Jewels by Park Lane New Jewelry Introduction Supplement Catalog by suchenfz


									                                           Jewels by Park Lane
                                         New Jewelry Introduction
                                       Supplement Catalog - Fall 2009

FIRST LADY necklace, earrings, bracelet
Pearls; seemingly the accessory of choice for America’s First Lady, Michele Obama, pearls are always in good
taste. Park Lane’s interpretation, appropriately named “First Lady”, is a classic double-strand faux pearl
necklace, solitaire drop earrings and a single strand bracelet. Assembled by hand, each glass pearl is
individually hand-knotted. Sophisticated and feminine, make First Lady your first choice ensemble.

Necklace is 18 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Bracelet is 7 inches long plus a 2-inch extension. Lobster clasp.

Complements: Rings: Believe, Enchanted, Mosaic.
Mix and match pearls jewelry with mother-of-pearl accessories. Wear First Lady bracelet with Shannel, Look
Around, Jolie, Mosaic, etc. First Lady bracelet and earrings can be worn with necklaces/ensembles that
feature pearl elements such as Dynasty, Passion, and I Do. La Perla watch.

A hematite star burst, tipped with radiant crystal drops, Enchanted ring showcases a large luminous white pearl
nestled in its center. Enchanting!
Ring available in sizes 5 to 10.
Complements: pearl jewelry. Hematite jewelry. Wear with: Dynasty necklace, Estate bracelet. First Lady
and/or Jolie ensemble.
EURO ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant
With its extraordinary detail, designer-inspired EURO is the ultimate two-tone ensemble! The dramatic ring’s
wide polished silver shank is crowned by a matte gold textured cap framed with glittering mini marcasite gems.
Thread Euro pendant on Roundabout collar, cords, or chains of gold, silver or both; then add the stunning
earrings and fabulous bracelet. You’ll be a standout wearing EURO!

Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long. Fold-over clasp. Pierced earrings are post-style.
Pendant slides on a chain or cord or collar.

Complements: silver, gold and two-tone and tri-color jewelry. Mix and match Euro ring and bracelet with
Tango, Bamboo, gold/silver Italia necklaces worn together, Idol earrings, Francesca bracelet, Hearts Desire
set, All That, etc. Anytime watch.

TIFFANY necklace, earrings and bracelet
Tri-color jewelry offers the best of all metals. Polished rings of yellow, white and rose color faux gold adorn
Tiffany’s sleek silver hoop earrings. The silvery “white gold” ring is encrusted with glittering crystals. Tiffany
necklace and bracelet incorporate the tri-color gold accents with a chain of silver rings, beads, and sparkling
pave-set crystal hearts. A true treasure, Park Lane’s Tiffany ensemble!

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Bracelet is 7 1/2” inches long.
Pierced hoop earrings feature an snap-in closure. Removable rings.

Complements: Rings: U-Rock, Euro, All That, Gorgeous, Hearts Desire, Tango, Captivate, Shimmer.
Anytime watch. Wear Tiffany bracelet with Bamboo ensemble.

BEAUTIFUL necklace and earrings
What better name for this confection of color than, “Beautiful”?! A rainbow of cubic zirconia baguettes shimmer
from within their heart-shaped box setting that is framed with clear CZs. The earrings are miniature versions of
the pendant. Beautiful certainly is! (CZ colors: ruby red, peridot green, amethyst purple, rose pink and
canary yellow.)
Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Complements: sparkling silver & crystal jewelry and colorful jewels. Copa bracelet. Royalty ring. Centerstage
bracelet. Carnival ring and bracelet. All individual clear and colored gemstone rings.

ESSENTIALS pierced earrings
No wardrobe is complete without gemstone stud earrings. Whether worn as the solo earrings or to accent
multiple piercings of the ear, Essentials CZ gemstone solitaires are available in clear faux diamond, ruby pink,
or amethyst purple. Take one, two, or better yet, get all three. After all, they are “essential”!

Pierced earrings are post studs.
Complements: choose jewelry that needs a vibrant pink or purple stud, or a clear faux diamond solitaire.

