIAR            Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research                               CGIAR           Groupe consultatif pour la recherche agricole internationale                 100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5. Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(
        47016   CI               Commonwealth Institute                                                                  CI              Institut du Commonwealth                                                     100
        47017   CIAT             International Centre for Tropical Agriculture                                           CIAT            Centre international d'agriculture tropicale                                 100
        47018   CIFOR            Centre for International Forestry Research                                              CIFOR           Centre de recherche forestière internationale                                100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        47019   CIHEAM           International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies                       CIHEAM          Centre international de hautes études agronomique méditerranéennes           100
        47020   CIMMYT           International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre                                        CIMMYT          Centre international d’amélioration du maïs et du blé                        100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        47021   CIP              International Potato Centre                                                             CIP             Centre international de la pomme de terre                                    100
                                                                                                                                         Convention sur le commerce international des espèces de faune et de flore
        47022   CITES            Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna         CITES                                                                                        100
                                                                                                                                         sauvages menacées d'extinction
        47023   CLAS             Commonwealth Legal Advisory Service                                                     CLAS            Service juridique du Commonwealth                                            100
        47024   CMDF             Commonwealth Media Development Fund                                                     CMDF            Fonds du Commonwealth pour le développement des médias                       100
        47025   COL              Commonwealth of Learning                                                                COL             Commonwealth of Learning                                                     100
        47026   CPLP             Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries                                              CPLP            Communauté des pays de langue portugaise                                     100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        47027   CP               Colombo Plan                                                                            CP              Plan de Colombo                                                              100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
        47028   CPTM             Commonwealth Partnership for Technical Management                                       CPTM            Partenariat pour la gestion technique (Commonwealth)                         100
        47029   SWAC             Sahel and West Africa Club                                                              CSAO            Club du Sahel et de l’Afrique de l’Ouest                                     100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        47030   CSC              Commonwealth Scientific Council                                                         CSC             Comité scientifique du Commonwealth                                          100
        47031   CSSO             Commonwealth Small States Office                                                        CSSO            Bureau du Commonwealth pour les petits États                                 100
        47032   CTIAF            Commonwealth Trade and Investment Access Facility                                       CTIAF           Fonds du Commonwealth pour le commerce et l'investissement                   100
        47033   CYP              Commonwealth Youth Programme                                                            CYP             Programme du Commonwealth pour la jeunesse                                   100
        47034   ECOWAS           Economic Community of West African States                                               CEDEAO          Communauté économique des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest                      100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47035   ENDA             Environmental Development Action in the Third World                                     ENDA            Environnement et développement du Tiers-monde                                100
                                                                                                                                         Organisation Européenne et Méditerranéenne pour la Protection des
        47036   EPPO             European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation                                OEPP                                                                                         100
        47037   EROPA            Eastern-Regional Organisation of Public Administration                                  EROPA           Organisation régionale de l'Orient pour l'administration publique            100
                                                                                                                                         Fonds d'assistance et de support technique aux pays en développement
        47038   FASTPED          INTERPOL Fund for Aid and Technical Assistance to Developing Countries                                                                                                               100
        47040   FFA              Forum Fisheries Agency                                                                  FFA             Agence des pêches                                                            100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        47041   FFTC             Food and Fertilizer Technology Centre                                                   FFTC            Centre des techniques de l'alimentation et des engrais                       100
        47042   FIT              Foundation for International Training                                                   FIT             Fondation pour la formation internationale dans les pays du tiers monde      100
        47043                    Global Crop Diversity Trust                                                                             Global Crop Diversity Trust                                                  100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        47044   GEF              Global Environment Facility Trust Fund                                                  FEM             Fonds pour l'environnement mondial - fonds fiduciaire                        100   811    Coefficient increased from 96%: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5. Coe
        47045   Global Fund      Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria                                     Fonds mondial   Fonds mondial de lutte contre le SIDA, la tuberculose et la paludisme        100   1312   Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47046   OIF              International Organisation of the Francophonic                                          OIF             Organisation internationale de la Francophonie                               100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
        47047   IAI              International African Institute                                                         IIA             Institut international africain                                              100
        47048   IAII             Inter-American Indian Institute                                                         IAII            Institut indianiste interaméricain                                           100
                                                                                                                                         Bureau international d'éducation – Service international d'informations et
        47049   IBE              International Bureau of Education - International Educational Reporting System (IERS)   BIE                                                                                          100
                                                                                                                                         d'études sur les innovations éducatives
        47050   ICAC             International Cotton Advisory Committee                                                 CCIC            Comité consultatif international du coton                                    100
        47051   ICARDA           International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas                             ICARDA          Centre international de recherche agricole dans les zones arides             100
        47053   ICDDR,B          Centre for Health and Population Research                                               ICDDR,B         Centre international de recherche sur la santé et la population              100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        47054   ICIPE            International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology                                   ICIPE           Centre international sur la physiologie et l’écologie des insectes           100
                                                                                                                                         Centre International pour la Recherche Agricole orientée vers le
        47055   ICRA             International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture                   ICRA                                                                                         100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6
        47056   ICRAF            World AgroForestry Centre                                                               ICRAF           Centre mondial de l’agroforesterie                                           100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
                                                                                                                                         Institut international de recherche sur les cultures des zones tropicales
        47057   ICRISAT          International Crop Research for Semi-Arid Tropics                                       ICRISAT                                                                                      100
        47058   IDEA             International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance                          IDEA            International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance               100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47059   IDLO             International Development Law Organisation                                              IDLO            Organisation internationale de droit du développement                        100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        47060   IIC              International Institute for Cotton                                                      IIC             Institut international du coton                                              100
        47061   IICA             Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture                                IICA            Institut interaméricain de coopération pour l’agriculture                    100
        47062   IITA             International Institute of Tropical Agriculture                                         IITA            Institut international d’agriculture tropicale                               100
        47063   ILRI             International Livestock Research Institute                                              ILRI            International Livestock Research Institute                                   100          Result of a merger between the International Centre for Livest
        47064   INBAR            International Network for Bamboo and Rattan                                             INBAR           Réseau International sur le bambou et le rotin                               100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        47065   IOC              Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission                                              COI             Commission océanographique intergouvernementale                              100
        47066   IOM              International Organisation for Migration                                                OIM             Organisation internationale des migrations                                   100
        47067   IPCC             Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change                                               GIEC            Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat               100
        47068   APFIC            Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission                                                         APFIC           Commission Asie-Pacifique des pêches                                         100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        47069                    Bioversity International                                                                                Bioversity International                                                     100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        47070   IRRI             International Rice Research Institute                                                   IIRR            Institut international de recherche sur le riz                               100
        47071   ISTA                International Seed Testing Association                                                  ISTA               Association internationale d’essais de semences                            100
        47073   ITTO                International Tropical Timber Organisation                                              OIBT               Organisation Internationale des Bois Tropicaux                             100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2002)3
        47074   IVI                 International Vaccine Institute                                                         IIV                Institut international de vaccins                                          100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6 (Supressed the notation "c
        47075   IWMI                International Water Management Institute                                                IWMI               Institut international de gestion des ressources en eau                    100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        47076   JSCA                Justice Studies Centre of the Americas                                                  JSCA               Centre d’études sur la justice dans les Amériques                          100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        47077   MRC                 Mekong River Commission                                                                 MRC                Commission du Mékong                                                       100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47078   Montreal Protocol   Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol                       Protocol de Montréal
