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                                                                            Yavapai: To Tell                                                            Apache: To Talk
                                            Volume 13        Issue 10            Newspaper of the Yavapai-Apache Nation -- FREE                                   November 2010

                                                  Swearing In
                                                                                                                                                                  Adoption Month

                                                                                                                                                                        By: Fran Chavez

                                                                                                                                                                     In honor of National Adop-
                                                                                                                                                                  tion Month the Nation’s De-
                                                                                                                                                                  partment of Social Services
                                                                                                                                                                  encourages Yavapai-Apache
                                                                                                                                                                  Nation families to apply to be-
                                                                                                                                                                  come foster/adoptive homes
                                                                                                                                                                  for YAN children in need.
                                                                                                                                                                     The Indian Child Welfare
                                                                                                                                                                  Act (ICWA) enacted in 1978
                                                                                                                                                                  was designed to “protect the
                                                                                                                                                                  best interests of Indian chil-
                                                                                                                                                                  dren and to promote the sta-
                                                                                                                                                                  bility and security of Indian
                                                                                                                                                                  tribes and families.”
                                                                                                  KwAIl Is coNgrATulATeD by outgoing chairman                        The law required that In-
DAVID KwAIl is sworn in by YAN election board chief Judge, crystal rivera.                        Thomas beauty.                                                  dian children placed for adop-
                                                                                                                                                                  tion would be placed first with
Kwail is sworn in as new Yavapai-Apache Nation Chairman                                                                                                           members of the child’s ex-
                                                                                                                                                                  tended family, then with other
                                                                                                                                                                  member’s of the child’s tribe
                 By: Fran Chavez                                                                                                                                  and lastly with other Indian
   Newly elected Yavapai-Apache Nation Chairman                                                                                                                      Each year the Nation’s De-
David Kwail was sworn in to office Thursday, Octo-                                                                                                                partment of Social Services
ber 7, in front of a packed audience which included                                                                                                               places approximately 20 chil-
former Chairmen Thomas Beauty, Jamie Fullmer and                                                                                                                  dren in foster/adoptive homes.
Vincent Randall.                                                                                                                                                     While the Nation’s adoption
   Kwail beat out challenger Roberta Pavatea during                                                                                                               rate is low, the need to place
the September 18, General Election by 23 votes, one                                                                                                               children in foster care remains
of the closest races in the Nation’s history.                                                                                                                     constant.
   Pavatea attempted to halt the swearing in by filing                                                                                                               The department follows
an Injunction to Stay the Swearing In and a Motion                                                                                                                tribal preference placement
for Time to Contest Election Results on September
                                                                                                                                                                  when placing children in fos-
28, but her requests were denied by the court allow-
                                                                                                                                                                  ter care; first attempting to
ing the swearing in to move forward without disrup-
tion.                                                                                                                                                             place a child with relatives,
   Also sworn in were, Vice Chairman Robert Jack-                                                                                                                 then other YAN families, other
son Sr., Councilwoman Tanya Lewis-Moore, and                                                                                                                      Indian families and lastly with
Councilman Dave Kinsey Jr.                                                                                                                                        non-Indian families.
   Each of the council members will serve a three From leFT To rIghT: chairman David Kwail, Vice chairman robert Jackson sr., council-                               With a lack of qualified fos-
year term ending in 2013.                              woman Tanya moore, councilman Dave Kinsey Jr.                                                              ter homes in the Nation, the
                                                                                                                                                                  Department of Social Services
                                                                                                                                                                  is in dire need of Native fos-
                                                                                                                                                                  ter/adoptive homes for chil-
                                                                                                                                                                  dren in need of placement.
                                                                                                                                                                     Requirements for becoming
                                                                                                                                                                  a foster/adoptive home are:
                                                                                                                                                                     • Application
                                                                                                                                                                     • Criminal background of
                                                                                                                                                                  all household members 18
                                                                                                                                                                  years and older
                                                                                                                                                                     • Physical exam (foster/
                                                                                                                                                                  adoptive parents)
                                                                                                                                                                     • References (requires
                                                                                                                                                                     • Identification
                                                                                                                                                                     • Immunization record of
                                                                                                                                                                  all children in the home (fos-
                                                                                                                                                                  ter/adoptive parent’s children)
                                                                                                                                                                     • Parenting classes
                                                                                                                                                                     • Home study (includes a
                                                                                                                                                                  walk through of the home)
                                                                                                                                                                     • License (DSS Certifica-
                                                                                                                                                                     If you or anyone you know
                                                                                                                                                                  is interested in becoming a
                                                                                                                                                                  foster/adoptive home, contact
                                                                                                                                                                  the Department of Social Ser-
The New couNcIl members are congratulated by YAN community members.
                                                                                                                                                                  vices at (928) 649-7100.

Lightning strikes Tribal Gaming Office during storm
      By: Fran Chavez             extensive damage to the           The Nation’s MIS Depart-      rillo, TGO Executive Direc-      has been able to work with     the month we’ll be back in
                                  building including knocking    ment has been working with       tor, phone service is limited,   the Nation’s Enrollment De-    service,” says Carrillo.
   October 6 was an electrify-    out the phone system, com-     various contractors to restore   computer access is non-exis-     partment to issue temporary      The lightning was a result
ing day for the Tribal Gam-       puters and electronic equip-   service to the building, but     tent and electronic equipment,   badges to new hires and ex-    of severe storms that moved
ing Office, as it was struck by   ment, effectively shutting     TGO operations remain lim-       including the badge making       isting employees who require   through Arizona October 6,
lightning that morning.           down TGO operations for        ited.                            system is still down.            replacements.                  spawning tornadoes near the
   The lightning strike caused    more than a week.                 According to Carol Car-          Carrillo says that TGO           “Hopefully, by the end of   Flagstaff area.
2 - November 2010                                                                       Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'

                                                                      Editor’s Message
            ou’ve spoken and           • The Nation’s website      same e-mail notices that all      guage, were slanderous or         hope to continue to enhance           ity. Donate food items to the
            I’ve been listen-       has been updated to include    administrative employees re-      were illegible. We want to        our services to include more          Nation’s Food Bank located
            ing. During the         downloadable forms from all    ceive. To sign-up send your       hear your opinion and share       of your suggestions.                  at 3364 Hamaley Avenue in
  past year that I’ve been with     of the Nation’s departments.   e-mail address to: news@          those opinions with other            Lastly, with the holidays          Middle Verde. Buy a gift for
  the tribe as the Public Re-          • The Nation’s website is and ask to be       community members.                fast approaching I would              a needy child. Volunteer at
  lations Manager, one of my        updated weekly with news       placed on the e-mail sub-           • PR attempts to attend as      like to remind all of you to
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  the services provided by the         • An e-mail subscription       • PR has printed all letters   provide you with complete         fortunate then yourselves.            event or school event.
  PR Department.                    list has been implemented.     sent to the editor, with the      coverage about the events         Remember to donate your
    Here are a few of the           By signing up for this ser-    exception of any that con-        occurring at the Nation.          gently used clothes, jackets             Fran Chavez
  changes:                          vice you will receive the      tained obscene or vulgar lan-       In the coming year we           and sweaters to a local char-            Public Relations Manager

Nov. 2 General Election                                                                                                                                    ernor and Lieutenant Governor, selected sepa-
                                                                                                                                                           rately by voters at the primary election, shall
Unofficial Results 2,237 of 2,239 precincts                                                                                                                run on one ticket and be voted on together in
reporting                                                                                                                                                  the general election.

                                                                                                                                                           Arizona Proposition 112
                                                                                                                                                           Changes the initiative filing deadline from four
                                                                                                                                                           months to six months prior to the general elec-
                                                                                                                                                           tion at which the proposed measure is to be
                                                                                                                                                           voted upon.
                                                  Arizona Superintendent of Public Education         Arizona Senator District 1                            No.......................................623,188
                                                  John Huppenthal (R) w p 729,497                    Steve Pierce (R) w p     47,106
                                                  Penny Kotterman (D)     576,284                    Bob Donahue (D)          25,263                       Arizona Proposition 113
                                                                                                                                                           Guarantees the right under state law of individ-
                                                  Arizona Mine Inspector                                                                                   uals to vote by secret ballot where local, state,
                                                  Joe Hart (R) w         729,400                                                                           or federal law permits or requires elections,
                                                  Manuel Cruz (D)        535,852                                                                           designations or authorizations for employee
Arizona Governor                                                                                                                                           representation.
Jan Brewer (R) w p        748,401                                                                                                                          Yes......................................772,237
Terry Goddard (D)         568,878                                                                                                                          No.......................................499,791
Barry Hess (L)            29,455
Larry Gist (G)            12,049                                                                                                                           Arizona Proposition 203
                                                                                                                                                           Allows the use of marijuana for people with
                                                                                                                                                           debilitating medical conditions who obtain a
                                                                                                                                                           written certification from a physician and es-
                                                                                                                                                           tablishes a regulatory system governed by the
                                                                                                                                                           Arizona Department of Health Services for es-
                                                                                                                                                           tablishing and licensing medical marijuana dis-
                                                                                                     Arizona Representative District 1 (2)                 pensaries.
                                                                                                     Andy Tobin (R) w p      41,721                        Yes......................................655,418
                                                                                                     Karen Fann (R) w        36,933                        No.......................................662,150
                                                                                                     Lindsay Bell (D)        25,894
                                                                                                                                                           Arizona Proposition 301
                                                  Corporation Commissioner (2)                       Arizona Proposition 106                               Transfers the remaining balance of money in
                                                  Brenda Burns (R) w p 684,060                       Prohibits laws or rules that require participa-       the Land Conservation Fund, established by
                                                  Gary Pierce (R) w      661,664                     tion in any health care system; allows a per-         voters in 1998 as the "Growing Smarter Act,"
                                                  David Bradley (D)      443,961                     son, employer or health care provider to forgo        to the state General Fund.
Arizona Secretary of State                                                                           health insurance and pay or receive payment
                                                  Jorge Louis Garcia (D) 404,064                                                                           Yes......................................327,178
Ken Bennett (R) w p      765,927                                                                     for health care directly without a penalty; spe-
                                                  Rick Fowlkes (L)       74,397                                                                            No.......................................930,982
Chris Deschene (D)       542,502                                                                     cifically allows the purchase and sale of health
                                                  Benjamin Pearcy (G)    37,034
                                                  Theodore Gomez (G)     33,063                      insurance in private health care systems.             Arizona Proposition 302
                                                                                                     Yes......................................703,470      Terminates the Early Childhood Development
                                                                                                     No.......................................567,003      and Health Board and programs established by
                                                                                                                                                           voters in 2006 as the "Arizona Early Childhood
                                                                                                     Arizona Proposition 107                               Development and Health Initiative;" requires
                                                                                                     Prohibits the state from granting preferential        money in the early childhood development and
                                                                                                     treatment to or discriminating against any per-       education fund be deposited in the state Gen-
                                                                                                     son or group on the basis of race, sex, color,        eral Fund and used for health and human ser-
                                                                                                     ethnicity or national origin; exempts reasonably      vices for children.
                                                                                                     necessary qualifications based on sex, existing       Yes......................................391,442
                                                                                                     court orders and actions that would result in the     No.......................................891,375
                                                                                                     loss of federal funds.
                                                                                                     Yes......................................749,118      Camp Verde Unified School Board (2)
                                                                                                     No.......................................508,589      Judy Gilbert          1,361
Arizona Attorney General                                                                                                                                   Trent Hackett         1,086
Tom Horne (R) w p      693,871                                                                       Arizona Proposition 109                               Mark Larson           1,082
Felecia Rotellini (D)  626,704                                                                       Establishes the right of Arizona citizens to hunt,    Andrea Wrubel         723
                                                  U.S. Senator                                       fish and harvest wildlife lawfully; grants ex-
                                                  John McCain (R) w p       792,549                  clusive authority to the legislature to regulate      Mingus Union School Board (2)
                                                  Rodney Glassman (D)       464,463                  hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife; pro-        James Ledbetter       5,327
                                                  David Nolan (L)           63,039                   hibits laws that unreasonably restrict hunting,       Anita Glazar          4,830
                                                  Jerry Joslyn (G)          19,121                   fishing and harvesting wildlife; establishes law-     Anthony Lozano        3,747
                                                                                                     ful hunting and fishing as a preferred means of
                                                                                                     managing and controlling wildlife.                    Camp Verde Fire District Board (5)
                                                                                                     Yes......................................566,427      Gwen Gunnell            1,450
                                                                                                     No.......................................722,119      Stephen Darby           1,392
                                                                                                                                                           Jack Blum               1,378
                                                                                                     Arizona Proposition 110                               James Wingate           1,342
                                                                                                     Allows the sale or lease of state trust land with-    Theresa Cochrane        1,144
                                                                                                     out auction or advertisement in order to protect      George Kleindienst      1,082
                                                                                                     military installations and operations. Provides       Marcy Poletick          863
                                                                                                     for voter-approved exchanges of state trust land
Arizona State Treasurer                                                                              after public notice and hearing if the exchange       Town of Camp Verde Prop. 400
Doug Ducey (R) w p        683,908                                                                    is related to either protecting military facilities   Raise municipal sales tax 1 percent?
Andrei Cherny (D)         535,384                                                                    or for land management purposes.                      Yes......................................638
Thane Eichenauer (L)      51,461                                                                     Yes......................................623,921      No.......................................2,277
Thomas Meadows (G)        35,816                                                                     No.......................................628,681
                                                  U.S. Representative District 1
                                                  Paul Gosar (R) w p       98,326                                                                          Town of Camp Verde Prop. 401
                                                  Ann Kirkpatrick (D)      86,446                    Arizona Proposition 111                               Raise municipal sales tax 0.5 percent for library
                                                  Nicole Patti (L)         12,744                    Changes the name of the office of Secretary of        and library?
                                                                                                     State to the office of Lieutenant Governor; pro-      Yes......................................1,018
                                                                                                     vides that the nominees of each party for Gov-        No.......................................1,914
                                                                                             Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'                                                                    November 2010 - 3

