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					                                            CELEBRATING 70 YEARS                                   •         1938 - 2008
                                                                                                                                  March 27, 2009            u Vol. 73, Number 5

                        Published semimonthly by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture •

                Farmer Profiles:
   Laplatte River                                                             Recovery Act Allocates Millions
                                                                               for Direct Operating Loans to
    Angus Farm                                                                     Farmers and Ranchers

                                                                                     atrick K. Freeman, Farm Loan              ing is intended for proper investment
                                                                                     Chief for USDA’s Farm Service             into the agricultural sector, to benefit
                                                                                     Agency in Vermont announced               both family farmers and rural
                                                                              today that FSA will immediately use              economies. The Recovery Act was
                                                                              $145 million of the $173 million pro-            designed to preserve or create mil-
                                                                              vided in the Recovery Act for its                lions of jobs throughout the country
                                                                              Direct Operating Farm Loan Pro-                  and these loans help ensure that
                                                                              gram, which will give 2,042 farmers -            recipients remain financially viable
                                                                              almost 50% are beginning farmers                 and local agri-businesses benefit from
                                                                              and 10% are socially disadvantaged               direct purchases.
                                                                              producers - direct loans from the                   Here is a hypothetical example of
                                                                              agency.                                          purchases made with a $100,000
                                                                                 “These loans will be used to pur-             direct operating loan:
                                                                              chase items such as farm equipment,
                                                                              feed, seed, fuel and other operating                Used Farm Tractor: $45,000
                                                                              expenses and will stimulate rural                   Livestock: $18,000
                                                                              economies by providing American                     Seed: $15,000
                                                                              farmers funds to operate,” said Free-               Fertilizer: $10,000
                                                                              man.                                                Fuel: $12,000
                                                                                 All remaining funding will be allo-              The effect of this loan reaches the
                                                                              cated through approved loans until all           local implement dealership, sale barn,
                                                                              available funds have been expended.              the grain seed distributor, the fertiliz-
                   Mark Kleptz (left) and Jim Kleptz                          Applications are considered on a first           er distributor and a local fuel dealer-
                                                                              come, first served basis with special            ship.
   Laura Kiesel                                                               emphasis placed on beginning and                    For specific information on direct
   UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture                                     socially disadvantaged applicants. The           operating loans and other FSA farm
                                                                              maximum loan amount is $300,000.                 loan programs, please visit your FSA

          aplatte River Angus Farm started out as the brain-                     In keeping with the president’s goal          county office or our website at
          child of Jim Kleptz and his son Mark back in 1971                   for the Recovery Act, this loan fund-  
          with only a few head of cattle. Now, 36 years later,
   what started as a hobby has evolved into a fully-func-
   tional beef farm averaging between 250 and 300 mostly-
   Angus cattle grazed on approximately 600 acres within a
   five-mile radius.                                                                                                                                                      Periodicals
      Most of the fields the Kleptz’s use for grazing their                                                                                                                Postage
   cattle are leased or even donated by their neighbors.                                                                                                                    Paid at
                                                                                                                                                                        Montpelier, VT
   This system works well for both the Kleptz’s and the                                                                                                                and at Additional
   respective landowners, since they are doing each other a           Vermont Agency of                                                                                 Mailing Offices
   service: Jim Kleptz and his sons can maximize rotation             Agriculture, Food & Markets
                                            continued on page 2       116 State Street
                                                                      Montpelier, Vermont 05620-2901

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2                                                                                                                                                                     March 27, 2009

Laplatte River Angus              and     Kleptz to move the hay around in               for it,” notes Chip Morgan, Treasurer
Farm                                      order to reposition the herds and              for the Vermont Beef Producer’s                Vermont Ag Plastics Manage-
continued from page 1                     evenly distribute their manure onto            Association. He also adds that Ver-
                                          the fields.                                    mont production and sales of local
                                                                                                                                        ment & Recycling Workshop
haying opportunities. In return, the          “I put a lot of effort into making         beef have increased an average of 20                 Thursday April 16, 2009
landowners get free land mainte-          sure [the animals] are comfortable,”           to 30 percent a year in the past sever-                 10:00am - 3:00pm
nance, including fertilization through    says Kleptz. “Every day has to be              al years.                                        Vermont Technical College Farmhouse
the cows’ nutrients. The land also        right, from the beginning to the end.             Larry Connor, the meat purchaser                    Randolph Center, VT
benefits as the result of this agree-     It is important for the cows be con-           for Healthy Living in Burlington,                 Disposable plastics are now integral to
ment. The fields are luminous, with       tent.”                                         agrees. According to Connor, the               most farm operations in all sectors of
high plant biodiversity and improved         Born and raised in Indiana, Kleptz          Healthy Living meat department has             agriculture. Plastics are replacing glass,
soil quality. It’s a win-win situation    came to the New England area after             expanded by 70 percent to meet the             metal, concrete, and ceramic because they
typical of the symbiotic relationships    a promotion at his job at General              needs of Vermont consumer demand               cost less, increase production efficiency,
that form the backbone of sustain-        Electric as an engineer led him to             for “Vermont grass-fed beef.”                  and are safer. Disposal, however, is an
able farming. Jim Kleptz follows a        relocate first to Pittsfield, Massachu-           Kleptz’s operation offers a working         unsolved problem. Recycling is rare, but
rotational grazing model in his fields    setts, and later to Shelburne, Ver-            model to make a moderate-scale                 new opportunities are emerging.
to allow pasture plants time to rest      mont. Once in Shelburne, he pur-               grass-fed cattle operation feasible, by           Funded by a grant from the U.S.
and regenerate after the cows graze.      chased 10 acres of land that is the            negotiating land use with his neigh-           Department of Agriculture, NEWMOA
He does not adhere to a specific          home base of his farming business.             bors to overcome grazing access, and           is conducting training and providing tech-
schedule or regimen for moving the        Even though Kleptz bought the land             keeping all the components of the              nical assistance to promote proper man-
cows, but bases his decision on when      in the early 1970s, it was not until           operation local.                               agement and recycling of agricultural
to rotate his herd based on careful       after taking an early retirement in               Jim’s son John Kleptz is a proces-          plastics in rural areas of northern New
observation of the grass, the soil and    1987, that he began to take his ven-           sor at the Williston processing plant          England and New York. The workshop
the animals while on his daily rounds.    ture seriously.                                that Jim co-owns. John who also                will include talks on the status of agricul-
   “I try to look at the big picture         Kleptz admits making mistakes in            works at Laplatte, handles much of             tural film plastics management and recy-
and have things lined up reasonably       the beginning.                                 its distribution by personally deliver-        cling in Vermont; guidelines for handling
well,” comments Jim on this arrange-         After a first failed attempt to get a       ing the beef to over 20 stores and             of plastics to prepare for proper manage-
ment.                                     contract with Shelburne Market,                restaurants in the area.                       ment and recycling; infrastructure and
   Kleptz and his sons alternate use      Kleptz convinced the retail outlet to             In 2007, the Kleptz family won the          equipment needs; and markets.
of the fields between haying and          stock his beef in 1988, after experi-          Sustainable Farm of the Year Award                Who should attend?
direct grazing, devoting nearly half of   menting with grazing and hitting               from the Vermont Sustainable Agri-                Recycling Coordinators and Solid
every week in the summer to haying        upon the right formula. Shelburne              culture Council. The award signified           Waste District Managers
for winter feed storage. The fields are   Market has been a loyal buyer of               appreciation for the Kleptz rotational            Conservation Commissions
not treated with anything except          Laplatte beef ever since. However,             grazing model, humane treatment of                Vermont Conservation District Man-
small amounts of lime ash. The            one of Kleptz biggest breaks was               the animals and the family’s local,            agers and Technical Staff
Kleptz’s also separate the animals        when the Vermont Pub and Brewery               grassroots approach to marketing and              Extension Agents
into smaller packs that are placed in     became his customer nearly 20 years            processing their beef products.“Jim               State Department of Agriculture and
different fields, depending on their      ago. Since then, Laplatte has been             and John Kleptz illustrate an excel-           ANR Employees
ages and nutritional requirements.        riding the wave of increasing public           lent example of farming success,                  Producers
The herds generally remain outdoors       awareness and appreciation of local            through their innovation, creativity,
throughout the year, including winter.    and sustainable food.                          and good management,” said Jenn                Visit
During this time, the steers feed on         “Vermont beef farms are growing             Colby, Outreach Coordinator for the            plastic/ to register for the workshop. There is
the hay collected during the warm         in numbers. The demand for local,              Pasture Program at the UVM Center              no cost to attend. This workshop is co-spon-
seasons, as well as some supplemen-       natural and organic beef is increasing         for Sustainable Agriculture. “LaPlatte         sored by the Vermont Small Business Devel-
tal minerals. The hay is set up within    over 40 percent per year, and con-             River Angus is a terrific example for          opment Center.
polywire subdivisions, allowing           sumers are willing to pay a premium            us all to learn from.”

                                                   Unit Pricing:
                                          Make your food budget go further
                                    A Financial “Calculator” for Your                  format that informs the consumer of a             sale” is a relatively expensive major brand
                                 Shopping Budget                                       product’s price per unit of measure. Infor-       that is discounted just a few cents.
                                 Kelly Loftus                                          mation displayed includes: the selling price,     Coupons do not state the unit price, which
                                 Agency of Agriculture                                 description of the product and, if the item       still may be higher than another brand or
                                                                                       is sold by weight, such as a can of corn,         size of product that is not covered by the
                                 Weights and Measures: protecting con-                 then the unit price tag will give the cost        coupon.
                                 sumers and retailers in Vermont. This is              per pound. Liquid products must be unit              You can also use unit pricing as a tool
                                 the second part of a series this month highlighting   priced by the quart. Items such as alu-           for comparing dissimilar products. If you
                                 the work of the Weights and Measures division at      minum foil and plastic wrap are priced per        want to feed dinner to a family of four for
                                 the Agency of Agriculture.                            50 square feet and pills and lozenges are         $20 would you want to purchase the strip
                                                                                       computed by 100 count.                            steak at $8 a pound or haddock at $5 a

                                 W         ant to save money at the grocery
                                           store? Check out the unit price
                                           before you select items. The unit
                                 price of an item can be found on the
                                 bright orange sticker usually located on the
                                                                                          Sometimes food packaged in “giant” or
                                                                                       “family” sized containers may seem like
                                                                                       the best buy, but larger containers do not
                                                                                       always end up costing you less than smaller
                                                                                       ones. Unit pricing information is an
                                                                                                                                         pound? This works for produce as well.
                                                                                                                                         Unit pricing allows you to compare similar
                                                                                                                                         items in different forms such as canned
                                                                                                                                         vegetables and fruits to fresh fruits and
                                                                                                                                         vegetables. The fresh are often less expen-
                                 shelf below an item for sale in the store             important tool that helps you to compare          sive and always more tasty and nutritious.
                                 and in some cases on the item itself.                 similar items of different brands that are           If you have any questions or notice
                                    The Agency of Agriculture’s Weights                packaged in different sizes. By checking          inaccuracies in the price advertised for
                                 and Measures Division is responsible for              unit prices, you can see whether or not the       items and the price rung up at check out,
                                 the enforcement of the Unit Pricing law.              larger item is the best buy. Who wants to         please contact the Consumer Protection
                                 Vermont is only one of 21 states that have            stand in a store aisle playing with a calcula-    Section 802-828-2436. The Consumer Pro-
                                 unit pricing regulation to protect and                tor while the kids are getting antsy? Use         tection inspectors also inspect the gasoline
                                 inform consumers when making purchas-                 the unit price to make sure you are getting       pumps, oil and propane meters and the
                                 ing decisions at the grocery store.                   the best buy.                                     scanners and scales to make sure you get
                                    Vermont state law requires that all chain             Coupons can also save money; however,          what you pay for.
                                 grocery stores use a standardized price tag           in many cases the product offered “on
March 27, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                 3

