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Minutes - University of Waterloo - DOC


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									                                             Food Advisory Board

                                               Meeting Minutes

                                        Multi Purpose Room Village 1

                                          Wednesday June 16, 2010

                                               4:30PM - 5:45PM


     Linda Brogden – Health Services

     Terrence Kwok – Don

     Alessia Danelon – Don

     Kendra Lui - Don


1.     Review of the March 24, 2010 minutes
        a. Approved
2.     Updates
        a. Maintenance issues
                  i. Renovating ML – opening sometime in late august/early sept.; everything on schedule
                 ii. School of accountancy – ready to open sometime this term closer to exams
                         1. Name for the café – 5 suggestions from faculty and staff, vote on them today at
                             FAB (Futures Café, Liquid Assets, venture café, exchange café, fair trade café)
                                 a. Vote: Liquid Assets had most votes with 5 votes
3.     Food Services meetings with Res Council
        a. Discussed options for 350 student in v1 who wouldn’t have cafeteria
                  i. Use MPR for server
                 ii. Move students to REV for summer
                         1. Overwhelming response from students: would prefer to move to REV
                         2. Lee proposes that needs to be a balance between what is needed for
                             conferences and students
4.     Committee for V1 cafeteria renovations
        a. Bobbie Crawford, Jessica Lang, Mel McNown, Hunter (ResCouncil), Heather Kelly, Alex Piticco
        b. ResLife will look for more students to be on the committee
5.     Price Surveys – Keep on agenda for next meeting
       a. Brittany Carnevous compiled information from annual survey
       b. Members of FAB received summary of the survey that shows meals for an entire day of three
           students with price comparisons for products
                 i. Waterloo is closer to the bottom in terms of cost of products (ie: ours cost less than
                     some universities)
                ii. Hunter’s comment – quality and serving size of food is not worth the price at Waterloo
               iii. Lee – food services needs specific and immediate feedback about issues with the
               iv. Not generally issue with price, portion size, just quality and disclosure of food details
                         1. Option: have LCD screen to show nutritional information; have touch screen at
                              food counter to get nutritional facts, information on how to eat healthy during
                              exams, etc.
                         2. Nutritional information is currently online for students
6.    Healthy options at Browsers
       a. Food services looked at options to see if there is an opportunity to make food more healthy at
                 i. Added trail mix to bulk candy compartments
                ii. Trying to add more savory pastries, instead of sugary products
       b. Looked at this because if student is in the library studying, need energy and sustenance
7.    Health Services update
       a. Linda Brogden – let her know in advance if need information about food safety so she can come
           to the FAB meeting
       b. BBQ Season – form at health services that dons, etc. need to fill out about health and safety;
           also a list of items needed for BBQ’s.
                 i. Form is online and needs to be filled out and submitted to Health Services
                ii. Health services will find out the timeline for the form and submit it for the minutes;
               iii. Form for Special Events with Food and Event Guidelines found on the Safety Office
8.    Cafeteria updates
       a. Promotions for May: move-in month; posters and gift baskets
       b. Promotions for June: soccer world cup; prizes being given away for picking final two teams and
           correct score (prizes: iPod touch and soccer shirt of their choice)
       c. Lobster Dinner for National Lobster Day June 15th – 5 sittings of 20 people (had to pre-buy the
           tickets); sold 90 tickets out of 100
                 i. People enjoyed it so much that thinking about doing another similar night – Surf and
                     Turf (tentative July 27th)
9.    Current Issues
       a. 10-11 partners off campus use flex dollars
                 i. Burger King may be going in where HMV used to be – contacted them to see if we can
                     use WatCard there
                         1. Student view: good to have more options; need to know that if flex dollars are
                              used for venues off campus, students are charged $1
                         2. Overall, good reception from FAB members to have WatCard at Burger King
                ii. Lee will approach Sweet Dreams with proposition of using WatCard
                         1. Being part of some on campus clubs gives you deals at Sweet Dreams, so might
                              be beneficial to students for it to be WatCard accessible
10.   New Business
       a. Farm Market
              i. SLC – Thursday, June 17th from 9am-1pm
11.   Adjournment

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