                                                                                                                                               Fonds multilatéral pour l’application du Protocole de Montréal             100   812    Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47079   OAS                 Organisation of American States                                                         OEA                Organisation des États américains                                          100
                                                                                                                                               Organisation de Coopération et de développement économiques
                                    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Contributions to special
        47080   OECD                                                                                                        OCDE               (contributions aux fonds spéciaux pour les activités de coopération        100
                                    funds for Technical Co-operation Activities Only)
                                                                                                                                               technique uniquement)
        47081   OECD-Dev. Centre    OECD Development Centre                                                                 OCDE-Centre de dév.OCDE Centre de développement                                               100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        47082   OECS                Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States                                                OECO               Organisation des États des Caraïbes orientales                             100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2005)9
        47083   PAHO                Pan-American Health Organisation                                                        OPS                Organisation panaméricaine de la santé                                     100
        47084   PAIGH               Pan-American Institute of Geography and History                                         PAIGH              Institut panaméricain de géographie et d’histoire                          100
        47085   PARCA               Pan-American Railway Congress Association                                               ACPF               Association du Congrès panaméricain des chemins de fer                     100
        47086   PIDG                Private Infrastructure Development Group                                                PIDG               Private Infrastructure Development Group                                   100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47087   PIFS                Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat                                                       SFIP               Secrétariat du Forum des Iles du Pacifique                                 100
        47088   RN                  Relief Net                                                                              RN                 Relief Net                                                                 100
        47089   SADC                Southern African Development Community                                                  SADC               Communauté pour le développement de l’Afrique australe                     100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47090   SATCC               Southern African Transport and Communications Commission                                SATCC              Commission des transports et communications de l’Afrique australe          100
        47091   SCAAP               (Colombo Plan) Special Commonwealth African Assistance Programme                        SCAAP              Programme spécial d’aide à l’Afrique du Plan de Colombo                    100
        47092   SEAFDC              South East Asian Fisheries Development Centre                                           SEAFDC             Centre de développement des pêches de l’Asie du Sud-Est                    100
        47093   SEAMEO              South East Asian Ministers of Education                                                 SEAMEO             Organisation des Ministres de l’éducation de l’Asie du Sud-Est             100
        47094   SOPAC               South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission                                             SOPAC              Commission du Pacifique Sud pour les sciences de la terre appliquées       100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6
        47095   SPBEA               South Pacific Board for Educational Assessment                                          SPBEA            Conseil d’évaluation du Pacifique Sud pour l'éducation                       100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6
        47096   SPC                 Secretariat of the Pacific Community                                                    CPS              Secrétariat Général de la Communauté du Pacifique                            100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)5
        47097   SPREP               Pacific Regional Environment Programme                                                  PROE             Programme régional océanien de l’environnement                               100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
        47098   UNPO                Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organisation                                         UNPO             Organisation des peuples et des nations non représentés                      100
        47099   USP                 University of the South Pacific                                                         USP              Université du Pacifique Sud                                                  100
        47100   WAMU                West African Monetary Union                                                             UMOA             Union monétaire ouest-africaine                                              100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2003)2
        47101   WARDA               Africa Rice Centre                                                                      ADRAO            Centre du riz pour l’Afrique                                                 100          Renamed: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15 Renamed: DCD/DAC/STA
        47102   WCO-Fellowship Prog.World Customs Organisation Fellowship Programme                                         OMD-prog. De bourses
                                                                                                                                             Organisation mondiale des douanes, programme de bourses                      100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2001)6
        47103   WMU                 World Maritime University                                                               UMM              Université maritime mondiale                                                 100
        47104   WorldFish Centre    WorldFish Centre                                                                        WorldFish Centre   Centre international pour l’aménagement des ressources bioaquatiques       100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2004)3
        47105   CFC                 Common Fund for Commodities                                                                                Fonds commun pour les produits de base                                     100          Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2002)3
        47106   DCAF                Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces                                DCAF               Centre de contrôle démocratique des forces armées - Genève                 100          Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7. For reference see also DCD/
        47107   IFFIm               International Finance Facility for Immunisation                                         IFFIm              Facilité internationale de financement pour la vaccination                 100          Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)10
        47108   MDRP                Multi-Country Demobilisation and Reintegration Program                                  MDRP               Programme multi-pays de démobilisation et de réintégration                 100          Added:   DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7
                                    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Support Fund (except contributions tied to counter-                      Fonds de soutien de la coopération économique Asie-Pacifique (hors lutte
        47109   APEC ASF                                                                                                    APEC-ASF                                                                                      100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15
                                    terrorism activities)                                                                                      contre le terrorisme)
        47110   BSEC                Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation                                      BSEC               Organisation de coopération économique de la mer Noire                      78          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2007)7. For reference see DCD/DAC/
        47111                       Adaptation Fund                                                                                            Fonds pour l’adaptation                                                    100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                                                                                                                               Initiative de l’Europe centrale - –Fonds Spécial pour la protection
        47112   CEI-Climate Fund    Central European Initiative - Special Fund for Climate and Environmental Protection     CEI-Climate Fund                                                                              100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                                                                                                                               climatique et environnementale
        47113   CEMAC               Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa                                       CEMAC              Communauté économique et monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale                   100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                    Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developed                                                  '
                                                                                                                                               Cadre intégré pour l’assistance technique liée au commerce en faveur des
        47116   IF                                                                                                          CI                                                                                            100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                    Countries                                                                                                  pays les moins avancés
        47117   NEPAD               New Partnership for Africa's Development                                                NEPAD              Nouveau Partenariat pour le développement de l’Afrique                     100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                    Regional Organisation for the Strengthening of Supreme Audit Institutions of                               Conseil Régional de Formation des Institutions Supérieures de Contrôle
        47118   CREFIAF                                                                                                     CREFIAF                                                                                       100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
                                    Francophone Sub-Saharan Countries                                                                          des Finances Publiques d’Afrique Francophone Subsaharienne
        47119   OSS                 Sahara and Sahel Observatory                                                            OSS                Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel                                         100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
        47120   SAARC               South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation                                        SAARC              Association de l'Asie du Sud pour la coopération régionale                 100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
        47121   UCLGA               United Cities and Local Governments of Africa                                           CGLUA              Cités et gouvernements locaux unis d’Afrique                               100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10
        47122   GAVI                Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization                                           GAVI               Alliance mondiale pour la vaccination et l’immunisation                    100   1311   Reclassified: DCD/DAC/STAT(2008)10 Added: DCD/DAC/STA
        47123   GICHD               Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining                                   CIDHG              Centre International de Déminage Humanitaire Genève                        100          Reclassified: DCD/DAC/STAT(2006)15 Added: DCD/DAC/STA
        47127   OLADE               Latin-American Energy Organisation                                                      OLADE              Organisation latino-américaine de l'énergie                                100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2009)6
        47128   NDF                 Nordic Development Fund                                                                 NDF                Nordic Development Fund                                                    100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        47129   GEF-LDCF            Global Environment Facility - Least Developed Countries Fund                            FEM - FPMA         FEM Fonds pour les pays les moins avancés                                  100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
        47130   GEF-SCCF            Global Environment Facility - Special Climate Change Fund                               FEM - FSpCC        FEM Fonds spécial pour les changements climatiques                         100          Added: DCD/DAC/STAT(2010)5
50000   50000                       OTHER                                                                                                      AUTRE
                                                                                                                                               Université, institut d’éducation et autre institution d’enseignement,
51000   51000                       University, college or other teaching institution, research institute or think‑tank                                                                                                                Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
                                                                                                                                               institut de recherche ou groupe de réflexion
52000   52000                       Other                                                                                                      Autre                                                                                   Added: DCD/DAC(2007)39/FINAL/CORR5
code                                       name
  1    Bilateral
  2    Multilateral
  3    Bilateral, core contributions to NGOs and other private bodies / PPPs
  4    Multilateral outflows
  6    Private sector outflows
code                      name
 10    ODA (Official Development Assistance)
 20    OOF (Other Official Flows)
 30    Private NGO and other private resources
 35    Private market
 40    Non flow
 50    Other flows
                                              List of types of finance
      Code   Heading                Subcode
0            NON FLOW ITEMS
100          GRANT


