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									                                     Loan Broker
                     Branch Application Checklist
 $25,000 Surety Bond (signed, notarized and containing new branch
address; or aggregate surety bond with $25,000 increase and listing of new
branch location)
 Bank Name and Trust/Escrow Account number (if accepting initial fees
   from consumers, other than third party pass-through fees – title search,
   credit report, appraisal, etc.) __________________________________

 Required Maine Forms (each with company name, address, phone
  number contained at the header):
       Written Agreement (contract) with Notice to Consumer pursuant § 10-302
       Written Disclosure pursuant § 10-303
 If a Corporation/LLC, written proof of approval from the Maine
  Secretary of State as either a Maine or Foreign Corporation/LLC
 Contact Information, each with name, email address, and phone number:
              For Compliance Examinations
                                                 Name                             Phone
              For Consumer Complaints
                                                  Name                    Phone

 Résumé of branch manager, and two professional letters of reference for
  that individual.
 Completed, signed, and notarized application
 $300 Application fee (Payable to “Treasurer, State of Maine”)

The undersigned acknowledges that the above checklist is representative of the contents
of the application package being forwarded to the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit

                Signature                                         Title

              Email Address                                       Date

                                                               Fax Number
              Phone Number

            PLEASE ENCLOSE this signed checklist with the application.

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