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									      La Femme
Kids Connection Expo
           Moffett on Main Lifestyle Centre
           12,13 & 14 November 2010

La Femme
                           Event Partners
Media : La Femme
       (Readership 500,000. Title Partners – Weekend Post, Herald, PE Express)
Event : Harwood Promotions
       (Bridal Fair, Herald Cycle Tour - 20 years Expo experience)


•   Annual Event
•   Maximum Exposure Marketing Campaigns – Media & Promotional Material
•   Moffett on Main Secured Exclusivity for Annual Event
•   Moffett on Main - Secured Venue : Ongoing Annual Commitment

Venue Consideration

•   Underground Parking recently held National Automotive Show successfully
•   2000m2 - a lot of space and a further 2000m2 for a “Kids Action Area”
•   Not weather reliant
•   High visibility traffic zone perfect for brand awareness
•   Central location - families don’t travel great distances
            Marketing Campaign

► Media    / Press / Editorials                           R 204,000
  500,000 Readership
► Promotional Material                                         60,000
► Kids Connection Print & Web                                  40,000

► TOTAL                                                R 304,000
     We have toiled for months, negotiated the VERY BEST DEALS and
               secured unsurpassed support from suppliers.
   This is the actual VALUE of exposure (not what they are charging) and
                       INCLUDED in the cost to Exhibit !
        Marketing Campaign Details
►   La Femme / Herald / other Titles Advert – at least ONCE a week starting
    from AUGUST 2010 until the Event in NOVEMBER – Readership 500,000

►   La Femme 8 Page SUPPLEMENT Business Card Size Advert, Editorial

►   50% discount Kids Connection Sept Issue

►   Free Expo Guide Listing – Kids Connection Sept Issue

►   50% discount Kids Connection Dec Issue

►   Website Landing Page Exposure – Expo Drive : 2,5 Million hits per year

►   Website NEW Expo Category – free advert until next Expo in 2011

►   Promotional Material : Posters, Flyers, Outdoor Branding – banners etc
                  Exhibitors Package
►   “Share-a-Booth” acceptable
                                        Shell Scheme + Facia Name + Electricity (Plugs & 2 x Lights)

                                        Advert - La Femme : 11 weeks prior to Expo
►   Sell your product or take
    bookings from your stand !
                                        Advert - La Femme : Business Card in Pull-Out-and-Keep
                                        Posters - 200 : 6 weeks prior to event
                                        Flyers - 5,000 : Ongoing from 6 weeks prior to event
►   Consider additional Sponsor         All advertisements - No Graphic Design Fee
    Opportunities of Packets with
    your logo or if you don‟t want to   10m Banner on Moffett on Main Outside of building

    exhibit then sponsor and ensure     Feather Banners cnr of 17th & Main Road Walmer

    the public see your brand           Exhibitors Wrist Bands

►   Consider the “Readers               NMBT, MyPE Event Listing on sites etc

    Competition” with Entry
    Forms & your LOGO in The            OPTIONAL

    Herald                              Advert - Kids Connection : Sept Issue 20% discount
                                        Advert - Kids Connection : Sept Expo Guide - FREE

    Aimed at young families with
                                        Advert - Kids Connection : Dec Issue 50% discount
    children aged 0 to 12 years old     Therefore : 70% discount on Kids Connection Advertising
Why exhibit in a “down” economy

•   Businesses cant afford R 304,000 marketing on their own

•   Maintaining exposure is critical to ensure that you are still a choice to consumer

•   Turn Browsers in to Buyers or Bookings

•   Absence of your presence raises question "are they still in business?"

•   Work with KC - trusted referral system in PE & Surrounds

                          Why exhibitions WORK
    Research from global markets - largest of which is the ABC Expo in Las Vegas with 9,000 exhibitors and 8 years running !