                                                                              of any breed, easy birthing          National Grand Champion).                   techniques are particular areas
                                                                              with smaller calves. (802) 694-      Almost 3 years old, sired 3                 of focus. Director handles all
                                                                              1602. (4/1)                          heifer calves (out of 3) last               aspects of human resource &
                                                                           Jersey/British White first calf         year. $1500. Call Sara at 802-              financial management, and
                                                                              heifer due 4-15-09 bred to           535-8953. (4/15)                            operational oversight of all
                                                                              British White bull, very tame &    Hereford coming in 2nd calf in                programs initiated by the
                                                                              sweet, used to being around a        April-May - $750.00. 2 year                 organization. Position
                                                                              small number of cows, beauti-        old Hereford bull very gentle               Description & additional infor-
                                                                              ful dark red lineback coloring,      $800.00 dark red. 802-453-2947              mation may be found at
       March 31, 2009 for the next edition                                    she will make a very nice fami-      I might have a couple more to      (4/15)
                                                                              ly cow $1200 Johnson (802)           sell come take a look (4/15)              Equipment
                                                                              644-6567. (4/1)                    Purebred Jersey bull born 2/08              Valmetal Round Bale Shredder.
                                                                           Entire Herd Dispersal: For Sale at      Sired by Impulse easy handler                $11,000. Has shreddded about
                                                                              private treaty. All Registered       run only with virgin heifers -               400 bales. 540rpm PTO.
                                                                              Black Angus. 12 Spring calving       $600 or BO. White River Jct.                 Towed, not 3-pt hitch. Swivel
                                                                              first calf heifers. Bred to AI       802-295-4998 (4/15)                          chute. Earl Ransom, Strafford.
                                                                              sires. Calving 4/11 &              Two ready to breed virgin Hol-                 802-765-4093. (4/1)
                                                                              6/13/09; 3 yearling bulls; 2         stein dairy bulls, have nice size
                                                                              yearling heifers, ready for                                                    Field Cultivator- Bervac 8’ s-tine
                                                                                                                   and type - asking $600-$700 a                with drag for field prep before
                                                                              breeding in Spring. 24 weaned        piece or best offer. West
                                                                              calves, 69 Fall calving cows, 4                                                   seeding. Good condition. Great
                                                                                                                   Glover (802) 525-6979 (4/15)                 for smaller tractor and opera-
                                                                              cow/calf pairs. Call for more
                                                                              details and pricing. Benson        Quality dairy yearlings for sale: 15           tion. $800 802-223-1559. (4/1)
                                                                              (802) 537-4141 (4/1)                 quality Jerseys, 1 Holstein, 14           MASPORT M-5 5 HP VACUUM
                                                                                                                   Holstein/Jersey cross. Call                  PUMP, TANK AND REGU-
                                                                           Purebred Highland Cattle, herd          (802) 524-9453 in Milton
                                                                              reduction, cows, heifers, bulls                                                   LATOR. NEW MOTOR.
                                                                                                                   (4/15)                                       $850 OBO. CALL RANDY
                                                                              (1-3 yrs. old). Reasonable
                                                                              prices. Call (802) 866-3342 4      Certified Organic Registered Jer-              AT 802-377-7667. (4/1)
                                                                              Corners Farm, Newbury, VT            sey Heifer. Due to Ace on                 WIC 45 feed cart for sale. $300.
                                                                              ask for Bob. (4/1)                   4/23/09. $1,500. Vince Foy,                  802-433-5837. (4/1)
                                                                                                                   N. Danville (802) 748-8461
                                                                           Jersey Steer, 65 cents/lb. live         (4/15)                                    ONE LEFT! Daisy Cow lifter -
Bees                                    stock. Cows, cow/calf pairs,
                                                                              weight, approx. weight 2180                                                       lifts from a tractor bucket and
                                        fall calves, steers, heifers and                                         Two Jersey heifers, due dates May              evenly holds the cow from the
5-frame nucleus colonies with our       bulls. Reserve your spring            lbs. Chet Baxter, Jr. (802) 767-
   own queens raised from                                                     3362 Hancock, VT (4/1)               30th and June 10th, asking                   head to the tail. $425.00 new
                                        calves - coming soon! Starting                                             $1,450. each. Call Joe (802)                 call Charlie at 888-293-1200 or
   Carnolian-Russian hybrids.           at $500 or trade for Dutch         30 quality dairy yearlings to
   These queens are naturally                                                                                      579-9955 Westminster West,                   802-249-1532. (4/1)
                                        Belted or other good family           choose from 15 quality jerseys;      VT (4/15)
   mated, have not gone through         milk cow. (802)869-3062. (4/1)        1 holstein; 14 cross breed Hol-                                                Ground-driven tedder, Grimm.
   the stress of being sent                                                   stein jerseys. Call 802-524-       Reg. Angus Bull, 3 1/2 yr. old,                $200 OBO. Royalton (802)
   through the mail, and are          FREE - Approx. 10 Jersey bull                                                super stud, “Ready to do the                 763-5282. (4/1)
                                        calves expected late March thru       9453 (4/15)
   raised from our best colonies.                                                                                  job.” Plus: Young Angus
                                        May, from certified organic        5 year old grade black angus bull.      steers and heifers. Bull Run              1972 International 1700 truck
   Call for details. Pick-ups will                                                                                                                              with flat bed dump body
   be after May 1st. Call (802)         herd. Free if you pick them up        Gentle, thick bull used on our       Farm, Albany, VT (802) 755-
                                        within 48 hours of birth. Call        grassfed operation for 3 years.      6371 (4/15)                                  67000mi cab and dump in
   948-2057 Singing Cedars Api-                                                                                                                                 great shape needs gas tank
   ary, 77 Singing Cedars Rd.,          Emily at (802) 355-6395 and           Offspring can be viewed on-
   Orwell, VT 05760 (4/1)               we’ll put you on the list. (4/1)      site. We need some new genet-      Employment                                     cleaned and some brake work
                                                                              ics. Can arrange delivery.         Executive Director wanted to                   $ 1500 OR bo. Livewater
Bee Equipment - Cappings melter       Scottish Highlanders: I have 4                                                                                            Farm - (802) 387-4412 (4/1)
                                        bred cows and 3 heifers $5500         $1400. Call Tunbridge, 889-          lead & collaborate with Board
   and separator, Walter Kelley                                               3211. (4/15)                         of Directors, staff, local com-           8000, cab, axle duals, very clean,
   electric. $75 Royalton (802)         for all Firm. Must all go
                                        together. Please call 933-4078.    Holstein cross first calf heifer        munities, & regional leaders in              $6,700; John Deere 7000 6 row,
   763-5282. (4/1)                                                                                                 the areas of natural resource                units gone through, monitor,
                                        (4/1)                                 fresh March 1. Quechee
Nuclei w/ 3 frames good sealed                                                (802)295-4998 (4/15)                 management & sustainable                     no fertilizer, excellent, $5,500;
   brood +/- 3# bees from my          Holstein first calf heifer 2 years                                           organic agriculture. Teaching &              Unverferth Subsoiler, 5 shank,
   NH colonies w/new mite-              old due April 15th 802-295-        Scottish Highland Bull, registered,     demonstration of innovative
                                                                              son of DH Dynamic (former                                                         inline, coulters, spring reset,
   resistant queen: $115 pick           4998. (4/1)                                                                forest & farm management                     $6,250. Lincoln AgriSource
   up. Carniolan x Italian queens     2 mixed hereford bulls 2 1/2            National Grand Champion in
   clipped marked >May 1 $22            years old, $900. 4 1/2 year old       Denver), nearly 3 years old;
   pick up/$25 mailed                   mixed hereford cow proven             sired 3 beautiful calves, all
                                                                              heifers, last year; bred 4 cows
Charles Andros, former NH/VT            breeder $1500.00. 1 year old
                                                                              due this spring/summer. Gen-                                                        HELPING VERMONT
   Apiary Inspector 1978-1989           mixed Hereford heifer calf                                                                                              FARMERS SAVE MONEY
                                        $500.00. Call Gary at (802)           tle temperament. $1500. 603-756-                                                 Please call Sara at 802-535-
   9056. (4/15)                         896-3421 (4/1)
                                                                              8953. (4/15)
Cattle                                Registered Black Angus Bulls,
                                        Excellent for herd breeding all    (2) Jersey Bull calves-4 months
Five (5) nice Holstein Heifers for      from AI sires and registered          old- weaned $70 each. Jersey         Taking advantage of
   sale due to freshen beginning        stock. Several to choose from.        Heifer calf still on milk-$70.
                                                                              All out of AI breeding. Shel-        Efficiency Vermont’s
   early May. All confirmed preg-       Call for prices. Greensboro,
                                                                              don (802-527-7974 (4/15)             dairy farm loan program,
   nancy checked, vaccinated, in        VT 533-9804 & 533-2208.
   great health and well cared for.                                        Quality dairy yearlings for sale 15     George Van Vlaanderen and
   Heifers are bred to Jersey bull                                            Quality jerseys, 1 Holstein, 14      Kristan Doolan, owners of
   for calving ease. Will make a      Registered Holstein heifers, Some
                                        pregnant due in July and              Holstein jersey cross. Call 802-     Does Leap Farm, were able
   great addition to any herd. In                                             524-9453 (4/15)                      to consolidate old, inefficient
   need of replacements? Please         August, some bred, please call
                                        for details, 802-735-5895.         Bulls - Registered Holstein service     refrigerators into one commercial
   give us a call to come look at                                             age BULLS. Dams over 30,000
   our girls. Also have some open       (4/1)                                                                      ENERGY STAR® model, lowering
                                      Fullblood Lowline Black Angus           milk, 1000 fat; VG or Excel-         their energy use and saving them
   heifers and some AI bred but                                               lent, popular sires. Group of
   too early to check. If you are       bull calf, d/o/b/ 1/10/09,                                                 money on their electric bill.
                                        sired by a magnificent son of         ten bulls over 1 year of age,
   interested please call 1-802-                                              good choice. Pasture season is
   635-2073 ((4/1)                      Brambletye Tequila. His dam                                                To learn how to save money through
                                        has Q117 Quartermaster on             coming! Robeth Holsteins,
Belted Galloway Cattle for sale!                                              Rochester, VT . 802-767-3926.        energy efficiency on your farm, contact        0% financing is now available
   Registered purebreds and             both sides of her pedigree. He
                                        will add prestige to any Low-         (4/15)                               Efficiency Vermont today.                        to Vermont dairy farmers.
   crosses with scottish highland,                                         Scottish Highland Bull, registered,
   angus and texas longhorn             line breeding program. A per-
                                        fect bull for first time heifers      son of DH Dynamic (former
   cows. Affordable, excellent                                                                                  | 888-921-5990
4                                                                                                                                                                            March 27, 2009

