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					Faculty of Business and Law (Economics, Politics and Tourism,Business and Mana

Name               School

Dr Robert Imre     Politics and

Professor Aron     Business and
O'Cass             Management
Dr Jim Jose        Politics and

Research Division
Name               School

                   Office of
Professor Scott
                   Centre of Full
William Mitchell
                   and Equity
usiness and Law (Economics, Politics and Tourism,Business and Management)

             Research Area
            Australian foreign policy, terrorism (religious and political violence),
            European politics (especially Central Europe), Canada/Australia
            comparative politics, South Asia, genocide studies, social and
            politicial theory of any kind, comparative foreign policy, citizenship,
            international relations, governance, security, peace studies.
            Marketing, branding, international marketing, consumer behaviour,
            marketing strategy, political marketing, services marketing, social
            All fields of politics including political theory, international political
            economy, Australian politics, public policy/public administration,
            feminist theory, gender studies.

             Research Area

            Government policy and health economics.

            Macroeconomics, labour economics, industrial relations, economic
            geography, regional science, econometrics, banking and finance.
m,Business and Management)

            WARP/URL                       Supervision Level

                                           Doctoral &

    Doctoral &
            research/expertise/138289.html Masters

    Doctoral &
            research/expertise/138005.html Masters


   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/138933.html   Masters

    Doctoral &
            research/expertise/135117.html Masters
Faculty of Education and Arts (Education, Humanities and Social Science,Drama, F

 Name               School
Michael Arthur-
                    Humanities an
Dr Jane Bellemore
                    d Social
Associate           Science
Professor Hilary    and Social
Carey               Science

Professor Victor    Drama, Fine
Emeljanow           Art and Music
Associate           Humanities an
Professor Alison    d Social
Ferguson            Science

Professor Dennis

Professor Jenny

Professor Anne      Drama, Fine
Graham              Art and Music
                    Institute of
Professor Mel       Advanced
Gray                Study for

Dr Rosalind         Drama, Fine
Halton              Art and Music

Associate           Humanities an
Professor Pam       d Social
Nilan               Science
                    Humanities an
Dr Caroline Webb
                    d Social
Professor Sid
                   Humanities an
Dr Terry Leahy     d Social
Dr Robert
                   Institute of
Dr Stephen Webb    Advanced
                   Study for
                   Drama, Fine
                   Art and Music
Michael Ewans
Professor Phil

Professor          Education
Allyson Holbrook

Dr Barry Morris    and Social
Dr James Bennett   and Social
ducation and Arts (Education, Humanities and Social Science,Drama, Fine Art and Music)

             Research Area
             Students with multiple and severe disability, behaviour supports,
             classroom management, inclusion, augmentative and alternative

             Period of the late Roman Empire and Early Empire.

             Australian religious and cultural history, medieval cultural and
             intellectual history.
             Intersections between performance, fine art and music, popular
             theatre, physical theatre, directing for the stage, dramaturgy, music
             theatre, theatre history, the use of masks as an actor training tool.

             Clinical linguistics, clinical education, aphasia.

             Social capital and Indigenous people, Indigenous participation in the
             Australian economy; Indigenous entrepreneurship; Indigenous
             tourism, Qualitative Research Methods; Indigenous epistemology
             and Indigenous standpoint theory; Shared Aboriginal and settler
             belonging; Oral history; Racism in Australia; Maori and native
             Hawaiian entrepreneurship; Aboriginal history in the Sydney basin
             post 1788; Ethnic and cultural theory in Australia; Aboriginal
             literature and poetry; Cultural heritage management and Indigenous
             land use management.
             Social theory and education; power and pedagogy; teacher
             education reform; quality teaching and pedagogical reform; teacher
             socialisation and professional learning.
             Sculpture, installation and performance; public and community art;
             relational aesthetics; dialogical art; art and health; art outside the
             white cube; interdisciplinary practice; art and the archive.
             Social work and the human services such as social policy, social
             work theory, values and ethics, modes of knowledge production,
             evidence-based practice, social development, community
             development, social development in South Aftica, the development
             Performance; in China.
             of social work research illustrated by performance; editing from
             original source materials; music of 17th-18th centuries, especially
             Italian and French; performance practice; transmission of musical
             styles; music and imagery/word-setting.
             Sociology of: youth, gender, education, school-to-work transition,
             development studies, popular culture, Asia-Pacific, Indonesia, Fiji.
             English literature post-1900, especially Modernism, contemorary
             fiction by English women writers, fantastic narrative.
             Assessment generally, but specifically at Higher Degree Research
             level; affective measures of school outcomes; Mathematics
             education; adviser in quantitative research methods.
Environment and society, ethnography of gender, social issues in
sustainable agriculture in developing countries, land care, ultra left
and anarchist history, environmental social movements,
Learning theory and its application across educational and non-
educational settings
Risk society; neoliberalism; evidence-based practice; post-
welfarism; knowledge transfer and production; theoretical
approaches to social policy and welfare; social work ethics and
values; international social welfare; Michel Foucault and French post-
A wide range of topics in music and drama, focussing partially but
not exclusively on research related to performance.