400          LOAN
450          EXPORT CREDIT

500          EQUITY

600          DEBT RELIEF

700        INVESTMENT

800        BONDS
900        OTHER

 (1) Lasting interest implies a long-term relationship where the direct investor has a significant influence on the management of the
enterprise reflected by ownership of at least 10% of the shares, or equivalent voting power or other means of control.
  List of types of finance
Non resource flow items requested on DAC table 1
GNI: Gross National Income
Total flows % GNI
Transfers in cash or in kind for which no legal debt is incurred by the recipient.
Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
Subsidies to national private investors
Subsidies to soften the terms of private export credits, or loans or credits by the banking sector.

Interest subsidy grant in AF
Interest subsidy to national private exporters
Payments to multilateral agencies in the form of notes and similar instruments, unconditionally
cashable at sight by the recipient institutions.
Deposit basis
Encashment basis
Transfers in cash or in kind for which the recipient incurs legal debt.
Aid loan excluding debt reorganisation
Investment-related loan to developing countries
Loan in a joint venture with the recipient
Loan to national private investor
Loan to national private exporter
Official or private loans which are primarily export-facilitating in purpose. They are usually
tied to a specific export from the extending country and not represented by a negotiable
Non-banks guaranteed export credits
Non-banks non-guaranteed portions of guaranteed export credits
Bank export credits
Investment in a country on the DAC List of ODA Recipients that is not made to acquire a
lasting interest in an enterprise.
Acquisition of equity as part of a joint venture with the recipient
Acquisition of equity not part of joint venture in developing countries
Other acquisition of equity
Debt cancellations, debt conversions, debt rescheduling within or outside the framework
of the Paris Club.
Debt forgiveness: ODA claims (P)
Debt forgiveness: ODA claims (I)
Debt forgiveness: OOF claims (P)
Debt forgiveness: OOF claims (I)
Debt forgiveness: Private claims (P)
Debt forgiveness: Private claims (I)
Debt forgiveness: OOF claims (DSR)
Debt forgiveness: Private claims (DSR)
Debt forgiveness: Other
Debt rescheduling: ODA claims (P)
Debt rescheduling: ODA claims (I)
Debt rescheduling: OOF claims (P)
Debt rescheduling: OOF claims (I)
Debt rescheduling: Private claims (P)
Debt rescheduling: Private claims (I)
Debt rescheduling: OOF claims (DSR)
Debt rescheduling: Private claims (DSR)
Debt rescheduling: OOF claim (DSR – original loan principal)
Debt rescheduling: OOF claim (DSR – original loan interest)
Debt rescheduling: Private claim (DSR – original loan principal)
                    Investment made by a private entity resident in a reporting country to acquire or add to a
                    lasting interest         in an enterprise in a country on the DAC List of ODA Recipients.
                    Foreign direct investment
                    Other foreign direct investment, including reinvested earnings
                    Acquisition of bonds issued by developing countries.
                    Bank bonds
                    Non-bank bonds