                                   YAVAPAI-APACHE NEWS
Arizona Office of Tourism offers tips on how to draw visitors to the Nation
       By Fran Chavez                                                                                                                       rently hosts familiarization      Randy Puett, Cliff Castle
                                                                                                                                            tours, otherwise known as      Casino Hotel Sales Manager
   The Nation’s Economic De-                                                                                                                FAM tours, as a way to build   says that two AOT FAM tours
velopment Administration and                                                                                                                interest in the Nation.        are currently scheduled and
Office of Public Relations at-                                                                                                                FAM tours are intended to    include one group of interna-
tended the Arizona Office of                                                                                                                educate and familiarize tour   tional press representatives.
Tourism’s Native Outreach                                                                                                                   operators and media organi-       The Nation’s departments
Conference October 19 at the                                                                                                                zations about the Nation and   and Cliff Castle Casino Ho-
Cliff Castle Casino Hotel as                                                                                                                the experiences available to   tel will continue to work with
part of a joint effort to learn                                                                                                             them when visiting the Verde   AOT to promote the Nation as
more about the tourism indus-                                                                                                               Valley.                        a tourist destination.\
try in Arizona and the opportu-
nities available to the Nation.
   Vice Chairman Robert Jack-
son Sr. welcomed the attend-
ees saying, “The Nation’s ho-
tel and casino would not be
here if it weren’t for the tour-
ists. We depend on the tour-
ists to help sustain our econ-     VIce chAIrmAN robert Jackson sr. welcomes attendees to the Arizona office of Tour-
omy.”                              ism Native American outreach conference
   AOT offered advice on ev-
erything from community out-       ist dollars is a great opportu-     being broken up into pieces         tourism industry, but we don’t
reach to developing watchable      nity for the Nation.” says Fran     and with limited resources          want to commercialize or
wildlife programs.                 Chavez, YAN Public Relations        available to us, we have to         jeopardize our culture in any
   “With the economy lagging,      Manager.                            come up with innovative ways        manner,” Chavez goes on to
we have to look for alterna-          “This is definitely not a task   to interest tourists to visit the   say.
tive sources of revenue for        that can be accomplished over-      Nation                                Cliff Castle Casino Hotel in   ecoNomIc DeVelopmeNT Director buddy rocha Jr.
                                   night. With our reservation           We want to build on the           coordination with AOT cur-       discusses community outreach with AoT staff.
the Nation and capturing tour-

                                                                                                           Yavapai-Apache Nation
                                                                                                           UNITY Youth Council begins
                                                                                                           Verde River clean-up

 Yavapai-Apache Construction moves
 forward on Sine Street development
 by Fran chavez

 Above, YAc be-
 gins the sine
 street develop-
 ment by prepar-
 ing the ground
 for infrastruc-
 ture and pav-                                                                                             remoVINg TumbleweeDs along the Verde river proved to be an all day task.
 ing. right, sine
 street is re-                                                                                                  By: Fran Chavez
 aligned by YAc
 to allow emer-                                                                                               The Yavapai-Apache Na-
 gency access to                                                                                           tion’s UNITY Youth Coun-
 the new housing                                                                                           cil has begun the monumen-
 development.                                                                                              tal task of removing inva-
                                                                                                           sive plants along the Na-
                                                                                                           tion’s stretch of the Verde
                                                                                                           River and replacing them

Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal
                                                                                                           with native species.
                                                                                                              Utilizing funds received
                                                                                                           from the Disney Friends for

Housing Tenants Pass Inspection
                                                                                                           Change: Project Green pro-
                                                                                                           gram, UNITY purchased
                                                                                                           supplies and t-shirts for
   By YANTH Housing                  Angela Irving                     who participated in the JP
 Counselors Carol Baca and           Charles Irving                    Morgan /TRAVIOS Inspec-                 See UNITY on 4               uNITY youth work together to remove invasive plants.
       Brandy Gyce                   Philip Ayala                      tion on September 14, 2010.
                                     Sherry Enos
  YA N T H w o u l d l i k e t o     Tyrissianna Burris                  Gennie Gibson
thank the 19 Tenants from            Victoria Mitchell                   Schwartz Pavatea
LLP#3, who participated in                                               Nel Engle
the Arizona Department of        YANTH would also like to                Mark Quail
Housing (ADOH) Inspection Thank Five LLP#2 Tenants                       Mary Montgomery
on September 15, 2010. Units
that successfully passed were
rewarded with a Certificate
of Appreciation and a Gift
Card. I would like to give a
BIG thanks to the following
Tenants Keep Up the Good

  Beverly Crawford
  Nicole Russell
  Dawn Beauty
  Melissa Case
  Bernadine Valenzuela
  Rhiannon Hood
  Jason Engel
  Devonna Steele
  Justin Smith
  Charlie Baca Jr.
  Savannah Watahomigie
4 - November 2010                                                                              Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'

Nation lays groundwork for natural gas service at casino corridor
       By Fran Chavez               tether used to pull the line un-
                                    derneath I-17.
   Natural gas service at the          Both the Nation and Front-
casino corridor is getting one      line took remedial action to
step closer to becoming a re-       correct the problem and work
ality.                              is expected to resume within
   Frontline Energy Services        the next couple of weeks.
out of Flagstaff has been con-         The boring project was
tracted by the Nation to com-       jump started when former
plete gas line boring under-        Chairman Jamie Fullmer ne-
neath the four lanes of I-17.       gotiated with ADOT to obtain
The Nation hopes to eventu-         a right-of-way permit to bore
ally connect to existing gas        underneath I-17. Chairman
lines located 1.5 miles north       Fullmer with the aide of for-
of the Middle Verde Reserva-        mer Arizona Governor Janet
tion.                               Napolitano obtained the per-
   A connection will allow the      mit from the Federal Interstate
Nation to supply natural gas        Department out of Washing-
to the casino corridor and pos-     ton, D.C. in 2007.
sibly to Middle Verde resi-            Vice Chairman Robert Jack-
dents and other businesses in       son Sr. and Councilwoman
the area.                           Linda Evans have since taken
   Work on the project was          the lead on the construction
partially completed when one        and development of the casino
of the lines being pulled be-       corridor, including the boring
came unhooked from the              project.                           A FroNTlINe eNergY services employee oversees the boring at I-17.

Enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving                                                                                                                      New Housing
      By Fran Chavez                                                water. Water helps fill your
                                                                    stomach and prevents you
   This year, be thankful for                                       from overindulging in breads,

