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                        SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER

1.0 Introduction

The National Board for Technical Education is a principal organ of Federal Ministry of Education specifically created to
handle all aspects of Technical and Vocational Education falling outside University Education. It was established by Act
No. 9 of 11th January 1977 and in the Educational / National Minimum Standard and Establishment of Institution Act
No.16 of August 1985 and Act No. 9 of 1993.

Our Vision is to uphold the ideals of a free, united and egalitarian society and promote good quality technical and
vocational education; a system that is flexible and accessible to all for the purpose of producing competent and relevant
technological manpower needed for sustainable national development.

Our Mission is to promote the production of skilled/semi-skilled technical and professional manpower, to revitalize, and
sustain the national economy, reduce unemployment and poverty through the setting and maintenance of high
standards, provision of current and reliable information for planning and decision making, sourcing and disbursing of
funds and adequate linkages with industry.

1.1 The Structure of the Board

      The Board has a Governing Council and four statutory departments namely:

I. Programmes Department

II. Personnel Management Department
III. Planning, Research & Statistics Department

IV Finance & Supplies Department.

1.2     In addition to the departments there are seven units under the direct supervision of the departments and the
        Executive Secretary’s office and these are:-
        a.    Media and Public Relations
        b.    Internal Audit
        c.    Legal Services
        d.    Security Unit
        e.    Staff Clinic
        f.    UNESCO – Nig. (TVE Project)
        g.    SERVICOM Unit
        h.    Anti-corruption Unit
        i.    NVQF Unit

     The functions of the Board as contained in its enabling Act (Decree 9) of 1977 are as follows:

    i      to advise the Federal Government on and co-ordinate all aspects of technical and vocational education falling outside
           the universities and to make recommendations on the national policy necessary for the training of technicians
           craftsmen and other middle level skilled manpower;

    ii.    to determine, after consultation with the National Manpower Board, the Industrial Training Fund and such other
           bodies as it considers appropriate, the skill and middle level manpower needs of the country in the industrial,
           commercial and other relevant fields for the purpose of planning, training facilities and in particular to prepare
           periodic masterpiece for the balanced and coordinated development of Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology and
           such plans shall include:-

           a.     the general programmes to be pursued by Polytechnics in order to maximize the use of available facilities and
                  avoid unnecessary duplication while ensuring that there are adequate manpower needs in the country.

           b.     Recommendation for the establishment and location of new Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology where
                  considered necessary.

    iii.   to inquire into and advise the Federal Government on the financial needs, for both recurrent and capital expenditure
           of polytechnics and other technical institutions to enable them meet the objectives of producing the trained
           manpower needs of the country.

    iv.    to receive block grants from the Federal Government and allocate them to Polytechnics in accordance with such
           formula as maybe laid down by the Federal Executive Council.

    v.     to act as the agency for channeling all external aids to Polytechnics in Nigeria.

    Vi     to advise on, and take steps to harmonize entry requirements and durations of courses at technical institution.

      vii.    to lay down standards of skill to be attained and to continually review such standards as necessitated by
              technological and national needs.

      viii.   to review methods of assessment of students and trainees and to develop a scheme of national certification for
              technicians, craftsmen and other skilled personnel in collaboration with Ministries and organizations having technical
              training programmes;

      ix.     to undertake periodic review of the terms and conditions of service of personnel in polytechnics and to make
              recommendations thereon to the Federal Government;

      x.      to collate, analyze and publish information relating to technical and vocational education;

      xi.     to consider any matter pertaining to technical or technological education as may be referred to it from time to time
              by the Minister;

      xii.    to carry out such other activities as are conducive to the discharge of its functions under the Decree.