Sparkling ribbons of silver, channel-set with micro-mini CZs, wrap around your finger and showcase a trio of
regal colored jewels; amethyst, ruby and emerald! Fit for royalty, this triple gemstone ring is breathtakingly

Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.
Complements: Anything! Royalty ring specifically flatters Centerstage, Beautiful & Copa ensembles.

PASSION necklace and earrings
If your passion is purple, then this necklace is for you! Start with genuine amethyst gems of assorted colors
and shapes; add amethyst-colored glass beads in different shades of purple. The brilliant white freshwater
pearls adds contrast and elegance to this 48-inch long necklace. A free-form glass accent fashions each
earring. Passion… purely Park Lane!

Pierced earrings are fish-hook style. Necklace is 48 inches long. Continuous; no clasp.

Complements: Pearls. Rock-On earrings, necklace and bracelet. Purple Rain bracelet.
Try layering with Venus necklace. Dolce, Jolie Matinee, Rock-On.
Rings: Believe, Signature-amethyst, Elizabeth, Amazing
Bracelets: Rock On, Signature-amethyst, First Lady, Jolie, Purple Rain.

DYNASTY necklace, earrings and bracelet
Dynasty’s 48-inch-long necklace is fashioned from bold nuggets of genuine jade and real freshwater pearls
that are connected by silky black cord. Dynasty necklace can be layered or looped or used to frame another
necklace. Add the matching drop earrings and the stunning jade bracelet for an impressive finish.

Necklace is 48 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long plus a 2-inch extension. Lobster clasp.

Complements: Jade and aventurine gemstone jewelry. Bracelets: First Lady, Aloha.
Use Dynasty to frame new Wings necklace. Layer with Jade necklace or Jolie necklace.
Rings: Margarita, Believe, Enchanted.

WINGS necklace and earrings
Suspended from its long burnished brass chain you’ll find a flat teardrop pendant of genuine aventurine
dangling with a wafer-thin burnished brass feather and a large perforated leaf. Wings earrings offer the same
trio, but on a smaller scale. Unique and on-trend, Wings ensemble is outstanding!

Necklace is 32 inches long. No extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: Frame/layer Wings necklace with Dynasty or Jade necklace. Layer Wings with Fortune
necklace. Bracelets: Sand Dune, Flair-gold, Cozumel. Rings: Margarita
CHARMING necklace, earrings and bracelet
The chain of burnished silver features charms, lockets, antique coins, and a disk of genuine turquoise at the
matrix. Tiny nuggets of colorful semi-precious gemstone chips (lapis, carnelian, malachite, red tiger-eye, rose
quartz and rock crystal) are scattered among tooled matte silver charms. The bracelet mirrors the detail of the
necklace, and Charming earrings add the finishing touch. The ancient symbols on the coins translate to “good
luck” and “good health”. What could be more “charming” than jewelry that channels such positive energy?

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Bracelet is 7 1/2” inches long plus a 2-inch extension. Lobster clasp.

Complements: tooled/burnished silver. Turquoise. Rings: Cool Water, Antique Lace, Santa Cruz, Panache.
Bracelets: Cozumel, Oceanside, Aloha

ALL SEASONS necklace and earrings
Anytime is the right time for All Seasons ensemble! Oval hematite-plated links connect to form this 40-inch
chain that is punctuated with faceted gemstones of genuine rust agate. Matching gems fashion the dramatic
drop earrings. Jewelry for all reasons and all seasons … Park Lane!

Necklace is 40 inches long. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Complements: Use to frame another necklace like Amaretto, CoCoCats, Delicious or Cinnamon or Sensuous.
Signature topaz ring. Bracelets: Samba, Sensuous, Terrazzo

CINNAMON necklace and earrings
Add spice to your wardrobe with Cinnamon. The teardrop-shaped pendant of genuine agate is suspended
from a colorful assembly of golden roundels, agates, aurora borealis faceted crystals and copper-glazed
metallic glass spheres. Add Cinnamon agate drop earrings and step out in style!