                                                                                                                                                  Coming Soon
Thanksgiving, not thank-                                            cakes and pies
ful that Thanksgiving will                                             9. Make substitutions.
be over soon. By prepar-                                               Recipe calls for
ing ahead and making simple                                         Substitute
changes to your routine you                                            1 whole egg
can enjoy a healthier Thanks-                                                                                                                       Yavapai Apache Nation              gram overseen by the Inter-
                                                                       2 egg whites                                                               Tribal Housing is pleased to         nal Revenue Service (IRS),
giving without the hassle of                                           sour cream
feeling like you’re the turkey    properly. Nothing is worse                                                                                      announce the grant award re-         Department of Justice (DOJ),
                                  than trying to work with a bird      low fat plain yogurt or low                                                ceived for their next Low In-        and Housing and Urban De-
running around with its head
                                  who won’t flap his wings. By      fat sour cream                                                                come Housing Tax Credit              velopment (HUD). The in-
cut off.
                                  properly thawing your turkey         milk                                                                       project for Limited Partner-         ner agencies for the Low In-
   Here are some easy tips to
                                  you can prevent frostbitten          skim or 1% milk                  The Crime Beat publishes names            ship #4.                             come Housing Tax Credit pro-
help you enjoy a healthier, re-                                                                                                                     This award will be used
laxing holiday.                   fingers.                             ice cream                      of individuals cited or arrested for                                             gram are Arizona Department
                                     Refrigerator thawing times:       frozen yogurt                  violations of the Yavapai-Apache            to construct 36 new housing          of Housing (ADOH) and the
   1. Make desserts the day                                                                                                                       units which will be located in
before. Your oven is already          4 to 12 pounds ……. 1 to          heavy cream (not for whip-     Nation criminal codes during the                                                 Yavapai-Apache Nation Tribal
                                  3 days                                                              previous month. Please direct all           the Tunlii Community.                Housing (YANTH).
reserved for the roasting the                                       ping)
                                     12 to 16 pounds …… 3 to                                          feedback, questions or comments               Units will consist of (19)            A big thanks to the Yavapai
turkey on Thanksgiving day,                                            1:1 ratio of flour whisked                                                 single family units, (4) Duplex
so why not make your pies         4 days                            into non fat milk                 about the Rez Crime Beat to Public                                               Apache Nation Tribal Coun-
                                     16 to 20 pounds …… 4 to                                          Safety, (928) 649-7142.                     units, and (3) Triplex units.
and cakes the day before and                                           whipped cream chilled                                                                                           cil (past & present), YANTH
                                  5 days                                                                                                          One (1) unit will be dedicated
not have to worry about jug-                                           evaporated skim milk or                                                                                         Staff, YAN Attorney General
                                     20 to 24 pounds …… 5 to                                            All Persons are Innocent until            for a tribal police officer to re-
gling items to and from the                                         other low fat whipped prod-                                                   side on site.                        Staff and Travois Asset Man-
                                  6 days                                                              Proven Guilty in a Court of Law.                                                 agement in their due diligence
oven.                                                               ucts                                                                            Construction is to begin Jan-
   2. Buy desserts from a            5. Don’t go to dinner                                                                                                                             to acquire additional housing
                                  starving. When we’re hun-            cheese low-fat cheese (note:      9/1     Brent Honwytewa arrested for     uary 2011.
bakery. Even better, why not                                        non-fat cheese does not melt      Criminal Arrest Warrant                       Applicants who are income          units for the Nations’ tribal
buy pre-made pies and cakes       gry, we eat more and faster.                                                                                                                         members.
                                                                    well if used for baking)             9/2     Kenneth Worden Jr cited for      qualified will be selected from
                                  Eat a healthy breakfast and                                                                                                                             Submitted by:
from the bakery.                                                       butter light butter            Traffic Violation                           the Low Income Housing Tax
                                  lunch before going to Thanks-                                          9/4     Anna Bonnaha arrested for As-                                            Rick Preston
   3. Cut and dice vegetables                                          cream of mushroom                                                          Credit waiting list. Selection
                                  giving dinner.                                                      sault                                                                               Director
the day before. Pre-cutting                                                                                                                       will be based on Elder pref-
                                     6. Eat your bird naked.        fat-free cream of mushroom           9/5     Gerald Nez arrested for Disor-
and pre-slicing vegetables is                                                                                                                     erence, Set Asides based on             Yavapai-Apache Nation
                                  Remove the skin from your            10. Gather Family. In-         derly Conduct
an easy way to save yourself      turkey slice and cut out some                                          9/7     Helen Stout cited for Dog at     grant application, and then by       Tribal Housing
a lot of work on Thanksgiving                                       volve your family in the holi-                                                                                        PO Box 3310
                                  of the fat and cholesterol from                                     Large                                       Date of application.
day. Peel your potatoes the                                         day preparations. Let the kids                                                  The Low Income Housing                Camp Verde, AZ 86322
                                  your plate.                                                            9/10 Donovan Lomaintewa arrested
day before, soak them in wa-                                        help peel and dice potatoes/      for Disorderly Conduct and Assault          Tax Credit is a Federal pro-            (928) 567-4191
                                     7. Add color to your meal.     vegetables (with supervision).
ter and place in the refrigera-   Fill half your plate with veg-                                         9/13 Jonathan Williams arrested for
tor overnight to prevent oxi-                                       Have the older children help      Assault
                                  etables and other healthy                                              Adam Gunkel arrested for DUI and
dization. What could be bet-      choices rather than starches.     with washing dishes and serv-
ter than homemade mashed                                            ing.                              Possession of a Stolen Weapon
                                     8. Drink plenty of water.
potatoes?                         Nothing is better for you than       Have a safe and happy
   4. Thaw your turkey                                              Thanksgiving!                              See Crime on 6

        From Page 3
each of the youth to use in
the clean-up effort.
   Approximately 45 students
from the Nation showed
up Monday morning to be-
gin the clean-up, forgoing a
portion of their fall break.
As a reward the youth were
treated to a trip to the Phoe-
nix Zoo.                            uNITY Youth council and YAN Youth pose for a picture at the phoenix Zoo.
                                                                                   Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'                                                                       November 2010 - 5

                                                       CASINO NEWS
                                                                                                                                            CLIFF CASTLE CASINO-HOTEL
Vivian Stevens successfully completes Cliff Castle                                                                                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS NOVEMBER 2010
Casino’s three year Tribal Management Program                                                                                           PROMOTIONS:
                                                                                                                                        Holiday Gift Giveaway
                                                                                                                                                                     Challenge from 10am-10pm
                                                                                                                                                                     on Sundays and from 3pm-
      By Fran Chavez                                                                                                                    Guests Can Play & Win        midnight on Mondays for

                                                                                                                                     their share of over $50,000     your chance at 5 trips for
           fter completing a                                                                                                         in cash & prizes!               two to the Super Bowl in
           three year stint in                                                                                                          The holiday season is        Dallas. Weekly $100 prizes,
           Cliff Castle Casino’s                                                                                                     here—and we’ve got gifts        special stadium style
Tribal Management Program,                                                                                                           and goodies for all our            menu and Budweiser &
tribal member Vivian Stevens                                                                                                         guests. They can play and       Coors giveaways. See you
was recently honored at a lun-                                                                                                       win hot seats drawings &        at the game.
cheon celebrating her gradua-                                                                                                        cash drawings, or qualify to
tion from the program.                                                                                                               win diamonds and jewels,          Hotel Holiday Package
   The program was developed                                                                                                         4-wheels of fun, home elec-       Stay with us during the
by Tribal Management Pro-                                                                                                            tronics, a wet & wild pack-     months of November & De-
gram Administrator Naomi                                                                                                             age, home improvements,         cember and celebrate the
Sorenson as a tool to provide                                                                                                        vacation getaways, shop-        season with food & wine.
                                                                                                                                     ping sprees and loads of        Stays on Sunday, Mon-
tribal members the experience
                                                                                                                                     cash. All Castle Club Mem-      day, Wednesday or Thurs-
and education to obtain a man-
                                                                                                                                     bers can earn raffle tick-      day nights at standard room
agement position at Cliff Cas-
                                                                                                                                     ets by accumulating points      rate will receive Dinner for
tle Casino.
                                                                                                                                     on their Castle Club Cards.     Two. For complete details
   Over the three years she
                                                                                                                                     And that means everybody!       contact the Hotel at (928)
was enrolled in the program,
                                                                                                                                     Blackjack players, Club 52      567-6611 and ask about the
Stevens worked in 19 depart-
                                                                                                                                     poker players and slot play-    Wine & Dine Package.
ments, attended Yavapai Col-
lege and the University of         From leFT To rIghT: Naomi sorenson, Vice chairman robert Jackson sr., Vivian                      ers. See the Castle Club for
                                                                                                                                     all the important dates and       TABLE GAMES
Reno, obtaining a Manage-          stevens, chairman David Kwail, ccc general manager robert pokorney                                                                  Blackjack
ment and Gaming Certificate                                                                                                          details, or call (928) 567-
                                                                                                thanks to Naomi Sorensen, she        7999.                             • Free Blackjack Lessons
and an Associate of Applied                                                                                                                                          – 10am & 12 Noon | Daily
Science in Management De-                                                                       was my boss, she is my friend,
                                                                                                and my mentor,” says Stevens           Easy Money                      • $3 BJ Play | Daily
gree.                                                                                                                                                                  • Feel 21 Again! – Every
    “I was excited to finish the                                                                of completing the program.             $1,000,000 Big Card
                                                                                                   “I’ve been in casinos a long      Winnings!                       Friday | 7pm
Tribal Management Program.                                                                                                                                             VISIT BLACK JACK
It took a lot of hard work and                                                                  time and this is by far the best       Imagine holding the win-
                                                                                                program I’ve seen. You rep-                                          FOR DETAILS
dedication. I have my own                                                                                                            ning hand, now imagine it’s
goal in life which is “No mat-                                                                  resent the hope and dreams of        worth $1 million dollars.
                                                                                                all tribal people,” Robert Po-                                         Poker
ter what I start, I have to fin-                                                                                                     That’s exactly what could
                                                                                                korney, CCC General Man-                                               • Three Card Poker – 3
ish”. It doesn’t matter how old                                                                                                      happen for our guests dur-      ways to play, 4 ways to win
you are, you just have to get                                                                   ager told Stevens during the         ing our new table game pro-
                                                                                                luncheon, “I feel a lot stron-                                         • Aces Cracked – Win
out there and do it. It takes                                                                                                        motion. It’s Easy Money,        when you lose with Pocket
you and only you to accom-                                                                      ger because I have you on my         running November 1 –
                                                                                                management team now.”                                                Aces
plish things in life. That’s                                                                                                         January 28, 2011. Guests          • Royal Flush – Win a
what I want to give back to                                                                        Stevens is the daughter           will earn scratch off tick-
                                                                                                of the late Violet and Victor                                        Club Jacket & Cash with a
my tribal people. Cliff Cas-                                                                                                         ets playing blackjack &         Royal Flush
tle Casino needs you here to                                                                    Smith. She has two older sis-        poker for a chance at $50–
manage our business.                                                                            ters, Delphina and Veronica          $5,000–$10,000 and up to
                                                                                                and a twin sister Vonda. She                                           FOOD & BEVERAGE
    I plan to get my Bachelor’s                                                                                                      $1,000,000. See the Castle        Local Wineries
in Hotel and Restaurant Man-                                                                    is married to Alvin Stevens          Club for details.
                                                                                                and resides in Camp Verde.                                             Proudly Serving Award-
agement in the near future and                                                                                                                                       Winning Verde Valley
would like to manage my own                                                                                                            Monday Football Mad-          Wines from these fine vine-
hotel and restaurant some day.                                                         To learn more about the                       ness
                                                                                     Cliff Castle Casino Tribal                                                      yards:
I was offered a promotion and                                                                                                          It’s Game Time! | No            Arizona Stronghold
took it. I am now the Assistant                                                      Management Program, con-                        Cover
                                                                                     tact the Cliff Castle Casino                                                      Alcantara
Manager of the Conference                                                                                                              Catch the games on Sun-
Center & Hotel. I will work        A surprIseD VIVIAN sTeVeNs arrives at the gradua- Human Resource Department                       days or Mondays in HD.
hard and do my best. A special     tion luncheon held in her honor.                  at (928) 567-7920.                              Get in on the MFM Points            See Events on 6

