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Read Their Lips


[David Harvey] introduced [Dan Maffei] (D-DeWitt), who then spoke. "I know there is a lot of cynicism these days," Maffei said. "We are working to take back Syracuse one neighborhood at a time. Central New York is the capital of the world for adult literacy. Dr. [Robert Laubach], here with us today, I don't know if people here appreciate this, but this man is a living national treasure. We see partisanship in politics and competition among agencies these days, but this is a counter-example. Here we have cooperation from all over. This is a team effort."[Marilyn Higgins] hopes the financing deal will be closed in February 2011. Maffei staffers said the congressman has put in for a $1 million earmark from the federal government for the project for fiscal year 2011. "This is a complicated financial deal," said Higgins, "and a lot of things can happen. But we're hopeful that it will move forward."Once up on the rooftop, Maffei was introduced and announced his recent formation of a congressional caucus on adult literacy. Already, according to his press secretary, Abigail Gardner, Maffei has signed on 19 representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, to serve on the caucus. "The caucus gives members a chance to meet," said Gardner, "and we can have a voice on issues as they come up."

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