Comparative Study of Home Loan Scheme of Indian Banks

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					                            Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Sciences,
                                                       Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, MHOW (M.P.)

                                                        LIST OF M.Phil. DISSERTATIONS
                                                       (Academic Session 1990-1991 to 2004-2005)

S.No.    Name of Scholar                   Supervisor                                                          Title

   1     Shri S.K. Mohanty                 R.D. Maurya                 The Socio-Economic Profile of Migrated Banjaras in Indore City.

                                                                       A Study of Dietary Intake and Energy Expenditure of Pregnant and Lactating Tribal
   2     Ms. Manisha Saxena                Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja

                                                                       A Comparative Study of Reaction to Frustration in Deprived and Non-Deprived
   3     Ms. Neeta Tichkule                Dr. R.Sonawat
                                                                       Children of 6 to 12 Years.

                                                                       The Cluster Planning for Agricultural Development : A Case Study of Manpur Area,
   4     Shri A.K. Tripathi                Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                       District Indore M.P.

   5     Ms. Shephalee Barve               Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja     A Study of Awareness of Pesticide Hazards among Farmers of Indore Region, M.P.

                                                                       *Socio-Economic Study of Illiterate Women Labour of Pithampur Industrial Estate,
   6     Ms. Deepa Mishra                  Dr. V. D. Nagar
                                                                       Dhar, M.P.

                                                                       *A Study of the Problems in Implementation of IRDP with special reference to Selected
   7     Shri Sandeep Patel                R.D. Maurya
                                                                       Villages of Indore Tehsil, M.P.

                                                                       *A Sociological Study of Bhils with special reference to Undawa and Kakaria Villages
   8     Shri Rajesh Bakshi                Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                       of Mhow, M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                        1
                                                                     *A Socio-Economic Study of Educated Women Labour of Pithampur Industrial Estate,
   9     Ms. Sadhana Koranne               Dr. V.D. Nagar
                                                                     Dhar, M.P.

                                                                     A Study of Lung Problems due to Air Pollution with special reference to Dal Mills,
  10     Shri Mahendra K. Dave             Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                     Navlakha Area, Indore, M.P.

                                                                     Menstrual Cycle : A Comparative Study between Handicapped and Non-Handicapped
  11     Miss. Manik Samvatsarkar          Dr. Reeta Sonawat

                                                                     *A Study of Socio-Economic Exploitation of Tribal Labour with special reference to
  12      Shri P.C. Jain                   Dr. V.D. Nagar
                                                                     Meghnagar, District Jhabua, M.P.

  13      Ms. Bharti Nilosey               Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma      A Study of General and Nutritional Health Problems of Child Labour.

  14      Ms. Kalpana Sarode               Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja   A Study of Health and Adoption Process of Orphan Child.

  15      Shri Anand Bhardwaj              Dr. R.G. Singh            *A Study of Socio-Economic Problems of Tribals of Khargone Tehsil, M.P.

  16      Shri Rajkumar S. Bolia           Dr. V.D. Nagar            *A Study of Socio-Economic Problems of Landless Labourers

                                                                     Role of IRDP in Economic Development of SCs & STs Problems and Solutions with
  17      Shri Bhaudas Ramtake             R.D. Maurya
                                                                     special reference to Bhagwanpur Tehsil, District Khargone, M.P.

                                                                     *The Impact of Development Programmes on Socio-Economic Life and Educational
  18      Shri Govind Ransore              R.D. Maurya
                                                                     and Occupational Mobility among the SCs with special reference to Indore, M.P.

                                                                     *Socio-Economic and Environmental Study of Forest Village Development Project of
  19      Shri Ajay Choure                 R.D. Maurya
                                                                     Forest Department : with special reference to Five Forest Villages of Indore District, M.P.

  20      Nandkumar Dongare                Dr. Kshipra Thakare       A Study of Personnel Management in Young Enterprises of Indore.

                                                                     Environmental awareness in Youth : A comparative study between Science and Non-
  21      I. Sarveswar Rao                 Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                     Science Student Youth.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                          2
  22      Sayed S. Kazmi                   Dr. Kshipra Thakare       A Study of Organization and Management of Medical Stores in Indore City, M.P..

                                                                     A Comparative Study of Knowledge Attitude and Practices of Child Health Care
  23      Miss Jyoti Sharma                Mrs. K. Sharma
                                                                     amongst Scheduled & Non Scheduled Castes.