                                                                             Everything's Coming up Butterflies
                                                              Camp Verde man wins $72,000 in Cliff Castle Casino slot machine
                                                                 Robert G. and his wife                                                                             is proudly owned and oper-
                                                              knew something was in the air                                                                         ated by the Yavapai-Apache
                                                              when they spotted three but-                                                                          Nation and offers live-action
                                                              terflies alight one beside each                                                                       poker, blackjack and state of
                                                              other in their garden on a re-                                                                        the art gaming devices. Visi-
                                                              cent Sunday morning. They                                                                             tors can enjoy fine dining at
                                                              were planning on heading out                                                                          Storytellers Steakhouse and
                                                              to Prescott that day—they                                                                             family dining at The Gallery,
                                                              changed their minds when                                                                              The Gathering Restaurant &
                                                              they saw the butterflies, be-                                                                         Bar, and Johnny Rockets. Ho-
                                                              lieving them to be a ‘good                                                                            tel accommodations are avail-
                                                              omen.’                                                                                                able at the adjacent Hotel at
                                                                 Frequent slot players—they                                                                         Cliff Castle. For hotel reserva-
                                                              were feeling lucky, so they       lotted for the purpose when        they also plan to put some       tions call (928) 567-6611, or
                                                              went to Cliff Castle Casino-      they hit the jackpot, and hit      money away.                      (800) 524-6343.
                                                              Hotel instead, to play on the     it big, winning $72,014.50 in        Centrally located in Camp         Located just east of I-17
                                                              Triple Double Butterfly Seven     cash.                              Verde, Cliff Castle Ca-          at exit 289. For more infor-
                                                              slot machines.                       The couple said that most       sino-Hotel has been voted        mation please call the Castle
                                                                 They weren’t playing too       likely they will “pay some         the #1 casino in Arizona for     Club at 928-567-7999 or visit
                                                              long with the $60 they had al-    bills” with the winnings and       eleven consecutive years. It
Robert hit a $72,000 jackpot at cliff castle casino.
6 - November 2010                                                                                        Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'

                  Disposition Docket for Verde Valley Justice Court             que, NM., Driving While Suspended,         Fyefe, Roger Edward $499.80                       Jaimes, Fernando G $160.65         Judy, David Michael $271.32
   Judge Lundy of the Verde Val-        tonwood, Burglary, Escape, Bond
ley Justice Court issued the follow-    $6,500.                                 Fine $112                                  Garcia, Marco A. $110.67                         Jakubowski, Gabriele Maria          Jung, Tae Woo $249.90
ing felony complaints:                      Kami Lyn Heath, 36, Camp                Joshus Slim Joe, 22, Kayenta,          Garner, Billy $110.67                          $98.77                                Jurado, Elmer $662.83
    Johnnie Freeman Harris, 25, Ya-     Verde, Possess/Use Dangerous Drug       Driving While Suspended, 11 months         Garside, Michael A. $110.67                      James Michael Lee $2,258.28         Kalfr, Richard Ben $216.58
zoo City, Miss., Transport Narcotic     (2 counts), Possess/Use Meth Drug       of Unsupervised Probation, Fines $         Grant Jr., Dale M. $172.55                       James, Elizabeth $160.65            Kaska, Trudy Evelyn $74.97
Drug for Sale, Possession/Use of        Paraphernalia, Possess/Use Drug         1142.00                                    Guy, Laverdalene $1,320.90                       James, Herman B. $448.63            Keaton, Patrick John $1,148.35
Drug Paraphernalia (2 counts), Pos-     Paraphernalia, Tamper With Physical         Gregory L. Karie, 66, Peoria, Dis-     Helerio, Antonio Jacoba $785.40                  James, Jr., Emory $98.77            Kee, Willard Ray $615.23
sess/Use Marijuana, Tamper With         Evidence, Bond $10,000.                 playing Fictitious Plates, 11 months       Hester, Scott Gereld $386.75                     James, Lily Ann $127.33             Keith, Homer Bronston $368.90
Physical Evidence, Bond $35,000.            Shanna Marie Matheson, 36,          of Unsupervised Probation, Fine            Hibbert, Geoffrey Tyler $422.45                  James, Randy Wayne $145.18          Keith, III, Robert Earl $249.90
     Micos Darnell Johnson, 24, Jack-   Camp Verde, Possess/Use Dangerous       $565                                       Hiberd, David Dean $261.80                       James, Renee Lynn $327.25           Keith, Kelly Scott $662.83
son, MS, Transport Narcotic Drug        Drug, Aggravated Driving Under the          Christopher Allen Longfellow, 29,      Higgins, Daniel Patrick $113.05                  James, Ronald Arnold $1,148.35      Keller, Christopher M. $624.75
for Sale, Possess/Use Drug Parapher-    Influence, Possess/Use Meth Drug        Rimrock, Driving While Suspended,          Hill, Ty Smithon $113.05                         James, Ronald Edward $160.65        Kelly, Ian Thomas $946.05
nalia, Bond $35,000.                    Paraphernalia, Bond $25,000.            11 months of Unsupervised Proba-           Hindman, Linda Mae $716.38                       Javier, Belez Hernandez $740.18     Kennedy, Jeffrey Dwayne $151.13
     Twain Antonio Williams, 32,            Kristine Wyatt Valenzuela, 59,      tion, Fines $372                           Ho, Charlie $779.45                              Jenkins, Christopher Leroy          K e n n e d y, S h a w n M i c h a e l
Jackson, MS, Transport Narcotic         Rimrock, Aggravated Driving Under           William Francis Doerr, III, 28,        Ho, Tjau Tjing $214.20                         $107.10                             $1,451.80
Drug for Sale, Possess/Use Drug Par-    the Influence (2 counts), Possess/Use   Camp Verde, Driving While Sus-             Hockersmith, Jeneen Deolinda                     Jeralds, Luann Renae $1,802.85      Kerby, David S. $192.78
aphernalia Bond $35,000.                Marijuana, Possess/Use Drug Para-       pended, Failure to Appear, 11 months     $184.45                                            Jessop, Lisa N. $299.88             Kescole, Danie Deerek $249.90
     Joe David Garrett, 41, Cotton-     phernalia, Bond $1,500.                 of Unsupervised Probation, Fines $         Hodson, April Michelle $803.25                   Jim, Valarie Ann $261.80            Keyonnie, Daniel Robbin $716.38
wood, Possess/Use Dangerous Drug,           Darin Virgil Ritter, 44, Cotton-    710.00                                     Hoffbauer, Wyng Edward $261.80                   Jimenex, Jesus Flores $859.18       Kiel, Michael Eugene $184.45
Possess/Use Meth Drug Parapherna-       wood, Aggravated Driving Under the          Alejandro Maldonado Herrera,           Hogan, Daviid Thomas $249.90                     Jimenez, Ananias C. $234.43         Killeen, Shawn Gregory $305.83
lia, Bond $3,500.                       Influence (3 Counts), Endangerment,     35, Camp Verde, Driving While Sus-         Hogue, Nicole Simone $368.90                     Jimenez, Armando Valazquez          Killinger, Becky P $113.05
     Teri Jo Cohen, 20, Rimrock,        Display Fictitious Plates, Criminal     pended, 11 months of Unsupervised          Holand, Brandon Gody $98.77                    $1,362.55                             Kimbell, Tyler Wayne $368.90
Criminal Damage, Interfering with       Damage, Interfering with Judicial       Probation, Fines $372.00                   Holder, Patricia Lynn $243.95                    Jimenez, Francisco Fuentes          Kimel, Fredrick Wayne $1,332.80
Judicial Proceedings, Bond $1,000.      Proceedings, Bond $5,500.                   Sahel Najim Al-Zidawi, 44, Ham-        Holgate, Eugene Randolph                       $624.75                               Kindred, Rod Lee $145.18
     Robert Edward Hickey, 53, Cot-                                             tramck, MI., Driving While Sus-          $615.23                                            Jimenez, Jorge $6,518.82            Kinkead, Jason Paul $368.90
tonwood, Possess/Use Dangerous             Judge Lundy of the Verde Val-        pended, Log Book not Current, Fines        Holmes, Jeffrey Hayne $1,201.90                  Jimenez-Gonsalez, Alberto           Kirchner, Channon Gabriel
Drug, Possess/Use Marijuana, Pos-       ley Justice Court issued the follow-    $ 882.00                                   Holz, Lauren M. $202.30                        $1,422.05                           $249.90
sess/Use Meth Drug Paraphernalia,       ing sentences:                              Rodolfo Ozuna Jr., 45, Phoenix,        Hood, Carolyn P. $113.05                         Joe, Derrick $160.65                Kirkman, Rodney W. $422.45
Possess/Use Drug Paraphernalia,            Justin Daniel Hawley, 19, Cotton-    Driving While Suspended, Crimi-            Hoppe, Stephen B. $1,130.50                      Johansen, Scott Carsten $165.41     Kirkpatrick, Nicole Marie $624.75
Bond $3,000.                            wood, Underage Consumption of Al-       nal Speeding, Failure to Appear, 11        Horner, Kendall Lee $113.05                      Johns, Bernadette $172.55           Kirwan, Ricardo T. $777.07
     Leslie Ann Plascencia aka Leslie   cohol, Unsupervised probation 11        months of Unsupervised Probation,          Hosteen, Al Dee $178.50                          Johnson, Aaron Javon $160.65        Kish, Kevin Allen $662.83
Anne Rozell, 47, Anthem, Possess/       months, successful completion minor     Fines $ 1,037.00                           Hotta, Toshifumi $362.95                         Johnson, Alonzo Miguel $368.90      Kittrell, Kenneth W. $442.45
Use Dangerous Drug, Possess/Use         consumption of alcohol screening/           Anthony Benny Hunicke, 33,             Howard, Dallas Glenn $107.10                     Johnson, Betsy Erin $249.90         Kizer, David Alan $180.88
Marijuana, Possess/Use Meth Drug        treatment, Fine $500.                   Prescott Valley, Driving While Sus-        Howard, James Lee $1,243.55                      Johnson, Brian James $117.81        Kleiber, Robert Brett $692.58
Paraphernalia, Possess/Use Drug             Ryan Jason Gary, 35, Camp           pended, Fine $112                          Hudson, Patrick Brian $1,731.45                  Johnson, Chloe-Kirsten Denai        K l i p p e n s t e i n , Ty l e r R o b e r t
Paraphernalia, Bond $3,000.             Verde, Driving Under the Influence          Andee Lee Dupree, 18, Criminal         Hudson, Randy Eugene $716.38                   $368.90                             $380.80
     John Edward Schaefer, 42, Cot-     of Alcohol w/bac .08 Or Greater, Un-    Speeding, Fine $365.00                     Hughes, Homer L. $145.18                         Johnson, Clinton Lee $627.13        Knezic, Slobodan $755.65
tonwood, Money Laundering, At-          supervised probation 11 months, 30          Thomas Michael Graham, 43,             Hulme, William Bart $615.23                      Johnson, Darreth Rae $160.65        Knight, Jason Patrick $571.20
tempted Sale/Transfer/Offer to Sell     days jail, community service 8 hours,   Rimrock, Driving While Suspended,          Hunt, Jeffrey Allen $160.65                      Johnson, Derek Richard $151.13      Knoblock, Jonas Michael $775.88
Dangerous Drugs, Driving While Li-      successful completion of alcohol        11 months of Unsupervised Proba-           Hunt, Kalvin Dontay $65.45                       Johnson, Donald K. $110.67          Knowles, Robert Mark $160.65
cense Suspended, Bond $80,000.          screening/treatment, Victim Impact      tion, Fine $560                            Hunter, Jr., Phillip Edison 803.25               Johnson, Dwayne Lee $846.09         Kobyll, Larry Walter $261.80
     Daniel Vaughn Mendell, Jr., 31,    Panel, Fine $2700.                          Scott Thomas Fonte, 29, Camp           Hunter, Laurie Walker $1,285.20                  Johnson, Gregory Aaron $351.05      Kopelva, Melissa Cheryl
Camp Verde, Trafficking in Stolen           Christopher J Nordrum, 33, Avon-    Verde, Criminal Speeding, Fine             Hurtado-Davila, Arturo $190.40                   Johnson, Merri Denise $113.06     $1,433.95
Property (2 counts), Released Own       dale, Driving Under the Influence,      $470.00                                    Hutchison, Verlena R. $1,936.13                  Johnson, Michael Lee $464.10        Kopelva, Merlin Roy $503.37
Recognizance.                           Unsupervised probation 11 months,                                                  Iacovini, Gino Biaglo $82.11                     Johnson, Nicholas Allan $249.90     Kor, John Russell $267.75
     Terry Wayne Moffatt, 51, Cot-      community service 16 hours, suc-           Judge Lundy of the Verde Val-           Ibana, Larry M. $163.03                          Johnson, Ron L. $686.63             Korman, Jr., Edward David
tonwood, Aggravated Harassment (4       cessful completion drug screening/      ley Justice Court issued the follow-       Ibarra, Javier Marquez $1,547.00                 Johnson, Warren Todd $249.90      $110.67
counts), Threatening and/or Intimi-     treatment, Fine $1560.                  ing warrants:                              I g l e s i a s , M a x i m i n o To r r e s     Jonas, Valerie Casse $145.18        Kramer, Robert Herbert $737.80
dating (2 counts), Bond, $ 2,000.           Paul Alan Graham, 51, Cornville,                                             $1,410.15                                          Jones, Annette $172.55              Kronke, Kerri Anne $190.40
     David Michael Getzen, 50, Rim-     Driving Under the Influence of             Abdiaziz H Farah, 29, Salt Lake         Infant, Trancisco Govea $160.65                  Jones, Daniel W. $1,205.47          Labriola, Penny Lynn $261.80
rock, Resisting Arrest, Bond $500.      Drugs, Unsupervised probation 11        City UT, Failure to Pay Fines, Bond        Ingallina, Joan G $107.10                        Jones, Gregory L. $1,731.45         Lacey, Jr., Craig Wesley $548.59
                                        months, 24 hours jail, successful       $290.00                                    Ireland, Marcus Steven $190.40                   Jones, Loren M. $1,172.15           Lachniet, Alicia Rae $291.55
     James D. Brant, 55, Norwalk,
                                        completion drug screening/treatment,        Dexter Allan Beauty, 49, Camp          Irizarry, Samuel $395.08                         Jones, Sebastiano Dale $406.98      Reach, James Christopher
OH, Human Smuggling (8 counts),
                                        8 hours community service,              Verde, Failure to Pay Fines, Bond           Isseslas-Zepeda, Irad E.$303.45                 Jones, Shaina R. $1,392.30        $2,809.05
Bond $7,500.
                                           Victim Impact Panel, Fine $1760.     $620.00                                    Ivarra, Alfonso Castro $464.10                   Jordan, Johnny Weslee $249.90       Sandoval, Lynette Flora $749.70
     Douglas Brant, Jr., 61, Monro-
                                                                                                                           Ivy, Fred L. $249.90                             Joy, Joshua Elsman $98.77           Vi r g i l i o - J u a r e z , R a m i r e z
eville, OH, Human Smuggling (8              Breanna Joan Martin, 18, Cotton-
                                                                                  Judge Lundy of the Verde Valley          Ivy, Jr., Sandy $190.40                          Juarez, Armondo R. $145.18        $1,142.40
counts), Bond $7,500.                   wood, Assault, 11 months unsuper-
                                                                                Justice Court placed the following         Izaguirre, Jose Eduardo $160.65                  Juarez, Axel Lopez $252.28          TOTAL $92,969.55
    Jilisa Leigh Watson, 27, Rimrock,   vised probation, Fines $500, Com-

