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									                     BOSE QC 15 NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONE

                                                  Bose QC15

                                                  Are you someone who needs peace and quiet
                                                  in order to concentrate? If so, you may be the
                                                  ideal candidate for a pair of Bose QC15 noise
                                                  canceling headphones. About 15 years back,
                                                  dating back to 1986, Dr. Amar Bose (an MIT
                                                  masteral who was also the founder of Bose
                                                  Corporation) designed the noise cancelling

The idea of developing a high quality noise cancelling headphones comes from Mr. Bose's bad
experience when he was in an international vacation using an airplanes around 1978. The
provided headphones were bad and helpless in minimizing the loud noise coming from each the
plane's motor and loud atmosphere.

Bose designers continue on continuing their researches and lately has released their newest
masterpiece, the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. QuietComfort
15 apart from its predecessors are the redesigned ear pads and TriPort acoustic headphone
shape. The newest redesigned ear cushions use new elements and combined with Bose's unique
proprietary design will create some sort of acoustic seal which drastically reduce the unwanted
sounds. The TriPort acoustic headphone design, in the other hand, can help this small headphone
to make deep sounds. It is the reason for various customers' opinion that the bass sound is quite
dominant in this headphone.

QuiteComport 15

When you take flight along with QuiteComport 15 headphones, engine roar fades even further
away. When you listen at your home or at the office, less distractions get in the way. When you
are on the road, an optional mobile kit lets you use these headphones with a cell phone, too.

Bose was the first to introduce noise cancelling headphones over 20 years ago, for use
particularly on airplanes. And the company has consistently improved the technology since then.

What's in the Box

* QuietComfort 15 headphones
* Detachable audio cable
* AAA battery
* Airline adapter
* Travel case
Don't Buy QC15...

Never Purchase Bose QC 15 before you read the customer review about his / her Bose QC15

1) I listened to the sound at 70% of my personal ITouch sound level and i cant even hear myself
speak. Damn the noise..
2) Certainly low on bass but notes were clear
3) Fabric used to create is real excellent. I mean the earcup leather feels so rich

1) Thats biggest regret for me as i am a audiophile and love to listen music all the time. You
have to take them off every 10 minutes. Your ear become so hot. Perhaps not enough ventilation.
I guess this is not meant for standard use..

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