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Here is a representative sample of our experience in drafting and negotiating construction contracts.

          We drafted the construction contract for the Hyatt Regency in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
          for the developer.

          We assisted a developer in the negotiation of a construction contract using the FDIC Model
          Services Agreement for The Hilton d’Haiti International Airport Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

          We drafted an engineer-procure-construct (“EPC”) contract for a national contractor building
          a power plant in Washington State. We also advised the client concerning the meaning and
          relative importance of clauses in the contract.

          We represented a national contractor in connection with the negotiation of a major
          construction contract, financing and loan package associated with construction of an $80
          million hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. The facility was constructed under a traditional
          design-bid-build format.

          We represented a national general construction contractor in negotiations concerning the
          terms for a construction contract for a Ritz Carlton hotel and resort.

          We represented the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation in connection with new
          construction projects and issues arising with contractors on prospective projects, including
          advice on their contract forms.

          We represented a national contractor in connection with the negotiation of a medium density
          fiberboard facility construction contract in Pennsylvania. The EPC contract was carefully
          negotiated to ensure that appropriate financing was in place for the single purpose entity
          that served as the owner. We then negotiated the closeout of the project, including several
          disputes that had arisen during the course of construction.

          We revised and negotiated prime contract documents for a 44 story tower recently
          constructed in Atlanta.

          We drafted owner-construction manager contracts, owner-general contractor contracts, and
          general contractor-subcontractor contracts, as well as associated forms (lien waivers, daily
          reports, etc.) for an Atlanta company which performs renovations for major national retailers
          throughout the country. The goal was to provide contract forms which the client could
          routinely use on its various projects around the country to provide for efficient project
          completion and avoid disputes.

          In connection with our representation of the Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta we have
          drafted contracts for use with contractors and with architectural/engineering firms. We have
          also provided advice regarding these forms and specific contract clauses.

          We have consulted with the Puerto Rico Autoridad de Carreteras y Transportacion (similar
          to our DOT) in connection with their contract forms, bidding processes, and ongoing claims
          resolution process with contractors.

          We represented the owner, a publicly-traded real estate investment trust, in connection with
          the preparation of a prototype design-build contract document and purchase order for use in
          constructing cold storage facilities throughout the United States. After preparing prototype
          contract documents, the owner then asked us to tailor the documents to particular
          transactions as it awarded construction contracts in different parts of the country.

          We represented the owner (a national corporation) in drafting the construction contract for a
          50-story headquarters building based in Atlanta, Georgia.

          We represent numerous national specialty contractors such as mechanical and electrical
          subcontractors who routinely send subcontracts for us to review prior to executing them.
          The projects include facilities such as condominiums, hotels, schools, courthouses, major
          industrial projects, and power plants.

          We drafted a number of construction contracts for a large industrial owner with plants in
          different parts of the United States, including several EPC contracts.

          We drafted the prime contract construction documents on behalf of a developer for
          construction of a multi-million dollar shopping center for an environmentally-sensitive island

          We have prepared and revised extensively contracts for a major cement producer.

          We have reviewed existing contract forms in use by the City of Atlanta in their extensive
          water and sewer improvement program (Clean Water Atlanta), making extensive revisions
          and re-working the forms to help create a single, consistent package of contract documents
          for use with all water and sewer improvement program projects going forward.


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