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Schedules to the Direction to Strategic Health Authorities concerning GP Registrars were amended
and published on 31st July 2007. You may access this on:
The arrangement for Motor Vehicle Allowance has changed significantly. The following will
describe the new arrangements for GPStRs who have commenced their training on or after 1st
August 2007, and how to claim for the new Car Mileage Allowance from their GP training practices.

Former Motor Vehicle Allowance:
Based on the Schedules to the Direction to Strategic Health Authorities concerning GP Registrars
(2003) with 2007 Amendments (31st July 2007), the former Motor Vehicle Allowance will be only
paid to any GPStR who commenced a placement in a GP practice prior to 1st August 2007. The
term placement does not refer to a scheme, GP specialty programme or rotation. A GPStR who is
currently on a GP training scheme but has been in hospital posts and commences in a GP practice
on 1st August 2007, or after, will not receive the former Motor Vehicle Allowance regardless of
whether they have previously undertaken a placement in a GP practice and received the former
Motor vehicle Allowance or signed an employment contract with the GP practice beforehand.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays in the claiming of Car Mileage Allowance, the KSS Deanery
has devised a set of standard procedures for GPStRs (commencing their general practice
placements on and or after 1st August 2007) who are entitled to claim Car Mileage Allowance, as

Finance Procedures for claiming the New Car Mileage Allowance
   1.       Record keeping
            GPStRs must keep record of all business activities that require them to use their car. These
            records must be verified and signed by their GP Trainer and must subsequently be kept in their
            files in their GP training practice for audit purposes. GP Trainers will reimburse the GPStR
            based on the details below and will be able to claim all the GPStR’s car mileage allowance,
            along with the other training expenses, from the PCT Shared Services Agency on a monthly
            basis as usual.

   2.       Business Insurance Cover
            GPStRs will require business insurance motor vehicle insurance if they use their own vehicle in
            the course of their work, including the carriage of goods and passengers as part of this. Advice
            should be sought from the relevant Motor Vehicle Insurer if the GPStR is not clear if their
            personal cover is adequate.

   3.       Definition of GPStR’s Business activities
            The KSS Deanery definition of GPStR’s business activities relating to the use of a motor vehicle
            includes all activities required by them to discharge their responsibilities as a GPStR in training.
            These will include: visiting patients in their home, or other locations such as residential or
            nursing homes, , travelling to out of hours organisations centres, travelling to other practices or
            clinics for educational purposes, and travelling to the locations for Deanery organised GP
            educational courses , which will include the GP Specialty Training day release courses.

            (GPStRs are still able to claim their course fees and travel by public transport for attending
            deanery approved courses from their individual Deanery allowance. GPStRs must be mindful of
            their claim applications which will be cross reference and audited regularly.)

 KSS GP Training Handbook                             1                    September 2009 (updated Sept 2010)
 Ian McLean
    4.      Authorised User Form
            An authorised Vehicle User Application Form (example attached – Appendix A) is required to be
            completed by the GPStR and authorised (countersigned) by his or her GP Trainer and kept on
            file in the practice. A copy of an up to date insurance certificate and the completed form must be
            kept on the GPStR file in the GP training practice.

            It is an audit requirement that an up to date car insurance certificate is held on file for each
            GPStR who submits travel claims, and is resubmitted each year as the insurance is renewed, or
            if there is a change of vehicle.

    5.      User Status – (Whitley)
            Set out below are the criteria used for the different types of car users together with the amounts

            a) Regular Car User (Whitley only)
               A GPStR who:
                    1)      Travel an average of more than 3,500 miles a year or

                       2)       Travel an average of more than 1,250 miles a year and use their car for
                                business at least 3 days per week or

                       3)       Travel an average of more than 1,000 miles a year and use their car for
                                business at least 4 days per week.

                 Regular User Rates

                    Size of         Annual Lump          Up to 9,000          Over 9,000 miles per
                    Engine             Sum                  miles                     year
                  501-1000cc          £508.00           29.7p per mile           17.8p per mile
                 1001 – 1500cc        £626.00           36.9p per mile           20.1p per mile
                  Over 1500cc         £760.00           44.0p per mile           22.6p per mile

            b) Standard Car User (Whitley Only)
               A GPSTR who uses their car frequently but does not fulfil the criteria for regular user status,
               i.e. a GPStR who does not consistently travel over 3,500 miles each tax year. This is kept
               under review and will automatically change if 3,500 miles is exceeded.

