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Winter is now biting a little


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                                                                                July 2004

Winter is now biting a little
Winter brings with it evenings of fluffy blankets, hot chocolate and good movies. Our natural instinct in
Winter is to want to hibernate. Why not plan a snowy weekend getaway? South Africa has so many
destinations to offer. This is also a fantastic time of the year to set some short-term goals, remember
summer is around the corner! In the meantime, take advantage of the early sunsets by getting to bed
early and having a good nights‟ rest.

“When we can do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life or in the life of
another.” Helen Keller

In this newsletter we bring you:

       The countdown continues – Prize Draws 
       What are the Pharos Rugby Legends up to? 
       Understanding Pharadigm - Healthcare Consumerism 
       The evolution of the Mountain Bike - Lifestyle Technology 
       Mental Health Awareness Month - Health Observance of the month 
       Drink more water! - Tip of the month 
       Are you near or over 50? You must read about Mr. B - Pharadigm Success Story 
       Should I be using fabric or disposable diapers? Nurses Q&A 
       Common Gym Injuries - Fitness Facts 
       Scuba Diving in Malawi - TRAVEL with PHARADIGM 
       We are desperate to make your newsletter brilliant 
                                                                                                  Prize Draw
The countdown continues

With the weekend coming up, we have extended your deadline for submission of your June workout logs
to 12h00 on Monday July 5th. Many of you need only a few points to increase your chance of an
additional entry in the Prize Draw on July 6th, 2004. Best of luck to everyone. TO INDEX 

                                                                    Pharos Rugby Legends
Pharos South African Rugby Legends will take on the Pharos English Rugby Legends shortly

                              As part of Pharos‟s ongoing awareness building campaign, Pharos will be
                              hosting the Pharos English Rugby Legends who will play against the Pharos
                              South African Rugby Legends in an international encounter in Pretoria.

                              The English Squad will include the likes of Jason Leonard, the most capped
    .                         Test Rugby Player of all time, Will Carling, Jeff Probyn, Dean Richards, Peter
                              Winterbottom, Wade Dooley, Ben Clarke and Dusty Hare, to name but a few.

The tour itinerary include:
 Wednesday, 11 August 2004               Pharos   Rugby   Legends   Dinner in Johannesburg
 Thursday, 12 August 2004                Pharos   Rugby   Legends   Golf Day in Johannesburg.
 Friday, 13 August 2004                  Pharos   Rugby   Legends   Development Clinic in Pretoria
 Friday, 13 August 2004                  Pharos   Rugby   Legends   International in Pretoria

Pharos members will get free entry to the match; and for non-members, tickets will be available at
the gate. The Dinner tables are booked in groups of 9 persons with an English or South African Legend
hosting each table.
The Golf “four-balls” allow you, our valued Pharos Member, and two others of your choice, to play a
round of golf with a Pharos Rugby Legend from either of the countries.
Tickets will also be on sale for these two events through Macaskill World of Sport. Contact Sandy on
(031) 332 7307 or (031) 332 7335 or email for any bookings.

                                                                               Understanding Pharadigm
Before looking at this months benefit it may be a good idea to reflect on the most important reasons for
generating wellness points. Many lifestyle programmes use their benefits as a means of ring fencing
their clientele by enticing them to purchase from specific suppliers. Whilst Pharadigm uses similar
strategies to procure value-adds for you our members, the real strategy is to assist you in making healthy
choices, to live a fuller life by empowering you with the best advice. Besides increasing your benefits on
the programme such as bigger subsidies towards your health club membership, biokinetic evaluations,
travel benefits etc. having access to your wellness statements have much more important objectives
supporting it.

Ask yourself, what was your investment, in time and effort, in your and your family‟s wellness
during 2001; 2002; 2003; for April, May or June 2004? Hopefully you have very good answers. Our
participating members will be able to answer with figures in wellness points. By monitoring their wellness
level they are able to use one exit point for their total input in their wellness. By monitoring this closely
they have a single benchmark and can tell immediately if their investment is improving, decreasing or
possibly, non-existent. What is yours currently?

To obtain your wellness level you simply have to phone 0860 BE WELL / 0860 23 9355 or email

Healthcare Consumerism

Members can generate wellness points by exercising preventative and effective healthcare consumerism.
Although you can generate points the real advantage is that you are effectively looking after your health.
By being an effective healthcare consumer you assist us in managing the solvency ratio of Pharos and in
so doing, assisting in keeping Pharos premium increases as low as possible.