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Complements: Frame Cinnamon with All Seasons necklace. Isabella ring. Mandarin ring.
Bracelets: Terrazzo, Amaretto, Samba, Sensuous.

DELICIOUS necklace and earrings
The apple of your eye? Why, Delicious necklace of course! The delicate silvertone chain is sprinkled with
nuggets of genuine agate. The apple-shaped pendant is a solid agate gemstone and is accented with leaves
of sparkling green crystals. Dainty earrings are fashioned from matching gems. Delicious!

Necklace is 16 inches plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp.
Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: Delicious looks great framed by a silvertone chain or with All Seasons necklace. Citrine ring.
Mandarin ring. Sensuous bracelet.
All That ring and bracelet.

FORTUNE necklace
Compliments are guaranteed when you wear this of-the-moment “IT” necklace. Fortune’s burnished brass
chain closes in front with a toggle that suspends a padlock, fringe chain and an ornate key. Find your
“Fortune” in Park Lane!

Necklace is 16 inches long. No extension; toggle/ring closure.

Complements: Venetian earrings Isabella ring. Can be layered with Wings necklace.
Bracelets: Frenzy, Chocolat.
UNTAMED necklace and earrings
Scattered along a long fine golden chain are gems of genuine tiger-eye that alternate with satin-finish matte
gold beads. Wear Untamed long and lean or looped and layered. The sensational drop earrings complete
this golden ensemble.

Necklace is 42 inches long. No extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: Untamed necklace looks fabulous worn with Cheetah bracelet and earrings. Use Untamed to
frame a necklace such as Cats, Coco, Amaretto, Italia. Bracelets: Flair, Terrazzo, Chocolat, Amaretto, Samba

CATS necklace and earrings
This unique, three-layer assembly of exotic print enameled pendants is suspended from its tan cord. Brass,
brown, gold and rust create the perfect meld of color and texture. CATS earrings are small replicas of the
pendant. It’s a jungle out there; be prepared… Wear Cats!

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: Frame with Untamed. Layer with All Seasons necklace.
Wear with Cheetah bracelet and/or earrings. Change the length of Cats necklace by slipping the pendant on a
30-inch long brown Soft Suede cord or w/Your Way onto a long gold chain.

Bracelets:, Terrazzo, Chocolat, Amaretto, Samba, Cats
Rings: Isabella, Signature-topaz, Mandarin

CHEETAH bracelet and earrings (pierced or clip style available)
Golden box settings showcase faceted animal motif glass stones. The dramatic bracelet stretches to fit the
wrist and the rectangular shaped earrings are available in both clip and pierced style. Take a walk on the wild
side… Wear Cheetah!

Bracelet adjusts to fit wrist. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style. Also available in clip.

Complements: flatters Cats and Untamed ensembles. Depending on the outfit, a plain gold necklace like
Caress, Glide or Italia looks great worn with Cheetah earrings and bracelet. Or, wear with brown Mocha
necklace. Chocolat brac Sign jet pendant on gold Glide necklace.
Rings: Isabella ring Grand ring. Signature jet ring

ROAR bracelet
Bold and daring, Roar bracelet makes a fierce fashion statement! This dramatic wide acrylic resin cuff is
infused with metallic glitter and accented with hand-painted black/brown tiger stripes! You are woman…. Hear
you ROAR!

Bracelet cuff slides on.
Complements: depending on the outfit, try Frenzy or wear Roar cuff with plain black accessories such as
Ignite, Retro, or Fashionable. Grand ring. Mocha necklace CoCo necklace.
ZEBRA necklace and earrings
Park Lane continues our style-safari with black zebra print silvery pendants suspended from the black suede
cord of Zebra necklace. Shimmering optical-faceted ovals fashion the drop earrings. ‘A to Z’ Park Lane’s got
you covered in sensational jewelry!