  24      Varsha Tayade                    Dr. D.K. Verma            Eco-development – A Case Study of Ralamandal Sanctuary, Indore (M.P.)

  25      Miss. Sushma Shivhare            R.D. Gadkar               *The Attitude of Hearing Impaired Children towards their Parents

  26      Susheela Baxela                  R.D. Maurya               *Resource Use in Tribal Areas and the Direction of Development

  27      Jyoti Parashar                   Dr. S.N. Ambedkar         *Finance and Management of Primary Cooperatives : A Study

  28      Ramdas Patil                     R.D. Maurya               *The Impact of JRY on the Economy and Social Life of SCs and STs

  29      Prabhakar Singh                  R.D. Maurya               *An Analytical Study of the Status of Beneficiaries of IRDP.

  30      Suneeta Bhargava                 Dr. Reeta Sonawat         *The Problems of Adolescent Girls : A Comparative Study of SCs and Non SCs Girls.

  31      Gyaneshwar Dhruva                R.D. Maurya               *The Impact of Scheduled Tribes Development Programmes on Tribal Life.

  32      Ku. Nidhi Vaidya                 Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja   *A Comparative Study of Two Banjara Tribal Settlements.

                                                                     *The Perception of the Inmates of Government Remand Home, Indore towards their
  33      Ku. Isha Singh                   R.D. Gadkar

  34      Miss Kamal Nagdev                Dr. S.N. Ambedkar         *A Study of Public Distribution System.

  35      Sudarshan Dube                   Dr. Kshipra Thakre        *An Evaluation of Training Programme : with reference to Renbxi, Dewas, M.P.

  36      Prabhu Dayal Umaria              R.D. Maurya               *The Contribution of Voluntary Organizations in Scheduled Tribes Development.

                                                                     *The Analysis of the Benefits of JRY : with reference to Tillore Village Panchayat,
  37      Mahesh Paradeshi                 Dr. S.N. Ambedkar
                                                                     Indore, M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                        3
                                                                     *Impact of Jawahar Rozgar Yojna on Socio-Economic Status of SC’s and ST’s :
  38      Shri Ram Das Patil               R.D. Maurya               Problems and Solutions.

                                                                     *Impact of Tribal Development Programmes on their Socio-Economic Life: Problems
  39      Shri Jhageswar Dhruv             R.D. Maurya
                                                                     and Solutions.

  40      Shri Prabhu D. Umaria            R.D. Maurya               *Contribution of Voluntary Agencies to Tribal Development.

  41      Shri Prabhakar Singh             R.D. Maurya               A Critical Study of IRDP Beneficiaries.

                                                                     *A Study of Utilization of Resources and New Dimensions of Tribal Development: with
  42      Ms. Sushila Baxla                R.D. Maurya
                                                                     special reference to Sarguja District, M.P.

  43      Ms. Sushma Shivhare              R.D. Gadkar               *Attitudes of Dumb and Deaf Children towards their Parents.

                                                                     Attitudes of Women Inmates of Rescue Home towards Rehabilitation Programme : with
  44      Ms. Isha Singh                   R.D. Gadkar
                                                                     special reference to Govt. Rescue Home, Indore, M.P.

                                                                     Menstrual Cycle: A Comparative Study between Handicapped and Non-Handicapped
  45      Ms. Manik Samvatsarkar           Dr. A. Sonawat

                                                                     A Study of Social Foresty Programmes with special reference to the Needs of Weaker
  46      Shri Neeraj Sharma               Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                     Sections : Eucalyptus Plantation, Indore District, M.P.

                                                                     Environmental Attitude Differential among Women inhabititing Slum and Colony Areas
  47      Ms. Archana Trivedi              Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                     of Rajendra Nagar (Indore), M.P.

  48      Ms. Yasmeen Parween              Dr. D.K. Verma            Environmental Conservation Scale.

  49      Shri Akhilesh Nigam              Dr. D.K. Verma            Awareness and Attitude towards Non-conventional Energy Sources

  50      Shri Ashish Verma                Dr. D.K. Verma            A Study of Vehicular Air Pollution with special reference to Indore City, M.P.

                                                                     A Study of Adoption of Family Planning Practices by Women Attending the
  51      Ms. Manisha Mehta                Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja
                                                                     Anganwadis of ICDS Project of Urban Dhar (M.P.)

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                         4
                                                                  Perception of Scavengers about their Rehabilitation : A Case Study of Khargone and
  52      Shri Govind Indras               Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                  Indore Cities.