   802-793-1206,                       10 Bulldozer rolls, came off a 350         maintained. $3500. Water              vat; curd knife; 250 gal bulk          Bonanza 1993 horse trailer, 16 (4/1)                Case, fits many others, 20%             Wheel transplanter. Two seat          tank used as can cooler (no            ft. dressing room tack room,
(12) John Deere, Bush Hog, DMI,           worn - $600. obo. Montpelier            model, used very little. Too          compressor); plastic cages to          G/N, 3 horse slant, good
   Glencoe & International chisel         (802) 223-2813 (4/1)                    big for our farm. $1800.              hold cans upright in the bulk          shape - $2,950; Ford 1999, 150
   plows from 9 to 15 shank, all       Free Stall Equipment: You take it          Grain bin auger and motor,            tank; 8 - 5gal stainless milk          XLT, super cab, 5 speed, 4x4,
   spring reset, pull type and 3          all down and remove it by               runs. $100. Set of dual tire          cans. Asking $2,000. obo.              V8, 102,000 miles, tough -
   point, $1,500 - $2,500; John           April 10th and it’s yours for           chains for school bus-sized           East Charleston, vt. 802-723-          $4,950; Ford 1999, 350 XL,
   Deere 1010 24’ Field Cultiva-          $7,000. 19 heavy duty gates, 80         tires. $100. Also, WANTED-            4283 or hopefarm@surfglob-             V10, bumper & G/N hitch,
   tor, coil tine harrow, $5,000;         loops 21”x 64”, 160 loops 28”x          Double axle equipment trailer (4/15)                          new motor, 4x4, dual wheels,
   20.8 X 38 axle duals with hubs         64”, 230 loops 75”x 34”, 16             for hauling hay. Needs to be       John Deere 4240 Power Shift.              platform - $15,500; 2 plastic
   to fit 3 5/8” or 92 mm axle,           sections head locks, 5 cows fer         inspectable and in good               Whiting, VT (802) 897-7565             tanks, 1200 gals. ea., open tops
   $900. 18.4 X 38 snap on duals,         section; 3 sections of calf             repair.Call Tunbridge, 889-           (4/15)                                 - $375. ea.; Lamco 14 ft. forage
   $600. Lincoln AgriSource 802-          headlocks. Includes all brack-          3211. (4/15)                                                                 box, JD 16 ft. forage box - bo.
                                                                                                                     82 F700 Ford diesel, best cab, 15         Pittsford (802) 483-2870
   793-1206,            ets, neck rail, mounting pipes.      (2) New Idea 214 box manure              ft. hoist body - $2,000. JD
   (4/1)                                  Paul Stone, Orwell (802) 948-           spreaders. Both need minor                                                   (4/15)
                                                                                                                        8300 Grain Drill with grass
New Idea 5209 mower gray                  2277 (4/1)                              repairs. Bed chain and bars           seed box - $1,800. JD 3010          5 AgriPlastic calf hutches -
   model painted red very good         1984 John Deere 455D crawler               very new in one. $500 each.           tractor, diesel, new rubber,           $200/each; 6 Westfalia milk
   condition ready to go $5,500.          loader backhoe. Runs great!             Call 827-3693 or E-mail stony-        good shape - $6,500. King              samplers for Metatron milk
   hesston 530 round baler very           Needs track work. - $12,000.                Wise 38 ft. elevator on wheels         meters - $500/all; Wic 32 ft.
   good working condition                 Call Kim Hall (802) 728-5770            Fairfield. (4/15)                     with motor - $700. (802) 759-          manure pump, many new parts
   $4,000. Duetz kh-500 tedder            (4/1)                                Good small farm tractor or               2176 (4/15)                            - $2,250. Houle hoof trim-
   good working condition main                                                    restoration project — Harry                                                  ming rack - $150. Automatic
                                       For Sale: Chipper – Champion                                                  1 bag cement mixer, 3 pt. hitch -         Model 400 roller mill, exc. con-
   gear box was replaced with             Premium CX550, 3 pt. hitch,             Ferguson TO-20 2wd gasoline           $800. 2 Patz metal feed carts -
   new one $1,500. New Holland                                                    tractor (1951) with Superior                                                 dition - $1,500. Joneslan Farm
                                          manual feed, 5.5”x 8” chip                                                    $100. each. (802) 759-2176             888-4855 or 793-7381 (4/15)
   256 hay rake $500. Bush Hog            opening, 28”x 28” hopper                Equipment front loader, tire          (4/15)
   8 foot transport disc harrows          opening, PTO drive system.              chains and 7 foot heavy duty
                                                                                                                     Sunset 735 bulk tank, Tecumsah         Farms & Farmland
   ready to use $1,800. 3 bottom          New, never used, a bargain at           Bush Hog 6-way, 3 pt.                                                     Vegetable growers with estab-
   3 point hitch plows $300. Cam-                                                 hitch scraper blade - $2500,          R-12 compresor, Sunset washer
                                          15% below purchase price.                                                     with new motor still in box,          lished farm business/CSA
   bridge, VT 644-5577; email             WANTED-Single Headlock for              obo; Extra parts and manuals                                                seeking land to own. Will                                                      for tractor included. All well        pump down service provided -
                                          beef cattle. Orwell, VT (802)                                                 $2,000. Universal 5 hp vacuum         function as mini-land trust,
   (4/1)                                  948-2211 (4/1)                          maintained, kept under                                                      assume your tax burden, pro-
                                                                                  cover. Call Shrewsbury, 802-          pump, oil reclaimer - $500.
Kuhn Rototiller-60” Model EL50,        Kvernelands 3 bottom plaw, 16”                                                   Westfalia Freon heat recovery         vide life estate, assistance
   just rebuilt, $2000; Bidwell Dry                                               773-2554 (4/15)                                                             around the homestead, and
                                          shares, in good shape and                                                     tank - $500. Five Westfalia
   Bean Combine,$1500; Enis               under cover - $1,450. Vershire       I have a 3 point hitch herd fertil-      Biomilkers, matched with              craft a rent/work-to-own type
   Machine(Dry Bean Wind                  (802) 685-4904 (4/1)                    izer spreader for sale. The unit      Visotrons - $200. /pair. Vince        of arrangement. Want to grow
   rower)$300. Bradford- 802-                                                     is in good condition, I bought        Foy, Danville (802) 748-8461          a diversified farm - CSA, edible
   222-4444. (4/1)                     Skeleton hay elevator, enough sec-         it new and washed out out                                                   perennial nursery/orchard,
                                          tions to make 100 ft. with                                                    (4/15)
Plow, 6-bottom, $1500; Harrows                                                    after each use, it has always                                               plant medicines, etc. Can pro-
                                          chain & motor - $1,000. 1991            been stored in the barn. The       Worksaver 3 pt. hitch bale fork,
   13’, $1200; Brillion Springtooth                                                                                     Model F1511 has a 1500 lb.            vide further description of
                                          Int. 4700 truck, diesel, set up         spreader has a two row spread                                               vision/business plan & refer-
   $750; 3-H&S Forage wagons,             to pull gooseneck trailer, runs                                               capacity. New condition -
   $1200 ea; Woodsplitter, 3pt                                                    attachment which I used to fer-                                             ences upon request. fable-
                                          real good - $5,000. 2002                tilize Christmas trees rows.          $350. 3 pt. hitch Christmas
   hitch, single wedge, $500.                                                                                           tree planter, new condition - or 802-234-
                                          Kiefer Built Stock trailer, alum.,      Price is $650. 802-376-5474 or                                              5667. (4/1)
   Negotiable. Please call 802-           tri-axle, 30 ft., new brakes,                                                 $2,000. Orwell, VT 236-9535
   735-5895. (4/1)                                                      
                                          ready to go - $8,000. or will           (4/15)                                or e-mail                           Pasture for lease - 70+ acres of
16 FT trailer Cross Country, duel         trade above for dairy cattle.                                        (4/15)             pasture for lease. Water access
   wheels, electric brakes with           Barnet (802) 633-3927 (4/1)          Gehl 1056 Tandem running gear                                                  ease and good fencing. Must
                                                                                  $1,250 or bo, (3)Gasboy hand       2001 BCS (8hp) walk behind trac-
   ramp $2000.00 Call Gary at                                                                                           tor with 2 rototillers, snow          follow a rotational grazing
                                       Krone KR130 4x4 round baler                pumps with dials $50 - $150,                                                plan. Available in Spring. Ben-
   (802) 896-3421 (4/1)                   e/w net wrap and a moisture                                                   blower, bush mower, potato
                                                                                  Weedeater XR-95 trimmer $35,                                                son (802) 537-4141 (4/1)
Surge flat barn parlor milking sys-       meter,less than 2000                    Papec corn chopper for parts          furrower. Electric start, always
   tem w/Surge Alamo 7 1/2 hp             bales,excellant shape $16,000           $200 or bo, Fox longbed ensi-         stored indoors. $1,600. firm.       130 Acres for rent, 60 % pasture,
   vacuum pump, auto wash SS              OBO. JD 4x4 HPX Gator,                  lage blower $50 or bo. 1-802-         (802) 468-5893 (4/15)                 balance woods. 3 miles from
   jar and pipeline, 8 eclipse claws      dump body,100+ hrs $8,000.              649-8902 (4/15)                    Delta 2002 cattle trailer, 18 ft.        Lake Willoughby in town of
   and reciever panel-$4,900              OBO Curtis 8’ snowplow, fits                                                  G/N, very sturdy - $2,950;            Westmore. Fields have not
   OBO. Call Jeff and Debbie @            5000 series tractor, $1750.          1994 WIC 4100 gallon tank                                                      been used in several years,
   (802) 434-3720 (4/1)                   OBO South Royalton (802)                spreader with brakes.
                                          522-5511 (4/15)                         $8500/obo. Call for details.
Generator - 55 KW Winco PTO                                                       10.5/16.5 skidsteer tires on
   Generator in good working           VERTICAL MIXER WAGON-                      rims, tread gone, make offer.
   condition - $2950 obo. Sutton,         KuhnKnight model 5135,                  Stowe 802-253-4304. (4/15)
   802-535-9417. (4/1)                    Excellent condition,300cu ft
                                          capacity. 4ft conveyer. Only         Very good portable propane space
2240 JD tractor, good shape; 450                                                  heater with heat control knob.
   winch; grain bins: 10T Brock,          mixed 400 batches.Used 2 win-
                                          ters. Stored under cover. We            Excellent for barn/greenhouse.
   8T Brock, 6T Columbia, 4T                                                      $50.00 OBO. Newbury 603-
   Victoria; 20x38 dual wheel with        downsized our dairy
                                          operation. 17500.00 or BRO              763-9422 (4/15)
   tires; 16 ft. round bale wagon
   w/8T running gear; hay eleva-          (603) 747-2199 (4/15)                Package for a start-up small com-
   tors: 24 ft. Sunco, 32 ft. New      JD 2840 tractor. 6000 hrs.                 mercial dairy: 40 gal jacketed
   Holland, 40 ft., 60 ft.; 288 New       $8900. NH 411 discbine. Well            steam kettle (tilting) used as a    Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation
   Holland rake. Derby (802)
   895-4683 (4/1)                          Champlain Valley Angus Farm                                                VACC provides agricultural credit at reasonable rates and terms
                                                                                     Miniature Lowline
John Deere tractor, Model #755,             Registered Angus Seedstock
                                                                                       Angus Cattle                    to help farmers modernize, expand and diversify operations;
   4 wd, compact tractor, loader,                                                                                      increase energy efficiency; refinance existing debt and open
   backhoe, low hours - $10,500.                                                                                        accounts; and start new farms or strengthen existing ones.
   Chittenden (802) 483-2296
   (4/1)                                    Registered bred females.                                                                    Ask our experienced farm lenders about
                                                                                     More beef per acre
One 16 ft. feed wagon with 8 ton          Open heifers, cows w/calves.              Easily managed cattle                               VACC’s increased loan limits. Call toll-
   running gear - $700. One                   Registered bulls and                Quality finished beef on grass                        free 1-866-828-FARM(3276) , or
   round bale feeder wagon, size          feeder calves also available.              Why not Lowlines?                                  visit
   2 round bale feeder, almost                                          
   new - $1,600. Phone Pawlet                       Benson, VT                                                         A program of the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA)
   (802) 325-3283 (4/1)                                                 
                                                   802-537-4141                       802-463-2205                                     58 East State Street, Montpelier, Vermont
March 27, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                5