Amongst others, you can generate points for the following behaviour.
 1,000 pts / annum - Completing the Fortitude
 1,000 pts / annum – If you opt to have natural birth as opposed to a caesarian-section, if medically
 1,000 pts / 2 years – Completing a Cardiac Risk Indicator for men over 30 and women over 50.
 1,000 pts / annum – Breast Screening for ladies over 45 years of age.
 1,000 pts / annum - For annual pap smears.
 1,000 pts / annum - Prostate screening for men over 50.
 3,000 pts max / annum / family - Dental checks for children under 12.
 1,000 pts / person – 2,000 pts max per family / annum - Re-using or not needing frames.
 1,000 pts – once per Pharadigm Option lifetime - Sterilization or a Vasectomy.
 1,000 pts / annum - A positive Demand Management Audit.
 1,000 pts / annum - Being a low-claimer. If you claimed less than 50% of your Private Fund.
 2,500 pts / annum - Being a no-claimer. If you did not claim at all for the calendar year.
 250 pts for your referral of any new member to join Pharos Medical Plan - max 2,500 pts per annum.

   250 pts for your referral of any Pharos Medical Plan member to join Pharadigm Option - max 2,500

Points for referrals will be generated when you provide Pharadigm with a signed notification of referral.
This form is available from 0860 BE WELL / 0860 23 9355 or

Member Wellness Statements are updated for Healthcare Consumerism points at the end of each
calendar year. This means that if you are an effective healthcare consumer this year you are in fact
earning your first wellness points for the following year.

                                                                                    Lifestyle Technology
The evolution of the Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking has come a long way from the “Dikwiel” of the early eighties and if you walk into a
proper mountain bike store today, be prepared for questions such as:
 How much do you ride on the tar?
 Do you sit when you climb hills or do you prefer standing?
 Do you like technical single-track riding or do you prefer wider dirt roads?
 Do you like downhill riding?
 Do you want a dual-suspension bike?
 Do you want disc brakes or rim brakes?

NB If you are NOT asked such questions you are most properly not in a specialist cycling shop and may
be buying the wrong bike for the wrong reason and heading for another toy hanging in your garage
collecting dust.

There are two broad categories of Mountain Bikes with many sub-categories from which you can choose.

1. Hardtail Mountain Bikes – This is where mountain bikes started. These cycles only have
   suspension forks. Some of the sub-categories are:

    o   Comfort Bikes – No real off-road capability, much more upright and a comfortable sitting
        position. Wide comfy saddle and designed for riding around town and the odd dirt road. The
        prices vary between R1 000 and R3 000.
    o   Basic Mountain Bikes – Have a reinforced frame, a front suspension, at least 21 gears and are
        quite tough. They are heavier than the more expensive racing hard tails but can give their
        owners hours of off-road fun. Prices vary between R2 000 and R5 000.
    o   Trail Hardtails – These bikes are a step up from the basic mountain bike in that they are
        slightly lighter, have got better parts on and have chunkier tyres for more aggressive off-road
        riding. Prices vary between R4 000 and R10 000.
    o   Racing Hardtails – They are very light, nimble machines. They are not designed for comfort
        and all the focus is on weight and speed. Prices vary from R7 000 to R30 000.

2. Dual-Suspension Mountain Bikes – This is where it is happening in terms of new development.
   More and more riders are moving over to these bikes. They are much more comfortable than the
   hardtails and allow you to ride for hours longer than what would have been possible on a hardtail
   mountain bike. They also give you lots more confidence off-road.

    o   Entry-level dual-suspension mountain bikes are normally very heavy and not much fun. They are
        priced at around R2000 to R6000. If you are looking at buying a dual-suspension mountain bike
        be ready to pay at least R8000 and get something worthwhile.

    o   There are many sub-categories of dual-suspension mountain bikes to choose from and each has
        its own specific application.
    o   Some of the sub-categories are: Full-suspension Race bikes, Downhill bikes, Full
        suspension Trail bikes, Full suspension, All Mountain bikes, Freeride bikes, Hucking
        bikes and many more.

With all this choice it is important that you speak to mountain bike specialist when you are looking at
buying one. So, ask your shop assistant what his/her experience is before considering their advice.

Source Mr. Johann Wykerd

                                                                       Health Observance of the month
July is Mental Health Awareness Month

“It is impossible to overemphasize the immense need human beings have to be listened to, taken
seriously and understood.” – Paul Turner. According to the South African Federation of Mental Health,
Mental Health “is a state of emotional and mental well being and the ability to cope with everyday
situations. Mentally healthy people are comfortable with themselves and are able to process and cope
with their emotions in a constructive manner. Mentally healthy people are also able to meet the demands
of life.”

Almost everyone at some stage of his or her life will be affected by mental illness. This may be a result
of mental or neurological disorders or alcohol- and drug-related problems. These problems can be a
severe burden to those involved, causing loss of productivity, individual suffering and disruption to family
and community life.

Psychiatric Disabilities are mental and emotional disorders that impair people‟s ability to cope with
their feelings and demands of the outside world, for example severe depression and bipolar
affective disorder. Psychiatric disability can affect anyone from adolescents to adults. It can be gradual,
acute, chronic or intermittent. Mental Illness is treatable, and there are a number of Institutes,
Counsellors and trained professionals in South Africa who are ready to help.

