Children's Fund Offers Grant Opportunities by ProQuest


In conjunction with the priorities of NASP, the Children's Fund Board of Trustees looks for projects that: * Advocate for the essential rights and welfare of children and youth * Promote learning environments that facilitate optimal development * Produce effective interventions that address both learning and socialemotional issues that impede a child's success and well-being * Embrace individual and group differences of children and youth based on gender and diverse ethnic, cultural, language, and experiential backgrounds The Children's Fund welcomes monetary donations, bequests, and dedicated gifts, as well as articles for auction at the NASP annual convention. Among those grants that have been approved in the last several years include a district-wide community reading day, a project focusing on prevention of bullying, and a project that provided a gifted and talented lending library and resource bank for families of gifted children in an economically underprivileged neighborhood.

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