  could graze, sheep, cow and            never been rained on - $4.00           keep him, done breeding, too            soon be laying. Sold in pairs.        tank - $95. One case CDL 1
  horses. Property is not fenced.        and $5.00. Royal Village Farm,         many goats, just had triplets.          $40.00 per pair Stewart and           gallon plastic containers. To
  Some open areas could be gar-          So. Royalton (802) 356-1402            Holland, VT (802) 895-5352              Karen Skrill, Randolph Center         give away to some youngster
  dened. There’s an old barn             (4/15)                                 (4/15)                                  802-728-5814 (4/1)                    for backyard operation: used
  (wind damaged, but part can                                                                                                                                 tubing, spouts, etc. for some
  still be used). No electric but
                                       Hay - Processed 1st cut grass,         Horses & Other Equine                  Free to good home layer chickens
                                                                                                                                                              400 taps. Paul Doyle (802)
                                         large square bales, organic and      2 Horses for sale both Mares.
                                                                                                                        (rhode island reds, white
  its available at the street. Lease     non-organic. (802) 864-5382                                                    leghorn and araucauna) Please         754-6561 (4/15)
  1 year $950.00 or quarterly pay-                                               Jane is a light brown with some
  ments of $250. Minimum 1
                                         or (802) 578-7352 (4/15)                with she is 7 yrs old and
                                                                                                                        call Thea at 802-483-9381           Swine
                                                                                                                        (Chittenden) (4/1)
  year lease. Contact Rob at 802-      General                                   Chantelly is a dark brown and                                              Baby pigs $75. each. Also, 2 tom
  277-4960 (4/15)                                                                is 12 yrs old. You can ride         CHICKS for sale: Day old chicks           turkeys - $25/each; and, 2 year-
                                       You can get King’s Agriseed,                                                     are straight run for $2.50. Vari-
                                         Nature’s Bounty Organic For-            them and they have both had                                                   ling Angus. George Annis,
Farm for Rent or Lease - 70 cow                                                                                         ety of breeds crossed with
                                         age Seed & Blue River Corn,             their coggs. Asking $650 for                                                  7508 County Road, Calais, VT
  w/pipeline, cattle available.                                                                                         Rhode Island Red rooster,
                                         soybean seeds by calling Char-          pair must go together. Must                                                   05648-7534 - 229-4628 (4/1)
  For More Information call                                                                                             makes great egg layers in few
                                         lie at 888-293-1200 or 802-249-         sell don’t have time for. Please                                           14 week old pigs $90.00 12 weeks
  (802) 779-7692 (4/15)                                                                                                 months. (802)563-3022 (4/15)
                                         1532. (4/1)                             call 802-933-4078. (4/1)                                                      $80.00. Bred sow, first litter
Feed                                   Certified Organic Rye Straw.           Antique sleigh. Black, two bench-      Sheep                                     130 lbs and up for sale. thanks
Hay for sale : Square bales first        Now taking orders for 2009              es. Very nice lines, ready to go.   Starter flock: 6 registered Coop-         BOB 802-453-2947 (4/15)
   cut from fertilized fields. $4.50     straw bales. Expecting a cou-           Good shape. Email for pic-             worth ewes and ewe lambs. 4         100% grain fed, 5 month old 181
   per bale at farm. Delivery can        ple thousand bales. Located in          tures. $950.00 New Haven.              colored ewes, 1 white. Bred to         lb. average pigs for sale. Bred,
   be arranged. Larry Luce,              Brandon. Delivery available.   (4/1)             registered white Romney ram,           born and raised on small farm.
   Woodstock, VT 802 356 3455.           Call 802-247-5223 (4/1)              Percheron Colt – Born May ’08.            due in April. Nice fleece, long        $1.75 lb. live weight. Tam-
   (4/1)                                                                         Sired by Pennwoods Cabernet            bodied, upheaded, straight top.        worth, Hereford, Blue-Butt
                                       Baby pigs $75. each. Also, 2 tom
1st and 2nd cut hay $3 - square          turkeys - $25/each; and, 2 year-        and out of Blooming Grove              Ewes: $300, ewe lambs: 150.            cross piglets, ready starting
   bales in barn. Northfield 802-        ling Angus. George Annis,               Midnight daughter. Very typey.         Romney ram: $300. 802-885-             April 7th, cut, iron & wormed
   485-7889. (4/1)                       7508 County Road, Calais, VT            Well mannered. Handled daily.          4502. (4/1)                            - $80. each. Dalton, NH (603)
Organic Hay USDA Certified 1st           05648-7534 - 229-4628 (4/1)             Black with tiny star. $1200         Registered Columbia Ram, born             837-3029
                                                                                 OBRO. For information call
   Cut $4.00 a bale @ barn, aver-      Goats, neutered, lead, go in car,         482-2586 or 482-4242. (4/1)
                                                                                                                        Jan. 2008, good size, proven        Wanted
   age weight 35 to 45 lbs. Timo-        kids ride, don’t get on cars -                                                 breeder, great temperament,         WANTED - We are looking for a
   thy & mixed grass makes nice          $125. each; Geese, friendly -        8 yr. old reg. Percheron mare,            Open Champion Ram ACFFD,             quality built tandem axle land-
   horse hay. To Contact via:email       $50. each; Ducks $35. each;             gray, 17 hands, broke to ride &        excellent wool $200 Amy              scape/utility trailer. It must be
   ( or              Sheep and lambs; Piglets, Boar          drive - $2,000.; 3 yr. old red &       Davenport, Wallingford               in excellent shape, have func-
   feel free to call 802-334-2682        & Sows, free-ranged, electric           white draft paint gelding, start-      802/446-2084 or                      tioning trailer brakes and be
   ask for Mike! (4/1)                   fence trained. Boar, Duroc              ed in harness, 17 hands -     (4/1)             atleast 6’ x 12’ or larger please
For Sale: Second cut clover and          cross. All super friendly,              $2,000. Barnet (802) 633-3927       Black and White Romney’s for            no homemade trailers. If you
   timothy. Nice firm John Deere         wormed, trailer. (802) 878-             (4/1)                                  sale. 3 Rams and 7 Pregnant          have one that meets this crite-
   bales. 4.25 at the barn, 4.50         7715 (4/15)                          Appaloosa, 14.2 ish Pony, 15 yrs.         Ewes. Make an offer. Will not        ria that you no longer need
   delivered locally. Rowell Farm      For Sale: 50 feet left of new             old mare, all shots, great feet,       last long. Please call Thea at       than please give us a call at 1-
   802-563-2756 (4/1)                    Green House Plastic, only used          rides push button English,             802-483-9381 (Chittenden)            802-635-2073 (4/1)
First and second cut 40 to 50            1/2 the 100 ft.roll. I Covered a        Western, drives a cart, does les-      (4/1)                               WANTED - Farm Tractor Allis
   pound square bales horse quali-       16ft. by 28ft. rounded frame.           sons, parades, rodeos. Easy         Have 8 Navajo Currio sheep,             Chalmers Model G in any con-
   ty hay, $4.60 to $6/bale. 2000        $175.00. Anne at 802-484-7742           keeper, more a loner in the            shearing end of April, willing       dition. Contact: 603-643-2578
   bales first cut, 1000 bales sec-      (4/15)                                  pasture. Percheron X Appe X            to barter (labor, firewood, local    leave message or email john-
   ond cut, trailer accessible. Also                                             Cross, 2 bay fillies, 1 chocolate      meat, etc.) for wool. Johnson,
                                       Softwood Bedding for sale. Trac-          colt, 10 months, sweet, trailer,                                   with your con-
   32 4’x6’ 1000 pound round             tor trailer delivery or pick up at                                             VT (802) 635-7027 (4/1)              tact information, tractor condi-
   bales late cut clean hay, under                                               feet good, all shots & Coggins
   cover, $1800 for the lot. 802-
                                         farm. Please call for pricing           - $1,500. Also: Harnesses -         Sugaring Equipment                      tion and asking price. (4/1)
                                         and availability. Chester, Vt. 1-       Draft - Single, Double,                                                    WANTED - Old fashioned used
   623-6220 (4/1)                        802-875-3855 or 1-802-376-                                                  Set of King style stainless steel
                                                                                 Chrome hames, collars, bridles,        evaporator pans. Front 5x6,          one piece lead spouts. Some
NOFA-VT Organic Certified                6801 Windsor County (4/15)              sleighs, carriages, saddles.                                                rust okay. Mrs. Larry Luce
   mixed grass hay, 4x4 wrapped                                                                                         Rear 5x8. New in early ‘90’s.
                                       BLUEBERRY BUSHES: 10                      (802) 878-7715. (4/15)                 $1500.00 or best offer. 802-         Woodstock Vt 800 281 1757.
   round bales, 1st, 2nd & 3rd cuts      Northern Highbush varieties, 2                                                 464-2644. (4/1)                      (4/1)
   available. Some dry round                                                  Llamas & Alpacas
                                         yr old plants, 18-30 inches                                                                                        WANTED - Stihl 028 Chainsaw
   bales, and bales suitable for         high, ORDER NOW-LESS                 Male llama. $150.                      4 x 14 Leader arch with pans
                                                                        802-            (front pan new), complete. 400       for parts. Does not need to be
   bedding also available. Dis-          THAN 200 LEFT!! $12.EA,                                                                                             running. Wayne Chmielewski,
   counts for volume purchases.          DISCOUNT OVER 100. Pick-                537-2979. (4/1)                        gallon bulk tank for storage.
                                                                                                                        Derby (802) 895-4683 (4/1)           Wells, VT 802-325-3064.
   Tamarack Farm, Cabot (802)            up around April 25th. BIZ-Z-         Poultry & Rabbits                                                              (4/1)
   563-2107 (4/1)                        BEE FARM,                                                                   For Sale: Analog Syrup Refrac-
                                         LUNENBURG,VT 802-892-                School farm raised Polish Ban-            tometer - $75. New, never           WANTED - Yearling or younger
FOR SALE Certified Organic                                                      tams,Top Hats, for sale or                                                   heifer needed for son’s 4-H
   baleage, 4x 4, net wrapped,           7731. (4/15)                                                                   used. Call Orwell, VT (802)
                                                                                donation. We have 12 beautiful          948-2211 (4/1)                       project. Can be registered or
   mostly clover /timothy, test        Goats                                    males full grown. Must go, we                                                grade. Any breed except Jer-
   results available. Livewater                                                 need the room. Make an offer,        For Sale: Springtech Elite, 1000        sey. Must have before April
   Farm, Westminster West , Vt         We have top quality Registered                                                   gph (Airblo, Leader) Reverse
                                          Alpines for sale - bucks, does,       I’d hate to auction them. 820-                                               30th. Wayne Chmielewski,
   (802) 387-4412 (4/15)                                                        722-4217. (4/1)                         Osmosis Machine, excellent           Wells, VT 802-325-3064.
                                          milkers, kids. Kidding begin-                                                 condition, has hydranautics
2nd cut square bales, grass, never        ning mid March. Please call for     Bunnies. $12 each. Some are New                                                (4/1)
   wet, no dust. $3.75/bale at the                                                                                      PVD1 membranes which were
                                          reservations. 802-723-4452 or         Zealand cross.                          installed during the 2008 sea-      WANTED – Skidder tire 18.4x34,
   barn.                                  802-239-4080. (4/1)          (802)                                                  10-10% of casing should be
                                                                                                                        son - $13,500. King style (built
Orb Weaver Farm, New Haven             Oberhasli bucks born February            537-2979. (4/1)                         by Leader) 6’x 9’ stainless steel    sound. Montpelier (802) 223-
   Vt. 802.877.3755 (4/15)                2009. $150 each. From great         Sebastopol Goslings - These               drop flue pan, very good con-        2813 (4/1)
4 wrapped round bales left for            milking moms. One with inter-         white curly feathered geese             dition, asking $2,500. WANT-        WANTED – Leader welded stain-
   sale. Will load them onto your         esting markings.Anne 802-484-         have the best disposition of            ED- Leader welded stainless          less steel gathering tank, prefer
   trailer. $40 each call Israel in       7742 (4/15)                           any geese I have ever raised            steel gathering tank, prefer the     the larger size, approx. 10’
   Cabot (802 563-6061 (4/15)          Kid goats from proven milkers, all       even in mating season. Incu-            larger size, approx. 10’ long.       long. Whitingham (802) 368-
Quality wrapped bales, approx.            breeds, available April 5. Call       bator hatched - easy to make            Whitingham (802) 368-2420            2420 (4/1)
   100 available - $30.-$35.              for pricing. Lynn (802) 563-          pets out of them. $25 each.             (4/1)                               WANTED – Small rake to work
   loaded. Corinth (802) 439-             2999 (4/15)                           Marian Welch 802-482-2376            For Sale - Tech sap transfer pump       behind a JD 3320 (32.4 hp).
   6435 (4/15)                                                                  (4/1)                                   with 3 hp motor, suction &           Johnson, VT (802) 635-7027
                                       Free To Good Home: Nigerian
Hay - Horse, dairy, beef - 1st and        Dwarf Buck?? Used for breed-        Muscovy Ducks for breeding.               discharge hoses - $175. 300          (4/1)
   2nd crop, July/August cut,             ing, friendly with horns, can’t       Best get them now as they will          gallon galvanized collection        WANTED – Round baler, must
6                                                                                                                                                            March 27, 2009

 Vermont Maple Industry Announces Three Awards
    VMSMA Elects                                                                                                                        VMSMA county directors and then
                                                                                                                                        voted on by the VMSMA executive
                                                                                                                                        committee. This year’s recipient is

     New Officers                                                                                                                       Leslie Ham of Sheffield. Leslie has
                                                                                                                                        seen many changes in the Vermont

                                                                                                                                        maple industry throughout his years of
       he Vermont Maple Sugar Makers                                                                                                    producing maple syrup. He has been
       Association held its annual meet-                                                                                                sugaring his entire life, starting first
       ing and banquet at the Vermont                                                                                                   with horses and buckets and now
Farm Show on January 27, 2009 and                                                                                                       using tubing with vacuum. He has
honored two industry leaders with                                                                                                       been a member of the Vermont Maple
awards. The Sumner Hill Williams                                                                                                        Sugar Makers Association for many
Memorial Cup is presented jointly each                                                                                                  years and has served on our board of
year by the Vermont Maple Sugar Mak-                                                                                                    directors for nearly 15 years. His sug-
ers Association (VMSMA), the Ver-                                                                                                       arhouse door is always open during
mont Maple Industry Council (VMIC)                                                                                                      the sugaring season, and he welcomes
and the Vermont Maple Foundation                                                                                                        schools and other groups for educa-
(VMF) to honor an individual for out-                                                                                                   tional tours and to share the experi-
standing service and dedication to the                                                                                                  ence of producing maple syrup. He is
Vermont maple industry. The award                                                                                                       also very active in his local community
(previously called the Presidents                                                                                                       volunteering many hours of service
Award) was renamed in January, 2000         In 1978 George began working for the          Advisory Committee and for the past
                                            UVM Extension Service in Lamoille             thirteen years he has been a member of       while serving as a past Town Lister,
in memory of Sumner Williams, then                                                                                                     over 30 years on the volunteer fire
Assistant Director of the University of     County as a County Agent and in 1995          the Vermont Maple Foundation.. He
                                            became a UVM Extension Specialist             served as president of Lamoille Coun-        dept., more than 25 years as Justice of
Vermont Proctor Maple Research Cen-                                                                                                    the Peace and is also the 911 coordina-
ter. Sumner was a sugar maker,              for maple and farm safety, two subjects       ty’s maple organization for ten years
                                            which are both very close to his heart.       before becoming president of the state       tor. He frequently donates maple syrup
researcher and educator and a friend to                                                                                                to local groups for fund raisers and
anyone involved in the maple industry.      In 2000 he received a Recognition             association. Currently Rick is also Vice
                                            Award from the North American                 President of the North American              each year he donates a significant
At the time of his death, Sumner was                                                                                                   amount to be used at the Caledonia
serving as President of the Vermont         Maple Syrup Council, which is an inter-       Maple Syrup Council which is an inter-
                                            national maple organization, for his          national organization which raises           County Fair Sugarhouse. In 1988 when
Maple Industry council.                                                                                                                the sugarhouse at the UVM Proctor
   The Sumner Hill Williams Memorial        years of work in the maple industry.          funding for maple research. Rick also
                                            George also serves on the Vermont             represents the Vermont Maple Sugar           Maple Research Center was destroyed
cup was presented to George Cook,                                                                                                      by fire Leslie donated a large amount of
UVM Extension Specialist. George is         Maple Foundation board of directors.          Makers Association as a member of the
                                                The Vermont Maple Industry Coun-          Board of Directors for the Internation-      lumber for the construction of the new
well respected not only here in the Ver-                                                                                               sugarhouse which he cut and sawed
mont agricultural community and             cil (VMIC) presented the Maple Person         al Maple Syrup Institute.
                                            of the Year 2005 Award to Rick                    Rick and his wife Diane own and          himself. He also cut and sawed the
throughout the international maple                                                                                                     lumber for his new sugarhouse which
industry for his years of dedicated         Marsh. Rick has served on the coun-           operate the Vermont Maple Outlet in
                                            cil’s Board of Directors and as Presi-        Jeffersonville, a retail and mail order      was built 1991, as well as most of the
service. This former Vermont Maple                                                                                                     lumber used to build the sugarhouse at
King received degrees from both Ver-        dent of the Vermont Maple Sugar               business they started in 1989. They also
                                            Makers Association for the past three         produce their own maple syrup each           the Caledonia County Fairgrounds.
mont Technical College and the Uni-                                                                                                       The VMSMA directors voted in a
versity of Vermont. After graduation,       years and held the office of Vice Presi-      spring and the coming maple season
                                            dent for five years prior to becoming         will mark the hundredth season their         new slate of officers at the annual
George accepted a Vocational Agricul-                                                                                                  meeting. Rick Marsh of Jeffersonville
tural Instructor position at Peoples        president. For the past several years         family has produced maple syrup from
                                            Rick has been very involved serving on        their sugar bush, they are the fifth gen-    was re-elected President, David Mance
Academy in Morrisville. While teach-                                                                                                   of Shaftsbury was re-elected Vice-Pres-
ing there he received the VT Outstand-      several different committees and organ-       eration to do so.
                                            izations within our state and interna-           The Outstanding Sugar Maker award         ident and Mary Croft was re-elected as
ing Young Teacher Award. George                                                                                                        Secretary/Treasurer.
helped start a Rescue Squad and is still    tional maple industry. Currently Rick         is presented annually to a Vermont
an active member some 34 years later.       serves of the UVM Extension State             sugar maker and is nominated by the

