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									                                                    Bill of Quantities
                                   Project Name: At Taybeh-Jericho Road Project
                   Item                                                  Page

              1    Description of the Works                               1

              2    Preambles                                              2

              3    Preliminaries                                          4

              4     Earth Works (Excavation & Embankment)                 5

              5     Sub-Base & Base Coarse Works                          7

              6    Bituminous Construction                                8

              7     Concrete and Utility Works                            9

              8    Total                                                  11

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                                            Work Description
                            Project Name: At Taybeh-Jericho Road Project

           The road is a narrow rural collector mountainous road which links Ramllah District with with
           Jericho District. It has a total length of 20.0 kilometers and a width of about 6 meters. The road
           serves the passenger and freight traffic between the central part of the West Bank and the Jordan
           Valley as well as Jordan.

           The road is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the West Bank with a high
           number of car accidents. Therefore, people’s safety is another important concern which will be
           addressed through this project. This is because the project will not only focus on infrastructural
           work, but also on the provision of road safety measures.

           The road is designed to have 7.2m asphalted concrete layer for the traffic lanes with two paved
           shoulders; the one on the valley side of 2.4m width, and the other on the hill side of 1.5m width. In
           addition, side ditches and culverts are provided where needed. Moreover, the design includes
           furnishing the required signing, marking and guard rails, which come under another package.

           The current project covers the section from station 0+270-2+400

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             A.    These Bills of Quantities are to be read in conjunction with the Tender Conditions of Contract, agreement,

                   Specifications, and Drawings. The various documents making up the contract shall be deemed to be mutually

                   explanatory. The method of measurement followed shall be the “principles of measurement (international) for

                   works of construction “ amended to suit local practice.
             B.    The general direction and descriptions of works given in the specifications are not Necessarily repeated in the
                   bills of quantities. Reference must be made to the specification for this information.
             C.    The contractor shall be deemed to have revised all the tender documents, inspected and examined the site and it's

                   surroundings, and have satisfied himself to the nature of the ground and subsoil before submitting his tender. He

                   shall also be deemed to have taken into account the form and nature of the site, the extent and nature of the work

                   and materials necessary for the completion of the works, the means of communication with and access to the site,

                   the accommodation he may require and in general to have obtained for himself all necessary information as to the

                   risks, contingencies and any other circumstances influencing and affecting his tender.
              D.   The contractor shall be deemed to have satisfied himself before submitting his tender as to the correctness and
                   sufficiency of the tender and of the rates and prices stated in the bill of quantities or price schedule, where shall,
                   save where otherwise provided, cover all his obligations under the contract.
              E.   Any discrepancy between the Specifications and Drawings and Bills of Quantities shall be brought to the notice
                   of the Engineer in writing before work which is the subject of the discrepancy is commenced. Dimensions and
                   sizes shown in the drawings shall generally take precedence over those stated in the Specifications.

              F.   Since the contractor is deemed to have determined his price on the basis of his own calculations, operations and
                   estimates, he shall, at no additional charge, carry out any work that is the subject of any item whatsoever in his
                   tender for which he indicates neither a unit price nor a lump sum.
             G.    Quantities stated in the Bill of Quantities are approximate and not to be considered as limiting for extending the
                   amount of work to be carried out and/or materials to be supplied by contractor.
             H.    The Contractor should note that the cost of all work carried out in the construction of junctions, access roads or

                   access to properties shall be based on tendered rates under the appropriates items in the Bills of Quantities and no

                   claim for additional payment for this work shall be considered.
              I.   The Contractor shall note that there are no haulage items given in these Bill of Quantities, and that allowance
                   must be made in the tendered rates for any haulage in the appropriate items. However, as for the cut material, the
                   Contractor may dump the material into the opposite wadi, except the removed pavement structure, which should
                   be hauled and dumped in an authorized dumping place.
              J.   Payments due under the contract shall be determined by applying the unit rates to the quantities executed for the
                   respective items, in accordance with the BoQ and contract.
              K.   The utility diversions work shall include the workmanship needed. The work shall be according to the
                   Specifications and Engineer’s satisfaction.
              L.    Unless otherwise mentioned in the Bill item, all services items expect relocation works, not directly measured
                   under this bill item shall include for excavation (including rock), back filling, dewatering, compaction, temporary

                   works and placement and testing of pipes etc. Excavation width for various services shall be as agreed by

                   Engineer on site. The width of trench excavation for the relocation of existing cables shall be as directed by the

                   Engineer on site.
              M.    Items for the preparation of formation to receive subsequent embankment layers shall include for shaping,

                   watering and compaction.
              N.   All draining and sewerage works, if any, to be carried out by a company on the approved Contractors’ list of the
                   UNDP .
              O.   All pipes and ducts for drainage works, if used, shall be pre-cast concrete.
              P.   Rates of concrete works are to include for placing, compacting, forming any joints, all necessary frame works,
                   curing and protecting, etc

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           1.0 Preliminaries

             No.    Item                                                   Unit Quantity   Unit   Total Cost
                                                                                           NIS       NIS
             1.01   Mobilization

            1.01.1 This item includes site office, equipment, supplies,
                   maintenance of traffic, temporary works, safety
                   measures, etc. required for the proper completion of
                   works as specified in the Special Conditions. It
                   includes the pre-construction submittals of: work
                   schedule, quality control plan, safety program,
                   environmental monitoring and mitigation plan. It
                   includes also all obligations, and liabilities conferred
                   on the contractor by the bidding documents, and all
                   tests required for the completion of the works. The
                   requirements of the Office for the exclusive use of
                   the Engineer's Representative and his Staff with all
                   associated equipment and services are illustrated in
                   the Special Conditions.                                  L.S.   1