  53      Shri Shantam Sharma              Dr. S.K. Kapoor        Labour - Management Relations in Public Sector Undertakings.

                                                                  A Study of Labour Problems and the Role of Trade Unions in Singareni Collieries
  54      Shri Niranjan Kumar              Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                  Company Limited-Kothagudem (A.P.)

  55      Shri Sanjay Lonaria              Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma   A Study of Social Distance with special reference to Kasravad Town, M.P.

                                                                  *Thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar and their Impact on Social Behaviour : with reference to
  56      Shri N.R. Ahirwar                Dr. N. Gajbhiye
                                                                  Prithvipur Block, Tikam M.P.

                                                                  *Panchayat Raj System in Rajasthan with special reference to the Elected Members of
  57      Shri Nasir Beg                   R.D. Gadkar
                                                                  Jhalara- patam Panchayat Samiti.

                                                                  Evaluation of Welfare Facilities given to the Employees by L.I.C. of India with special
  58      Shri Umesh Tamrakar              Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                  reference to Bhopal Division (M.P.)

                                           Dr. R. Sonawat         *A Study of the Problems of Adolescents and Gender Discrimination among the Tribes
  59      Ms. Sangeeta Saxena
                                                                  of Jhabua District M. P.

  60      Kiran Bala Uike                  Dr. Deepak Verma       * Environmental Awareness in Teachers : A Study.

                                                                  *Jawahr Rojgar Yojana - An Evaluation with special reference to Aurand Nyaya
  61      Shri Arvind Dubey                Prof. RD. Maurya
                                                                  Panchayat of Sultanganj Block in Mainpuri District (U.P.).

                                                                  *Role of DWACRA Programme in the Upliftment of Rural Women with special
  62      Ms. Rashmi Jain                  R.D. Maurya
                                                                  reference to District Dhar of M. P.

                                                                  *A Study of Problems of Implementation of IRDP : with special reference to Langhi
  63      Mrs. Prahalad Gajbhiye            R.D. Maurya
                                                                  Block of Balaghat District, M.P.

                                                                  *Role of State Bank of Bikanair and Jaipur (Branch Khanpur) in Socio-Economic
  64      Shri Kishorilal Dehara           R.D. Maurya
                                                                  Development of SC’s : with reference to Jhalawad Distt. (Rajasthan)

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                     5
                                                                     *A Study on Utilization of Local Resources through Rural Development Programmes :
  65      Shri Sushil Kumar Ray            R.D. Maurya
                                                                     with special reference to Seoni Block of Seoni District (M.P.)

                                                                     *Impact of Rural Development Programmes on Occupational Mobility of Rural Artisans
  66      Shri Narendra Kumar              R.D. Maurya
                                                                     : with special reference to Mhow Block of Indore District (M.P.)

                                                                     *A Study on Causes and Problems of Dropouts at Primary Level of Education : with
  67      Ms. Kalpana Sharma               R.D. Maurya
                                                                     special reference to Indore City (M.P.)

                                                                     *A Study on Labour Welfare Facilities in Textile Mill with special reference to Malwa
  68      Shri Anil Kumar                  R.D. Gadkar
                                                                     United Mills, Indore (M.P.)

          Ms. Sweta Anand                                            A Study of the Status and use of Amplification Devices for the Hearing Impaired
  69                                       Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja
                                                                     Children in the Schools of Hearing Impaired in M.P.

                                                                     *Ecological Study of Slums of Indore City with special reference to Sanitation and Safe
  70      Shri A. Tripathi                 Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                     Water Availability in Bhim Nagar Lodha Colony and Arjunsinghpura, Indore, M.P.

   71     Shri Radheshyam Nirmal           Dr. D.K. Verma            *Social Environment of Laboures : with special reference to Mhow Town (M.P.)

                                                                     *A Study of Socio-economic Status of Hindu Mahars & Bauddhist Mahars : with
  72      Shri Ayaz Ahmed Qureshi          Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                     special reference to Mhow (M.P.)

  73      Shri Chintaman Malviya           Dr. Y.G. Joshi            Social and Humanistic Thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

                                                                     *A Study of Rural Industries and Employment Opportunities with special reference to
  74      Shri Shelendra Shrivastava       R.D. Maurya
                                                                     Tikamgarh District of M.P.

                                                                     *Socio-economic Status and Occupational Mobility among the Scavengers with special
  75      Shri H. Kumar Sahu               Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                     reference to Mhow Town (M.P.)