     MARKETPLACE                                                                         Regulatory News
  be silage special. Call Joel       VT 802-767-3926. (4/15)                    he Agency of Agriculture’s Animal             ry oversight. If you require assistance with
  (802) 377-0039 (4/1)             Wanted - Old Fashioned used                  Health office receives calls regularly from   international livestock shipments, you may
WANTED - PTO shaft to fit NH         Lead one piece spouts. would               Vermonters who have questions about,          either contact the USDA office in Sutton,
  66 baler, from flywheel for-       be interested in numbers from       or need assistance with, the import and export       Massachusetts at (508) 363-2290 Monday - Fri-
  ward; 5’-6’ flail chopper, JD      25 to several hundred. Call 800     of livestock and companion animals. This             day, or you may contact Dr. Wayne Zeilenga on
  15A or similar, reasonable.        281 1857 and ask for Betsy          topic can be confusing, as there are several reg-    Fridays at for
  603-675-2840 Plainfield, NH        Luce Sugarbush Farm                 ulatory bodies that have oversight depending         assistance. USDA also has regulatory authority
WANTED - We’re looking for a         (4/15)                              on the circumstances. The following summary          over the international exportation (internation-
  2wd 40hp tractor with bucket     WANTED - 50-75 horse tractor          hopefully will clarify this for you.                 al shipment out of Vermont) of dogs and cats.
  loader and 5 ft wheel spacing.     with 3 pth, prefer it with a           VAAFM’s Animal Health office oversees the         If you require assistance on this topic, the
  Also seeking 5ft disc harrow       bucket loader, tires must have      interstate (within the 50 states) movement of        aforementioned contact information can be
  and bed former. Contact us at:     ability to straddle at least 50”.   livestock. In general, health certificates and       used.        Good to excellent condition.        disease testing (varies depending on the                Finally, to add one more layer of confusion,
  or 802-922-6782 Chris Siegri-      Stephen (802) 468-5893
  est and Laura Williams Bread       (4/15)                              species) is required for movement into and out       the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) over-
  and Roses Farm Westford, Ver-                                          of Vermont. You may obtain more informa-             sees the international importation (internation-
                                   WANTED - 2 bottom plow                tion on this topic by contacting the Animal          al shipment into Vermont) of dogs and cats.
  mont (4/15)                        w/3pt hitch; small manure
Wanted - NH 306 side delivery        spreader; hay elevator 24’-30’.     Health office at (802)828-2421 or by visiting        If this description fits your need, you may con-
  manure spreader for parts.         Call (802) 316-7815 (4/15)          our website at           tact the CDC at 404-498-1600 or
  Need the auger. Rochester,                                                 If you are shipping livestock internationally for assistance.
                                                                         (including to Canada), the USDA has regulato-
March 27, 2009                                                                                                                                                                       7

                                                       Spring Clean-Up
       he Agency’s Animal Health                                                            health office have been working with       country since mid- December in order
       office has been quite busy lately,                                                   interested stakeholders for some time      to determine the source of a Conta-
       and with subtle signs of spring                                                      to expand the state’s animal emer-         gious Equine Metritis (CEM) outbreak
starting to show, that trend can be                                                         gency response capabilities in the         that has resulted in the confirmation of
expected to continue. As a result of                                                        event of a disaster or other crisis.       the disease in 13 stallions and three
the varied workload, it is difficult to                                                     Currently, Vermont has several organ-      mares. In addition to these positive
focus on only one topic for this issue                                                      ized Disaster Animal Response Teams        cases, locations have been confirmed
of Agriview. Instead, I would like to                                                       (DARTs) located across the state that      for 695 additional horses exposed to
provide updates and reminders on sev-                                                       would be able to respond in the event      Taylorella equigenitalis, the bacteria that
eral fronts in order to keep you well                                                       of an emergency that affects compan-       causes CEM. The total of 711 infect-
informed on these issues. As always,                                                        ion animals and/or livestock. The          ed or exposed horses, located in 46
if you have any questions about the                                                         members of these teams come from           States, includes 112 stallions and 599
information contained here, please feel                                                     all walks of life and have devoted         mares. To date, there have been no
free to contact our animal health                                                           some of their spare time to making         exposed or infected horses found in
office at (802) 828-2421 at your con-                                                       themselves available should emer-          Vermont. CEM is a sexually transmit-
venience.                                                                                   gency situations arise. We are interest-   ted bacterial disease among horses.
   • Thus far in 2009, the Agency has,                                                      ed in expanding this roster to include     Clinical signs may include a vaginal dis-
in conjunction with the state health                      Dr. Kristin Haas                  as many Vermonters as possible who         charge in up to 40% of affected mares,
department and private veterinarians,                                                       have practical experience in handling      abortion and infertility. Stallions typi-
responded to 3 bovine rabies cases on         mal (including livestock) that contracts      livestock species, as large animals can    cally show no clinical signs. Stallions
two separate farms. This represents a         rabies can pass the disease on to            pose additional threats to inexperi-        and mares can become chronic carriers
larger number of cattle infected with         human handlers through salivary con-         enced handlers, especially when they        of CEM and be sources of infection
rabies in the first 2 ½ months of 2009        tact or by consuming raw milk from an        are stressed or scared in unfamiliar sit-   for future outbreaks. The transmission
than that which was seen by this office       infected animal, and the disease is          uations. If you have large animal han-      rate is high and naturally occurs by
in all of 2008. In addition to these          fatal to both humans and animals.            dling experience and are interested in      mating, but contaminated instruments
three cattle, 10 wild animals (raccoons,      What to do about this dilemma?               making yourself available to receive        and equipment may be an indirect
bats and foxes) have tested positive in       Please be sure to vaccinate your live-       training that would allow you to possi-     source of infecting mares and stallions.
Vermont since January 1st. Rabies is          stock for rabies! The vaccine is rela-       bly participate in an emergency             The bacteria can also be spread via
endemic in the wild animal population         tively inexpensive and quite effective.      response, please contact Janis Moore at     semen collected for artificial insemina-
in Vermont, and the curious nature of         Please talk to your veterinarian soon to (preferably) or at     tion. If there were positive cases or
most livestock, combined with the rel-        find out his or her recommendations          (802)376-6044 for more information.         exposed horses found in Vermont, this
ative large proportion of time that           for vaccination of your herd or flock,       The success of Vermont’s emergency          office would work with USDA to quar-
herds and flocks are unattended,              and consider livestock vaccination in        response depends on involvement of          antine the premises so that testing and
increases the likelihood that livestock       order to protect your animals and            dedicated experienced individuals.          treatment could be carried out in order
species will contract the disease             yourself.                                        The United States Department of         to prevent continued disease spread.
through accidental contact with infect-          • State veterinarians in the animal       Agriculture has been working with
ed wild animals. Furthermore, any ani-                                                     state animal health officials across the

     Fresh Produce Audit                                                                               Valued Agriculture Leaders
     Verification Program                                                                              in Maine, New Hampshire,
                                                                                                         Massachusetts, Vermont
   Steven F. Justis                             Fruits and Vegetables. (To obtain a copy                     and New York,
   Vermont Agency of Agriculture                of the FDA guide, please send us

                                                your name and mailing address).                              hank you for your collaboration and partnership as

        n response to food safety inci-            The produce safety issue has been                         we have prepared to implement a requirement for
        dents across the country, some          simmering for nearly a decade.                               our local growers to obtain USDA GAP certifica-
        retail and foodservice organiza-        Recent problems affecting spinach,                    tion.
   tions have begun requiring third party       tomatoes, peppers and peanuts, have                      Hannaford will require that our local growers obtain
   audits to verify that their supplier         prompted some major retailers to put                  USDA GAP Certification for all consumed produce prior
   farms are producing fruits and veg-          growers on notice that they will begin                to shipping us product in 2010. You will also note Han-
   etables in the safest manner possible.       requiring GAP-audits (please see the                  naford has offered to pay the first $300 of the GAP certi-
   One of the audit options available to        Hannaford sidebar article).                           fication audit fee for any grower who sold us product in
   farmers is the USDA Good Agricul-               The Vermont Agency of Agricul-                     2008.
   tural Practices (GAP) process. GAP-          ture is prepared to work with farmers                    You are listed as a contact person in a mailing sent
   audits are being utilized to verify that     during this transition period. The                    today to local Hannaford growers so we have attached a
   suppliers are in conformance to spe-         Agency has a USDA-licensed auditor                    copy of the letter and accompanying resource materials
   cific agricultural best practices.           on staff, and in cooperation with the                 our 200+ farmers will receive over the next few days via
      Since 1999, the USDA Agricultural         other New England state departments                   US Mail.
   Marketing Service (AMS) has been             of agriculture, is planning training
   actively involved with the produce           opportunities for farmers. The                           We are interested to hear the feedback you may receive
   industry offering auditing services          Agency also recently submitted a                      from growers in your respective states. Please feel free to
   throughout the food chain to verify          request to USDA to use some of the                    contact us with any feedback or questions.
   that farmers are following the best          state’s Specialty Crop Block Grant
   practices for food safety.                   Program funds to help underwrite                         Sincerely,
      AMS, in partnership with state            cost of the GAP audit process to
   departments of agriculture, offers a         farmers.                                                 Will Wedge                      Wendy Ward
   voluntary, audit- based program that            We will continue to use Agriview,                     Director of Produce             Close to Home
   verifies adherence to the recommen-          the Agency’s publication of record, to                                                   Coordinator
   dations made in the Food and Drug            disseminate updates on the GAP                           207-885-2711
   Administration’s Guide to Minimize           audit process.
   Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh
8                                                                                                                                                                         March 27, 2009