Mental Illnesses includes: Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress, Attention-Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Manic Depressive Illness, Borderline
Personality Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders and Schizophrenia and so forth.

If you know of someone who lives with any of these conditions he or she will need your patience, support
and care. Besides medical intervention there are areas of therapeutic self-care, which do not replace
medical advice but may assist as coping or management strategies, such as:

   Lifestyle habits - Structure/routine, time in nature, more fulfilling work, setting goals, relaxation,
    pleasurable activities, humour, music therapy, creative self-expression, stress reduction and time
   Mental and emotional self-care – Restructuring thought patterns, releasing negative beliefs,
    taming the inner critic, charting your moods, feeling your feelings, thinking like an optimist, keeping a
    gratitude journal, overcoming the stigma of depression, self forgiveness, healing family of origin
    issues, working through grief.
   Social support – Family, friends, Minister, support group, volunteer work, pets and animals.
   Spiritual connection – Prayer, meditation, spiritual community, inspirational texts, forgiveness,
    finding purpose and meaning.
   Physical self-care - Exercise, nutrition, water intake, hydrotherapy, sleep, medication,
    supplements, acupuncture, breathing, touch, yoga etc.

                                                                                       Tip of the month
Drink more water!

Under the most favourable conditions, the human body is able to survive 30 days without food, but only
four to ten days without water. Water makes up 45% to 70% of one‟s body weight. According to
Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, „total body water is determined largely by body
composition; muscle tissue is approximately 75% water, whereas fat tissue is about 20% water‟.

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day keeps the body hydrated and plays an important role in
regulating and maintaining bodily functions thereby assisting with good health.
Proper hydration is vital to weight control and is believed to reduce fat deposits
Dehydration causes stress, and stress will cause more dehydration. Even small amounts of fluid loss
can contribute to lowered performance, lowered productivity and fatigue.
Remember: you are already dehydrated if your thirst reflex appears!

A few symptoms of dehydration:
o Headaches and Migraines                    o   Depression
o Lower back pain                            o   Tiredness
o Neck pain                                  o   Irritability

Considering the facts above, are you unwell or just thirsty?

                                                                             Pharadigm Success Story
You can most certainly exercise after age 50

Mr. B is another amazing Pharadigm specimen. During 1980 he made the fatal mistake of continuing to
exercise during a bout of flu (…ever done that?), and ended up with a pacemaker in his late twenties.
He has been an avid runner from a young age, and continued to run competitive races regardless.

“From 1978 when I started with road running to date I had completed 7,161.7km in races and 86,320km
in training”.

After running the Comrades Marathon in 2002, he gave up exercise for seven months. Overweight and
having just turned 50, in January 2003 he started training again. He was logging a maximum of 3km,
which took him an average of 21 minutes, made up of running and walking that distance. Determination
and perseverance over the next three months, gradually training at different intensities and speeds,
enabled him to include cross training, cycling, swimming, long runs and weight training into his fifth

Before Comrades 2004 he was able to run fairly comfortably under 5min/km over a distance of 15km,
and up to 40km on his alone training runs. His goal for Comrades 2004 was to finish within the 9-hour
cut-off time for which he would receive a Bill Rowan Medal. It would have been his 19 th medal and his
26th consecutive start.

As fait will have it Mr. B struggled with an upset stomach the last few day before the race. He took off
dehydrated already, and unfortunately had to throw in the towel half way. It was a disappointment, but
as all Comrades runners know, you cannot prepare for everything.

Now post-Comrades he is already preparing for “the big five”, which will include The Duzi Canoe
Marathon in January, The Midmar Mile in February, The Argus Cycle Race in March, The Iron Man in April
and finally finishing up with The Comrades Marathon in June. His short-term goal is to achieve his

National Colours for the Masters Athletics on track by the time he turns 55 years of age. Mr. B you are an
inspiration to all of us.
                                                                                                Nurses Q&A
Should I be using fabric or disposable diapers?

Most Mother's end up with a packet or two of towelling nappies at some stage, either as part of a Stork
party gift or when their bundle of joy is born, sometimes it is given by an elderly aunt who actually has
never used anything else as far as nappies go. They usually end up being used as a wipe for when baby
has fed too much. It is also not uncommon to see mothers with breast / bottle-fed babies walking around
with the nappy thrown across one shoulder.

Towelling nappies come with a lot of labour and hassle if they are used as napkins. There's the pain of
having to rinse off the nappies when they are soiled and then having to soak them in a bucket of
sterilant for hours before it can be washed. Toddlers have been known to drown in nappy
buckets so this is also a disadvantage to these types of nappies.