                                                                                                                         Camp Verde Middle School
Endangerment, Criminal Damage,          munity Service 8 hours.                 people in F.A.R.E. this week:
Driving Under the Influence, Driving        Stephanie Kay Morgan, 33, Camp
with a Blood Alcohol Content over       Verde, Driving While Suspended,           Basham Robert Ray $2,213.40
.08, Driving Under the Influence of     Failure to Appear (X2), 11 months         Burman, Richard Alden $2,963.81
                                        of Unsupervised Probation, fines $        Decker, Karl L. $172.55

                                                                                                                         Honors JOM Students
Drugs, Extreme Driving Under the
Influence of Alcohol over .20, Bond     772.00                                    Deleon-Segura, Juan Roberto
$5,000.                                     Jennifer Renee Visser, 31, Rim-     $487.90
     Orville Robert Lewis, Jr., 42,     rock, Driving While Suspended, 11         Faybrick, Debbie Lynn $110.67
Rimrock, Aggravated Driving Under       months of Unsupervised Probation,         Feemster, Thomas Allen $380.80
the Influence (2 counts), Bond $500.    Fine $572                                 Fringer, Kerri L. $110.67                The following Camp Verde Mid-
    Jonathan Ryan Hodgson, 21, Cot-         Christina D. Lujan, 31, Albuquer-     Funk, Ivan David $65.45                dle School JOM students were hon-
                                                                                                                         ored at an awards ceremony held on
                                                                                                                         October 21 at the school Complex
Input sought for Coconino Forest Plan Revision                                                                           Building.

  Flagstaff, AZ — Interested                                                    current needs of the forest and             8th grade Perfect Attendance
members of the public are in-              Between 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.             neighboring communities.                    Kayla Sandoval, Cassandra Tru-
vited to engage in the revision         an open house focusing on               Public input early and often             jillo
of the Coconino National For-           ecological plan components              is vital to the forest planning
est’s Land and Resource Man-            will be held in each location.          process.                                   7th grade Honor Roll
agement Plan (Forest Plan).             Following the open house, a                More information can be                 Deion Honwytewa, Destiny Lo-
The public will learn about the         workshop on the recreation              found at http://www.fs.fed.              pez
Forest Plan revision process            plan components will begin              us/r3/coconino/plan-revision.
to date, comment on current             with a presentation promptly            shtml. Comments related to                  7th grade Perfect Attendance
draft desired conditions for the        at 6:00 pm. Individuals plan-           the subject of the November                 Destiny Lopez
forest, and provide ideas for           ning to attend the recreation           meetings should be submit-
the development of guidelines           workshop should arrive by               ted by December 1, 2010 on-                 7th grade Most Improved
and management approaches.              6:00 and plan to stay until             line at            Joel Beauty
Three meetings will be held             8:30 pm.                                coconino/contact/index.shtml
between 4:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m:              Much has changed since               or by email to coconino_na-                6th grade Honor Roll
                                                                                                                                                                                              6th grade Perfect Attendance
  Monday, November 8 –                  the current Forest Plan was             tional_forest_plan_revision_               Raiven Alvey, Marissa Latham, Nicholas
                                                                                                                                                                                              Reyes Herrera, Aaron Tracy
Flagstaff                               approved in 1987, including                              Mendez, Araceli Mendez, Ohetika Fox, Jose
         Radisson Woodlands             public values and expecta-                 Written comments may be               Diaz
                                                                                                                                                                                              6th grade Most Improved
Hotel, 1175 W. Route 66,                tions from public lands; rec-           sent to Coconino National                                                                                     Paula Valenzuela
Flagstaff, AZ 86001                     reation demand and types of             Forest, 1824 S. Thompson,
  Tuesday, November 9 –                 recreation uses; demographic            Flagstaff, AZ 86001, Attn:
Cottonwood                              and development patterns; and           Plan Revision. Please note
                                                                                                                                                                          $16                                  Egg Rolls · Mini Corn
       Cottonwood Recreation
Center, 150 South 6th St, Cot-
tonwood, Arizona 86326
                                        natural resource policy. Other
                                        changes have occurred on the
                                        landscape itself. Our knowl-
                                                                                that comments are always
                                                                                welcome and may be submit-
                                                                                ted at any time. The Forest
                                                                                                                               Events                                       Nov. 25 • 10:30am-7pm

  Wednesday, November 10                edge about landscape pro-               Plan revision process is fol-                        From Page 5                            Discounts for children              BAND LIST
– Happy Jack                            cesses, science, and technol-           lowing an aggressive sched-                                                                                                     Dragonfly Lounge
                                                                                                                             Javalina Leap                                  BARTENDER SPE-                      Live Music every Fri and
         Happy Jack Lodge, 2            ogy has also changed. Even              ule, yet opportunities for pub-              Pillsbury
miles north of Clints Well on           though amendments have                  lic involvement will be avail-                                                            CIALS                               Sat 9pm-1am
                                                                                                                             Jerome Winery                                  COORS SUNDAYS                       NOV 5 & 6 Heart Break
Forest Hwy 3 (directions at             been made to the Forest Plan,           able throughout the revision                 Page Springs                it no longer fully reflects the         process.                                                                                    $2 Drafts • $2.75 Bottles         Alley Rock
                                                                                                                             Freitas                                        BUD MONDAYS                         NOV 12 & 13 Filabusta
                                                                                                                             Oak Creek                                      $2 Drafts • $2.75 Bottles         blues
                                                                                                                                                                            DISCOUNTED APPE-                    NOV 19 & 20 Leavin
      Crime                             Criminal Arrest Warrant
                                           9/21 Bruce Defoe arrested for
                                        Possession of Dangerous Drug and
                                                                                   Stacy Bates arrested Violation of
                                                                                Court Order
                                                                                   9/23 Judith Steven cited for
                                                                                                                           Thanksgiving Day at The
                                                                                                                           All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
                                                                                                                                                                          TIZERS $4
                                                                                                                                                                            Chips & Salsa · Cheese
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ruston Country
                                                                                                                                                                                                                NOV 26 & 27 Michael Ni-
                                        Possession of Paraphernalia             Dog at Large                                                                              Crisp                               tro Band Rock
         From Page 4                       Ben Warren arrested for Posses-         9/25 Lavenda Brown arrested
                                        sion of Dangerous Drug and Pos-         for Theft
                                                                                                                                                                          ATTENTION :
   9/16 Adriano Romero arrested
for Criminal Arrest Warrant             session of Paraphernalia                   9/27 Brent Honwytewa ar-
   Charlotte Lopez arrested per            Tracy Maggio arrested Posses-        rested for Criminal Arrest Warrant

                                                                                                                                 All living descendants of LOUISE HOOD:
Court Order                             sion of Dangerous Drug and Pos-            9/28 Devon Martinez arrested
   Tyrone Nightpipe arrested for        session of Paraphernalia                for Assault and Public Intoxication

                                                                                                                             You are invited to a planning meeting for a
                                                                                                                                      HOOD FAMILY REUNION.
                                                                                                                            Please come join us as we plan for this fam-
                                                                                                                                              ily event.