                  Agriview Hay and Forage Directory
ADDISON County                         (1/09)                                      Need to update your                 Thursday; 685-2292 nights and        Benson - 900 lb. round bales, 1st
Addison - 3rd cut small square         Vergennes - 2008 First Cut Round                  hay ad?                       weekends and all day Friday.            Cut $35, 2nd Cut $75. Organic
                                          Bales, 4x4 net wrapped - $25.                                                (1/09)                                  & under cover. (802) 537-2435
   bales, reeds canary/clover mix,                                                    If so, e-mail                                                            (3/09)
   20% protein, excellent quality,        First Cut square, off wagon -              Corinth - Quality wrapped bales,
   $4.50/bale. Call (802) 759-            $2.75. (802) 759-2176 (7/08)         or fax it to (802) 828-3831             first & second cut, loaded at        Brandon - 2008 late 1st, 2nd, &
   2480 (2/09)                         Whiting - 2008 1st and 2nd cut                                                  the farm. Corinth (802) 439-            3rd cut hay. Hay is mixed
Addison - Large square processed          35lb square bales, mixed grass-       and horse quality. Delivery            6435 (3/09)                             grass, some clover. Certified
   bales: 1st cut - $70.00 per bale;      es, 1000 still available, $3.00-      available. Sold by the bale or       Randolph Center - 2nd and 3rd             Organic. Bales ave. 40-50 lbs.
   2nd cut - $90.00 per bale. At          $3.50 each. Also a few 4x5 dry        ton. See              cut silage round bales, 4 X 4           Delivery available. All fields
   the barn in Addison. S. L.             round bales, stored under             for details and pricing, or call       1/2. Sam Lincoln, Randolph              fertilized. Also have Organic
   Moore (802) 463-3875 (1/09)            cover. Bruce 802-623-6655.            (802) 277-4960 (1/09)                  Center, 802-793 -1206 (1/09)            mulch and bedding hay. Call
                                          (3/09)                              Lunenburg - Wrapped round                                                        Emilee or Jeremy (802) 247-
Addison - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cut hay,
                                                                                bales 4X4 1/2 ft. $35.00 per
                                                                                                                     Orleans County                            5223. (1/09)
   both round and big square           Bennington                               bale. 802-892-7753 (1/09)            Craftsbury – Excellent dry square      Clarendon - Wheat Straw, solid
   bales. (802) 759-2336 (10/08)       No. Bennington - 1000 bales of                                                  bales for cows & horses - $4.00         bales - $4.00/bale. Corn for
Brandon - Some 2008 Certified            clean straw - $4.00 each. No.        Franklin County                          per bale. (802) 586-7734                corn stoves and feed, cleaned
   Organic hay left. 400 late 1st        Bennington, VT (802) 447-            Fairfax - Straw (oats or wheat)          (3/09)                                  and in 50 lb. bags. Cracked
   cut, 300 2nd/3rd cut, 400             3781 or 447-7200 (1/09)                 and hay for sale, processed,        Glover – 2008 top quality first &         corn available in 50 lb. bags as
   mulch/bedding. Bales ave 40-                                                  large square bales. Will load                                                 well. Bag corn minimum sale
   50 lbs. Hay is mixed grass,         Caledonia County                          you or buy trailer load. Moun-
                                                                                                                       second cut square bales $4.00-
                                                                                                                       $6.00 a bale, large quantity, easy      of 20 bags. Mulch hay.
   some clover. Delivery avail-        Hardwick - Certified Organic 4x4          tain View Dairy, call (802) 849-      access to load, box trailers are        Clarendon, VT (802) 747-3057
   able. Call Emilee or Jeremy at         wrapped round silage bales -           6266 (1/09)                           welcome. Also, 400 double               (1/09)
   802-247-5223 (3/09)                    about 1200 lbs                                                               wrapped round bales, dried
                                                                              Georgia - Second cut hay, 50                                                  Ira - 1st & 2nd cut round bales,
Bridport - Rye straw/mulch.            each. Excellent quality. First cut -      round bales of 2008 second            down some; and 200 second               Certified Organic, mixed grass
   (802) 758-2682 (1/09)                  440 bales, Second cut - 660            cut, triple plastic wrapped -         cut wrapped round bales.                hay. Asking $35.00 per bale for
                                          bales, Third cut soon. Trucking        $30/each. Call St. Albans             50+/- first cut unwrapped               1st cut, $50.00 per bale for 2nd
Cornwall – 1st and 2nd cut square         available. Call Buffalo Moun-
   bales. Excellent quality, no                                                  (802) 527-1251 (3/18)                 round bales stored inside. All          cut. Call Mark @ 802-235-
                                          tain Farm 802-888-7881, leave                                                hay off fertilized fields. Brian        2232 (7/08)
   dust, $3.00-$4.00 per bale.            message please. (9/08)              Bakersfield - 2008 wrapped 4x4
   Large 4x5 round bales excellent                                               bales $20/bale, call 802-827-         Perron (802) 525-4455 (10/08)
                                                                                                                                                            Pittsford - Dry round hay bales
   quality, no dust, $30-$40 each.     Hardwick - Hay for sale, 1st &            4418 (4/15)                         Glover – Top quality certified            stored inside. First and Second
   Delivery possible. 462-2732.           2nd cut square bales. (802)                                                  organic hay, 1st and 2nd cut.           cut good quality hay. More
   (1/09)                                 472-8225 (1/09)                     Grand Isle County                        $4.00/bale. (802) 525-4672              information: (802) 483-2362
                                       Chittenden County                      Alburgh - 2008 Round Bales, 1st          (1/09)                                  (1/09)
Cornwall - 2008 4x4 NOFA Cer-                                                    cut hay, 4x5 - $20.00/bale. Call
   tified Organic 4x4 Wrapped          Colchester – Straw, square bales.         (802) 796-6067 (1/09)               Newport Center - 600 Tons of           Pittsford – 2000+ Tons of hay-
   Baleage available. Call for pric-     Call for more information. Jeff                                               2008 Ag Bag grass feed, 12-20           lage and corn silage in bunkers,
   ing, possible trucking available.     Senesac 655-2862. (4/08)             Isle LaMotte - Dry mulch                 percent protein, 1st, 2nd, 3rd          also large haylage pile, good
   Call Moonlit Alpacas, (802)                                                   $2.50/bale. Call (802) 928-3471       cut, quality feed, delivery avail-      quality. Square bales, 1st & 2nd
                                       Colchester - Square bales $2.50           or (802) 782-3388. (2/09)
   462-3510 (1/09)                       off wagon, $3.00 from barn.                                                   able. (802) 334-2401 (1/09)             cut $4.00 to $5.00. Jack Fox
New Haven – Small bales mulch            Also, mulch hay $2.00. (802)         South Hero - Round bales, 4x4,         North Troy – First Cut square             (802) 483-2210 (1/09)
   hay. 1st & 2nd cut square                                                     nice mix of brome grass,              bales, good quality, piled in
   bales. Net wrapped and tubed
                                         238-8415 (4/08)
                                                                                 clover, timothy, some alfalfa.        barn, weighing 35-45 lbs. Call
                                                                                                                                                            Washington County
                                       Essex Junction - 2nd Cutting Hay,         Also, 1st and 2nd cut, 40 lb.,                                             Cabot – NOFA-VT Organic Cer-
   bailage, and dry hay 4x4 round        large square bales - $4.50. Can                                               (802) 988-2959 (1/09)
   bales. Two ag bags of 1st cut                                                 square bales, nice mix of the                                                tified mixed grass hay. 4x4
                                         help load from barn. Call                                                   North Troy – 2008 Certified
   legume haylage & barley. Dick                                                 same as above. Delivery avail-        Organic Hay for Sale – excel-          wrapped round bales, 1st, 2nd,
                                         Adam at (802) 922-2808
   Stone at (802) 388-2318               (1/09)
                                                                                 able within 50 miles. (802)           lent mixed grasses, with clovers       & 3rd cuts available. Discounts
   (1/09)                                                                        372-3400. (1/09)                      - 40-45 lb. square bales - $4.00       for volume purchases. Tama-
                                       Hinesburg – 2008 Crop, horse                                                                                           rack Farm, Cabot (802) 563-
New Haven - 2nd cut square               hay, square bales, timothy,          Lamoille County                          per bale. Some local delivery
                                                                                                                                                              2107 (3/09)
   bales, grass, never wet, no dust.     mixed grasses, small percentage      Jeffersonville - 4x4 wrapped             available. Call (802) 988-4384
   $3.75/bale at the barn. Orb           alfalfa. $2.50 per bale at field,       round silage bales. Certified         Leave a message. (1/09)              Cabot - 4 wrapped round bales
   Weaver Farm (802) 877-3755            $2.75 at the barn, delivery             organic. Triple wrapped.            West Glover - First cut square           left for sale. Will load them
   (3/09)                                available. Call (802) 310-4840          Heifer feed - $32.50 per bale;        bales, certified organic. West         onto your trailer. $40. each.
New Haven - 2nd cut Trefoil,             (4/08)                                  Milk quality feed - $50.00 per        Glover. (802) 525-1245.                Call Israel at (802) 563-6061
   small bales, great for beef,                                                  bale. Trucking available. Jef-        (1/09)                                 (3/09)
   sheep, goats or horses. $4.00       Hinesburg - 3000 Bales 1st                fersonville (802) 644-5138                                                 Barre - Up to 100 tons of certi-
                                          cut hay $ 3.00/bale.                                                       Westfield- 5 ag bags 10 x 200
   at the barn. (802) 316-7815                                                   (11/08)                               about 300 ton per bag delivery         fied organic haylage for sale.
   (3/09)                                 Mulch Hay $150.         802-                                                                                        First cut. Local delivery avail-
                                          482 2376. (10/08)                   Johnson - Good square bales of           available (802) 744-6273 or
Orwell - Certified organic 5 ft.                                                 hay for cattle or horses, also        (802) 673-8854 (1/09)                  able (802) 476-1175 ask for
   diameter 2008 first cut round       Milton – First & Second Cut Hay                                                                                        Derek (11/08)
                                          – Certified Organic, round &           some second cut, and 40 round       Westfield- 1st Cut 4x4 wrapped
   bales; excellent quality; 90%                                                 bales of second cut. (802)            round bales, certified organic -     Berlin – Feed quality hay, first and
   Timothy and Trefoil; also have         wrapped bales; also, First Cut                                                                                      second cut. Also have mulch.
                                          Certified Organic square bales.        635-3520 or (802) 635-7121            $45. each. Butterworks Farm
   a few 2007 certified organic                                                  (1/09)                                744-6855 or 999-7722 (2/09)            Call Berlin 223-2075 (1/09)
   round bales available at               Call (802) 893-6302 (1/09)
   reduced price; 802-948-2211.        Shelburne - Processed 1st cut          Stowe - Baled 1st, second cut hay.     Rutland County                         Windham County
                                          grass. Large square bales.             Delivery available, will sell out                                          Westminster Station - Alfal-
   (11/08)                                                                       of the field. Call Kaiser Farm      Benson - Hay for sale - Large
Orwell - 1st and 2nd cut haylage,         Organic & non-organic. (802)                                                 Round Bales - $20.-$25. per            fa(50%)/grass mix square bales
                                          864-5382 or (802) 578-7352             (802) 253-8222 (1/09)                                                        for sale$4.50-$5.00 a bale.
   1,500 tons, excellent test. Paul                                                                                    bale. (802) 537-2271 (1/09)
                                          (3/09)                              Wolcott – Excellent dry square                                                  First Cut Baleage may be avail-
   Stone (802) 948-2277 (1/09)                                                   bales for cows and horses -         Benson - Organic hay first & sec-
                                       St. George – Quality Hay &                                                                                             able. (802) 722-4275 (4/08)
Orwell - 125 1st cut 4x4 round                                                   $4.00 per bale. (802) 586-7734        ond cut Sq bales $4.00 & $5.00
   bales $120/ton and 100 2nd             Mulch, square bales. Call                                                    at barn. Also 4 x 5 round            Whitingham - Dry 4x5 round
                                          evenings or leave message with         (3/09)                                                                       bales mixed grass 1st cutting,
   cut 4x4 round bales $140/ton.                                                                                       bales , $30.00 per bale, can
   Certified Organic.(802) 948-           Gerry Guillemette at (802)          Orange County                            deliver all. (802) 537-3167            Nofa-VT certified organic.
                                          862-3741 (1/09)                                                              (1/09)                                 Some square bales also avail-
   2157 (3/09)                                                                Chelsea – Square baled hay, 1st                                                 able, local delivery possible.
Starksboro - 1st cut square Bales -    Essex County                             cut, large bales, $4.00/bale.        Benson - First Cut 4 x 5 Round           More info 802-368-7192 (leave
   $3.00 a Bale. Also Mulch avail-     Canaan - Organic hay for sale,           Call Bonnie at 685-7733 or             Bales - $30.00 per bale. (802)
   able. (802)-453-2543                  small squares 45+ lbs. Dairy           685-4821 days Monday thru              537-3233 (1/09)                                      continued on page 9
March 27, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                             9

                                                                MARKET REPORT

      Wholesale Prices
         March 30, 2009
                                                                        Northampton, MA • March 24, 2009
                                                                                     All prices are per hundredweight on the hoof unless otherwise indicated.
Wholesale Prices paid per dozen for                                                       Source: Northampton Cooperative Auction Association, Inc.
Vermont Grade A brown eggs
delivered to retail stores.                 Calves:                                  Low            High                 Cows:                                             Low       High
                                            Good & Choice          under 60 lbs .11.00              13.00        cwt     Canners                      . . . . . . . . . . .12.50     40.50          cwt
   Vermont Egg Prices:                                             61-75 lbs . . . . .8.00          42.00        cwt     Cutters                      . . . . . . . . . . .41.00     48.00          cwt
                                                                   76-90 lbs . . . .20.00           47.00        cwt     Utility                      . . . . . . . . . . .48.50     53.00          cwt
Jumbo . . . . . . . . . .$1.85-$1.83                               91-105 lbs . . .10.00            46.00        cwt
X-Large . . . . . . . . .$1.30-$1.28                               106 lbs and up .5.00             40.00        cwt     Sows                        . . . . . . . . . . .40.50      44.50           cwt
Large . . . . . . . . . . .$1.25-$1.25                                                                                   Hogs                        . . . . . . . . . . .41.50      42.00           cwt
Medium . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1.05       Farm Calves              . . . . . . . . . . .50.00      80.00       cwt     Boars                       . . . . . . . . . . . .4.00      6.00           cwt
                                            Starter Calves           . . . . . . . . . . .29.00                  cwt     Shoats                      . . . . . . . . .none                          each
Market, supply and demand good.             Feeder Calves            . . . . . . . . . . .26.00      73.00       cwt     Feeder Pigs                 . . . . . . . . . . .51.00                     each
                                            Vealers                  . . . . . . . . .none                       cwt     Lambs                       . . . . . . . . . . .90.00     215.00           cwt
 You can find more reports                  Bulls                    . . . . . . . . . . .54.00                  cwt     Sheep                       . . . . . . . . . . .22.00      44.00           cwt
           online at                        Heifers                  . . . . . . . . . . .33.00      50.00       cwt     Goats                       . . . . . . . . . . .35.00     165.00          each                    Replacement Cows         . . . . . . . . .none                      each     Rabbits                     . . . . . . . . . . . .6.25      6.50          each
      marketplace.htm                       Steers                   . . . . . . . . . . .67.50                  cwt     Hay (7 lots)                . . . . . . . . . . . .2.90      4.70          bale
 this is the web source for                                                                                              Auctioneer - Ed Land at (413) 253-9654 Telephone Number - (413) 665-8774
    USDA Market News

