2011 The Year of Fractional Ownership?

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					They are the new buzz words in all types of property investment, ‘Fractional Ownership’.

Ever thought you might like to make a luxury investment but never before had the available
cash. Indeed, in troubled economic times our minds are focused away from luxuries and onto
necessities. A ‘Fractional’ investment allows for everyone to own a slice of luxury but at a
‘fraction’ of the cost. Not just the cost is significantly reduced, but the risk also, famously “a
problem shared is a problem halved”.

Simply, Fractional Ownership, involves a group of like-minded individuals coming together
financially to buy an investment too expensive for any one of them alone. The beauty of this
concept in buying is that it can apply to almost any luxury item. Providing the ‘fractions’ are
professionally managed, the risks to each investor can seem negligible.

Think of the fractional benefits, property worth hundreds of thousands of pounds available at a
fraction of the price. If the property generates an income then each investor receives his or her
fraction of the monies generated. Managed, this investment should become a ‘hands off’
experience, providing for an income, combined with associated capital growth.

With the term ‘property’ in mind, don’t just think bricks and mortar, indeed any valued asset
can be considered property, even an idea.

Specialising in UK based property investment and the Fine Wine markets, Tailor-Made Property
(UK), together with its ‘Fractional Ownership’ companion company Oasis International Fractions
can offer reliable, yield led investments, backed by years of market experience and dedicated
professional business partners.

It could just be that the investment you thought was beyond your grasp may be available after
all. We are seeking new interested individuals to take their first steps fractionally. Contact us

Fractional Ownership maybe nothing new but from 2011 onwards and in these harsh
economic times it is a concept which will inevitably catch on.

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