                                                                                                                                  MEETING WILL BE HELD ON SATURDAY
                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 6TH, 2010
                                                                                                                                   AT FORT MCDOWELL PARKS & REC
                                                                                                                                          CENTER @ 10 A.M.
                                                                                                                                         FORT MCDOWELL, AZ

                                                                                                                             For more info contact: Erica Smith (480)
                                                                                                                           254-2074, email: mswheelchairazusa@gmail.
                                                                                                                                 Or Debbie Hood (602) 405-0279
                                                                                            Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'                                                                         November 2010 - 7

                                                            HEALTH NEWS
State Health Insurance Available to You
  Why Apply For State         This care, when autho-               INSURANCE                                         DESCRIPTION OF INSURANCE
Health Insurance?             rized is paid for through        medicaid                       For adults and children with limited income.
  Health Care through         the Contract Health Ser-         baby Arizona                   For pregnant women.
Phoenix Indian Medical        vices Program. If you            (s.o.b.r.A)
Center is provided in two     require care that is not         Kidscare                       For children under age 19 who are uninsured and have income higher than the
(2) ways:                     available at Phoenix In-                                        medicaid limit.
  1. DIRECT CARE              dian medical Center,             health Insurance for           For parents of some medicaid or Kidscare eligible children who are uninsured
  Direct Care includes        your doctor will make a          parents                        and have limited income.
all Health Services pro-      referral to an outside pri-      Arizona long                   Fro adults and children who need long term care services provided by a nurs-
vided directly by Phoe-       vate hospital or special-
nix Indian Medical Cen-       ist. THIS REFERRAL               Term care system               ing home. services may be provided in the person’s own home.
ter                           DOES NOT MEAN                    (AlTcs)
  2.     CONTRACT             THAT THE PHOENIX                 medicare cost                  Fro adults and children who have or could have medicare. This program helps
HEALTH SERVICES               INDIAN MEDICAL                   sharing program                pay for medicare premiums, co-payments and deductibles.
  Some services such as       CENTER CONTRACT                  Freedom to work                For working individuals 16 to 65 years of age who are either disabled or blind
hand services, cardiac        HEALTH SERVICES                                                 with medicare.
testing, MRI’s & Level        PROGRAM WILL PAY                 ssDI-Temporary                 For Arizonans who receive social security Disability Insurance (ssDI), who
2 or higher Ultrasounds       FOR THE SERVICE(S)               medical coverage               are no longer eligible for Ahcccs (medicaid) programs, but are not yet eli-
are not available at Phoe-    REQUESTED! The                                                  gible for medicare. You must be willing to pay a monthly premium.
nix Indian Medical Cen-       Contract Health Service
ter. These type of ser-       Program is the only pro-
vices will require a refer-   gram that can authorized       Indian Medical Center. Before        ral, you will be REQUIRED to         gible for.                             Benefits Coordinator for the
ral to an outside private     payment for care re-           Contract Health Service Pro-         apply for the above program            If you need to apply for             Yavapai-Apache Health Center
hospital or specialist.       ceived outside Phoenix         gram can authorize your refer-       you are found potentially eli-       AHCCCS, Genevieve Russell,             can assist you.

Facts about Tribal medical Assistance program and copay reimbursement program
  The Tribal Medical Assis-        ever the program will pay          with emergent needs such as        This is only for the Yavapai-      mail from your insurance com-       Vida Smith is 928-567-8470;
tance Program and the Co           $25 for the Polycarbonate that     RX prescriptions if there is no    Apache Nation tribal members       pany. As for the RX prescrip-       fax number is 928-567-8478.
Pay Reimbursement Program          AHCCCS does not cover. In          insurance coverage thru Pri-       living in the CHSDA area,          tion, turn in your receipt and         Please call the Yavapai-
is funded thru the Yavapai-        some cases there may be an         vate insurance or AHCCCS.          (Contract Health Service De-       the “customer receipt” this has     Apache Health Center when
Apache Nation for Medical,         exception; this will be evalu-     You must enroll with an alter-     livery Area) Live on or near       your name, address, name of         you go to the Emergency
Dental and Vision services.        ated on a case by case basis.      nate resource that’s available     your own reservation in the        prescription, RX number and         Room or Urgent Care within
  Vision: Provides eyewear on         Dental: The dental program      thru Medicaid. In some cases       Yavapai County. The Reim-          amount of co pay. If you do         72 hours. It is your respon-
an annual basis to Tribal Mem-     provides emergency dental          medical bills may be paid af-      bursement program will reim-       not turn in the E.O.B. or a su-     sibility to notify YAHC
bers of the Yavapai-Apache         which includes major dental        ter a research has been done       burse your co pays for doc-        per bill from your doctor visit     (Yavapai-Apache Health Cen-
Nation who do not have vision      up to 50 % based on the type       as to why AHCCCS, I.H.S. or        tor visits, RX prescriptions       or “customer receipt” from the      ter) of outside doctor visits
insurance for the full amount      of service which includes root     insurance did not pay. Medi-       and Medicare D co pays. The        pharmacy you will not be re-        and if the doctor refers you
of $150; Tribal Members who        canal and crowns and other         cal assistance does not pay for    program does not pay for           imbursed until all items are        out. Please leave a message
are insured are allowed $75.       limited services. I t does not     cosmetic surgery or abortions.     AHCCCS co pays. (I.H.S.            turned in.                          if we are not available, with
Eye exam and Contacts are          pay for implants, veneers or          Medical bills must be cur-      does not reimburse AHCCCS             When you request for assis-      your name and phone num-
not covered.                       cosmetic dentistry. The pro-       rent and as soon as you re-        co pays.)                          tance you will need to fill out     ber, name of doctor, hospital,
  Children who are on Med-         gram does not pay for regular      ceived them please bring them         When submitting your re-        an application at the Yavapai-      phone number and diagno-
icaid (AHCCCS) program are         dental visits or exams or den-     in. This is only a one time        ceipt please bring the “Super      Apache Health Center office,        sis. Please call 928-567-2168,
not eligible for Tribal Vision     tal hygiene.                       payment made during the year       Bill” or E.O.B. (explanation       by mail or downloading the          928-567-8461 or 928-567-
Assistance; they must utilize         Medical: The medical as-        at 40%.                            of benefits) from your doctor      form at         8470.
their AHCCCS plan, how-            sistance program assists only         Co Pay Reimbursement:           visit. The E.O.B comes in the      The phone number to contact            Thank you

Greetings from the Yavapai-Apache Health Center!
   The primary focus, at the       pointment. Other services in-      women’s health exams, well         of slots reserved for urgent ap-
health center, is to provide       clude Dental, Dental Hygiene,      baby/child check ups, immu-        pointments. These are made
outpatient health services to      Optometry, Nutrition, Audiol-      nizations and physicals. We        available that day for people
the community. This allows         ogy and Behavioral Health.         provide counseling and birth       who need to be seen the same
people to receive health care        Chronic conditions include       control options, and do screen-    day. Please call in the morn-
in their own community and         diabetes mellitus, high blood      ing tests for diabetes mellitus    ing to receive a same day ap-
maintain good health. The          pressure, arthritis and other      and other conditions. We cur-      pointment.
medical clinic services include    medical conditions. These          rently have all immunizations        Unfortunately, we do not
care of chronic disease, health    conditions require routine labs    required by the schools, in-       have emergency services
promotion and disease preven-      and testing- every 3 months,       cluding Varicella or Chicken
tion, and well exams. All ser-     and daily medications. Pre-        Pox vaccine.
vices are available through ap-    ventative health care includes       We have a limited number              See YAHC on 8

Contract Health Service                                                                                    The Yavapai-Apache health center (YAhc) makes courtesy calls the
                                                                                                           day before a client’s scheduled appointment. Therefore, it is important
  This is a brief description of   ical services available on site.      • CHS is for Native Ameri-
Contract Health Service (CHS)        • Eligibility is established     can members of federally rec-        to update your phone numbers with YAhc as soon as there are chang-
thru the Phoenix Indian Medi-      by documented proof of In-         ognized tribe who reside on          es.
cal Center (PIMC).                 dian Decent from a Tribe or        or near the reservation estab-
  Direct Care Eligibility          the Bureau of Indian Affairs.      lished for the local tribe(s) in     Keep your mailing address up to date to ensure that you receive your
  • Patients who are Native          What is Contract health          geographic areas called con-
                                                                      tract health service delivery        appointment confirmation in the mail.
American from a federally          Services?
                                                                      areas (CHSDAs).
recognized Tribe can receive         • Other funding allocated by        • The eligibility require-
care directly at any IHS and       Congress to use specifically                                            health Insurance information is very important to report to YAhc. This
Tribal Health programs (hos-       for patient care not covered by                                         information is used to refer patients for services outside the scope of
pitals and clinics). Only med-     other programs.                       See Contract on 8                 YAhc (x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.).

                                                                                                           Due to a large volume of patients trying to get appointments, please
                                                                                                           call us if you are not able to keep your appointment so others can be
                                                                                                           scheduled in a timely manner.

                                                                                                               •    medical Doctor clinic:
                                                                                                                       o	 monday-wednesday, 8a.m.-3p.m
                                                                                                                       o	 Thursday, 9a.m.-3p.m
                                                                                                                       o	 Friday 8a.m-11a.m.
                                                                                                               •    Dental clinic:
                                                                                                                       o	 six to eight days a month – days vary
                                                                                                               •    Dental hygiene:
                                                                                                                       o	 schedule varies month to month. (patients must undergo
                                                                                                                            a routine exam prior to being scheduled for a cleaning).
                                                                                                               •    eye clinic:
                                                                                                                       o	 Twice a month – days vary
                                                                                                               •    Nutritionist:
                                                                                                                       o	 First Thursday of the month.
                                                                                                               •    Audiology
                                                                                                                       o	 every three (3) months.
                                                                                                               •    behavioral health with Dr. Zirin:
                                                                                                                       o	 Twice a month every other monday

                                                                                                           * There is a waiting list for some of the above listed clinics based upon

                                                                                                                                 Yavapai-Apache Health Center Hours
                                                                                                                                     Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m.
                                                                                                                                    Closed for lunch 12p.m-1p.m.

                                                                                                           should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please
                                                                                                           leave a message at (928)567-2168. Your call will be returned the same
                                                                                                           business day.