Special education; intellectual disability; inclusive education.
Higher education; workplace education; formal and informal
postcompulsory education and professional learning; education to
workplace transition; pathways to career choice; educational
assessment specifically in higher education; research development
from doctoral education; higher level learning skills through to
assessment practices in higher education across disciplines;
research assessment, research impact and research critique; the
effectiveness of pedagogy in virtual dimensions; new knowledge use
and dissemination; mixed methods; qualitative and evaluation
research methods. in the area of Indigenous studies and Australian
Social anthropology
studies; ethnographical studies of race relations and cultural
20th century Australian history; comparative or transnational
history; the labour movement; gender and sexuality; film; history
and representation.
ial Science,Drama, Fine Art and Music)

             WARP/URL                      Supervision Level

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/134926.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/137340.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/134970.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135003.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135667.html   Masters

                                           Doctoral &

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135032.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/136915.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/137095.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/137086.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135419.html   Masters
   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/136672.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/134936.html   Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/135091.html   Masters Doctoral &
research/expertise/134840.html Masters Doctoral &
research-centre/iash/         Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/135004.html   Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/134912.html   Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/135050.html   Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/135128.html   Masters Doctoral &
research/expertise/137031.html Masters
Faculty of Science and IT (Mathematical and Physical Sciences,Environmental and

Name               School

Associate          Mathematical
Professor Paul     and Physical
Dastoor            Sciences
Dr Vicki Keast     and Physical
Dr Robert King     and Physical
Assoc. Professor
                    and Life
Marcell Maeder

Dr Eileen
                    and Life

Dr Salim Momtaz     and Life

Associate          Mathematical
Professor          and Physical
Brailey Sims       Sciences
Dr William
                    and Life
Professor Andrew

Dr Deborah

Emeritus           Environmental
Professor John      and Life
Patrick            Sciences
Professor John
                  and Physical

Associate         Environmental
Professor Erica    and Life
Wanless           Sciences

Laureate          Environmental
Professor John     and Life
Aitken            Sciences
cience and IT (Mathematical and Physical Sciences,Environmental and Life Sciences,Psychology)

             Research Area

             Thin film growth; organic devices; electron spectroscopy;
             synchroton based techniques.

             Solid state physics, materials science, electron microscopy.

             Flexibly shaped distributions; socio-spatial statistics; statistical
             computing; assessment of ecological models.

             Coordination chemistry, chemometrics.

             Male germ cell development; male reproductive physiology;
             mammalian folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation;non-surgical
             sterilisation for female animals; effects of environmental toxicants
             xenobiotics on oocyte function and folliculogenesis; RNA Binding
             Protein Musashi; isolation of spermatogonial stem cells.
             Environmental impact assessment; social impact assessment;
             community participation; demographic change; coastal resource
             management; development and environment in developing
             countries; poverty in developing countries; role of non-government
             organisations; geographic information systems.
             Metric fixed point theory and related Banach and metric space
             Marine conservation biology, including fish ecology and
             reproduction; selection and management of marine protected areas;
             marine environmental management.
             Recognition memory, speeded choice and the law of practice,
             forgetting, absolute identification, lexical processes.
             Impact of maternal and neonatal factors such as exposure to stress,
             infection, variations in maternal behaviour, intrauterine growth and
             nutritional restriction, on fetal development and subsequent
             susceptibility to disease in later life; Role of perinatal factors in the
             ontogeny of the neuroendocrine and immune system; Role of early
             life factors in pain perception; role of early life factors in
             predisposing toward anxiety, behavioural and psychiatric disorders;
             Impact of early life infection on tumor growth and metastasis.
             Membrane transport events play central roles in determining
             nutrient allocation between growth/storage organs (sinks) and
             hence plant productivity and crop yield. Our overall research goal is
             to discover mechanisms controlling membrane transport in sinks
             using developing legume seeds as experimental models. These
             studies include developmental biology of cells specialised to support
             these transport events (i.e. transfer cells).
Surface science, ion surface interaction, low energy ion scattering,
materials analysis, science communication.
Surface and colloid science, surfactants and polymers: solution and
adsorption behaviour; functional interfaces: coatings and stimulus-
responsive surfaces; atomic force microscopy: imaging and force

Biological Sciences
s,Environmental and Life Sciences,Psychology)


   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/136018.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/141078.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/137531.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135113.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/137682.html   Masters

                                           Doctoral &

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135198.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/136541.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135059.html   Masters