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                       6
          Shri H.B. Sen                                           *A Study of the Process of Socio-Cultural and Economic Change among the Gond
  76                                       Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                  Tribes with special reference to Bhajiya Village of Jaisenagar Development Block (M.P

                                                                  Personnel Practice in Small Scale Industry. A Case Study with special reference to Life
  77      Shri Rajiv Mishra                Prof R.D. Gadkar
                                                                  Saving Pharmaceutical India Ltd.

                                                                  The Tribal Oustees from Indira Sagar Project - A Study of Environmental Perception
  78      Shri Lalit K. Sinha              Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                  and Attitude towards Displacement.

                                                                  Problems & Prospects of the Handloom Weavers of Guntur Town (A.P.) with special
  79      Shri Y. Ashok Kumar              Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                  reference to Social Justice.

                                                                  Changes in the Subsistances Economy among the Onges of South Bay Little Andaman
  80      Shri Pronob Sirkar               Dr. Y.G. Joshi

                                                                  *Social Environmental Impact of Ecological Changes on Displaced Tribes of Alirajpur
  81      Shri Santosh Jatav               Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                  Tehsil, M.P.

                                                                  *A Study of Human Resource Development Programmes in a Large Scale Organization
  82      Shri Anand Adhikari              R.D. Gadkar
                                                                  with special reference to Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., Dewas, M.P.

                                                                  *Occupational and Educational Mobility among the Neo-Buddhists : A Sociological
  83      Shri Rajendra Wasnik             Dr. R.G. Singh

                                                                  *A Comparative Study of the Impact of SC's and General Category Sarpanch in the
  84      Shri Ramnaresh Verma             Dr. Y.G. Joshi,
                                                                  Implementations of Rural Development Programmes

                                                                  *A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about the Women Legislations among
  85      Miss Namrata Kumari              Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma   the Elected Panchayat Representatives with special reference to Mhow & Sanver Block
                                                                  of Indore (M.P.)

                                                                  *Women’s Participation in New Panchyati Raj with special reference to Mhow Village
  86      Miss S. Khaithwas                Prof. RD. Maurya
                                                                  Panchayats of Mhow Block , M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                     7
                                                                        Impact of Indira Awas Yojana on Human Settlement of Tribals : with reference to Bihar
  87      Shri Ajay Singh                  R.D. Maurya
                                                                        & M.P.

                                                                        Impact of Jeevan Dhara Programme on the Socio-Economic Development of Tribals :
  88      Shri Singha Toppo                Prof. RD. Maurya
                                                                        with reference to M.P. and Orissa

  89      Shri A.H. Bohra                  R.D. Gadkar                  *Educational Mobility among the Tribals with special reference to Bagli Block (M.P.)

                                                                        *A Study on Disputes and their Settlement among the Different Caste Groups with
  90      Shri. S.C. Chauhan               R.D. Gadkar
                                                                        special reference to Shamala Village of Dharampura Block in Dhar District, M. P.

                                                                        *Evaluation of Pre-primary Education of ICDS Programme : with reference to Gughari
  91      Shri Vivendra Soni               Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja
                                                                        Block, Mandla District, M.P.

  92      Ms. Mausami Sengupta             Dr. R.G. Singh               Rational Element in Dr. Ambedkar’s Social and Religious Philosophy

                                                                        *Causes of Atrocities on Dalits and Role of PCR Act in Prevention of Atrocities : with
  93      Shri Ramkishan Katle             Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                        special references to Palmgarh Region of Bilaspur District (M.P.)

  94      Ms. Elizabeth                    Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma         An Assessment of Women's Participation in Decision Making in Panchayati Raj.

  95      Shri Devnanda Reang              Dr. R.G. Singh               Tribal Rehabilitation in Plantation and Primitive Group Programme.

  96      Shri Manoj Bhardwaj              Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Taneja      *A Study of the Implementation of Poriyarwadi Yojana in Jhabua District, M.P.

          Shri Prabhakar                                                Public Awareness towards Dr. Ambedkar’s Image and their Attitude toward his
  97                                       Dr. C.D. Naik
          N. Dodamani                                                   Thought, Philosophy and Movement.

                                                                        *A Study of the Programme of Education of Girl Child and their Empowerment : with
  98      Shri Gopal Karont                 Dr. (Mrs.) Kamlesh Sharma
                                                                        reference to Dhar District, M.P.