Disposable nappies are far more convenient to use and although more costly they are far
more pleasurable to deal with than a soiled towelling nappy which needs to still be handled. There are so
many different makes of disposable nappies on the market at the moment, each claiming to have
different features such as a layer of this prevent leakage and a reinforcement of that to ensure a secure
fit. Some babies get allergic reactions, usually from sensitivity to the gel or tapes that are in the nappies.
From my own experience, when I had my first child I could not afford disposable nappies all the time so I
used to use the towelling nappies at home and the disposable nappies when we went out, so my baby
daughter really still looked cool when she was out on the town. When I had my 2nd child I was able to
afford the disposable nappies and was quite happy not to have to play with nappy buckets and their
contents and be able to throw all the troubles into a bin and not worry about it again till the next "load".
Source – Sister Isabel Pulford

Keep in mind that Pharadigm members are entitled to 1,000 wellness points for forwarding questions that
are published in Nurses Q&A

                                                                                            Fitness Facts
Common Gym Injuries: Treadmills
Besides a lack of adequate instruction for novices, injuries on treadmills are most commonly the result of
a lack of concentration.

Useful hints to conquer the „electronic track‟:
 If it is your first time on the treadmill, or you haven‟t used the treadmill in a while, don‟t copy the
   person next to you or fumble through the controls. Pushing all the buttons in front of you is almost a
   guarantee that you will programme the treadmill on full speed. Find someone who can assist you
   with the correct and safest way to get you started.
 If you are not confident with the moving motion of the treadmill under your feet, hold on with one
   hand (so your gait is not effected), until you have the confidence to walk in the most natural way as
   possible. Don‟t try and slide the treadmill belt under your feet, it moves without you trying to push it
 Watch your step! It is quite easy to step either to the left or the right, standing on the stationary
   edge of the treadmill. Your opposite foot will still be in motion causing you to lose your balance.
 Look before you climb on! Many people just jump off when they feel they have had enough exercise
   on the treadmill, leaving it running. Unsuspectingly, you will walk up and step onto the moving

   If someone talks to you whilst you are on the treadmill, don‟t, under any circumstances, stop
    walking! If your cell phone rings, don‟t bend down to pick it up – you are on a moving piece of
   Lastly, the emergency stop button is there for an EMERGENCY STOP, don‟t press it unnecessarily,
    especially if you want to get your running friend‟s attention by stopping them in a hurry.

                                                                                               TRAVEL with PHARADIGM
Stay and Sail/Lake Cruise Combo in Malawi

                                  Air Malawi is offering Pharadigm members another exclusive package which is
                                  valid from 1 July 2004 until 23 November 2004.

                                  5 Day / 4 Nights midweek or weekend Stay and Sail / Lake Cruise
                                  Combo for the amazing price of R6, 155 per person sharing.

The package includes:
 Return economy class flights from Johannesburg to Lilongwe on Air Malawi
 RSA departure taxes
 Road transfers as follows:
   o From Lilongwe International Airport to Senga Bay;
   o From Senga Bay on the Yacht “Mufasa” to Cape Maclear.
 Full board, inclusive of all meals, tea, coffee and snacks,
 The use of all facilities and equipment, both at the lodge and on the Yacht (scuba diving included)

Howard and Michelle Massey-Hicks are former South Africans who own and run this luxurious tour
operation. Their yacht “Mufasa” will meet you and transfer you to their stylish beach lodge, the Dan
Forth Yachting‟s Guest House at Cape Maclear. Mufasa is fully equipped for a live on board experience.
The yacht is skippered and crewed by sailing professionals.

The lodge has four spacious en-suite family rooms, all opening onto a patio with a spectacular view of
the lake and Thumbi West Island. The lodge runs a cash bar for beer, wine, spirits and minerals.
The minimum number of guests is one, and the maximum (sharing) is twelve.

Recreation available:
At the Lodge: Water skiing; Wake boarding; Tubing; Walks, Swimming; Mountain Biking; Pool; Darts
and Table Tennis.
On the yacht: Cruising, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing or just plain relaxing on the yacht.

They are a PADI registered scuba diving resort and dive courses are available (rates on request), and
children are welcome.

Excluded: USD30 Malawi international airport departure tax per person, which is payable in cash to the
authorities prior to departure; Drinks, insurance, personal effects, gratuities etc not specified.

Remember we are committed to making your newsletter brilliant!
If you have any suggestions, requests or complaints regarding the newsletter please let us know. We
would like to hear your views. If you have any topics in health and fitness that you would like us to
discuss, PLEASE LET US KNOW E-mail or
fax: 031-267-5169 or call 0860 BE WELL / 0860 23 9355.
The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of Pharadigm Option™ or the directors of Sweidan Trust (Pty) Ltd,
nor are the products advertised herein necessarily covered as benefits in terms of the rules of Pharadigm Option Lifestyle
Enhancement Programme

Have a great July 2004
Pharadigm TEAM

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