                    Total of Preliminaries

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           2.0 Earth Works

             No.    Item                                                Unit Quantity    Unit   Total Cost
                                                                                         NIS       NIS
             2.01   Excavation

            2.01.1 Unclassified excavation in the cut sections of the
                   road, including removing existing pavement layers (
                   in cast or fill sections), watercourses, ditches and
                   Wade relocations all as and where shown on the
                   drawings including grading, watering, compaction,
                   testing, all tests required, and hauling the excavated
                   material either to locations for road embankments or
                   to stockpiles or to waste, all according to
                   specifications and as directed by the Engineer.
                   (Note: Suitable Excavated materials to be used for
                   embankment of the road widening in the same cross
                   section of the road will not be paid for as
                   Embankment Materials)                                  C.M   107500


IIS/Roads69c948d0-57c0-4e90-90e4-f272a39a858a.xls            4
           2.0 Earth Works

             No.    Item                                              Unit Quantity   Unit   Total Cost
                                                                             M3       NIS       NIS
                    Total Brought From Previous Page

             2.02   Embankment Construction

            2.02.1 Construction of road embankments and sub-grade
                   layers (200mm thick each) by selected materials
                   (Topping) imported from outside site, including
                   preparation of the areas upon which they are to be
                   placed, placing and compacting approved material
                   within areas where unsuitable material has been
                   removed, ready to receive the pavement structures
                   and shoulders, including all tests required. All in
                   accordance with the lines, grades and cross sections
                   shown on the drawings, specifications and direction
                   of the Engineer.                                     C.M   7700


IIS/Roads69c948d0-57c0-4e90-90e4-f272a39a858a.xls           5
           3 . 0 Sub – Base and Base Courses

             No.    Item                                                  Unit Quantity   Unit   Total Cost
                                                                                          NIS       NIS
             3.01   Aggregate Base Course

            3.01.1 Furnishing crushed aggregate base course material
                    class A ,200 mm thick after compaction, including
                    mixing, spreading on prepared sub-base course or
                    sub-grade, compacting and finishing, and all tests
                    required. All according to specifications drawings,
                    cross-sections and directions of the Engineer.        C.M    4600

                    Total of Sub base and Base Courses

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           4. 0 Bituminous Construction

             No.    Item                                               Unit Quantity   Unit   Total Cost
                                                                                       NIS       NIS
             4.01   Bituminous Prime and Tack Coat

            4.01.1 Furnishing and applying bituminous prime coat (MC-
                   70) or equivalent (rate of application 1.2 kg/m2) to
                   previously constructed sub grade, sub-base or
                   aggregate base course or concrete pavement, all
                   according to specifications, drawings and directions
                   of the Engineer.                                      ton    24
             4.02 Bituminous Binder and Wearing
            4.02.1 Furnishing, spreading and compacting 6 cm
                   bituminous wearing course (3/4 inch), including all
                   tests required. All according to specifications,
                   drawings and directions of the Engineer.             S.M.   24000


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           5 . 0 Concrete and Utility Works

             No.    Item                                                 Unit Quantity   Unit   Total Cost
                                                                                         NIS       NIS
             5.01   Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culverts

            5.01.1 Supplying and placing of precast reinforced concrete
                   of 2 pipes 1000 mm diameter each (i.e., for the
                   double pipe culvert, where the indicated quantity is
                   for each of the pipes comprisong the double pipe
                   culvert) including excavation, preparation, bedding,
                   back filling, supplying all necessary materials and
                   building of head walls and end walls, aprons inlet and
                   outlet protections, tar or bituminous painting to
                   surfaces permanently in contact with backfilled
                   material and all necessary works and steel
                   reinforcement, including all tests required. All
                   according to specifications, drawings, and directions
                   of the Engineer.                                       S.M.   15      500      7500

             5.02   Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

            5.02.1 Supplying of all materials required and construction
                   of reinforced concrete box culverts extension
                   including excavation, preparation, formworks,
                   backfilling, headwalls, end walls, aprons, tar or
                   bituminous painting to surfaces permanently in
                   contact with backfilled materials, and all necessary
                   works and steel reinforcement,including all tests
                   required. All according to specifications, drawings
                   and directions of the Engineer.                      C.M      40


IIS/Roads69c948d0-57c0-4e90-90e4-f272a39a858a.xls             8
           5.0 Concrete and Utility Works

             No.    Item                                                 Unit Quantity   Unit   Total Cost
                                                                                         NIS       NIS
                    Total Brought From Previous Page

             5.01   Supplying, placing and finishing of reinforced
                    concrete (B250) for lining of side ditches (thickness
                    10cm, width 2.0m), including steel reinforcement.
                    All according to specifications, drawings, and
                    directions of the Engineer.                           S.M.   2665

                    Total of Concrete and Utility Works

IIS/Roads69c948d0-57c0-4e90-90e4-f272a39a858a.xls             9
             No. Item                                      Cost (NIS)
              1 Total of Preliminaries

              2    Total of Earth Works
              3    Total of Sub Base and Base Course
              4    Total of Bituminous Construction
              5    Total of Concrete and Utility Works


                   Total ( NIS)

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             Aug. 2000

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