2.1    In addition to the above, paragraph 8 (i) of the Education (National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions)
      Act (Decree) 16 of August, 1985, confers additional responsibilities on the Board as follows:-

      a. The responsibility for the establishment of minimum standards in polytechnics, technical colleges and technical
         institutions in the Federation shall be vested in the Minister, and thereafter the Board shall have responsibility for the
         maintenance of such standards.

      b. The Board shall have power to accredit programmes of all institutions mentioned in (1) above for the purpose of award
         of national certificates and diplomas and other similar awards, and for entry into national and zonal examinations in
         respect of such institutions.

2.2   Act (Decree) 9 of 1993 further empowered the Board to recommend the establishment of Private Polytechnics and Colleges
      of Agriculture in Nigeria.

S/N   SERVICE                 SERVICE               CUSTOMER             DELIVE      REDER      OBLIGATION                    LIMITATIO     STAKE-              DESIGNATED      NAMES
O     PROVISION               DELIVERY                                   RY          ESS        EXPECTATION                   NS            HOLDERS             OFFICIALS       OF
                                                                         TARGET      AVAIL                                                  PARTICIPATI         RESPONSIBLE     OFFICIAL,
                                                                         & TIME      ABLE                                                   ON                                  ROOM
                                                                         FRAME                                                                                                  NOS/TEL
1.    Collate and analyse     a) Collating of       Federal              annually    Complai    Institutions to provide       Inadequate    a)Cooperation       DDFS, Budget    Room G.33
      recurrent and capital   data and statistics   Government, state                nts,       valid data on recurrent and   funding and   by host state       Officer,
      financial requirement   of personnel and      government ,NGO                  Critism    capital requirements.         logistical    Government.         Principal
      of the Federal          other                 Donor agencies,                  suggesti                                 problems      b) Counterpart      Accountant –
      Polytechnics and        requirements of       Federal                          ons                                                    funding by          Poly Accounts   Tel/FAX
      advice the Federal      the respective        Polytechnics                     telephon                                               donor agencies                      062-
      Government              institution s and     Federal Ministries               e                                                      Multilateral                        249340
                              their projected       and Parastatalss                 correspo                                               agencies
                              needs                                                  ndence
                               b) Verifying the
                              validity of data
                              submitted by the
2.    Receive appropriated    Processing and        Federal Ministry     Monthly,    Same as    Same as above                 Same as       Federal             DDFS, Budget    Same as
      grants allocation       making the            of Finance,          quarterly   above                                    above         Polytechnics        officer and     above
      from Federal            payment to the        Accountant           and when                                                           reconciling         officer
      Government and          respective            General of the       ever the                                                           receipts with the   controlling
      disburse same to        institutions          Federation           need                                                               Board               expenditure
      Federal Polytechnics                          Federal Ministry     arises.
      as per general                                of Education All
      warrant                                       Federal

3.   Receive and channel     Processing and       Donor Agencies/      Within       Same as    Institutions to make          Logistical      Provision of        DFS/DDFS   Same as
     aids from external      making the           NGOs                 twenty       above      provision of data on          problems        counterpart                    Above
     agencies to the         payments to the                           one                     recurrent and capital                         funding by
     Polytechnics,           respective                                workings                requirement                                   Federal
     Monotechnics and        institutions                              days of                                                               Government
     other Technical                                                   receipt

4.   Review and update of    a) Setting up of a   a) Same as above     a) 1st       a) Same    a) The draft scheme and       a) Inadequate   Involve stake       DD(Est)    Tel/FAX
     scheme and condition    review committee     b) Governing         quarter of   as         condition of service          funding         holders in the                 062-
     of service for NBTE     b) Approval of the   Board Members        2006         above      should be approved by the     b) Strict       renew of the                   249339
     and Polytechnic staff   reviewed                                               b) Legal   Board in the 1st quarter of   adherence to    document                       Room G.25
                             document by the                                        suit       2006                          the bond
                             Board members.                                                    b) Publication of the         c) Delay in
                             c) Publication of                                                 approved scheme and           approval
                             the scheme and                                                    condition of service
                             condition of                                                      should be done within one
                             service                                                           month of approval and
                                                                                               dispatched immediately to
                                                                                               all stakeholders
5.   Enlightenment           a) By use of print   Employers of         Annually     Same as    To remove all                 a) inadequate   Inform stake        DD (AP)    “
     programme to            and electronic       labour                            above      discrimination against        enlightenmen    holders of such     DD (PP)
     increase enrolment in   media)               Government                                   TVE graduates                 t               facilities          DD (T)
     TVE eliminate           b)workshops and      salaries and wages                                                         b) inadequate                       DD (PHP)
     disparity between       seminars             commission                                                                 funding
     TVE graduates and                            general public                                                             c) social
     their universities                           institutions                                                               barrier
     counter parts.

