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					Presenting: Board Orientation, An Introductory Presentation for Nonprofit Board

A formal board orientation is the first step to ensure that your board
members are active, engaged, educated, and ready to participate in the
governance of the organization.

Presenting: Board Orientation is a ready-made, customizable, on-screen
presentation that can be used as a traditional Microsoft® PowerPoint®
graphics presentation, as overhead transparency slides, or printed out for
handouts. The presentation is designed in these sections:

      Overview of the nonprofit sector. Familiarize board
       members with the nonprofit sector.
      About the organization. Customize to present your           Click here to order online
       organization's mission and vision, history, programs
       and services, and financial status.
      About the board - Customize for discussion around
        your board's composition and structure.
      Overview of the board's roles and responsibilities.
       Present a discussion of the board's key roles and
       responsibilities and each board member's individual duties.

Each of the 35 slides is accompanied by a set of presentation
notes and talking points to help facilitators guide the discussion.
Also included is a 14-page user's guide with suggestions for a
board handbook, and instructions for customizing the presentation.

Number of pages: 16
Price: 4,00 €
Plus posting and handling

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