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									Chaires United Methodist Women
October 12, 2010

There was a joint meeting of UMW and UMM from 7:00-7:30 p.m. to discuss the
chicken pilau.

Members Present: (17) G. Dampier, S. Grantham, M. Boyette, M. Linzy, B. Palmer,
S. Spratt, M. Taylor, N. Holland, B. Harrison, E. Brown, F. Chaires, L. Glover,
E. Brown, J. Petersen, M. Hall, D. Lewis, N. Hardison

Barbara Palmer opened the meeting with a devotional.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Susan Grantham
announced that all of the minutes have been posted to the church website.

Treasurer’s Report: Frances Chaires
Checking: $1,049.06
Total Savings: $3,062.37
Women’s Event Portion of the Savings: $1,718.03

Committee Reports:

ECHO: Neva Holland
One trip has been made to ECHO. Decorated bags for food donations will be available
on the last Sundays in October and November.

Refuge House: Mary Taylor
Mary and Walter delivered 36 bags of emergency toiletries. Mary used $56 to
purchase socks, combs, etc. There is a current balance of $44.
Mary Alice Linzy’s dentist continues to donate toothpastes and toothbrushes as
needed. There is an on-going need for mouthwash and socks.

Nurture: Edna Matthews
Nancy Hardison and Deweise Lewis are back after three months. Several meals
have been taken to the Acosta Family following the birth of a baby.
Mary Taylor made a motion that a $50 restaurant gift certificate be given to the
family of Linda Peters. Lynn Glover seconded the motion. Motion carried
Action Items

      UMW Emergency Decision Guidelines Proposal
       “Are to include the United Methodist Women’s panel of officers (president,
   vice president, treasurer, and secretary) and one member of the UMW group
   selected randomly. A 60% (or three) majority should be contacted in order to
   get the decision approved. Emergency decision items are described as issues
   arising between regular monthly meetings or during the summer downtime that
   can not wait for the full membership vote. However, each occurrence should be
   reported to the full membership at the next scheduled monthly meeting.

      Barbara Palmer made the motion to approve the guidelines. Mary Alice Linzy
   seconded the motion. Motion carried.

      Trunk or Treat Children’s Event on October 30th
       The UMW will give Barbara Palmer the money to buy the hotdogs and buns.
      Susan Grantham will research the minutes of prior years to find the
       guidelines for the use of the UMW Event Funds.

Please make sure that you contribute to UMW to cover the various expenditures
associated with the recent celebrations of weddings, purchase of church supplies
and for upcoming events. Decisions were made knowing each one of us would buy a
gift to honor the event so what ever you want to give would be greatly appreciated.

A date will be set for the O’Steen baby shower at the church. Everyone will bring
food to share. More details later.

Other News:

      See Connie Mayo to sign up to make a dessert for Chicken Pilau
      Frances Chaires offered her home for the Christmas Party.
      Make sure that you have signed up to help at Chicken Pilau
      We need donations of large cans of Allen’s Italian Green Beans for the
       Chicken Pilau
      Sharon Spratt will make informational posters of upcoming church activities
       to display at the Chicken pilau
      The UMM will cook chili on the 5th Sunday in October and the UMW will
       furnish desserts.

Respectfully Submitted,                       Next Meeting: November 9, 2010
Susan Grantham

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