6.   Conduct condition       -Physical            Polytechnic          Every 5      Suggesti   -Polys to cooperate and       Inadequate      Counterpart         DD(PPL)    Room 1.09.
     survey of physical      inspection           students,            years        ons        collaborate with officials    funding         funding as states
     facilities and          - Need assessment    Development                       complai    Poly to show actual           Power failure   government and                 Tel/FAX
     equipment in Fed.                            partners                          n          facilities                                    Development                    062-
     Poly                                                                           appeals                                                  partners                       249342

7.    Collate, analyse and    a) information        Individuals          Bi-          Critique    Anayst should be all         Same as        Stakeholders to   DD(AP)     Room 1.25
      publish information     collection            students             annually     petitions   trained                      above          be involved in               Tel/FAX
      relating to TVE         b) input from         Education            April and    suggesti                                 -inadequate    collating and                062-
      -Digest of statistics   stakeholders          Planners             Dec each     ons                                      submission     analyzing of                 249342
      -Nigerian Journal of    c) submission         Institutions etc     year         (through                                 from           information and
      education               from institutions                                       suggesti                                 institutions   data
      -Technical Education    educating public                                        on
      Today, Journal of                                                               books,
      Agricultural                                                                    tel.
      Technology                                                                      (corresp
                                                                                      ) or face
                                                                                      to face)

8.    Capital project         Post qualification,   Govt. Polys,         Annually     Complai     Timely and proper            Inadequate     Input by          DD (PPL)
      monitoring              Tender and award      Students.                         nts         execution of contract        funding        international                Room 1.09
                              of contracts (due     Development                       petitions   according to                                bodies                       Tel/FAX
                              process)              Planners                          appeals     specifications.                                                          062-
                              -visits to monitor                                      suggesti    -Plan to construction                                                    249342
                              and evaluate of                                         ons
                              project                                                 legal
                              -certification for                                      suit
                              the release of
9.    Review Polytechnic      Same as above         Same as above        When the     Same as     Same as above                Same as        Employers,        DD (PPL)   Same as
      Master Plan                                                        need arise   above                                    above          Govt, Polys.                 above
10.   Conduct of tracer       -tracing poly         Govt., Polys         Annually     Same as     Industries to give honest    Inadequate     Counterpart       DD (APL)   “
      studies of Poly         graduates in          education                         above       information. Employers to    funding        funding by                   Room 1.25
      graduates               Industries within a   planners, students                            cooperate                                   industries
                              geo-political zone    employers of
                              -Collecting           labour
                              feedback on the
                              performance of
                              poly graduates
11.   Monitor the             Submissions from      Govt. polys          Annually     Same as     Polys to give accurate       Incorrect      Employers govt.   DD (SPL)   “
      attainment of 70:30     Polys. Collecting     students                          above       information and data.        submission     poly                         Room 1.06
      ratio in favour of      and collating of      employers of                                  -stakeholders critique and   by polys.                                   Tel/FAX
      science and             data                  labour education                              endorsement                  Inadequate                                  062-
      technology based                              planners                                                                   funding                                     249628

12.   Setting up minimum       Review entry        Polytechnics          Every        Same as   Planning               and   Lack of-        Involvement of      DD (APL)         Tel/FAX
      entry requirements       requirements        Monotechnics          five years   above     programmes                   Compliance      the institutions    DD (POLY)        062-
      into ND programmes       every five years    Specialised                                  department to have a         by the          in all stages of                     249628
                                                   institution                                  standing committee to        institutions.   the review
                                                                                                be      reviewing      the                                                        Room 1.25
                                                                                                -Committee embers to be
                                                                                                dedicated in carrying out
                                                                                                their assignments.