                    Other bank securities/claims
                    Other non-bank securities/claims
                    Securities and other instruments issued by multilateral agencies

term relationship where the direct investor has a significant influence on the management of the
f at least 10% of the shares, or equivalent voting power or other means of control.
Type Sub-type                         Description
A             Budget support

     A01      General budget support

     A02      Sector budget support

B             Core contributions and pooled programmes and funds

     B01      Core support to NGOs, other private bodies, PPPs and
              research institutes

     B02      Core contributions to multilateral institutions

     B03      Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and
              funds managed by international organisations
              (multilateral, INGO)

     B04      Basket funds/pooled funding

C             Project-type interventions

     C01      Project-type interventions

D             Experts and other technical assistance
      D01         Donor country personnel

      D02         Other technical assistance

E                 Scholarships and student costs in donor countries
      E01         Scholarships/training in donor country
      E02         Imputed student costs
F                 Debt relief
      F01         Debt relief
G                 Administrative costs not included elsewhere
      G01         Administrative costs not included elsewhere

H                 Other in-donor expenditures
      H01         Development awareness

      H02         Refugees in donor countries

1. Reporting on donor experts remains optional.
For contributions under this category, the donor relinquishes the exclusive control of its funds by sharing the responsibility with
the recipient.
Unearmarked contributions to the government budget including funding to support the implementation of macroeconomic
reforms (structural adjustment programmes, poverty reduction strategies).
Budget support is a method of financing a recipient country’s budget through a transfer of resources from an external financing
agency to the recipient government’s national treasury. The funds thus transferred are managed in accordance with the
recipient’s budgetary procedures. Funds transferred to the national treasury for financing programmes or projects managed
according to different budgetary procedures from those of the recipient country, with the intention of earmarking the resources
for specific uses, are therefore excluded.
Sector budget support, like general budget support, is a financial contribution to a recipient government’s budget. However, in
sector budget support, the dialogue between donors and partner governments focuses on sector-specific concerns, rather
than on overall policy and budget priorities.
For contributions under this category, the donor relinquishes the exclusive control of its funds by sharing the responsibility with
other stakeholders (other donors, NGOs, multilateral institutions, Public Private Partnerships). The category covers both core
contributions (B01 and B02), and pooled contributions with a specific earmarking (B03 and B04).
Funds are paid over to NGOs (local, national and international) for use at the latter’s discretion, and contribute to programmes
and activities which NGOs have developed themselves, and which they implement on their own authority and responsibility.
Core contributions to PPPs, funds paid over to foundations (e.g. philanthropic foundations), and contributions to research
institutes (public and private) are also recorded here.
Annex 2 of the DAC Directives provides a list of INGOs, PPPs and networks core contributions to which may be reported
under B01. This list is not exclusive.
These funds are classified as multilateral ODA (all other categories fall under bilateral ODA). The recipient multilateral
institution pools contributions so that they lose their identity and become an integral part of its financial assets.
See Annex 2 of the DAC Directives for a comprehensive list of agencies core contributions to which may be reported under
B02 (Section I. Multilateral institutions ).
In addition to their core-funded operations, international organisations set up and raise funds for specific programmes and
funds with clearly identified sectoral, thematic or geographical focus. Donors’ bilateral contributions to such programmes and
funds are recorded here, e.g. “UNICEF girls’ education”, “Education For All Fast Track Initiative”, various trust funds, including
for reconstruction (e.g. Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund).
The donor contributes funds to an autonomous account, managed jointly with other donors and/or the recipient. The account
will have specific purposes, modes of disbursement and accountability mechanisms, and a limited time frame.
Basket funds are characterised by common project documents, common funding contracts and common reporting/audit
procedures with all donors.
Donors’ contributions to funds managed autonomously by international organisations are recorded under B03.
N.B. Within this category, members able to do so are requested to report the aggregate amount used for financing
donor experts/consultants on Table DAC11.

Where the activity consists solely of experts’ costs, report under category D.
A project is a set of inputs, activities and outputs, agreed with the partner country*, to reach specific objectives/outcomes
within a defined time frame, with a defined budget and a defined geographical area. Projects can vary significantly in terms of
objectives, complexity, amounts involved and duration. There are smaller projects that might involve modest financial
resources and last only a few months, whereas large projects might involve more significant amounts, entail successive
phases and last for many years. A large project with a number of different components is sometimes referred to as a
programme, but should nevertheless be recorded here.
Feasibility studies, appraisals and evaluations are included (whether designed as part of projects/programmes or dedicated
funding arrangements).
Aid channelled through NGOs or multilaterals is also recorded here. This includes payments for NGOs and multilaterals to
implement donors’ projects and programmes, and funding of specified NGOs projects. By contrast, core funding of NGOs and
multilaterals as well as contributions to specific-purpose funds managed by international organisations are recorded under B.
* In the cases of equity investments, humanitarian aid or aid channelled through NGOs, projects are recorded here even if
there was no direct agreement between the donor and the partner country.
This category covers the provision, outside projects as described in category C, of know-how in the form of personnel, training
and research.
Experts, consultants, teachers, academics, researchers, volunteers and contributions to public and private bodies for sending
experts to developing countries.
Provision, outside projects as described in category C01, of technical assistance in recipient countries (excluding technical
assistance performed by donor experts reported under D01, and scholarships/training in donor country reported under E01).
This includes training and research; language training; south-south studies; research studies; collaborative research between
donor and recipient universities and organisations); local scholarships; development-oriented social and cultural programmes.
This category also covers ad hoc contributions such as conferences, seminars and workshops, exchange visits, publications,

Financial aid awards for individual students and contributions to trainees.
Indirect (“imputed”) costs of tuition in donor countries.

Groups all actions relating to debt (forgiveness, conversions, swaps, buy-backs, rescheduling, refinancing).

Administrative costs of development assistance programmes not already included under other ODA items as an integral part
of the costs of delivering or implementing the aid provided. This category covers situation analyses and auditing activities.
As regards the salaries component of administrative costs, it relates to in-house agency staff and contractors only; costs
associated with donor experts/consultants are to be reported under category C or D01.
Groups a number of contributions that do not give rise to a cross-border flow.
Funding of activities designed to increase public support, i.e. awareness in the donor country of development co-operation
efforts, needs and issues.
Official sector expenditures for the sustenance of refugees in donor countries during the first twelve months of their stay.