   Doctoral and
            search/expertise/136841.html   Masters

   Doctoral &
            search/expertise/135147.html   Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/135140.html   Masters Doctoral &
search/expertise/136637.html   Masters Doctoral &
research/expertise/136819.html Masters
                                                          Faculty of Business and Law - Potential RHD S
                 Principal Supervisor

Doctor           Agbola      Frank

Professor        Boyce       Gordon

Professor        Bray        Mark

Professor        Burgess     John

Doctor           Carlson     Jamie

Doctor           Casimir     Gian

Professor        Catley      Robert
Emeritus Professor larke     Frank
Doctor           Cowley      Kym
Associate Professor          Alison

Doctor           Dzator      Janet

Professor        Easton      Stephen
Professor        Gillard     Patricia
Dr               Griffiths   Margaret
Professor        Holmes      Kevin

Associate Professor          Akhtar
Doctor           Imre       Robert

Associate Professor         Jim

Doctor           Juniper    James

Doctor           Kriz       Anton

Mr               Lewer      John

Mrs              Lindsay    Katherine

Doctor           Lyons      Kevin
Doctor           Macneil    Johanna
Associate Professor         Amir

Doctor           Meacheam David

Doctor           Mitchell   Rebecca

Doctor           Motyka
Doctor           Ngo        Liem

Professor        Nicholas   Stephen

Professor        O'Cass     Aron
Doctor           Pires       Guilherme

Associate Professor          Jim
                 Shamsuddin Abul
Associate Professor           

Doctor           Stanton     Patricia

Doctor           Tse         Herman

Associate Professor          Martin
Mr               Williams    Kevin
Professor        Wright      Ted

Doctor           Young       Tamara

                 Business and Management
                 Economics, Politics & Tourism
Faculty of Business and Law - Potential RHD Supervisors

         Research Areas
         Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Financial
         Economics, Agribusiness, International Trade and
         Marketing, Real Estate Economics.
         Institutional economics; communications theory and
         systems theory; inter-firm cooperation in international
         business; anticipatory risk management, transport and
         the economics of information and knowledge.
         Industrial relations and human resource management
         in selected industries (including health, road transport,
         airlines, electricity generation), National and industry
         differences in labour regulation and the complexity of
         regulation. Industrial relations public policy. HRM in
         Call centre work and workplaces, workplace bargaining,
         contingent employment arrangements, gender and
         work, labour market policy, technology and work, the
         internal labour market, employment entitlements,
         agency employment, new forms of work.
              Services marketing and e-service performance
              issues, Consumer behaviour in virtual environments
              (e.g. Internet, Second Life), Globally integrated
              enterprises and international marketing issues
         Leadership; organisational behaviour; corporate
         governance; knowledge management; Consumer
         bahaviour; organisational psychology and cross-cultural
              Organisational Behaviour / Theory
         Market Orientation, Small
         Accounting and Finance Business and Strategic
         econometric modelling, economic evaluation, resource
         allocation, priority setting, equity and policy evaluation
         and their application in Health and Labour Economics.
         derivative securities and corporate governance
         No information
         the operation of the consumer credit industry and marketing in the not-for-profit sector
         Government policy and health economics
         Money, banking and finance; international trade and
         finance; macroeconomics; growth and development;
         applied econometrics
Global Terrorism, Genocide, Nationalism and Ethnicity,
Religious and Political Violence, Life-Writing/Biography,
Comparative Politics of Australia, Canada, New
Zealand, South Asia especially India, Pakistan and Sri
Lanka, Asia-Pacific politics especially Singapore and
Malaysia, Security Studies, Peace/Conflict Studies,
International Relations, Political/Social
Theory/Philosophy of any kind especially questions
about multiculturalism, citizenship, diversity, modernity,
Governance and political discourse, Political theory and
feminist political philosophy. Philosophy, imperialism
and colonial discourse. Transformation of labour
relationship marketing, industrial marketing and
purchasing, Chinese business culture, seafood
marketing and human behaviour. His PhD research is
on business to business relationships and interpersonal
the study of the impact of organisation change and
restructuring; skill formation; and the implact of socially
responsible investment on industrial relations and
human resource management practices.
Judicial Biography and the High Court of Australia,
Federal Constitutional Law
Leisure, employability and careers; Outdoor recreation;
Volunteer tourism;Leisure, gender and families.
Organisational Behaviour / Theory
competitiveness and trade in commercial services in the
ASEAN region
Human resource management; knowledge
management; managing organisational change,
organisational behaviour, organisational learning and
Dynamic capabilities, knowledge creation and
organisational competitive advantage; National
innovation systems and supporting institutions; Intra-
organisational mechanisms underpinning learning and
International business strategy; strategic management;
MNEs and FDI in Australia, China and Japan; business
history; diversity management
Australian Industry Brand Strategy, Cognitive Age and
Consumer Life Experience and Characteristics,
Comparisons of Asian and Australian Brand Associations
and Ethnocentrism, Export marketing Performance,
Antecedents and Consequences, Voter Choice in
Australia, Organisational Learning and marketing
performance, Brand Perceptions and Feelings Aroused
by Brands, Services Marketing: Barriers and Costs of
Services and Cross Culture Marketing

