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In 1949, Mr. Hachiro Onitsuka hi asics predecessor was founded in Kobe, Japan - Onitsuka Tiger. Since the start of the Olympics in 1956, Onitsuka Tiger athletes around the world to be loved and respected. In 1970, Onitsuka Tiger running shoes to become the largest U.S. manufacturer of more than 70% of players wore the famous Onitsuka Tiger shook the Forum! 1977, Mr. Hachiro integrated hi Onitsuka founded asics, the product diversification.

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                                   Co-op Member Education
     Member Services

          Portable Workshops for
            Boards of Directors
   Select the training that meets the current needs of your directors.

                                        Board Basics is the 6-hour training workshop for
B           asics
                                        Boards with mostly new directors. The workshop
                                        provides an overview of the basic information that
                                        directors will need to know to carry out their
                                        responsibilities. Usual content is an overview of
                                        the topics listed on the other side of this sheet.

                                        More experienced Boards can request a workshop
                                        that meets the needs of their own co-op. The
                                        workshop is an opportunity for the directors to
Experienced                             look at those particular topics/issues that they are
                                        now dealing with or will be in the near future.
Board Training
                                        The Board chooses from topics listed on the other
                                        side of this sheet that directors can explore in
                                        greater detail. COCHF can assist you in the
                                        selection of topics for this workshop.


 Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation           Portable Workshops for Boards - 1
                    Board Training - list of workshop topics
Below are listed the topics that are usually included in Board Training that directors should have some
knowledge. The time spent on these topics will depend on the requested workshop and participants’
interest. Use this list to identify the topics about which you want to know more and that directors will
want included in your workshop. A Board Basics workshop will include an overview of most of these

• What the Board Does                                     • Financial Responsibilities
            Roles of the Board                                       Spending and Controls
            Governance Responsibilities                              Operating Budgets
            Responsibilities of Individual
                                                                     Arrears Management
            Directors and Officers
                                                                     Replacement/Capital Reserves
• Structure of the Co-op
                                                          • Committees
            Co-operative Principles and
            Values                                                   Which Committees are Needed
            Management: Committee and                                How Committees Communicate
            Staff Responsibilities                                   with the Board
            By-laws and Policies                                     Dividing Up the Work between
            Decision Making: When, Who                               the Board and Committees

            Greater Co-op Sector
                                                          • Board Meetings
 • Legal Responsibilities                                            Chairing Meetings

            Legislation and Funding                                  Preparing and Using Agendas

            Agreements and Contracts                                 Minute Taking

            Conflict of Interest
                                                          • Planning
            Board Liability                                          How to Plan
            Evictions                                                How to Set Goals

 • Board as Employer                                      • Co-op Community
            Board-Staff Relationship                                 Members' Meetings
            Staff Contracts and Job                                  Getting Members Involved
                                                                     Managing Volunteers
            Evaluating Staff Performance

Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation                Portable Workshops for Boards - 2

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