13.   Production and           Organize small      Government            Every        Same as   - Industries to send         Inadequate      Co-                 DD (PHR)         Room 2.32
      review of National       and large group     technical colleges,   five years   above     their observation on the     funding.        participation       DD (POLY)        Room 2.21
      Minimum Guide            to critique the     polytechnic/Mono                             performance of the                           by industries       DD (PTI)         Room 2.26
      Curricular & course      curricula           technics,                                    diplomate.                                   and employers       DD (AGRIC &
      Specification for                            employers,                                   -Officers incharge to                        of labour.          SCI)
      ND/HND and post                              professional                                 collate these                                - Institutions to   DD (TECH.
      HND programmes in                            bodies and the                               observations and refer                       be review the       COLL.)
      core Engineering,                            public.                                      them during the review                       curricula from
      Business                                                                                  process                                      time to time
      Sciences, Agric and
      Health Sciences.

14.   Setting             up   Reviewing the       Same as above         Every        Same as   Same as above                Same as         Same as above       Same as above.       “
      operational              guidelines                                five years   above                                  above
      guidelines for
      -Resource inspection,
      accreditation and re-
      -Establishment of
      private technical
15    Resource inspection      Visiting the        Same as above         Within       Same as   -Institution be informed     Same as         Co-participation    Same as above        “
                               institutions that                         three (3)    above     of the visit date in good    above           by both the
                               have met the                              months of              time                                         institution and
                               requirements.                             request                -Resource persons be                         the Board
                                                                         and the                informed in good time-
                                                                         outcome                -Officers to be dedicated
                                                                         of the                 to their assignments

                                                                        visit be
                                                                        one (21)
                                                                        days after
                                                                        the visits.
16   Accreditation and re-   Visiting              Same as above        Every         Same as   Institution be inform of    Same as      Co-participation    Same as above   “
     accreditation           institutions that                          five years    above     the visit date in good      above        by both the
     visitations             are due for the                                                    time                                     institution and
                             accreditation or                                                   -Resource persons be                     the Board
                             reaccredidation                                                    inform in good time-
                                                                                                -Officers to be dedicated
                                                                                                to their assignments

17   Development of          Organizi     Government, employers      1st quarter      Same as above    Improved         Inadequate       Industries to buy   DD (PHR)        “
     guidelines for          ng           and professional bodies    2006                              productivity.    funding          the idea of
     national vocational     meeting                                                                                                     vocational
     qualification           of                                                                                                          qualifications

18   Development of text     Encoura      Institutions, employers,   4th quarter of   Same as above    Lecturers and        Inadequate   Participation by    DD              “
     books for the revised   ging         professional bodies etc    2005                              general pubic          funding     local writers.     DD (AP)
          curricular         local                                                                     -Committee
                             writers                                                                   members to be
                             through                                                                   dedicated to
                             publicati                                                                 their
                             on of                                                                     assignment.

      Capacity Building for   Worksho    Federal Government     Annually   Complain           Polys. To       Inadequate   Counterpart     DD (AP)    1.33
      Federal Polytechnics    p,         Federal Polytechnics              criticism          cooperate and   funding      funding from    DD (PP)    2.32
19.   and NBTE Staff          Seminars   NBTE                              suggestion, face   sponsored                    international   DD (T)     2.26
                              ,                                            to face            their                        bodies,         DD (PHR)   2.06
                              Conferen                                     discussion         participants                 development     DD (FS)    G.33
                              ces                                                                                          partners
                              Consulta                                                                                     educational
                              tive                                                                                         planners


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