                                                                        *A Study of the Participation of Representatives of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled
  99      Shri Narendra Digarse            R.D. Maurya
                                                                        Tribes in Panchayati Raj : with reference to Ghodadongli Block, Betul District, M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                          8
                                                                 *A Sociological Study of the Occupational Mobility of Bhil Tribe : A Study in
  100     Shri Dilip Singh Mandloi         R.D. Gadkar
                                                                 Gandhawari Block, Dhar District, M.P.

                                                                 *Untouchability and its Changing form : with reference to Villages Micholi Mardana
  101     Shri Prashant Indurkar           Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                 and Kanadia, Indore, M.P.

  102     Ms. Bharati Bedi                 R.D. Maurya           *The Impact of TRISEM on the Occupational Mobility of the Scheduled Castes.

  103     Ms. Pushpa Kumari                Dr. (Mrs.) Kamlesh    *Atrocity on Women Labourers – A Case Study.

                                                                 *A Study of the Social, Environmental and Behavioural conditions of Baiga Tribals in
  104     Shri Shivakant Mishra            Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                 Baiga Chak, Mandla, M.P.

                                                                 *The Evaluation of the Social, Economic and Educational condition of Patidars in
 105      Shri Dinesh K. Patidar           Dr. Y.G. Joshi

                                                                 The Performance and Placement Problems of SCs & STs in Engineering Colleges: A
  106     Shri Mukul Choudhary             Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                 Study of GSITS, Indore.

 107      Shri Basant Shrivastava          Dr. C.D. Naik         *A Study of Changing Pattern of Untouchability in Society.

 108      Shri Sardar S. Waskel            Dr. (Ms.) K. Sharma   *A Study of Destitute Women in Tribal Society.

 109      Shri Santosh K. Limone           Dr. (Ms.) K. Sharma   *Effectiveness of National Literacy Mission : A Case Study.

                                                                 *Socio-Economic Status of Women in Tribal Society : with special reference to Tribes
 110      Shri Vinod K. Yadav              Dr. (Ms.) K. Sharma
                                                                 of Balaghat, M.P.

  111     Shri Dhanraj Dongare             R.D. Maurya           *Socio-Economic Changes Resulting from Migration.

                                                                 Impact of Watershed Management on Rural Development - A study of Dhar and
  112     Shri Nitil Gupta                 R.D. Maurya
                                                                 Jhabua Districts, M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                    9
                                                                   *The Perception of Muslims regarding Thoughts of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar : A Study
 113      Ku. Shabnam Beg                  Dr. C.D. Nayak
                                                                   of Muslims and Ulemas of Hyderabadi Basti, MHOW, M.P.

                                                                   *A Comparative Study of the Impact of Dr. Ambedkar’s Thought and Philosophy on
 114      Mrs. Kiran Bhadoria              Dr. C.D. Nayak
                                                                   Neo-Buddhists and Other Scheduled Castes.

                                                                   *The Identity Crisis and the Problem of Clash of Religious and Social Values among
 115      Shri Lalit Dongre                Prof. Shamshi Tehrani
                                                                   Neo-Buddhists : A Study of Ujjain Town, M.P.

                                                                   *The Economic Development of Scheduled Castes : with reference to MHOW Town,
 116      Shri Susheel Kumar               Dr. D.K. Verma

                                                                   *The Social, Economic and Educational Impact of Christian Missionaries : A Study of
 117      Ku. Ritu George                  Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                   Christian Missionary of Panigaon, Dewas, M.P.

                                                                   *The Study of Health and Education of Scheduled Casts in the Slums of Kanpur Town,
 118      Ku. Pooja Saxena                 Dr. Y.G. Joshi

 119      Shri Manoj Suryawanshi           Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma    Dimentions of Deprivation Affecting Mental Development.

                                                                   *The Status of Health and Hygene in the Women and Children of Scheduled Castes and
 120      Ku. Sarika Ajnar                 Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma
                                                                   their Impact on Morbidity and Mortality.

 121      Ms. Kusum Bhatt                  Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma    *A Micro-Study of Nutrition Among Scheduled Tribes Women and Children

                                                                   *Problems and their Solutions : A Study of Migrant Scheduled Castes Workers of
 122      Ms. Suman Patanakar              Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma
                                                                   Indore City, M.P.

                                                                   *The Impact of Pre-School Anganwadi Programme on the Human Resource of STs : A
 123      Shri Mehar Singh Mujalda         R.D. Gadkar
                                                                   Study in Bagh Block, Dhar, M.P.