DAC CRS                               DESCRIPTION
5   CODE

110           EDUCATION
111           Education, level unspecified
      11110   Education policy and administrative management
      11120   Education facilities and training
      11130   Teacher training
      11182   Educational research
112           Basic education
      11220   Primary education
      11230   Basic life skills for youth and adults
      11240   Early childhood education
113           Secondary education
      11320   Secondary education
      11330   Vocational training
114           Post-secondary education
      11420   Higher education
      11430   Advanced technical and managerial training
120           HEALTH
121           Health, general
      12110   Health policy and administrative management
      12181   Medical education/training
      12182   Medical research
      12191   Medical services
122           Basic health
      12220   Basic health care
      12230   Basic health infrastructure
      12240   Basic nutrition
      12250   Infectious disease control
      12261   Health education
      12262   Malaria control
      12263   Tuberculosis control
      12281   Health personnel development
      13010   REPRODUCTIVEand administrative management
              Population policy HEALTH
      13020   Reproductive health care
      13030   Family planning
      13040   STD control including HIV/AIDS
      13081   Personnel development for population and reproductive health
      14010   Water sector policy and administrative management

      14015   Water resources conservation (including data collection)
      14020   Water supply and sanitation - large systems
      14021   Water supply - large systems
      14022   Sanitation - large systems
      14030   Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
      14031   Basic drinking water supply
      14032   Basic sanitation
      14040   River basins’ development
      14050   Waste management / disposal
      14081   Education and training in water supply and sanitation
151           Government and civil society, general
      15110   Public sector policy and administrative management
      15111   Public finance management
      15112   Decentralisation and support to subnational government
      15113   Anti-corruption organisations and institutions
      15130   Legal and judicial development
      15150   Democratic participation and civil society
      15151   Elections
      15152   Legislatures and political parties
      15153   Media and free flow of information
      15160   Human rights
      15170   Women’s equality organisations and institutions
152           Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security
      15210   Security system management and reform
      15220   Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution
      15230   Participation in international peacekeeping operations
      15240   Reintegration and SALW control
      15250   Removal of land mines and explosive remnants of war
      15261   Child soldiers (Prevention and demobilisation)
      16010   Social/ welfare services
      16020   Employment policy and administrative management
      16030   Housing policy and administrative management
      16040   Low-cost housing
      16050   Multisector aid for basic social services
      16061   Culture and recreation
      16062   Statistical capacity building
      16063   Narcotics control
      16064   Social mitigation of HIV/AIDS
      21010   Transport policy and administrative management
      21020   Road transport
      21030   Rail transport
      21040   Water transport
      21050   Air transport
      21061   Storage
      21081   Education and training in transport and storage
220           COMMUNICATION
      22010   Communications policy and administrative management
      22020   Telecommunications
      22030   Radio/television/print media
      22040   Information and communication technology (ICT)
      23010   Energy policy and administrative management
      23020   Power generation/non-renewable sources
      23030   Power generation/renewable sources
      23040   Electrical transmission/ distribution
      23050   Gas distribution
      23061   Oil-fired power plants
      23062   Gas-fired power plants
      23063   Coal-fired power plants
      23064   Nuclear power plants
      23065   Hydro-electric power plants
      23066   Geothermal energy
      23067   Solar energy
      23068   Wind power
      23069   Ocean power
      23070   Biomass
      23081   Energy education/training
      23082   Energy research
      24010   Financial policy and administrative management
      24020   Monetary institutions
      24030   Formal sector financial intermediaries
      24040   Informal/semi-formal financial intermediaries
      24081   Education/training in banking and financial services
      25010   Business support services and institutions
      25020   Privatisation
311           AGRICULTURE
      31110   Agricultural policy and administrative management
      31120   Agricultural development
      31130   Agricultural land resources
      31140   Agricultural water resources

      31150   Agricultural inputs
      31161   Food crop production
      31162   Industrial crops/export crops
      31163   Livestock
      31164   Agrarian reform
      31165   Agricultural alternative development
      31166   Agricultural extension
      31181   Agricultural education/training
      31182   Agricultural research
      31191   Agricultural services
      31192   Plant and post-harvest protection and pest control
      31193   Agricultural financial services
      31194   Agricultural co-operatives
      31195   Livestock/veterinary services
312           FORESTRY
      31210   Forestry policy and administrative management
      31220   Forestry development
      31261   Fuelwood/charcoal
      31281   Forestry education/training
      31282   Forestry research
      31291   Forestry services
313           FISHING
      31310   Fishing policy and administrative management
      31320   Fishery development
      31381   Fishery education/training
      31382   Fishery research
      31391   Fishery services
321           INDUSTRY
      32110   Industrial policy and administrative management
      32120   Industrial development
      32130   Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development
      32140   Cottage industries and handicraft
      32161   Agro-industries
      32162   Forest industries
      32163   Textiles, leather and substitutes
      32164   Chemicals
      32165   Fertilizer plants
      32166   Cement/lime/plaster
      32167   Energy manufacturing
      32168   Pharmaceutical production
      32169   Basic metal industries
      32170   Non-ferrous metal industries
      32171   Engineering
      32172   Transport equipment industry
      32182   Technological research and development
      32210   Mineral/mining policy and administrative management
      32220   Mineral prospection and exploration
      32261   Coal
      32262   Oil and gas
      32263   Ferrous metals
      32264   Nonferrous metals
      32265   Precious metals/materials
      32266   Industrial minerals
      32267   Fertilizer minerals
      32268   Offshore minerals
323           CONSTRUCTION
      32310   Construction policy and administrative management
      33110   ADJUSTMENT administrative management
              Trade policy and
      33120   Trade facilitation
      33130   Regional trade agreements (RTAs)
      33140   Multilateral trade negotiations
      33150   Trade-related adjustment
      33181   Trade education/training
332           TOURISM
      33210   Tourism policy and administrative management
410           General environmental protection
      41010   Environmental policy and administrative management
      41020   Biosphere protection
      41030   Bio-diversity
      41040   Site preservation
      41050   Flood prevention/control
      41081   Environmental education/ training
      41082   Environmental research
430           Other multisector
      43010   Multisector aid
      43030   Urban development and management
      43040   Rural development
      43050   Non-agricultural alternative development
      43081   Multisector education/training
      43082   Research/scientific institutions
510           ASSISTANCE support
              General budget
      51010   General budget support
520           Developmental food aid/Food security assistance
      52010   Food aid/Food security programmes
530           Other commodity assistance
      53030   Import support (capital goods)
      53040   Import support (commodities)
      60010   Action relating to debt
      60020   Debt forgiveness
      60030   Relief of multilateral debt
      60040   Rescheduling and refinancing
      60061   Debt for development swap
      60062   Other debt swap
      60063   Debt buy-back
700           HUMANITARIAN AID
720           Emergency Response
      72010   Material relief assistance and services
      72040   Emergency food aid
      72050   Relief co-ordination; protection and support services
730           Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation
      73010   Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation
740           Disaster prevention and preparedness
      74010   Disaster prevention and preparedness
      91010   Administrative costs
      93010   Refugees in donor countries
      99810   Sectors not specified
      99820   Promotion of development awareness
Clarifications / Additional notes on coverage