Accounting , Corporate Governance
Asset pricing, market efficiency, financial market
volatility and capital market integration
Accountability and rights to accountability;
communication through annual reports, impression
management in annual reports and local government
Transformational leadership; interpersonal exchange
relationships at work; emotion in teams; multi-level
issues in organisations; Chinese management issues
Occupational gender segregation; commuting behaviour; spatial distribution of unemployment; local labour markets.
Anti Discrimination Laws, Human Rights Law,
International Law, Indigenous Legal Issues
Contract Law, Legal Profession, Courts and Procedure
The role of tourism media as an interface between
traveller cultures and travelled cultures; social and
cultural aspects travel and tourism, especially
backpacker tourism and volunteer tourism;
representation and interpretation of Aboriginal Australia
in the context of tourism; Indigenous tourism; culturally
sustainable tourism; community development and
HD Supervisors

         Research Profile Web Address

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (Architecture and the Built Environm
Engineering and Computer Science,)

Name               School
Dr Regina          Engineering a
Berretta           nd Computer

Dr Stephan Chalup
                  and Computer

Geoffrey Evans

Professor Frans
                   and Computer

Associate          Architecture a
Professor Kerry    nd the Built
London             Environment
                   Engineering a
Professor Pablo
                   nd Computer
Professor Behdad
                   Architecture a
                   nd the Built
Michael Ostwald

Daichao Sheng
                  Architecture a
                  nd the Built
Steffen Lehmann
ngineering and Built Environment (Architecture and the Built Environment, Electrical Engineering,
 and Computer Science,)

              Research Area

             Combinational optimization - heuristics and metaheuristics;
             application in bioinformatics.

             Application of machine learning methods - neutral networks,
             evolutionary algorithms, support vector machines, image
             processing, sound processing, language processing, robotics,
             finance and architectural image data; non-linear dimensionality
             reduction - investigating improved understanding of results,
             manifold theory; human-robot interaction - application of machine
             learning to face recognition, emotion classification, robot control,
             sound processing; interdisciplinary work with architecture -
             geometric understanding of the environment, development of
             automated image analysis tools for architects, algebraic topology,
             fractal theory, non-linear geometry, pattern recognition, digital
             image processing, robotics; brain theory, computational
             neuroscience, biocomputing and medical image and data analysis.
             Fluid and particle mechanics; water and wastewater treatment;
             mineral flotation; mixing and agitation; multiphase processes;
             aeration; pyrometallurgy (iron and steel making, metal coating);
             sustainability (peak oil and alternative transport fuels, energy supply
             Distributed and grid computing; operating systems; distributed
             database; algorithm design and implementation.

             Construction and project management, urban governance and
             project development, construction supply chain economics,
             construction supply chain management, construction industry policy,
             internationalisation of trade and services in property and
             construction, design management.
             Computational molecular biology of cancer; systems biology of
             cancer; bioinformatics; evolutionary computation applied to
             bioinformatics; data mining for bioinformatics.
             Thermo-fluid engineering; minimisation of greenhouse emissions;
             renewable energy systems; advanced clean coal technologies;
             hydrogen powered micro-energy systems with emphasis on
             Architectural history focussing on 20th Century or Baroque;
             architectural theory and philosophy; computational design and
             virtual environments; architectural design (including research by
             design); architectural education.
             Geomechanics; geotechnical engineering; computational mechanics.
Identity and regionalism - how to maintain meaning in architecture
and urban design in times of globalisation? Public space networks:
What are the new types of public spaces needed for the
contemporary city, to transform and revitalise the centre? Green
urbanism: research in emerging models of energy-efficient cities
and buildings, with a focus on the urban scale; Interdisciplinarity:
collaboration between art and architecture in site-specific urban
interventions; Capacity building in sustainability knowledge in the
developing world: long-term strategic research alliances with
countries in Asia and along the Pacific Rim.
d the Built Environment, Electrical Engineering,

             WARP/URL                        Supervision

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/138362.html   Masters

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/137631.html   Masters

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/135392.html   Masters

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/136989.html   Masters

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/139416.html   Masters

     Doctoral &
             research/expertise/138172.html Masters

     Doctoral &
             research/expertise/136638.html Masters

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/135421.html   Masters

    Doctoral &
             search/expertise/136875.html   Masters
                   Doctoral &

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