 124      Ms. Savita Yadav                 R.D. Gadkar             *The Attitude of Women towards Political Participation : A Study in Indore City, M.P.

                                                                   *Functions of NGO’s and their Impact on the Development of Women and Children : A
 125      Ku. Shashi Rani                  R.D. Gadkar
                                                                   Study in Indore City.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                   10
                                                                  *The Impact of Development Programmes of the Government on the Schedule Castes :
 126      Shri Manoj Sharma                R.D. Maurya
                                                                  A Study of Kanjars of Shajapur District, M.P.

 127      Shri Niranjan Shahu              R.D. Maurya            Impact of Milk Cooperatives on Socio-economic Development of STs.

 128      Ms. Kirti Yadav                  R.D. Maurya            *The Role of Bank Loan Schemes in the Development of Scheduled Castes

                                                                  *Domestic Violence on Women and the Role of Councelling Centres : with special
 129      Mrs. Swati Tiwari                Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma
                                                                  reference to Women Councelling Centres at Indore, M.P.

                                                                  A Comparative Study of Labour Welfare Programmes in Kiriubiru Iron-Ore Mines and
 130      Alok Ranjan Sahay                Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                  Digwadih Coal Mines, Bihar

 131      Sh. Sanjay Pradhan               Dr. (Mrs) K. Sharma    Gender Issues in Rural Primary Education: A Comparative Study between SCs and STs.

 132      B. Azhaganathan                  Dr. R.G. Singh         Dr. Ambedkar’s Economic Ideology and India’s New Economic Policy Analysis.

                                                                  Development of Package of Awareness Generation about Women’s Development
 133      Sanskriti Gaur                   Dr. (Mrs) K. Sharma

 134      Ku. Anita Patel                  R.D. Gadker            *The Impact of Reservation Policy on the Centers of Higher Education.

                                                                  *The Representation of Reserved Categories in the Post Graduate and Higher Level
 135      Sudhir Bahgmare                  R.D. Gadker
                                                                  Courses in Educational Institutes.

 136      Rajesh Kumar Mahor               Dr. D.K. Verma         *Micro - level Planing of Resources at Panchayat Level.

 137      Harish Kumar Gajendra            Dr. D.K. Verma         *Resource Planning in the Proposed Chhatisgarh State.

 138      Pratap Damor                     Dr. Y.G. Joshi         *The Impact of Minor Irrigation Projects on the Socio-Economic Life of Tribals.

 139      Sanjiv Raghunath Nikum           Dr. Y.G. Joshi         *Panchayat Level Financial Management in the Sub-plan Areas.

                                                                  *The Contribution of Village Women in the Occupation and Income from Agriculture
 140      Ku. Nina Bundela                 Dr. (Mrs) K. Sharma
                                                                  and Animal husbandry.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                  11
 141      Rajesh Maurya                    Dr. (Mrs) K. Sharma   *Empowerment of Women through Self-help Groups.

                                                                 *A Comparative Study of the Thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar and Gandhiji in the Modern
 142      Ku. Aradhana Batham              Dr. R.G. Singh.
                                                                 Indian History.

 143      Varun Rao Bansodkar              R.D. Maurya           *The Naxalite Movement: It’s Causes and Dimensions.

                                                                 *The Impact of the Scheme of Ambedkar Village Development on the Social and
 144      Chandrapal                       R.D. Maurya
                                                                 Economic life of the Scheduled Castes.

                                                                 *The Impact of Commercial Crops on the Social and Economic Life of Scheduled
 145      Jagdish Kannoje                  R.D. Maurya

                                                                 *The Impact of Social Customs and Traditions on the Participation of Women
 146      Sanjay Kumar Mina                R.D. Maurya
                                                                 Representatives in the Panchayat Raj Institutions.

 147      Panchanan Karali                 Dr. R.G. Singh        Struggle of Human Rights in India: The Role of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

                                                                 *The Contribution of Tribal Panchayats in the Development of Scheduled Tribes: with
 148      Santiswaroop                      Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                 special reference to Piplod village Panchayat of Dhar District (M.P.)

                                                                 *Nationalism and Internationalism: A Comparative Study of Dr. Ambedkar and Arvind
 149      Omprakash                         Dr. C.D. Naik

                                                                 Impact of Anti- poverty Programme on Socio-economic Development of Scheduled
 150      Prashant Setthi                   R.D. Maurya

                                                                 *A Study of the Socio-economic Condition of the Labourers of Narojabad Coal Mine
 151      A.R. Naidu                        Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                 of Umaria.

