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									 Leveraging Social Chatter:
Online Brand Reputation
Monitoring and Management
       A Wakeup Call
         Gary Levine
 WSI Brand Reputation Expert
• Why the wakeup call now?
  – Problems & opportunities
• What do you do about it?
  – Research & Monitor
  – Improve your visibility
  – Engage
  – Tools you can use
• Checklist of Next Steps
                         Ok, so I heard…
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, its all over the
  news. But they’re for kids, right?
            Despite overwhelming shifts in media
           behavior, most executives still put more
           weight on mainstream media channel
           messaging than online communities.

            Fewer than 40% have Googled their
           own name.

 Source: Weber Shadwick, Reputations Online
      The Impact of Social Networks
• Half of survey respondents said they considered
  information seen on their social networks when
  making a decision
• 65% in the 18-24 age demographic

                               • 25% posted links to
                               company, product or

                               Source: Bereford Research
                 Why a wakeup call?
1. Marketers used to control the
conversation: Radio, TV and print
advertising was expensive and we
listened because it paid for our

2. Customer Controls the
conversation: Before blogging and
online social media gave every internet
user a platform to publicly broadcast
their observations and opinions in an
                 The Bottom Line:
3. Learn to listen or proceed at great risk

Its time to turn the megaphone around (ref. Tara Hunt, The
Whuffie Factor)
                  For example

Venerable brands like Pepsi and
Domino’s Pizza were exposed to
near-immediate criticisms on a
worldwide basis.
When they listen, they can respond.
       Doesn’t it work both ways?
“It” does, if you do! implemented an independent review
service on their site, and “saw sales climb 23% on
products that had reviews.”

Internet shoppers rank reviews as the most desired feature
of a Web site, according to a recent survey by Forrester
       Learning from this Example
• No PR is bad PR
  – Transparency is Key
• Customer is King
  – Develop and Foster the culture of
     • Trust
     • Conversation
     • Engagement
         3 Things that you can do
1. Research and monitor
   communications about your brand

2. Build up your brand visibility

3. Engage with customers and clients
             A: Check Your Name
• Research and protect your
  brand and trade names
• Don’t let someone else become
• – free or paid
   B: See where you are being found
• Do Proactive Searches:
  – Google
  – Twitter
  – Technorati
           C: Setup monitors
• Google Alerts, RSS Feeds
   More Sophisticated Monitoring Tools
• Monitter
• Filtrbox
Now You Know Where You Are….

         What Next?
A: Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your
– Is your brand name prominent on
  your site?
– Is it the HTML Title of a page about
– Does the Description of your About
  page contain the brand name?
– Are your key employees or reps
  included on the site?
B: Local listings, profiles & social pages
 –   ShowMeLocal
                 C: Publish
– Blog
– Press releases
– YouTube video or Flickr
CLIENTS: Social Chatter
   A: Respond to what you hear
– Respond to what you hear
                      B: Invite feedback
–Use a 3rd Party Review Service
     • “Reviews” are different from “Testimonials”
–Impact of Reviews on Buying:

Marketing Experiments Journal study found the conversion rate
increased from 0.47% to 0.88%, an increase of 87% when customer
reviews were present
             C: Allocate resources
•   In house or outside service
•   Daily monitoring
•   Daily responding
•   Alerting and reporting
                The Checklist
Survey clients and develop your responses
Check your Google search engine result
 rankings for industry keywords
Setup daily Google Alerts
Start or add to your blog: top 10 things you
 have to explain over and over
Pick a social media site and engage
Assign someone to monitor the feedback
• Research and Monitor
• Build Brand Visibility
• Engage with Clients
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