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The Handmade's Tale


"There's a huge desire to see this kind of activity in Syracuse," said Courtney Rile, one of the event's organizers. "It's not very well known, but it's pretty strong. There's a big demand for it. Whenever something like this pops up, we get a lot of interest."So what exactly is an Urban Arts and Crafts Market? "It tends more onto the craft side of things. But not the kitschy side; there's more of a Brooklyn feel to it," Rile said. "You'll see everything from water press stationery to T-shirts to handmade books to handmade soaps, hats and jewelry, all kinds of stuff-and everything's handmade."[Briana Kohlbrenner] created the market last year with [Vanessa Rose] in hopes of bringing a different kind of shopping experience to Syracuse. "Markets around here traditionally didn't excite me. I just wanted to shop at a market like this myself," Kohlbrenner said. "I was experiencing it online, and wanted to bring it to life here."

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