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: mother of pearl, black, white, or silver accessories. Bracelets: Try Dimensions or On the
Town. Madison, Retro, Volume, Flair, Cosmo. Rings: Wild One, Francais, Noche, Signature –jet, Unite.
DIMENSIONS necklace, earrings and bracelet
Geometric shapes take on a whole new Dimension in this modern, mother-of-pearl and shell ensemble. Enjoy
an entire spectrum of natural hues from gray to taupe to glue haze and more. The closures on both the
bracelet and the necklace are magnetic spheres so you can wear the necklace in its 20-inch length, or connect
the bracelet and lengthen the necklace to over 27 inches. Wear it as a belt. Want an even longer necklace?
Attach two necklaces together and fashion a 40-inch long masterpiece! Simple mother-of-pearl disk earrings
are contemporary and chic… Dimension!

Necklace is 20 inches long. Magnetic closure. Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long. Magnetic closure.
Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: Gray, taupe, and black jewelry. Silver accent jewelry. Dark mother-of-pearl.
Bracelets: Madison, Aloha, Foxy, Retro. Rings: All marcasite. Signature-jet ring and bracelet. Noche ring.

SPIN ZONE earrings and necklace
Spin Zone necklace is unique and special and now has earrings to match! With creative styling that tops the
charts, these optical-cut jet crystal disks offer a contemporary new spin on glamour.

Complements: black, marcasite, hematite.
Rings: The One, Noche, Magic, Reign, The One, Signature-jet, Santa Cruz, Reign, Supreme, Desire
Bracelets: On The Town, Foxy, Bow-tique bracelet, Signature-jet, Cabaret Checkmate, Flashy

ON THE TOWN earrings and bracelet
On The Town earrings and bracelet are sure to become your new go-to classic. A narrow, channel-set line of
jet black crystals loop around each hematite-plated hoop earring and encircle the slim black hematite bangle.
Put on your earrings, pile on your bangles and step out “on the town”!

Complements: hematite and black accessories. To name a few: The One ring, Magic, Spin Zone,
Fashionable, Zebra.

MYSTERY necklace and earrings
Mystery turns the classic O-ring circle necklace up a notch. Channel-set in rich hematite, the black crystals
generate sparkle and the petite flower charms add a touch of whimsy. When you don’t know what to wear,
MYSTERY solved… by Park Lane!

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: Hematite and black jewelry.
Rings: Magic, Noche, Supreme, The One, Reign, Francais, Signature-jet
Layer with Shadow or Chic. Add Foxy bracelet / earrings.
On The Town bracelets. On The Town hoops make good substitute earrings. Flashy watch, Manhattan
bracelet, Signature-jet bracelet.

MAGIC necklace and earrings and ring
It’s MAGIC! This heart-shaped shimmering black pendant is suspended from a hematite-plated black chain.
Its matte black finish is embedded with clear, jet black and luminous gray Swarovski crystals gems. The
pendant can be removed and worn on a different chain or try it on a long black cord. The twinkle that radiates
from Magic pendant and from the matching earrings is nothing short of magical.

Top off your ensemble with new On TheTown bracelets or with Signature bracelet in jet black. The perfect ring
choice? Abracadabra… it’s MAGIC! You will reach for this awesome ring over and over again. The gleaming
hematite-plated dome is studded with radiant gray and jet black Swarovski crystal jewels!

Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10. Necklace is 15 inches long plus a 3-inch extension.
Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Complements: Magic complements black and hematite jewelry.
Bracelets: Signature-jet, On The Town, Ignite, Retro, Spectacular Bow-tique, Madison
Rings: Noche, Signature-jet, Supreme.
Suggested necklaces/ensembles to wear with Magic ring: Foxy, Shadow, Ignite, Signature-jet, Fashionable,
Chic, Seduction, Mystery, Zebra, On The Town.

EVER AFTER necklace and earrings
Ever After pendant is a sleek, modern freeform heart. The cutout inside is replicated on the earrings as well.
Wear Ever After on its double-strand cord, or slip it on a longer chain; either way you’ll wear this ensemble
happily “ever after”.

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.

Complements: polished silver jewelry; black/silver jewelry. Loveable bracelet.
Looks great with Possiblilites necklace and Concept bracelet & Concept ring
Try with Francais and/or Noche ring.