The codes in this category are to be used only when level of education is unspecified or
unknown (e.g. training of primary school and programmes; coded to education ministries,
Education sector policy, planning teachers should be aid under 11220).
administration and management systems; institution capacity buildingto educationschool
Educational buildings, equipment, materials; subsidiary services and advice; (boarding
Teacher staff housing); language training; colloquia, unspecified); in-service
facilities, education (where the level of education is seminars, lectures, etc. and pre-service
training; materials development.
Research and studies on education effectiveness, relevance and quality; systematic
evaluation and monitoring.
Formal and non-formal primary education for children; all elementary and first cycle
systematic instruction; provision of learning materials. for young people and adults (adults
Formal and non-formal education for basic life skills
Formal and non-formal numeracy education.
education); literacy and pre-school training.

Second cycle systematic instruction at both junior and senior levels.
Elementary vocational training and secondary level technical education; on-the job training;
apprenticeships; including informal vocational training.
Degree and diploma programmes at universities, colleges and polytechnics; scholarships.
Professional-level vocational training programmes and in-service training.

Health sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to health ministries, public health
Medical education and training for tertiary and services.
administration; institution capacity buildinglevel advice; medical insurance programmes;
General medical research (excluding basic health research).
Laboratories, specialised clinics and hospitals (including equipment and supplies);
ambulances; dental services; mental health care; medical rehabilitation; control of non-
Basic and primary health care programmes; paramedical and nursing care programmes;
supply of drugs, medicines and and dispensariesto basic health care. equipment; excluding
District-level hospitals, clinics vaccines related and related medical
specialised hospitals and clinics (12191). feeding, breastfeeding and weaning foods, child
Direct feeding programmes (maternal
feeding, schoolprevention and control of micro-nutrient deficiencies; provision of vitamin A,
Immunisation; feeding); determination         infectious and parasite diseases, except malaria
(12262), tuberculosis (12263), HIV/AIDSthe population for improving health diarrheal
Information, education and training of and other STDs (13040). It includes knowledge and
practices; publiccontrol of malaria.
Prevention and health and awareness campaigns; promotion of improved personal hygiene
Immunisation, prevention and control of tuberculosis.
Training of health staff for basic health care services.

Population/development policies; census work, vital registration; migration data; demographic
research/analysis; reproductive health research; postnatal care including delivery; prevention
Promotion of reproductive health; prenatal and unspecified population activities.
and treatment of infertility; including counselling; information, education and communication
Family planning services prevention and management of consequences of abortion; safe
All activities related to of contraceptives; capacity building and training.
(IEC) activities; deliverysexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS control e.g. information,
education and communication; testing; prevention; treatment, care. health care services.
Education and training of health staff for population and reproductive

Water sector policy and governance, including legislation, regulation, planning and
management as well as transboundary management of water; institutional capacity
development; activities supporting the Integrated Water Resource Management approach
(IWRM: see box below).
Collection and usage of quantitative and qualitative data on water resources; creation and
Programmes where components according to 14021 and 14022 cannot be waters (rivers,
sharing of water knowledge; conservation and rehabilitation of inland surfaceidentified. When
components are known, they should individually be reported under their respective purpose
Potable water treatment plants; intake works; storage; water supply pumping stations; large
scale transmission / conveyance and distribution systems. pumping stations; domestic and
Large scale sewerage including trunk sewers and sewage
industrial waste water treatment plants.
Programmes where components according to 14031 and 14032 cannot be identified. When
components are known, they should individually be reported under their respective purpose
Rural water supply schemes using handpumps, spring catchments, gravity-fed systems,
Latrines, on-site disposal harvesting, storage tanks, systems, including the typically
rainwater collection and fog and alternative sanitation small distribution systemspromotion of
household and community investmentsbasin projects and of theseinstitutional activities; river
Infrastructure focused integrated river in the construction related facilities. (Use code
flow control; dams and reservoirs [excluding dams primarily for irrigation (31140) and waste;
Municipal and industrial solid waste management, including hazardous and toxic
Education and training treatment; landfill areas; composting and reuse.
collection, disposal andfor sector professionals and service providers.