 152      Neeta Shrivastava                 Dr. R.G. Singh       *A Study of the Socio-economic Condition of the Labourers in Agricultural Sector.

          Santosh Balmike                   R.D. Maurya          *Impact of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Schemes on the Socio-economic
                                                                 Development of Scheduled Castes.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                 12
          Modammad Shamim                   Dr. K. Sharma          Myths, Misconceptions and Impediments in Family Functioning having Mentally
                                                                   Retarded Children.

          Nilesh Mehram                     Dr. C.D. Naik          *Dr. Ambedkar and India's Foreign Policy: with special reference to Kashmir and

 156      Pramod Wasnik                     Dr. C.D. Naik          *Awareness of Dr. Ambedkar's Philosophy among Different Religious Group.

 157      Raj Pratap Singh                  Dr. C.D. Naik          *An Historical Perspective of Dr. Ambedkar's State Socialism.

 158      Dinesh Chandke                    R.D. Gadkar            *Impact of Panchayat Raj System on Rural Development.

 159      Vijay Pachori                     R.D. Maurya            *Tribal Movements of Western Madhya Pradesh and its Impact on Tribal life.

                                                                   *The Study of the Impact of the Individual and Household Income of Female Child
 160      Gayatri Patel                     Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma
                                                                   Labourers of Agricultural Sector on their Aspirations.

 161      Banwarilal Yadav                  R.D. Gadkar            *The Problem of Droughts and Population Migration.

 162      Krishna Veni Motha                Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sharma   Rural Women Entrepreneurship in Mhow.

                                                                   *A Study of Social Mobility among Schedule Tribes with reference to Modernization
 163      Mukesh Patidar                    Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                   and Industrialization.

 164      Rupesh Kumar                      R.D. Maurya            Participation and Empowerment of Dalit Representatives in Panchayat Raj Institutions.

 165      Sakuntala Mintz                   Dr. C.D. Naik          *The Impact of Christian Missionaries on Scheduled Tribes.

 166      Supriya Shrivastava               Dr. Y.G. Joshi         Parenrting among SCs and Non-SCs of class IV Employees in Urban Areas.

 167      Jyoti Patel                       Dr. Y.G. Joshi         *A Comparative Study of the Anganwadies Operated by Government and NGOs.

                                                                   *An Evaluation of the Social, Educational and Economic Status of Tirolo Kunbi Patel
 168      Kishore Patel                     Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                   (OBC) in Madhya Pradesh.

                                                                   *The Contribution of Voluntary Organizations in the Socio-economic Development of
 169      Sunil Patel                       R.D. Maurya
                                                                   the Weaker Sections.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                   13
 170      Vibha Kumari                      Dr. R.G. Singh             Rehabilitation of Displaced Tribal Families due to Army Development Projects.

 171      Shri Netrapal Singh              R.D. Maurya                 Tribal Resistance in Nimar : An Assertion from Below.

                                                                       *The Impact of Ambedkar Village Development Scheme on the Settlement and Quality
 172      Shri Ramgopal                    Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                       of Life.

                                                                       *The Contribution of Swarnajayanti : Gram Swaraj Yojana in the Socio-economic
 173      Ku. Barkha Mittal                R.D. Maurya
                                                                       Development of SC and ST Women.

 174      Shri Dinesh K. Nargave           R.D. Maurya                 *The Impact of Democratic Decentralization On the Rural Development.

                                                                       *The Participation and Empowerment of the Women of SC and ST in New Panchayati
 175      Ku. Asha Meshram                 R.D. Maurya

 176      Shri Rakesh Chouhan              R.D. Maurya                 *A Study of Gram Swaraj Yojana of M.P.

 177      Shri Ramsingh Chouhan            R.D. Gadkar                 *A Study of the Socio-economic Problems of the Migrant Construction Workers.

                                                                       *The Problem of Migration in the Western Madhya Pradesh and its Impact on
 178      Shri Mahesh Chouhan              R.D. Maurya
                                                                       Scheduled Tribes.

 179      Shri Ashfaque Khan               Dr. (Mrs.) Kamlesh Sharma   A Study of Family Functions of Working Children.

 180      Shri Rajiv Ranjan Shukla         R.D. Maurya                 Impact of Training Progrannne on the Elected Women in Panchayati Raj Institutions.

 181      Shri Rajendra K. Gangle          R.D. Maurya                 *The Role of Information Technology on Rural Development.