                 Standard User Rates

                   Size of Engine       Up to 3,500 miles            Over 3,500 miles
                     501-1000cc          37.4p per mile               17.8p per mile
                   1001 – 1500cc         47.3p per mile               20.1p per mile
                    Over 1500cc          58.3p per mile               22.6p per mile

    6.      Home to Base Mileage
            GPStRs cannot claim for normal daily travel to and from work. However on the days that they
            undertake business activities as described in paragraph 3 above, such as a home visit or
            attendance at the local day release course, they can claim up to 20 miles (return journey) from
            home to practice. This is in addition to the mileage they will claim for undertaking the home visit.
            An example would be a GPStR undertakes a home visit on a Thursday and incurs 15 miles of
            travel as a result. They also live 5 miles from the surgery - so they are entitled to claim 25 miles
            for that day.

GPStRs who do not use a car for their GP placement
Whilst the majority of GPStRs will have their own motor vehicle for use in the GP placement, if they do not
have this, then they will have agreed to make appropriate alternate arrangements to cover the travel
requirements to allow them to carry out their domiciliary duties, including the provision of emergency care as
part of their duties in the post. If this is the case, those GPStRs should write a letter to the Deanery clarifying
the arrangements they have made, with a supporting letter from their GP Trainer confirming the acceptability
of the arrangements, in order that appropriate reimbursement for travelling expenses can be instructed.

 KSS GP Training Handbook                               2                    September 2009 (updated Sept 2010)
 Ian McLean
                                                                                               Appendix A
                                    Authorised Vehicle User Application
                  to be completed by GPStR and retained on file by the GP Trainer
 PART 1             for completion by the GPStR (Block Capitals)

 Name of Claimant

 Name and address of GP training practice

 Insurance Company                                             Policy No

 Make of Vehicle                              Reg No                    Cubic Capacity

 I confirm that I will

 A          Obtain and maintain, during all official use, no less than full third party insurance,
            including cover against risk or injury to, or death of, passengers and damage to property

 B          I confirm that the policy in respect of the above specifically provides for cover on journeys
            on the GPStR business activities as described by the KSS Deanery.

 C          Ensure that the vehicle is maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition whenever it is
            used for the purpose of my employment as a GPStR.

 D          I understand that the GP training practice does not accept any responsibility for any
            claims arising out of the use of a private vehicle.

 E          I will notify the GP training practice in the event of changes in the Insurance policy
            referred to above.

 F          Hold a full, current driving licence for the start of the GP training placement.

 GPStRs should ensure that, if they are requested to carry goods/articles belonging to the GP
 training practice, which they would not normally transport as part of their duties, they have
 adequate cover.

 Where you are proposing to use a vehicle, which is not wholly owned by you, you must obtain
 written confirmation (before the vehicle is used on GP training practice business) from the
 Insurers that any necessary extension to the policy cover has been made and that the other
 requirements of the Department of Health have been complied with.

 Please ensure that a copy of your Insurance Policy is attached.

 Signature of Applicant

 Designation                                                            Date

 PART 2                         for completion by the GP Trainer
 Authorised User Status (Delete as appropriate) STANDARD / REGULAR

 Form to be effective from

 Signature of GP Trainer                           Date
Appendix B
     KSS GP Training Handbook                         3                          September 2009 (updated Sept 2010)
     Ian McLean
                                        Claim for Car Mileage Allowance

Date                               Purpose of journey/business activity                                 Car Mileage

                                                                             Total Mileage

I certify
(a) The insurance policy in respect of my motor-car provides cover while this car is used on official business, for full
appropriate work related insurance, including cover against risk of injury to, or death of, passengers and damage to
property and that the policy is now in force and covers the journeys claimed.
(b) My car (Make)……………….………………………… Reg No. ……….…………….. Hp/cc………………..…..

(c) the amounts claimed are in accordance with the rules of the KSS Deanery; are in respect of expenses actually
and necessarily incurred on the journeys stated and are not subject to a claim made on any other authority (eg PCT
or the Deanery)
Signed:                                                      Approved by Trainer:

Print Name:                                                    Print Name:


                                                               Reimbursement             £

                    This form should be submitted to and retained on file by the GP Trainer

   KSS GP Training Handbook                        4                          September 2009 (updated Sept 2010)
   Ian McLean