CONCEPT bracelet
Big, bold and beautiful, Concept bracelet is for the fashionista who rejects accessories that are meek and mild.
Wear this high-polished silver contemporary cuff and you are on the cutting edge of fashion.

Cuff bracelet has a hinged side opening. Complements: Silvertone jewelry. Concept ring is perfect match
mate. Looks great with new Ever After ensemble and Possibilities necklace. Unite ring.

OOH LA LA earrings
Capture admiring glances when you wear Ooh La La earrings. These super-sized, yet light-as-air, hammered
silver earrings are real showstoppers!

Pierced earrings are fish-hook style. Complements: silvertone accessories. Bracelets: Cosmo bracelet is a
great match. Try Volume and Wild One.

This sensational long, lean intricately designed silvertone chain is fashioned from large oval links that connect
sections of cable, chain, and garlands of polished O-rings. Wear one or multiples or layer with other chains
and necklaces. In Park Lane, the “possibilities” are endless!

Necklace is 42 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp.
Complements: Silvertone jewelry.
Earring suggestions: Electrify, Cutting Edge, Swirl, Ooh La La
Bracelets: Couture, Concept, Flair, Encore, Infinity, Wild One, Volume
Layer with Echo, Everafter, or Tempo necklace. Unite Ring.
LUCKY bracelet
Wear a wrist full of wistful charms! Bright silver charms, some encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystals,
shimmer and shine as they dangle from this open link bracelet. Which one’s YOUR lucky charm? … a puffed
heart, a padlock, open heart, flat heart, crystal key or a sparkling star? Make a wish and … “get Lucky”!

Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long. Lobster clasp.
Complements: silvertone accessories. Looks great worn with Two-gether, Key to My Heart, Sateen ensemble,
Destiny pendant. Rings: Exquisite Unite, Captivate.

MOONLIGHT necklace
Sometimes just a touch of sparkle speaks volumes. This shimmering sliver of a crescent moon is
embellished with petite CZs. Wear it solo, framed, or in a cluster of random pendants. For day or for night,
Moonlight necklace is just right.
Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3-inch extension. Lobster clasp.
Complements: silver and silver/sparkling jewelry
Perfect matchmates: Park Ave and Infinity bracelet. Layer with Key to My Heart necklace.
Earrings: Sharper Image or Reaction, Essential clear studs.

TWO-GETHER necklace
Signifying that love is the key that will unlock a heart this darling two-part pendant necklace arrives with its own
message card that reads, “Love is a friendship set to music.” Available in both matte silver and in matte gold,
Two-gether makes a great gift that’s appropriate for any age.

Tip: layer both the gold and silver necklaces together (slightly staggered) and create a two-tone necklace, or
stack the silver necklace with other small silver pendants like Nicole Lynn (angel), Prayer (cross), Secret (key)
and/or Moonlight (crescent moon).

Necklace is 16 inches long with a 3-inch long extension. Spring ring clasp.
Complements: gold or silver accessories. Cutting Edge earrings in gold and/or silver.

HEIDI TOO necklace
This designer-inspired necklace features quatrefoil stations that are pave-set with miniature CZs on both front
and back. Assembled by hand, each textured link of the chain is hand-soldered. Wear Heidi Too solo,
layered, or as a frame for the glittering pendant of our original Heidi necklace. Add Heidi bracelets and
earrings or mix and match with most any sparkling silver accessories; simply stunning!

Necklace is 36 inches long. Lobster clasp.
Complements: silver and silver pave crystal sparkle jewelry. Frame Heidi necklace; add multiples of Heidi

Command attention everywhere you wear Captivate ring. Sparks fly from this spectacular, freeform heart-
shaped ring pave-set with sizzling Swarovski crystals. Captivate ring is a show-stopper!

Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10. Complements anything!
Especially beautiful worn with pave set jewelry ensembles: Sateen, Destiny, Couture, Heidi, Monaco,
Spellbound, Couture, etc.