                                                                                                           **As a reminder, sports physicals and immunizations will need to
                                                                                                           be scheduled. If your child plans on participating in a sport activ-
                                                                                                           ity at school please make sure you schedule an appointment soon
                                                                                                           to avoid any delays in having your child participate.
8 - November 2010                                                                               Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'

Yavapai-Apache HEALTH CENTER                                               Search for missing girl in Coconino County
   This is to inform our pa-         time you receive your medica-
tients that you will be required     tions from PIMC you will re-            Nov. 1, 2010 at about 7:34       partment of Public Safety and     American female, with brown
to call-in your refills for medi-    ceive a blue sheet, which lists      a.m., Emergency Communica-          the Coconino County Sher-         eyes, long black hair with
cations and diabetic supplies if     all medications with the Rx          tions Specialists of the North-     iff’s Search and Rescue Unit.     red streaks pulled back to the
you order them from the Phoe-        numbers and how many refills         ern Arizona Regional 911 Re-        Currently it is believed that     side, and a carrying a suit-
nix Indian Medical Center-           you have left. Keep this blue        ception Center received the         Nakita James left her home        case. She was last seen wear-
Pharmacy. Diabetic supplies          sheet handy, in case you may         report of a missing 13-year-        voluntarily and is possibly a     ing a black shirt with pink
include Accu-Chek test strips,       need refills on other medica-        old girl.                           runaway. Deputies are inves-      blotches, grey jean pants, a
alcohol pads, lancets, and sy-       tions and supplies.                      According to the caller         tigating the possibility that     dark colored jacket and dark
ringes. PIMC toll-free num-             Reminder: after ordering          the child was seen leaving          Nakita was seen in the area       colored tennis shoes. Any-
ber is 1-877-733-7462, ask the       on the PIMC Refill Line, in-         her home in Parks Arizona at        of the Pilot Truck Stop at Bel-   one with information regard-
operator to transfer you to the      form the Yavapai-Apache              about 7:04 a.m. east bound in       lemont and may have been          ing the whereabouts of Nakita
Pharmacy Refill Line. Please         Health Center to assure that         the Government Prairie area         given a ride at approximately     James is asked to call the Co-
have your PIMC chart number          your medication will be sent to      possibly towards Flagstaff.         12:20 p.m. on Monday.             conino County Sheriff’s Of-
and medication (Rx) number           Camp Verde. Our phone num-           A ground and air search was            Nakita James is described      fice at (928) 774-4523 or toll             Nikita James
available, when calling. Each        ber is 928-567-2168.                 conducted by the Arizona De-        as a 13-year-old Native           free at 800-338-7888.

Fit Kids hosts 5K Fun Run Nov. 6
   In an effort to help children     ley Medical Center, Flagstaff
                                                                         Referrals/AHCCCS/Alternate Resource
and their family’s lead healthy      Medical Center and Northern            When the Doctor puts a re-        vider thru AHCCCS to get re-      CHS guidelines your referral        to the Yavapai-Apache Health
and active lifestyles, Fit Kids      Arizona Healthcare address-         ferral in for a patient and the      ferred out or if you plan on      or emergency room visit may         Center and we can assist you.
of Arizona is hosting a 5K Fun       ing one of the largest health-      patient has no insurance cover-      getting your health care ser-     get denied. If you do not qual-     Also anyone who does Not
Run. This fun-filled event is        care concerns facing the U.S.       age you will be responsible to       vices thru Yavapai-Apache         ify for AHCCCS you will still       have Medicare Part D you will
open to the public and all ages      – childhood obesity. The pro-       apply for an alternate resource      Health Center we can change       need to provide an AHCCCS           be able to sign up in Novem-
are encouraged to attend. The        gram helps children and their       such as AHCCCS. AHCCCS               you AHCCCS plan over to           denial letter for Contract          ber 2010. Keep this in mind
run begins 8 a.m., Saturday,         families learn healthy life-        applications are available at        American Indian Health Plan.      Health Service.                     that any Alternative Resource
Nov. 6, at the Riverfront Park,      style choices while reducing        the Yavapai-Apache Health              If you have private insur-         Anyone from the ages 65-         Available can be beneficial to
1284 E. Riverfront Dr.; check        the problems and illnesses as-      Center or we can assist you          ance the referral will go thru    67 you may be receiving in-         you.
is from 7 -7:45 a.m. Awards          sociated with excess weight.        with the application by com-         Contract Health Service for a     formation from Medicare                Should you have any ques-
will be given to the top-three       The Fit Kids team focuses on        pleting a One-E App online.          decision, Contract Health Ser-    due to open enrollment com-         tions feel free to contact Gene-
winners in six different age         assessing and improving the         If you have an AHCCCS plan           vice will send you a letter to    ing up. If you receive infor-       vieve Russell-Benefits Coordi-
groups. T-shirts are available       possible causes of excess body      other than American Indian           apply for AHCCCS because          mation on Medicare and do           nator for the Yavapai-Apache
for all participants.                weight in children through          Health Plan you will need to         there is a possibility you may    not understand the material,        Health Center at 928-567-
   To register, visit Virtual-       medical examinations, physi-        go thru your primary care pro-       qualify if you fail to follow     please bring your information       2168. <http://www.Virtu-        cal activity counseling, nutri-> and select “Fit        tion counseling and behavioral
Kids of Arizona.” Online reg-
istration is available through
                                     change. Since opening in Sep-
                                     tember 2009 at Verde Valley         10 Guidelines for Effective Discipline of Children
Thursday, Nov. 4. Onsite reg-        Medical Center, more than 200
istration is available the day of    children have been referred to         1. The goal of discipline         behave on purpose. They need         6. Give toddlers and pre-        exhibiting predictable and ma-
the event.                           the Verde Valley Fit Kids of        is to teach children acceptable      love and protection, not pun-     schoolers age-appropriate           ture behavior.
   In addition to the run, Fit       Arizona program; more than          behavior. Whenever possible,         ishment                           choices and consequences               9. Children need to hear
Kids staff will be onsite to pro-    480 children have been re-          teach children what you want to         4. Create a safe environ-         7. Establish family rules        more good things about them-
vide Body Mass Index (BMI)           ferred to the program at Flag-      see rather than punishing them.      ment for children by baby-        that are appropriate for chil-      selves than bad things. Offer
and Body Composition Testing         staff Medical Center since Jan-        2. View children’s misbe-         proofing your house. Distract     dren’s ages. Keep them few in       praise for appropriate behavior.
and information about Fit Kids       uary 2009.                          havior as a mistake in judgment.     or remove infants and toddlers    number with clear and reason-       Praise will increase that behav-
of Arizona.                             For more information on the      It will be easier to think of ways   when they are doing something     able consequences for not obey-     ior.
   Fit Kids of Arizona is a re-      Fit Kids of Arizona program,        to teach more acceptable behav-      they shouldn’t be doing.          ing.                                   10.Adopt a “no-hitting” atti-
gional community health ini-         call 928 639-6343 or visit NA-      ior.                                    5. Provide order and consis-      8. Develop a trusting rela-      tude. No one has a right to hit
tiative developed by Verde Val- Services.
                                                                            3. Never hit or shake in-         tency. Whenever possible have     tionship with children by pro-      anyone else in the household…
                                                                         fants. They do not know right        regular times for meals, study-   tecting them from harm, by be-      that includes hitting children for
VVMC offering early pregnancy workshop                                   and wrong. They do not mis-          ing and bedtime.                  ing honest trustworthy, and by      misbehavior.

    Verde Valley Medical Cen-        ness. The group also will talk
ter’s (VVMC) Women and In-           about community resources and       Parkinson’s support group: Nutrition’s impact on the disease process
fant Services is hosting an early    getting to know your baby. For
pregnancy informational work-        more information and to sign up         Verde Valley Medical Cen-        tionist Elaine Fox, Ph.D. Fox     hands, arms, legs or jaw; ri-       percent of Parkinson’s disease
shop to promote healthy preg-        for the class, call 928 639-6597    ter (VVMC) is hosting a free         has more than 30 years experi-    gidity or stiffness of the limbs    patients are diagnosed before
nancies. This class is an oppor-     or 928 639-6437.                    Parkinson’s disease support          ence in nutrition and has been    and trunk; slowness of move-        the age 50.
tunity for expecting mothers           VVMC is located at 269 S.         group from 4 - 5:30 p.m., Fri-       practicing in the Verde Valley    ment; and postural instability         To learn more about the
to learn tips for a healthy preg-    Candy Lane, Cottonwood. For         day, Nov. 12 in Conference           for 20 years.                     or impaired balance and coor-       programs and services offered
nancy.                               easy access to Conference Room      Room C. The meeting is open             Parkinson’s disease belongs    dination.                           at Verde Valley Medical Cen-
   The workshop is from 9:30         A, park in the visitor lot on       to patients, family members,         to a group of conditions called     As many as 1 million Amer-        ter, visit VerdeValleyMedical-
a.m. to noon, Saturday, Nov. 13      Candy Lane and enter through        caregivers and anyone inter-         movement disorders. It is         icans suffer from Parkinson’s For more infor-
in VVMC’s Conference Room            the Outpatient Services entrance.   ested in learning about Parkin-      both chronic and progressive,     disease, and 40,000 new cases       mation about VVMC’s Par-
A. The classes will discuss ex-        To learn more about VVMC’s        son’s disease.                       meaning its symptoms grow         are diagnosed each year. On         kinson’s support groups or
ercise, nutrition, stress man-       Women and Infant Services and          This meeting, “Nutrition and      worse and continue over time.     average, the onset age for Par-     to learn about other support
agement, breast feeding, baby        classes, visit VerdeValleyMedi-     Its Impact on the Disease Pro-       Some common symptoms of           kinson’s disease is 60 years        groups held at VVMC, please
growth and prematurity aware-                      cess,” is presented by nutri-        Parkinson’s are tremors of the    old; however, an estimated 15       call 928 639-6383.

                                                                                                                   Available                       • Patients cannot refer them-    sources
 Contract                             Not all services are covered by CHS
                                         Within Medical Priority              Not Within Medical Priority
                                                                                                                      • CHS is the payer
                                                                                                                   of last resort by fed-
                                                                                                                                                selves to specialists and be eli-
                                                                                                                                                gible for CHS funds.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Alternate Resource

        From Page 7                      -Nephrology                          -headache & high Fever               eral regulation.                • The IHS medical referral         Ø      No Notification of
                                         -Diagnostic studies-                 -Durable medical equipment &            The regulations           is a request for health care ser-   Emergency Service Within 72
ments are strict for CHS care                                                                                      states:      The IHS         vices, not a guarantee of pay-      hrs
                                          cT scan, mrI/mrA                   supplies
than for direct services.                                                                                          “will not be respon-         ment.                                        No Prior Approval
                                           And others                          -skilled Nursing                                                                                       Ø
   • Not all Native American                                                                                       sible for or authorize          • The decision for CHS ap-       for Non-Emergency Service
are eligible for CHS funds.              -cardiology-                         -rehabilitation (physical & speech
                                                                                Therapy, etc.)                     payment for Contract         proval and payment is deter-          Ø      C a r e N o t Wi t h i n
   • Non-Indians are ineligible                                                                                    Health Services to           mined by the CHS.                   Medical Priority
for any CHS funding, unless               echocardiogram                       -home health
                                          persantine stress Test                -hospice care                      the extent that the In-         • Must utilize contracted          Ø      Lives Outside CHS
Non-Indian is pregnant with                                                                                        dian is eligible for al-     hospitals, we do not have           Service Area
eligible Indian child.                   -urology services                     -Dental care
                                         -cpAp & sVN                         -eyeglasses                           ternate resources…or         medical contracts with Mayo           Ø      IHS Facility Was
   • CHS process self-referrals                                                                                    the Indian would be          Clinic or Mayo Hospital sys-        Available
(ER visits), patient transfers           -Diabetic shoes                        -Non-emergent transportation
                                         -sleep studies                                                            eligible for alternate       tems.                                 Ø      Insufficient Medical
from PIMC & non-emergent                                                                                           resources were they             CHS Denial Reasons               Information
referrals.                                                                                                         apply for them.” (42            Ø Ineligible Non-Indian            Ø      No Notification of
   • Eligibility is determined       CHS. (42 CFR 136.23)                   • Scheduled Care: The pa- CFR 136.23 (f)                               Ø     Eligibility Not Estab-     Emergency Service Within 30
by federal regulation (eligibil-        • Tribal members living          tient or someone on their be-        1. Appropriate Ordering Of-       lished                              Days for Elderly or Disabled
ity criteria).                       within Yavapai County               half must get prior approval ficial                                       Ø Apply for Alternate Re-        Patient
   • There are six (6) eligibility      3. Medical Priority              from CHS for scheduled ap-
criteria. Patients must meet            • The health care requested      pointments outside of the IHS
all six (6) criteria for each epi-   must meet IHS established           (e.g. tests, elective surgery,
sode of care to be eligible for      medical priorities.                 specialist appointments, etc.).
CHS funding.                            “Emergency medical ser-             1. Alternate Resources
                                     vices for care not immediately
   CHS six (6) Eligibility Cri-      available at an IHS facility
   1. Enrolled member and In-
dian Descent
                                     when immediate medical at-
                                     tention is necessary to prevent
                                     the death or serious impair-
   • The patient must be a           ment of the health of an indi-             From Page 7
member of the Tribe or Tribes        vidual”.
served by the local Contract            1. Notification & Prior-Au-      available at the clinic. There
Health Service Delivery Area         thorization                         is no x-ray, CT or lab avail-
(CHSDA). (42 CFR 136.23)                • Emergency Care: The            able. If people need emer-
   2. Residency                      patient or someone on their         gency services; chest pain,
   • The patient must live in        behalf must notify CHS within       trouble breathing, an accident,
his/her IHS or 638 facilities        72 hours after the beginning        or injury, then the best course
Contract Health Service De-          of treatment for emergencies.       of action is to Call 911.
livery Area (CHSDA). If the          Elderly and disabled have 30           Exercise is important for
patient is living out of the area    days to notify PIMC/CHS of-         good health, at least 30 min-
for more than 180 days, he or        fice. Or the Yavapai-Apache         utes every day, for kids, at
she is no longer eligible for        Health Center.                      least 1 hour a day of physical
                                                                         activity for adults.
                                                                                            Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'                                                                       November 2010 - 9

