My Boarding School

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					                             My Boarding School

  I can use the word “boring” to describe my boarding school. My school

life is simply long and I keeping studying all the time. But those comments

are only heard from students, not parents. You know what; the parents think

it is a great school. Because the teachers are really mean, the landscape is

really beautiful and one of the most important thing is the air is really fresh.

  First, I will tell you how my boarding school looks like. In the school

there is one huge field. Usually students go there to have PE class. Beside

the field there is a summing pool. But teachers only allow students to go

there if students have the PE classes. Next there is a hotel for our parents.

Inside there is a supermarket, hot spring, summing pool and there are apple

trees around the hotel. Beside the hotel, there is a hospital and anyone can go

there. Also it is free for students. Next to it is an Apply Skill building. We

have lessons of cooking, sewing. Woodwork, technology and library. There

are six dormitory and to take showers etc. In front of the building there is a

small field and the center of the field is a fountain pool. There are a lot of

flowers around it. A wide opening in front of a building, across the fountain

there is a cafeteria. First floor is for the elementary students and second floor

is for the high school students. Each meal is healthy, students are not
allowed eat most of the seafood. In the center of my school, there is a huge

building; students usually play games during Sunday. Also students can get

an ice-cream if they win the games. Beside the center, there is an Elementary

School and a playground. There are a lot of plants, trees and flowers around

the building. The building has three floors and three complexes connected

by hallways. On the right side of the school there is a High school building.

It is a five-floor building and it is more beautiful than Elementary school. On

the mountain there is a kindergarten. It is a fun place to play because there

are a lot toys and a huge playground. Beside the kindergarten it is four

dormitory for High school students. That is how my school looks like.

  My school daily routine is students wake up at 6:00 and then students

need to exercise form 6:30 to 7:30. Breakfast time is at 7:30 and it end at

8:00. I have four classes in the morning. Lunch time starts at 12:00 and I

need to sleep during the afternoon. The sleeping time is kind of driving my

crazy. I have three classes at the afternoon and then we have one hour break

time. And then dinner starts at 6:00. Before the evening classes we need to

take shower. But the big problem is there are four students sharing one

bathroom and everyone must finish their shower in 10 minutes. At night I

have two classes and we sleep at 10:00.
  Some students really enjoy their school life. But I do not really enjoy it

because I can not watch TV and movies and I can not speak Cantonese. The

only fun thing is I can always stay with my friends and chat with my friends

without my parents watch over me.

  After I tell you my boarding school, what do you think about it? Will you

take students’ opinions or the parents’? This school accompanied me for

nine years.