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AOCS Journals - PDF 11


Hartman * Cala oil inhibits breast cancer cell growth in cultures and in vivo and acts synergistically with chemotherapeutic drugs, Cho, K., L. Mabasa, A.W. Fowler, D.M. Walsh, and C.S. Park * Chemopreventive effect of different ratios offish oil and corn oil in experimental colon carcinogenesis, Sarotra, P., G. Sharma, S. Kansal, A.K. Negi, R. Aggarwal, R. Sandhir, and N. Agnihotri * Lower efficacy in the utilization of dietary ALA as compared to preformed EPA + DHA on long chain n-3 PUFA levels in rats, Talahalli, R. R., B. Vallikannan, K. Sambaiah, and B. R. Lokesh * Dietary free oleic and linoleic acid enhances neutrophil function and modulates the inflammatory response in rats, Rodrigues, H.G., M. A. R. Vnolo, J. Magdalon, H. Fujiwara, D.M. H. Cavalcanti, S. H. P. Farsky, P.C. Calder, E. Hatanaka, and R. Curi * Regulation of hepatocyte lipid metabolism and inflammatory response by 25-hydroxycholesterol and 25-hydroxycholesterol-3-sulfate, Xu, L., Q. Bai, D. Rodrguez-Agudo, P.B. Hylemon, D.M. Heuman, W.M. Pandak, and S. Ren * -Tocotrienol reduces squalene hydroperoxide-induced inflammatory responses in HaCaT keratinocytes, Nakagawa, K., A. Shibata, T. Maruko, P. Sookwong, T. Tsuduki, K. Kawakami, H. Nishida, and T. Miyazawa * Potential of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in assessing the effect of fatty acids on inflammatory bowel disease in an animal model, Varma, S., M. N. A. Eskin, R. Bird, B. DolenkoJ.

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