N.B. Use code 51010 for general budget support.
Institution-building assistance to strengthen core public sector management systems and
capacities. This includes macro-economicministries of finance; strengthening financial and
Fiscal policy and planning; support to and other policy management, co-ordination,
managerial accountability; public expenditure management; improving financial management
Decentralisation processes (including political, administrative and fiscal dimensions);
intergovernmental relations and federalism; strengthening for the prevention of and combat
Specialised organisations, institutions and frameworks departments of regional and local
against corruption, bribery, money-laundering and other the justice organised crime, with or
Support to institutions, systems and procedures of aspects of sector, both formal and
Support support to ministries of justice, the interior forms of affairs; judges citizens beyond
informal; to the exercise of democracy and diverse and homeparticipation of and courts;
elections (15151); directbodies and processes, election observation, voters' education. (Use
Electoral management democracy instruments such as referenda and citizens’ initiatives;
code 15230 to strengthen key functions of legislatures/ parliaments including subnational
Assistance when in the context of an international peacekeeping operation.)
assemblies and councils (representation; oversight; legislation), such as issues; activities that
Activities that support free and uncensored flow of information on public improving the
increase the editorial and technical skills andhuman rights institutions and mechanisms at
Measures to support specialised official the integrity of the print and broadcast media,
Support for institutions and organisations (governmental and non-governmental) protect
universal, regional, national and local levels in their statutory roles to promote and working for
gender equality andon ODA eligibility (and exclusions) of conflict, peace and security related
N.B. Further notes women’s empowerment.
Technical co-operation provided to parliament, government ministries, law enforcement
Support and the judiciary to related to peace building, conflict prevention and resolution,
agenciesfor civilian activitiesassist review and reform of the security system to improve
including participation in peacekeeping operations mandated or authorised by the United
Bilateral capacity building, monitoring, dialogue and information exchange.
Nations (UN) through Securitymilitary personnel into the economy; conversion of production
Reintegration of demobilised Council resolutions, and conducted by international
All activities military to civilian outputs; explosive remnants to control, prevent benefits
facilities fromrelated to land mines and technical co-operationof war which have and/or to
Technical co-operation provided to government – and assistance and explosive
developing countries as their main objective, including removal of land minesto civil society
organisations – to support and apply legislation designed to prevent the recruitment of child
Social legislation and administration; institution capacity building and advice; social security
Employment policy and planning; programmes for the elderly, orphans, the disabled, street
and other social schemes; special labour law; labour unions; institution capacity building and
advice; support programmes for unemployed; employment creation and income generation
Housing sector policy, planning and programmes; excluding low-cost housing and slum
clearanceslum clearance.
Including (16040).
Basic social services are defined to include basic education, basic health, basic nutrition,
population/reproductive health and basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation.
Including libraries and museums.
Both in national statistical offices and any other government ministries.
In-country and customs controls including training of the police; educational programmes and
Special programmes to address the consequences of HIV/AIDS, e.g.
awareness campaigns to restrict narcotics traffic and in-country distribution. social, legal and
economic assistanceof transport equipment should be included under code and employment;
Note: Manufacturing to people living with HIV/AIDS including food security 32172.
Transport sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to transport ministries; institution
Road infrastructure, road vehicles; passenger road activities motor passenger cars.
capacity building and advice; unspecified transport; transport, that combine road, rail, water
Rail infrastructure, rail equipment, locomotives, other rolling stock; including light rail (tram)
and underground systems.
Harbours and docks, harbour guidance systems, ships and boats; river and other inland
Airports, airport inland barges and aeroplanes, aeroplane maintenance equipment.
water transport, guidance systems, vessels.
Whether or not related to transportation.

Communications sector policy, planning and programmes; institution capacity building and
advice; including postal services development; unspecified communications activities.
Telephone networks, telecommunication satellites, earth stations.
Radio and TV links, equipment; newspapers; printing and publishing.
Computer hardware and software; internet access; IT training. When sector cannot be
Energy sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to energy ministries; institution capacity
building and advice; unspecified when heat source cannot be determined; combined gas-coal
Thermal power plants including energy activities including energy conservation.
power plants.
Including policy, planning, development programmes, surveys and incentives. Fuelwood/
charcoal production should be included under forestry (31261).
Distribution from power source to end user; transmission lines.
Delivery for use by ultimate consumer.
Including diesel power plants.

Including nuclear safety.
Including power-generating river barges.

Including photo-voltaic cells, solar thermal applications and solar heating.
Wind energy for water lifting and electric power generation.
Including ocean thermal energy conversion, tidal and wave power.
Densification technologies and use of biomass for direct power generation including biogas,
gas obtained energy sub-sectors; all levels of training. anaerobic digesters.
Applies to all from sugar cane and other plant residues,
Including general inventories, surveys.

Finance sector policy, planning and programmes; institution capacity building and advice;
Central markets
financialbanks. and systems.
All formal sector financial intermediaries; credit lines; insurance, leasing, venture capital, etc.
(except whensavings and credit co-operatives etc.
Micro credit, focused on only one sector).

Support to trade and business associations, chambers of commerce; legal and regulatory
reform aimed at improving business and investment climate; private sector institution
When sector cannot be specified. Including general state enterprise restructuring or
demonopolisation programmes; planning, programming, advice.
Agricultural sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to agricultural ministries; institution
capacity building and advice; unspecified agriculture.
Integrated projects; farm development.
Including soil degradation control; soil improvement; drainage of water logged areas; soil
desalination; agricultural land surveys; land reclamation;exploitation for agricultural use.
Irrigation, reservoirs, hydraulic structures, ground water erosion control, desertification

Supply of seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery/equipment.
Including grains (wheat, rice, barley, maize, rye, oats, millet, sorghum); horticulture;
vegetables; fruit and berries; other annual and perennial crops. [Use code 32161 for agro-
Including sugar; coffee, cocoa, tea; oil seeds, nuts, kernels; fibre crops; tobacco; rubber.
[Use code 32161 for agro-industries.]
Animal husbandry; animal feed aid.
Including agricultural sector adjustment.
Projects to reduce illicit drug cultivation through other agricultural marketing and production
opportunities (see code 43050 for non-agricultural alternative development).
Non-formal training in agriculture.

Plant breeding, physiology, genetic resources, ecology, taxonomy, disease control,
agricultural bio-technology; including livestock research (animal health,of strategic reserves.
Marketing policies & organisation; storage and transportation, creation breeding and
Including integrated plant protection, biological plant protection activities, supply and
Financial intermediaries for the supply of pesticides, plant credit schemes; crop insurance.
management of agrochemicals,agricultural sector includingprotection policy and legislation.
Including farmers’ organisations.
Animal health and management, genetic resources, feed resources.

Forestry sector policy, planning and programmes; institution capacity building and advice;
forest surveys; unspecifiedand ruraland agro-forestry activities.and utilisation; erosion control,
Afforestation for industrial forestry consumption; exploitation
Forestry development integrated forestry projects.
desertification control; whose primary purpose is production of fuelwood and charcoal.