                                         Fort Plain – Available: Dry animal
Hay and Forage                             bedding – 100 to 140 yd loads.
continued from page 8                                                                     VT FEED and the Upper Valley Farm to School Network are pleased to
                                           Big Square bales, 1st cut grass                                             present:
   message) or                             (processed), 2nd cut alfalfa & (3/09)               grass (processed), also wheat                                     Weaving Farm to School into Your Community
Windsor County                             straw. Small square bales – 1st                 Thursday, April 16, 2009 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM at the Billings Farm
Barnard - Certified Organic 4x4            cut timothy ( early & late); 2nd                                           & Museum.
  round unwrapped dry hay                  cut alfalfa and alfalfagrass.
  mixed grasses stored inside              Straw – oat and wheat. Call
                                           for prices: (518) 993-5214 or                This workshop will provide resources and hands-on experiences to help you
  pick up at the barn $40.00 per                                                        and your school team
  bale 802 763-7454 (1/09)                 (518) 231-2187
                                         Quebec, Canada - We have com-                  connect local farms and food with your school curriculum, cafeteria and
Chester – Taking orders for 2009                                                        community.
  crop first cut square and round          pressed hay, most common
  bales in Chester/ Ludlow area.           size 14x16x22, weight 65 lbs                 Sessions are geared toward schools just beginning farm to school programs,
  $3.50 square bales off the field,        ea., 28 bales/pallet; also, big              as well as those with established programs looking to go to the next level.
  $45. round bales. Call Andover           square bales 28x32x6 ft long.
  (802) 875-3159 (2/09)                    For interest or more informa-                 $25 advance registration fee includes handouts, refreshments and light local
                                           tion please call Jacques Beauch-
Chester: Top quality hay for sale,         esne, Semican Inc. 366, rang 10                                                   dinner.
  large and small quantities avail-        Plessisville (Quebec) G6L 2Y2                       Download registration form and get more program details at:
  able. Square bales 40 lb. aver-          or Tel (819)362-8823 Fax:                              - click on "EVENTS"
  age. Pickup at the farm or               (819)362-3385 (1/09)                                    Contact: Kim Norris at VT FEED at (802) 985-0322, or
  delivery available. Bliss
  Farm—Chester (802) 875-                                                                  Peter Allison at UVFTS at (802) 291-2019 /
  2031 or e-mail “blissfar-”. (2/09)
South Royalton - Feed - Hay,
  horse, dairy, beef - 1st and
  2nd crop July/August cut,
  never been rained on - $4.00
  and $5.00. Royal Village Farm,
  Judy, David Lyman, 4071 VT
  RT 14 - Call (802) 356-1402
South Woodstock-2008 4x4
  round bales available, Cert.
  Organic and Non-organic, dry,
  net wrapped and stored inside
  -$40.00 a bale. Haylage Bales -
  $45.00 a bale. Delivery avail-
  able-$3.00 a mile,one way
  charge. Birch Hill farm 802-
  457-4806 ext 1 (1/09)
Outside Vermont
Walpole, NH - Hay/Forage -
  2008 Certified Organic
  Baleage; 2008 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  Cutting; Grass-Legume Mix
  4x4 bales, net wrap, forage test-
  ed. Call (603) 445-5104
10                                                                                                                                                          March 27, 2009


                                    with the intention of produc-        winter winds within a tunnel.      singly on the surface of algae.   each bench and inspect the
                                    ing these fruits in September        Blackberries and black raspber-    Larvae have eight pairs of        soil surface and around the
                                    and October.                         ries are much more tolerant of     short legs and a breathing        base of the plant including the
                                       2) Accelerate primocane-          mites and hot temperatures         tube with two dark colored        stem just below the soil line.
                                    fruiting raspberries by growing      than red raspberries, so they      openings called spiracles at      Record the location and the
                                    them under a continuously-           grow exceptionally well under      the posterior end. Pupation       level of infestation. Badly
                                    covered tunnel.                      tunnels. Yield differences         occurs at the edge of the         infested containers of plants
                                       We grew Heritage raspber-         between outdoor and covered        algae mats. Breeding takes        should be removed as they
                                    ries under a continuously-cov-       blackberries have been dramat-     place in stagnant, salty water    serve as a source of infesta-
                                    ered tunnel. In addition, we         ic. Although we get very little    found in greenhouses as a         tion.
                                    covered individual rows with         production from most black-        result of excessive irrigation       Adult flies can be moni-
Compiled by Vern Grubinger,         row covers or small plastic          berries grown outdoors, it         and soil leaching.                tored with yellow sticky cards
University of Vermont Extension     hoops for a short time in early      appears that we have full crops       Management strategies for      placed at the base of the plant
(802) 257-7967 ext.13, or           spring to provide even more          inside the tunnels. Doyle, Oua-    both pests include sanitation     at soil line. Weekly inspec-            heat. Production was com-            chita, Triple Crown and            practices that reduce breeding    tions of yellow sticky cards           pared to uncovered plants. We        Chester have performed well        areas. Wet areas under bench-     can detect the onset of an
                                    found that, although some            for us. Black raspberries          es should be prevented by         infestation, and continued
   HIGH TUNNEL RASP-                treatments accelerated flower-       responded less than blackber-      improved watering practices,      recording of the number of
BERRIES AND BLACK-                  ing and fruiting, the difference     ries to the tunnel environment.    changing the construction of      adults per card per week can
BERRIES                             with field-grown plants was          A 30-page booklet describing       the floor, or improving grad-     aid in evaluating the efficacy
   (by Marvin Pritts, Cornell       not that dramatic. Yields were       high tunnel berry production       ing or drainage in the green-     of control efforts. Use 1 to 4
University, in the March ’09        mostly unaffected between the        can be found at: www.fruit.cor-    house. Accumulations of soil,     yellow sticky cards per 1,000
NY Berry News)                      various covering treatments   media, or decayed plants          sq. ft. of greenhouse. Place
   New technology is allowing       and with field-grown plants.         tunnelsrasp.pdf.                   under benches should be           yellow cards in a horizontal
local growers to realize higher     Mite populations were very              PREVENT FUNGUS                  avoided.                          position just above the soil
prices for blackberries and         high in the tunnel, however,         GNATS AND SHORE                       Moist potting soil high in     surface, or lay them on the
raspberries produced as late as     and probably reduced potential       FLIES IN THE GREEN-                organic matter that has been      top of the pots. For early
November. We have examined          yield. The other difference          HOUSE                              left outdoors for long periods    detection, position cards near
3 strategies for producing          with field-grown plants was             (adapted from UMass             may contain fungus gnat lar-      doorways and vents or among
these fruits beyond the normal      that primocanes grew excep-          Extension Floriculture web         vae. Fungus gnats and shore       new plants being placed in
season using high tunnels. In       tionally tall in the covered tun-    site)                              flies may also be introduced      the house. If time permits,
all cases, fruit quality in the     nels, so tall that they were dif-       The larvae of fungus gnats      into the greenhouse in the        check the cards twice weekly
tunnel has been much                ficult to harvest. Since these       feed on fungi, decaying mat-       media of infested plants pur-     particularly when tempera-
improved and percent mar-           canes were so tall, we did not       ter and plant roots, often         chased from other greenhous-      tures warm up in the spring.
ketable fruit can be 20 to 40%      remove them after fall harvest,      injuring bulbs, seedlings and      es. Fungus gnat problems can      Once fungus gnats and/or
higher compared to outside.         but overwintered them to             plants with succulent stems        be especially serious in pot-     shore flies begin appearing on
   1) Grow primocane-fruiting       obtain a spring crop on what         and roots. The burrowing of        ting mixes amended with           sticky cards or larvae are seen
raspberries and blackberries        were then very long floricanes.      larvae in plant tissue pro-        immature composts where           under potato chunks, it’s time
under late-covered high tun-        These floricanes produced sig-       motes decay and adults as          microbial activity is high.       to make treatment decisions.
nels to extend the fruiting sea-    nificant yield, about 30 to 40%      well as larvae can spread             Eliminate algae as best you    For a description on of bio-
son into the fall. Primocane-       of what the previous fall crop       plant diseases. Adult flies also   can. Several algicides are cur-   logical and chemical options
fruiting raspberries and            produced. Yield potential was        become a nuisance when             rently registered for algae       see:
blackberries are grown              even higher, but new primo-          present in large numbers.          control in the greenhouse.
throughout the season in an         canes interfered with the har-       Fungus gnats and shore flies       Disinfectants can be used as      ture/fact_sheets/pest_manage-
uncovered tunnel. Some plants       vest of floricanes. In addition,     are attracted to damp loca-        part of pre-crop clean up pro-    ment/fungnat.html
are pinched in June when they       mites were still a problem on        tions where fungi, a major         gram and during the cropping         AG PLASTICS MAN-
are about 3 feet tall in order to   these canes, and berries were        part of their diet, are apt to     cycle for routine algae man-      AGEMENT AND RECY-
delay flowering. In late August     smaller with the summer crop.        flourish. In the absence of a      agement. Green-Shield,            CLING WORSHOP
or early September, the tunnel      However, it could be worth           fungal food source fungus          Physan 20, Triathlon (Quater-        April 16, Vermont Technical
is covered. Plants begin fruit-     keeping primocanes through           gnats can feed on healthy          nary ammonium compounds)          College Farmhouse, Randolph
ing then. Outside plants suc-       the winter to obtain a summer        plant tissue, and can injure a     can be applied to floors,         Center, VT
cumb to frost in early October,     harvest.                             number of flower crops in the      walls, benches, tools, pots          Disposable plastics are now
but those within the tunnel            3) Overwinter tender black-       greenhouse. Shore flies are        and flats as disinfectants.       integral to most farm opera-
continue fruiting for another 4     berries and black raspberries        not known to feed on healthy       ZeroTol (Hydogen Dioxide)         tions in all sectors of agricul-
to 5 weeks. If plants experi-       under a continuously-covered         plant tissue.                      is a sanitizer also labeled for   ture. Plastics are replacing
ence extreme cold under the         tunnel.                                 A female fungus gnat lays       use on greenhouse surfaces.       glass, metal, concrete, and
tunnel, they can be covered            Many caneberries cannot           up to 300 whitish eggs in          Read and follow directions on     ceramic because they cost less,
with row                            tolerate the winters of Upstate      clusters of 20 or more on the      these products.                   increase production efficiency,
   cover for one or two nights      New York. Blackberries with          surface or in the crevices of         Prevention efforts should      and are safer. Disposal, howev-
until temperatures warm again.      excellent flavor exist, but they     moist soil or potting media        be followed by weekly moni-       er, is an unsolved problem.
Yields from fall-crop-only          often are not fruitful in our cli-   rich in organic matter. Eggs       toring of pest populations. To    Some waste plastics are burned
raspberries have been quite         mate. We have found that             hatch in about six days. Lar-      monitor for larvae, place raw     in open fires on-farm, plowed
high, between 2,000 to 3,000        blackberries and black raspber-      vae feed for 12 to14 days          potato chunks with peel           into fields, or pushed out of
half-pints per 30x96 ft. tunnel.    ries grow and fruit exception-       before changing into a pupa        removed on the soil surface.      the way in piles. When burned,
Canes are mowed to the              ally well under tunnels. Despite     in the soil. The pupal stage       Larvae are attracted to the       they can release dioxins and
ground after harvest and the        the fact that temperatures fluc-     last 5 to 6 days and then          potato chunks, under which        other pollutants, which then
cycle repeats. Heritage, Caro-      tuate more inside than outside       adults live up to 10 days. The     they move and congregate.         can enter the food system at
line, and Josephine have per-       a tunnel and that temperatures       life cycle from egg to adult is    Check the potato chunks daily     the base of the food chain.
formed well in this system. We      within are just as cold as those     about 4 weeks but develop-         for larvae. Potato disks cut      When left in the field, plastics
are currently examining the         outside, the plants tolerate this    ment time decreases as tem-        one inch in diameter and 1/2      pose risks to livestock, create
performance of Prime-Jan, a         quite well. This is likely due to    peratures increase, as is true     to1 inch thick work well. In      mosquito breeding habitat, and
primocane-fruiting blackberry,      less desiccation from cold, dry      of most insects.                   addition, choose plants on        are an ugly detriment to agri-
                                                                            Shore fly eggs are laid                                                          continued on page 11
March 27, 2009                                                                                                                                                                      11

