The Benefits of Buying American Made Manufactured Goods

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					  The Benefits of Buying American Made Manufactured

According to research, for every one manufacturing job that exists,
there are 5 more that are created, such as accounting, truck driving,
clerical, research and development positions. With the loss of over
5.5 million manufacturing jobs in the United States over the last
decade, our country has seen the loss of over 33 million jobs! This
alone should drive the American consumer to desire to purchase
American made manufactured goods.

The fact remains, however that purchasing outside the country seems
to offer immediate financial benefits. Certainly purchasing goods
overseas, especially from the Chinas and Indias of the world, allows
for the average American to afford consumer goods and durables that
were once only afforded by the middle-upper class American. Yet, if
we could take the seemingly immediate gain off the table for only a
moment – one might reconsider that the pros of purchasing American
certainly outweigh the cons – TENFOLD.

   US Manufacturing Processes are much healthier for the
    environment than many other countries. Purchasing American
    made products can help to keep the global environment a little
    bit cleaner – a benefit for us and generations to come.
   Many foreign countries have low standards that allow unsafe
    working conditions. When you support American
    manufacturers, you are also supporting good working
    conditions for the American worker and ensuring that child labor
    laws are enforced.
   When one chooses American made products, he or she is
    supporting a fair day’s wage for an honest day’s work. Many
    countries do not have a minimum wage law and workers are
    exploited. Why support jobs being shipped overseas? When
    you purchase goods made in the US, you support the American
   Supporting domestic manufacturing by purchasing American
    products prohibits the “leakage” of US funds overseas. Should
    we participate in a concerted domestic procurement program
  we, as consumers, have the ability to increase U.S.
  manufacturing job creation by an astounding 33%! All the while
  ensuring that our tax dollars actually go directly to US job
 Foreign product safety standards are much lower than those in
  the US. By purchasing American goods, one can be assured
  that consumer protection laws and safety standards will be in
  place to protect one’s self and their entire family.
 When we make the decision to purchase American goods we
  are helping America to grow more independent by not forcing
  us as a nation to outsource our need for manufactured goods to
  any other country.
 If America’s commerce becomes solely dependant upon
  service and agricultural endeavors, we allow precious jobs to
  continue to disappear. Buying American helps to ensure that
  jobs with fair wages continue to be available to us and for future

At NuDec, LLC we strive to keep business on American soil. Our
vendors are all American-based, and all of our manufacturing is
done locally.

Buy purchasing your next decorating or automation machine from
NuDec, LLC you are supporting the American economy whilst also
guaranteeing that your machine comes with on-site training,
service, and customer care that could only be associated with the
American family run and operated business.

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