Including artificial regeneration, genetic improvement, production methods, fertilizer,

Fishing sector policy, planning and programmes; institution capacity building and advice;
ocean and coastal fishing; marine and freshwater fish surveys aquaculture; integrated fishery
Exploitation and utilisation of fisheries; fish stock protection; and prospecting; fishing
Pilot fish culture; marine/freshwater biological research.
Fishing harbours; fish markets; fishery transport and cold storage.

Industrial sector policy, planning and programmes; institution capacity building and advice;
unspecified industrial activities; manufacturing of goods not specified below.
Direct support to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial
sector, including accounting, auditing and advisory services.
Staple food processing, dairy products, slaughter houses and equipment, meat and fish
processing and preserving, oils/fats, sugar refineries, beverages/tobacco, animal feeds
Wood production, pulp/paper production.
Including knitting factories.
Industrial and non-industrial production facilities; includes pesticides production.

Including gas liquefaction; petroleum refineries.
Medical equipment/supplies; drugs, medicines, vaccines; hygienic products.
Iron and steel, structural metal production.

Manufacturing of electrical and non-electrical machinery, engines/turbines.
Shipbuilding, fishing boats building; railroad equipment; motor vehicles and motor passenger
cars; aircraft; navigation/guidancequality management; metrology; testing; accreditation;
Including industrial standards; systems.
Mineral and mining sector policy, planning and programmes; mining legislation, mining
cadastre, mineral resources inventory, information hydrogeology (14010) and environmental
Geology, geophysics, geochemistry; excluding systems, institution capacity building and
geology (41010), mineral extraction and processing, infrastructure, technology, economics,
Including lignite and peat.
Petroleum, natural gas, condensates, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas
(LNG); including drilling and production.
Iron and ferro-alloy metals.
Aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc.
Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones.
Baryte, limestone, feldspar, kaolin, sand, gypsym, gravel, ornamental stones.
Phosphates, potash.
Polymetallic nodules, phosphorites, marine placer deposits.

Construction sector policy and planning; excluding construction activities within specific
sectors (e.g., hospital or school construction).
Trade policy and planning; support to ministries and departments responsible for trade policy;
Simplification and harmonisation of international import and export implementation of
trade-related legislation and regulatory reforms; policy analysis and procedures (e.g. customs
valuation, licensing procedures, transport formalities, payments, insurance); support to
Support to regional trade arrangements [e.g. Southern African Development Community
Support developing countries’ Asian Nations (ASEAN), multilateral trade negotiations,
(SADC), Association of Southeasteffective participation in Free Trade Area of the Americas
including trainingthe negotiators, assessing impacts of implementation of recipients' own trade
Contributions to of government budget to assist the negotiations; accession to the World
Human and adjustments to trade trade not included other any of the above codes. Includes
reforms resources development inpolicy measures byunder countries; assistance to manage
university programmes in trade.

Non-sector specific.
Environmental policy, laws, regulations and economic instruments; administrational
institutions and practices; environmental and land use pollution control.
Air pollution control, ozone layer preservation; marine planning and decision-making
Including natural reserves and actions in the surrounding areas; other measures to protect
Applies to or vulnerable species and their habitats (e.g. wetlands historical, archeological,
endangeredunique cultural landscape; including sites/objects of preservation).
aesthetic, scientificor the sea; including sea water intrusion control and sea level rise related
Floods from rivers or educational value.
Including establishment of databases, inventories/accounts of physical and natural
resources; environmental profiles and impact studies if not sector specific.
Integrated urban development projects; local development and urban management; urban
infrastructure and services; municipal finances; urban environmental management; urban of
Integrated rural development projects; e.g. regional development planning; promotion
decentralised and multi-sectoral competencethrough, for example, non-agricultural income
Projects to reduce illicit drug cultivation for planning, co-ordination and management;
opportunities, social and physical infrastructure (see code 31165 for agricultural alternative
Including scholarships.
When sector cannot be identified.
Note: Sector specific programme assistance is to be included in the respective sectors, using
the sector programme flag if appropriate. approaches (SWAps) should be included in the
Budget support in the form of sector-wide
respective sectors.
Unearmarked contributions to the government budget; support for the implementation of
macroeconomic reforms (structural adjustment programmes, poverty reduction strategies);
Supply of edible human food under national or international programmes including transport
costs; cash paymentsassistancefood supplies; project food aid and food aid for market sales
Non-food commodity made for (when benefiting sector not specified).
Capital goods and services; lines of credit.
Commodities, general goods and services, oil imports.

Actions falling outside the code headings below; training in debt management.

Grants or credits to cover debt owed to multilateral financial institutions; including
contributions to Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Trust Fund.
Allocation of debt claims to use for development (e.g., debt for education, debt for
Where the debt swap benefits an external agent i.e. is not specifically for development
purposes. of debt for the purpose of cancellation.
Within the overall definition of ODA, humanitarian aid is assistance designed to save lives,
An emergency is situation which results from man made crises and in the aftermath of
alleviate sufferingaand maintain and protect human dignity during and/or natural disasters.
Shelter, water, sanitation and health services, supply of medicines and other non-food relief
items;aid normallyto refugees and distribution or special supplementary feeding programmes;
Food assistance for general free internally displaced people in developing countries other
short-term to co-ordinate delivery of humanitarian aid, including logistics and communications
Measures relief to targeted population groups affected by emergency situations. Excludes
This relates to activities during and protect the safety, an emergency situation. Longer-term
systems; measures to promote and in the aftermath of well-being, dignity and integrity of
activities to reconstruction work infrastructure or social services should be reported under the
Short-term improve the level of after emergency or conflict limited to restoring pre-existing
infrastructure (e.g.and 15220 for preventionroads, bridgesconflicts. restoration of essential
See codes 41050 repair or construction of of floods and and ports,
Disaster risk reduction activities (e.g. developing knowledge, natural risks cartography, legal
norms for construction); early warning systems; emergency contingency stocks and

Contributions to general development of the recipient should be included under programme
assistance (51010).
Spending in donor country for heightened awareness/interest in development co-operation
(brochures, lectures, special research projects, etc.).

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