                         Vermont Dairy Processors In the News
           Booth Brothers/HP Hood and
        Ben & Jerry’s receive national awards
Diane Bothfeld                                 Ben & Jerry’s was also in the news
Vermont Agency of Agricultre               for their adoption of technology in
                                           their case freezers for ice cream and

       wo of Vermont’s 28 dairy            frozen yogurt. These case freezers use
       processors received national        different refrigerants – instead of
       achievement awards for zero         hydroflourocarbons – there freezers
work days lost and one of these            use propane, a hydrocarbon. Hydro-
processors is in the news for using        carbon based freezers are used inter-
new freezer technology.                    nationally but are not allowed in the
   The International Dairy Foods           United States.
Association recently announced                 The US Environmental Protection
national dairy processors that received    Agency granted Ben & Jerry’s permis-
achievement awards under the IDFA          sion to test 2,000 case freezers using
Dairy Industry Safety Recognition          hydrocarbon refrigerants. These
Awards and Achievement Certificates.       freezers needed EPA permission due
All plants were judged on their per-       to concerns for consumer safety from
formance safety rates based on the US      the flammable refrigerants (propane or
Occupational Safety and Health             butane) used in these freezers. Prod-
Administration data.                       uct safety testing and approval in the
   Twenty-nine dairy processing opera-     US was needed prior to testing these
tions received achievement certificates    freezers. Product safety testing was
across the nation for zero work days       completed by Underwriters Laborato-
lost due to accident or injury. Booth      ry.
Brothers/H.P. Hood plant in Barre,             Hydrocarbon freezers are widely
Vermont and Ben & Jerry’s plants in        used in Europe. Hydroflourocarbons                                                                   Photos courtesy of
Waterbury and St. Albans, Vermont          have a high global warming potential.                                                                  Robin Reid
received achievement awards for 2008.      Hydrocarbons such as butane and
Booth Brothers/H.P. Hood in Barre          propane have a lower global warming
bottles fluid milk and their brand is      potential and in Europe the freezers
prominent in stores throughout Ver-        using these refrigerants have been
mont. Ben & Jerry’s processes Ver-         found to be more energy efficient.
mont milk and cream into ice cream         The EPA is reviewing the use of
and frozen yogurt and is known world       hydrocarbon freezers in its on-going
wide for this delicious dairy products.    efforts to reduce green house gas
Congratulations to both Booth Broth-       emissions. If after their review, EPA                                                                   EDUCATIONAL
ers/H.P Hood and Ben & Jerry’s for         chooses to allow hydrocarbon freezers                                                                      VIDEOS
maintaining a safe work environment        in the United States, Ben & Jerry’s                                                                    FOR VEGETABLE
for this employees and being recog-        could install over 100,000 case freezers                                                                  FARMERS
nized in this national program.            inn the next 8 to 10 years.
                                                                                                                                                 Available in dvd only ($15),
                                                                                                                                                     includes postage:

                                                                                                                                               • High Tunnels: Using Low-Cost
                                                                                                                                                   Technology to Increase
Berry News                         Agents, State Agency Person-; include your      northeast. To see a summary             Yields, Improve Quality, and
continued from page 10             nel. Visit                          name, address, and your             of this project go to:                  Extend the Season
                                 request (manual and/or seed     • Vegetable Farmers and Their
                                                                                                                                                   Sustainable Tillage Practices
tourism. Recycling is rare, but    m/vtagplastic/ to register for      packet). She will process           iewer.asp and search for
new opportunities are emerg-       the workshop. There is no cost      orders once a week, first come      FNE08-624.                          Available in dvd ($15), OR VHS
ing. To learn about manage-        to attend. This workshop is         first serve, through April 30 or       WEED MANAGEMENT                     ($5), includes postage:
ment and recycling of agricul-     co-sponsored by the Vermont         until they run out. If they run     UPDATES FOR 2009
tural plastics in rural areas,     Small Business Development                                                 Dr. Rich Bonanno of              • Vegetable Farmers and Their
                                                                       out you will not receive either                                             Weed-Control Machines
come to this workshop on           Center.                             the seed packet, manual nor         UMass Extension has com-            • Farmers and Their Horticultural
Thursday, April 16, 2009 at the       NORTHERN RICE                    any notice. Please enclose          piled a list of new uses and            Marketing Strategies
VTC Farmhouse in Randolph          GROWING MANUAL                      $5.00 (shipping and handling)       changes in herbicide registra-      • Farmers and Their Ecological
Center, VT from 10- 3. Talks       AND SEEDS AVAILABLE                 with seed packet requests in        tions for 2009 in vegetables            Sweet Corn Production
will be given on the status of        In 2008, Akaogi Farm                                                 and small fruits. These are         • Farmers and Their Innovative
                                                                       case free packets run out; if                                               Cover Cropping Techniques
agricultural film plastics man-    received a NESARE Farmer            they are still available the $5     posted at:
agement and recycling in Ver-      Grant to explore rice produc-       will be returned to you with        gandberry under ‘berry produc-        To order, send your name,
mont; guidelines for handling      tion in Vermont. As a part of       your seed packet. (Some seed        tion’ and ‘vegetable produc-        mailing address, and phone or e-
of plastics to prepare for         this project they will distribute   of other varieties may be avail-    tion’ – scroll to the bottom of      mail along with $15 per DVD
                                                                                                                                                      and $5 per VHS to:
proper management and recy-        100 copies of the rice growing      able upon request.) With each       the list, or call my office for a
cling; infrastructure and equip-   manual and 250 packets of           packet will be enclosed a           hard copy 802-257-7967.             University of Vermont Extension
ment needs; and markets. Who       “Hayayuki” seed (about 30           “2009 Rice Growing Observa-         Note that production guides             Center for Sustainable
should attend? Farmers, Recy-      seeds each) free of charge. If      tion Report Sheet” that needs       from many regions are also                     Agriculture
cling Coordinators and Solid       you are interested in either of     to be filled out and returned       posted.                                   106 High Point Center
                                                                                                                                                     Colchester, VT 05446
Waste District Managers, Con-      these please contact Linda          by the end of October as part                                                    802-656-5459
servation Commissions and          Akaogi at 27 Earthbridge Rd.,       of the project’s effort to assess
District Managers, Extension       Putney, VT 05346 or e-mail          potential growing areas in the                                
12                                                                                                                                                           March 27, 2009

        Operation Vermont Maple Sweetness 2009
      Vermont Maple Syrup Producers Asked to Donate Maple Syrup for Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
       Catherine Stevens                          between Vermont maple producers,          05068.                                    728-5332
       Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association     the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers               Drop-off Points for Syrup (dead-          Orleans County
                                                  Association, the Vermont Maple            line is May 1):                              Couture’s Maple Shop - Westfield

               ermont maple syrup produc-         Foundation, the Vermont Maple               Addison County                             Farm Yard Store - Derby
               ers are each being asked to        Industry Council, Sugar Hill Con-            Dakin Farm, Ferrisburgh                   Desmarias Equipment - Orleans
               donate one gallon of syrup in      tainers, the Vermont Maple Festival,         Rheaume Kitchen & Flooring                Rutland County
       order to send a taste of Vermont           Vermont Department of Tourism &           Center, Inc., 2106 Rte 7, South Mid-         C.H. Grimm – Rutland
       springtime to troops serving in Iraq       Marketing, and Vermont Agency of          dlebury                                      Richard Green—Poultney
       and Afghanistan. For the fifth year,       Agriculture. We want to thank the            Caledonia County                          Washington County
       the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers             many other individuals and business-         Maple Grove, St Johnsbury                 Agency of Agriculture— Montpe-
       Association is organizing “Operation       es who supported this project last           Chittenden County                      lier
       Vermont Maple Sweetness 2009”              year and are seeking sponsors for            Depot Home & Garden, Essex Junc-          Goodrich Maple Farm—Cabot
       which will package the donated             this year’s project.                      tion                                         Morse Farm—Montpelier
       syrup into one pint containers and            The deadline for donations of             Peter Purinton, Huntington                Windham County
       ship them to bases in Iraq and             syrup is May 1 in order to have the          Franklin County                           Franklin Geist - Saxtons River
       Afghanistan. Over 8000 pints of            syrup in the soldiers’ hands by              VMSMA’s Booth at the Vermont              UVM Extension Office - Brattle-
       syrup were sent in 2008.                   Memorial Day. Maple syrup produc-         Maple Festival - St. Albans               boro (Open Monday
          The syrup sent last year resulted       ers are encouraged to donate one             CDL/Maple Pro - St. Albans                        Friday 8am - 4:30pm)
       in numerous heartfelt e-mails from         gallon of their best syrup and take it       Leader Evaporator - Swanton               Bascom Maple Farms – Alstead,
       the troops. “Thank you for the             to the drop-off locations listed             Lapierre – Swanton                     NH
       effort that people in Vermont went         below and on                                 Dominion & Grimm - Fairfax                Windsor County:
       through with Operation Vermont    The general            Lamoille County                           Gateway Motors, White River Jct
       Maple Sweetness.” “Thanks for the          public may also donate to help               Vermont Maple Outlet - Jeffer-            Mary Croft, East Barnard
       reminder of good things from back          defray shipping costs. For more           sonville                                     Green Mountain Sugar House,
       home.” “The syrup was on the               information about sponsorships call          UVM Extension Office - Mor-            Ludlow
       breakfast line and was a big hit with      Sam Cutting IV at (802) 425-3971          risville (Open Monday - Friday 8am
       my friends and me.” “Thanks for            and for syrup donations call Rick         - 4pm)
       thinking of us and please let the rest     Marsh (802) 644-5482. Anyone wish-           Butternut Mountain Farm Store,
       of your co-workers know that their         ing to may send a donation to: Mary       Johnson
       actions are appreciated here.”             Croft, Treasurer, Vermont Maple              Orange County
          “Operation Vermont Maple                Sugar Makers Association, 491 East            Roger Palmer - Randolph Center
       Sweetness 2009” is a real team effort      Barnard Road, S. Royalton, VT,               Central Supply-Randolph 802-

                   The Vermont AgrAbility Project
Alex Garven                                                                                                                            tioners, agriculture professionals, emer-
UVM Extension                                                                                                                          gency response organizations and other
                                                                                                                                       community agencies.

         griculture consistently ranks as                                                                                                 If you or you know of someone
         one of the nations’ most dan-                                                                                                 who may benefit from any of these
         gerous occupations. Each year                                                                                                 services, please contact:
agricultural workers in Vermont sustain                                                                                                   Gail D. Lapierre
disabling injuries in work related acci-                                                                                               Vermont AgrAbility Project
dents, non-farm injuries, illness and                                                                                                  Outreach Specialist
other chronic health conditions.                                                                                                       University of Vermont Extension
    The Vermont AgrAbility Project offers                                                                                              655 Spear St #105
education and technical assistance to                                                                                                  Burlington, VT 05405
farmers, farm workers and their fami-                                                                                                  802-656-5420
lies with disabilities on safe and practi-                                                                                             1-800-571-0668
cal ways to continue in their rural                                                                                             
lifestyle.                                                                                                                                Alexandra Garven
    Established by the 1990 Farm Bill,                                                                                                 Farm Safety Outreach Educator
AgrAbility is administered by the               The AgrAbility Team: Front Row: Alex Garven, UVM Extension, Gail Lapierre, UVM         Morrisville Field Office
Cooperative State Research, Education,          Extension, Margaret Gilman, Rural & Agricultural VocRehab, Tom Younkman, VCIL,         University of Vermont Extension
and Extension Service at USDA. Ver-                        Tom VanMeter, VCIL and George Cook with UVM Extension                       29 Sunset Drive, STE 2
mont AgrAbility is a collaborative part-                                                                                               Morrisville, VT 05661
nership with UVM Extension, Rural            with a disability and referral informa-          Secondary injury prevention: Creates     802-888-4972 ext 108
and Agricultural VocRehab, and the           tion on services available in agriculture,    awareness and provides information on       866-260-5603
Vermont Center for Independent Liv-          rehabilitation and their community.           preventing further injuries or disabling
ing. Farmers eligible for Vermont               On-site technical assistance: AgrA-        conditions.                                   Thomas Younkman
AgrAbility services may have any type        bility conducts on-site home and agri-           Peer Support: Connects farmers with        Vermont AgrAbility Specialist
of acquired or traumatic disability -        cultural assessments and recommends           newly acquired disabilities with others       11 East State Street
physical, cognitive, emotional or senso-     ways to continue farming. This                who have successfully accommodated            Montpelier, VT 05602
ry.                                          includes how to restructure work, tasks       their disability.                             802-229-0501
    Services provided are at no cost and     or operations, explore alternative agri-         Training and education: Vermont            800-639-1522
include:                                     cultural enterprises, modify farm equip-      AgrAbility provides training and educa-
    Information and referral: AgrAbility     ment and tools, and acquire agriculture-      tion about farming with a disability for
provides information about farming           related assistive technology.                 rehabilitation and health care practi-