•       Generates leads
•       Direct sales & bookings from your stand on the Event days
•       Build a database
•       Educate potential customers on your product/service/venue
•       Build relationships
•       Launch your new offer, product, service, venue
•       Build brand awareness
•       Run a promotion or competition at Expo which will force feet through YOUR door
•       Consider CLEVER “Expo-Specific” giveaways or vouchers
•       Demonstrate your product
•       Overcome unfavourable publicity
•       Re-inforce favourable publicity
•       Enhance word-of-mouth marketing
•       Remain top-of-mind to parents
•       Give your business a "shopfront" if you don’t have one
    Our commitment to our Exhibitors
•   We are passionate about ensuring a lasting POSITIVE association of your brand to the
    public which will continue LONG AFTER the Expo is finished

•    We support the small entrepreneur - we strive to assist in their growth & ultimate
    success by guaranteeing most affordable advertising – SPEND v/s REACH

•   We welcome national businesses to re-inforce their own brand awareness as well as
    aiding to present a professional platform for smaller entrepreneurs

•   Outcomes & Assessment Feedback Report AFTER Expo : we will learn how to do it
    better next year - clients have a VOICE

•   FULL SUPPORT from the event organizers - meetings, advise and tips for first-time
    exhibitors - you are not alone !!

•   We will donate 2% of any profits made to a CHILD-RELATED CHARITABLE CAUSE !
    As an exhibitor you will be presented as a co-contributor to the cause
                      Some Exhibitors Ideas
    Let your imagination run wild, it doesn‟t have to cost you – use what you have

►    Family Accommodation & Get-Aways
     Display Photographs, communicate offers, market your venue
►    Playschools, Schools and Aftercares
     Display photographs, communicate open days for 2011 intake, hand out information
►    Restaurants & Eating Establishments
     Example Spur & KFC – promotional material stand with vouchers directing to nearby outlets at Fig
     Tree & 17th Quarter Centre
►    Photographers
     Display examples of photographs
►    Décor & Furniture
     Make up a baby or child‟s room at your stand or present photographs of furniture, show or sell
     fabrics, accessories etc
►    Clothing & Accessories
     Display racks, optional try-on booth, display items
►    Baby Extra-Murals or Classes
     Example Educare, Moms & Tots/Babes, Toddlers Workshop, Baby Gym, Kindermusik etc – display
     photographs of classes, hand out leaflets etc
►    Extra Murals – Sports, Creative Workshops etc
     E.g. Aquatots, cricket, rugby, art classes etc – display photographs, display products of what can be
     done in workshops etc, have coaches available to talk to parents, hand out information, free trial
     lessons, display some sporting equipment etc
      Some Exhibitors Ideas…more
►   Medical
    E.g. audiologists, optometrists, speech & language therapists, Medicross etc – have free screenings,
    present immunization charts, interesting information, display promotional material, give always etc
►   Novel Gifts & Retail Shopping
    E.g. Display items for sale, leaflets, offers etc
►   Health & Wellness
    Display photographs, sell products, sell and give-away vouchers etc
►   Catering
    Retail your treats, give free tasters, leaflets on offers
►   Party Suppliers & Venues
    Display photos of your venue or your services, hand out leaflets, offers, clowns can face paint at their
    booth etc
►   KIDS ACTION AREA at the Expo
    Jungle Gym displays, Paintball, Sports etc see how fast you can bowl or kick for goals etc – these can
    all be accommodated in the Action Area to keep kids entertained

         Remember „Share-A-Booth‟ is acceptable
► 2m    x 2m Stand:                   R 2,600
► 3m    x 2m Stand:                   R 2,950
► 3m    x 3m Stand:                   R 3,450
                                      Prices Exclude VAT

► All   stands include the Exhibitors Package

► Expo Date / Times : 12,13 & 14 November - Friday
  : 10h00 to 18h00 / Saturday : 10h00 – 16h00 /
  Sunday : 10h00 – 16h00
  Please contact Wendy Beaufort 082 35 2168 email or Linda
     Harwood at for further clarity, information, support or
                                Booking Forms & Contracts

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