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Download Order Form - Edible Arrangements® Fruit Baskets


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									Please do a SAVE AS using your company name or last name to identify the file - complete both customer and recipient tabs
                                                          Customer Information                                                       FOR INTERNAL
Contact Name                                                                                                                           USE ONLY
Company Name                                                                                                                Date Received

Street Address #1                                                                                                           Date Processed

Street Address #2                                                                                                           Discount Applied

City                                                                                                                        CSR

State/Province                                                                                                              CSR

Zip/postal Code                                                                                                             CSR

Contact Number                                                                                                              CSR

Contact Email                                                                                                               Supv.

                                                           Payment Information
Cardholder Name as appears on Card
Billing Address if different from above                                                                                     Order Total

Credit Card type
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
                                                            Order Information
Number of Recipients
Number of Delivery locations
Item(s) Selected
Delivery Date/Range of Dates
                                                           Customer Comments

Send completed spreadsheet to: corporateorders@ediblearrangements.com
                                 Type of                                                                                               State/          Zip/ Postal                                        Delivery Date/                   Product Name
Recipient Name   Business name   Address         Address Line 1                             Address Line 2             City            Province        Code           Phone Number                          Date Range                     /Item Code     Size          Gift Message

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Date that the product needs to                  Sml, Reg, Lrg,
                                 B= business     Physical Street address we are unable to   Floor, Suite Numer, Apt.                                                  10 Digit number incl. area code -   reach location - WE DO NOT                      Party or
30 characters    30 characters   R=Residential   delivery to PO boxes - 30 characters       Number - 30 characters     15 characters   15 characters   7 characters   12 characters                       PROVIDE TIMED DELIVIERES                        Banquet        300 characters (incl space & signatures)

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