MONACO necklace and earrings
Designer-inspired Monaco’s big bold links of silver encircle your neckline with glamour. The front links are
generously encrusted with sizzling, pave CZs. Add the incredible faux diamond earrings and dazzle them all in

Necklace is 16 inches long. No extension. Fold-over clasp.

Complements: All silvertone pave-set accessories look fabulous with Monaco.
Rings: Captivate, Shimmer, Opulent, Spellbound, Incredible. Exquisite
Bracelets: Sensational, Spellbound, Park Avenue bracelets. Le Seine or Diamond Dream watch

ICE bracelet
Once you get past the initial jaw-dropping beauty of ICE bracelet, you will begin to notice the details that make
this item so special. Gigantic emerald-cut CZs are linked end-to-end with stippled silver bars. The four
corners of each gem are supported by a heart-tipped prong, similar to what you would expect of the finest
genuine diamond designer jewelry. ICE bracelet is truly wrist-worthy!

Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long. Fold-over clasp.
Complements: silvertone/sparking jewelry. Pick up the rectangular shape with Striking ring or Sparkle ring.
SPECTACULAR bracelet                                                     Hostess Only Collection
This glamorous masterpiece is fashioned from wide sections of of faux black diamonds highlighted by bars of
clear Swarovski crystals. The result is an eye-popping spectacular work of art! Hostesses, set your show date
and you will be armed and fabulous in Spectacular bracelet!

Genuine Swarovski crystals. Adjusts to fit the wrist. Complements: Rings: Supreme, Reign, Francais.
Wear with ensembles: Manhattan, Magic, Spin Zone. Rings: Empress, Magic, Santa Cruz

VEGAS necklace, earrings and bracelet                             Hostess Only Collection
For Park Lane hostesses, It’s VEGAS, baby! Extraordinary round, oval, and teardrop-shaped cubic zirconias
present a parade of sizzling sparkle on Vegas bracelet and the sensational earrings. But it’s the incredible Y-
shaped Vegas necklace that steals the show. Hostesses who choose Vegas will definitely hit the Park Lane

Necklace is 16 inches long plus 3 inch extender. Bracelet is 7 1/2 inches long
Earrings are Euro-pierced style. Complements: Dazzler ring and/or Oh! ring are great match mates.

FOREVER necklace and earrings                                      Hostess Only Collection
This mega-watt pink CZ heart pendant and its matching earrings feature unique optical cut facets. The
stunning pendant is accented with a sparkling jewel-encrusted silver bail. Formerly offered as an exclusive
contest award, Forever is now part of our Hostess Only collection.

Necklace is 16 inches long plus a 3 - inch extension. Lobster clasp. Pierced earrings are fish-hook style.
Complements: Signature-pink, Flamingo watch, Pink Diamond ring and bracelet,

ELIZABETH ring                                                                   Hostess Only Collection
Exquisite and regal, Elizabeth ring joins the outstanding assortment of merchandise available only to Park
Lane hostesses.      The eye-popping teardrop-shaped faux tanzanite CZ gem is set in gleaming silver and
framed with a border of twinkling clear CZ baguettes. Sensational!

Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Complements: stunning worn with anything, but particularly flattering with Centerstage, Beautiful, Copa,
Passion and all amethyst /purple jewlery

POSH ring                                                                 Three Booking Gift
Embraced by glittering prongs, this mega-watt 28 carat cushion-cut olivine CZ nests in its sparkling setting.
POSH is the perfect reward for people who party with Park Lane!

Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

LE SEINE watch                                Hostess Only Collection
The shimmering mother-of-pearl watch face is surrounded sparkling faux diamonds. The inch-wide bracelet is
of gleaming oval silver links is embellished with glittering crystals.

Named for the river that runs through the city of Paris, each time you show Le Seine watch, be reminded to
offer others their chance to join us on Park Lane’s adventure in Paris.

Complements all silvertone sparkling jewelry.

DEBONAIR watch                                             Hostess Only Collection
Park Lane brings our men’s jewelry collection up to the MINUTE with a new time piece … Debonair! The
croc-embossed leather strap and bold watch face make Debonair perfect for the gentleman with discriminating
taste. All Stainless Steel watch.

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