                                  NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS
                                    All our Love JuJo and Je-        Happy B-day to my cousin           Happy 6th Birthday! I wish                                           Darius Grey
                                  rome Perez                         Victor “Buck” Hamaley –            you lots of happiness. I love
                                                                     Nov 28th, you both have            you very much. You are very                                            What more can I say, you’re
                                  Georgia Morrow                     a blessed day and enjoy!           special, but you’ll soon be                                          becoming more special each
                                                                     Robin & Linnard                    all grown up. So dream big                                           and every day, so blow out
                                    November 24th                                                       dreams and work hard to make
                                                                                                                                                                             your candles one by one en-
                                    Happy Birthday to Georgia        Chloe and Kailah                   them true. I know you can do
                                  Morrow                                                                it, I have faith in you. Just re-                                    joy your birthday. Have lots
                                    Best wishes to you on your       Russell-Moss                       member if you need me, call                                          of fun.
                                  birthday                                                              and I’ll be there, and no mat-                                         With lots of love,
                                                                        Happy Birthday to Chloe
                                    And don’t do anything I                                             ter where you are, you’ll still     Happy Birthday Baby Girl.          Uncle Nay-Nay, Aunt Tish
                                                                     and Kailah Russell-Moss!
                                  wouldn’t do!!!                                                        be in my heart.                     You are growing up so fast.      & Mondo, Dae-Dae and Baby
Ohetika Fox                                                          Everyone in the Russell Bunch
                                    Love Always,                                                           -Reatha Crow                     We all love you Baby Girl.       Theo
                                                                     would like to Wish you two
  HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY               Lucinda Morrow                   the Best day. We are all proud                                          Love Mom, Cody and Dad
TO OHETIKA FOX NO-                                                                                        May the good load guide
                                                                     of the pretty girls you both are
                                                                                                        you through your path of life!
VEMBER 16...son I am proud        Leah Kinsey and                    becoming. Enjoy your Birth-
                                                                                                          We love always-Mom &
of you and your accomplish-                                          day and Many more to come!
                                  Amber Dansdill                                                        Dad and your brothers Mondo
ments this school year! You
are a well behaved young man
and I want to thank you for
                                     Happy Birthday to Leah
                                  Kinsey and Amber Dansdill –
                                                                     We love the both of you!
                                                                        From: Mom, Dad, Imani,
                                                                     Angel, Jonah and All your
                                                                                                        & Baby Theo                           Belated Birthdays
just being YOU! Keep up the       May all your wishes come true      “Favorite” Uncles and Aun-         Delilah Marigold
good work in everything you       and remember more candles          ties-The Russell’s                                                                                      and keep you safe, handsome
do! Wishing you best wishes       means a bigger wish! Love,
                                                                                                                                                                             young boy. Happy Birthday.
on your birthday this year! I     The Baker and Williams Fam-                                             To our Niece Delilah Mari-                                           Love your Grandpa, Danny
love you very        ilies
                                                                     Damon Jay Hooke                    gold Ibarra                                                          W. Jenkin
                                     Thanks, Tahnee                    To our baby boy Damon Jay          Oh, my goodness, how can
  HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY                                                                                                                                                           With all my heart
                                                                     Hooke you are 6! What more         this be? Our little Yah-Yah is
TO NAHIMANA FOX-AN-                 Here’s Big Happy Birth-          can I say, you’re becoming         turning three (3)!
NOH NOVEMBER 6....wish-           days to my favorite November       more special each and every          Happy birthday Sweetheart!                                           To my Grandson,
ing you a wonderful day to        girls: Amber Dansdill, Leah        day, so blow out your candles        From: Uncle Nay, Auntie                                              You know I love you. Have
my lil mama! I love you very      Kinsey, Becca Pita and Sugar       one by one enjoy your birth-       Tish and your brothers!                                              a happy birthday wish for all                      Wathogoma. Hope your spe-          day. Have lots of fun.                                                                                  you needed and remember
                                  cial days are filled to the brim     We love you very much,           Dae-Dae                             Grandson Abel                    Grandmom is always here for
Auntie D-Bo                       with goodies, lots of hugs           From: Dad & Mom and                                                  Campos                           you always and I know you
                                  and kisses and lots of fun and     your brothers Mondo & Baby           Happy Birthday & Love you                                          know if your sisters Chel-
  Happy Birthday to our bests     laughter.                          Theo!                              Lil’Bro.!                             October 28th
                                                                                                                                                                             sea, Arianna, Angelica were
Auntie D-Bo!                        Love you all,                                                         From:     Yo u r B r o t h e r      You are turning 7 years
  You are very special to us                                                                                                                old. I can remember when         here they would say, “Happy
                                    Mom, Grandma and Papa.            Damon Jay                         DelMundo
and we love you very much!                                                                                                                  I saw you in first grade and     Birthday Brother Abel!”
                                                                      Happy 7th Birthday
  We hope you have a great                                           Nephew                                                                 now I can’t even pick you up.      Love you, Grandmom
birthday and we will help you     Thomas Beauty                       From: Your Uncle Lucas
                                                                                                        Aliyah Engle                        What a big boy you are. You      Wendy Wiki
open your gifts and blow out       Happy B-day Thomas                                                     Age 4                             know Grandpa loves you for-        You are always in my
your candles.                     Beauty – Nov 24th and                To: Our Lil’ Man Damon Jay         I wanted to wish you a            ever. May the Lord bless you     prayers

            e want to thank       tion as the Wellness Coordina-     to do during your terms of           - Robin                           Day. As we celebrated another    ple we love and admire who

            the Nation for do-    tor and thank you for continu-     Chair & Vice, it’s not easy try-                                       year of well-being with hopes    aren’t with us today. A spe-
            ing the “Shed the     ing the early morning work-        ing to manage the tribe and                  appy Thanksgiving         for the next year. Though we     cial Thank You to the Great-
frybread program” I actually      out, all the dedicated partici-    make everyone happy, it will                 Day                       celebrate with all present, we   est Mommy and GrandMa in
shed a few frybread’s myself.     pants really appreciate it.        never happen. God bless you                     Blessing spirits to    would also like to acknowl-      the Universe Emma Jean Mo-
A special thank you to Cora-         God Bless you all – The         both and enjoy life, family        all our love ones who grace us      edge those who could not be
Lei, Paul and Carl for provid-    Breakfast Club!                    and friends, oh and “golf”.        with our great fortune. Thank       here with us today, and to re-   casque..we love you Mommy

ing the “early” and I mean                                           I’ll miss those appreciation       you for being there with and        member those who are no lon-     and GrandMa. With Love
“early” work out sessions up              homas & Norman             days off! Oh and where’s my        for us. In our gratitude and        ger with us. Please join our     from Peggy, Jay-R, LaShonna,
at the gym. Congratulations to            thank you for all you      money? Just Kidding! I just        affection, we’d like to wish        family in a moment of silence,   Shenaya, Shushandalynn, and
Taloa Hood on her new posi-               have done or tried         had to say that! LOL               you all a Happy Thanksgiving        recollection of all the peo-     Tommy

                                                                                                        In the 54th annual Fort
                                                                                                        Verde Days parade,
                                                                                                        the Yavapai-Apache
Yavapai-Apache                                                                                          Nation crown Danc-
                                                                                                        ers won the walking/
Nation Honors                                                                                           Dancing Troupe cat-
all Veterans                                                                                            egory, and miss Teen
                                                                                                        Yavapai Apache and
                                                                                                        miss Yavapai Apache
                                                                                                        swept the category
                                                                                                        called "our American
                                                                                                        photos courtesy VVN

          he Yavapai-Apache
          Nation will be host-
          ing a Veterans Com-
memoration event on Novem-             If only we could take
ber 11, 2010 beginning at 11        back a day. If only our last
a.m. at the Yavapai-Apache          talk was “I’ll see you soon.”
Nation Veterans Memorial            If only we could hear your
Park. The Yavapai-Apache            voice or see your smiling
Nation would like to take this      face again…
opportunity to invite the gen-         Michael Lewis I will truly
eral public to join them in a       miss your hugs and telling
day to honor past and present       me, “Hello, Miss Wendy.”
soldiers.                              For Princess and the chil-
   The Yavapai-Apache Nation        dren, may you find peace
encourages the community to         and comfort in yourself.
bring photos and flowers of         Prayer is your answer, time
veterans who have served on         will heal all.
behalf of the United States.           For the Lewis family, Da-
The commemoration event             vid, Maria, Derek & family,      sorrow to your family.
will include prayers, songs,        my heart goes out to you all.      Always a friend, Wendy
and a flag rising.                  I’m so sorry I missed you        Wiki
   A soldier’s service requires     all, but my heart was with         I will truly miss you. Rest
strong character and inner          all and I can’t express my       in Peace Michael E. Lewis
strength. Veterans all across
the United States will be hon-
ored on November 11th
   The Yavapai-Apache Na-
tion Veterans Memorial Park
is located in Camp Verde, on
Middle Verde Road below
Cliff Castle Casino. Located
just east of I-17 at exit 289.
For questions regarding the
event please contact the Pub-
lic Relations Office at 928-
567-1071 or email at news@
10 - November 2010        Gah'nahvah / Ya Ti'

                     YAN Halloween

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