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Kottke: A lifetime in grain markets


In an interview, Neal Kottke, commodity trading advisor, talked about changes in the trading industry and in the grain markets. He got out of the Army in the 1960s and joined Continental Grain Co as a grain merchandiser and worked in the grain export markets, and drivers in the grain markets. Today's grain markers are different because you have the added impact of, particularly in corn, ethanol as a demand factor and that has been where the expansion of demand has come from. The grain markets showed some signs of life beginning in late spring/early summer and the first issue was the dryness in Eastern Europe. He is very optimistic about the opportunities that are there for the futures and options industry. He is talking about the traditional products from financials through grains, metals and energy . The reason he sees opportunity is because underlying currencies, not only the dollar, are under such a state of duress.

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