 182      Shri Praveen K. Kochale          Dr. C.D. Naik               *Money Exchange Problem: A Historical Research Since 1920.

                                                                       *The Impact of the Developmental and Protective Measures of the Voluntary
 183      Shri Jitendra K. Pal             R.D. Maurya
                                                                       Organization on the Life of SC and ST.

 184      Shri Bikash Chandra Das          Dr. R.G. Singh              Political Empowerment of Women through Representation in Village Panchavats.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                      14
                                                                *An Analytical Study of the Level of Work Satisfaction amongst Girl Children of
 185      Ku. Sunder Tyagi                 Dr. Kamlesh Sharma
                                                                Unorganized Sector.

                                                                A Study on the Role of Self Helf Groups in the Empowerment of Rural Women of
 186      Mrs. Susmita Patel               R.D. Maurya
                                                                Coastal Orissa.

                                                                *An Analytical Study of the Sensitivity of the Parents and Sarpanch towards the
 187      Shri Kamlesh Yadav               Dr. Kamlesh Sharma
                                                                Education and Rehabilitation of Disabled Children.

                                                                *A Study of the Level of Education Aspiration and Reasons of the Child Labourers of
 188      Ku. Bijbinko Argan Kujur         Dr. Kamlesh Sharma
                                                                Migrant Workers and Slum Dwellers.

                                                                *The Policy, Programme, and Execution of Women’s Empowerment: An Analytical
 189      Shri Niyaz Ahmed Ansari          R.D. Maurya

 190      Shri Radheshyam Yadav            Dr. D.K. Verma       *The Socio-economic Status of Mankars among Other Backward Classes.

                                                                *A Study of Social Awareness, Independence and Decision Making as Factors of
 191      Ku. P arul Gaur                  Dr. Kamlesh Sharma
                                                                Empowerment among Educated Working and Non – Working Women.

                                                                *The Impact of Layoff in the Industrial Areas on the Socio-economic Condition of
 192      Shri Bimlesh Singh               Dr. D.K. Verma

 193      Shri Ratnesh Kumar               Dr. C.D. Nayak       Bodh Gaya Mahabodhi Mahavihar Liberation Movement.

                                                                *The Views of Dr. Ambedkar on Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and on
 194      Shri P.T. Ramtake                R.D. Maurya
                                                                Empowerment of Dalits.

                                                                *The Participation and Development of SCs in Panchayati Raj : with reference to
 195      Shri B.L. Hirve                  R.D. Maurya
                                                                Maheshwar Tehsil of Khargone, M.P.

                                                                Nature of Deprivation and Conflict in Peasant Society : A study of Control and
 196      Shri Tapas Kumar Dalpati           Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                Utilization of Tanks for irrigation in Western Orissa.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                    15
 197      Shri T. Arul Prakasam              Dr. R.G. Singh     A Study of Globlization and the Dalits.

 198      Ku. Mamta Pawar                    Dr. D.K. Verma     *The Role of Women in Village Economy.

 199      Shri Kripa Sindhu Nayak            R.D. Maurya        Sustainable Development for Ensuring Livelihood to B.P.L. Groups.

                                                                *The Impact of National Social Assistance Programme on the Development of their
 200      Shri Shailendra Singh              R.D. Gadkar
                                                                Beneficiaries (with reference to Mehwa Development Block of Etawah, UP.

 201      Shri Balram Sahu                   R.D. Gadkar        *The Development of Human Resource by the Village Banks in the Rural Areas.

                                                                *The Role of M.P. Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation in the
 202      Shri Rajaram Dandir                Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Development of the Tribals : with reference to Khargone District, M.P.

                                                                *A Study of the Financial Management of the Three Tier Panchayat System : with
 203      Shri Pramod Shrivas                R.D. Maurya
                                                                reference to Indore district.

                                                                *A Scientific Study of the Impact of Dalit Movement on the Dalits : with reference to
 204      Shri Gangesh Babu Gautam           Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                Ratanpura Block of Mau Janpat, U.P.

                                                                *The Study of Social and Economic Problems and Alternative Employment of the
 205      Shri Rajesh Kumar Yadav            Prof. C.D. Nayak   workers of closed Industries : with reference to Bharat Commerce Industries Ltd.,
                                                                Nagda Nagar.

                                                                *A Study of the Factors Affecting the Development of Women : with reference to Arone
 206      Ku. Rakhi Raghuvanshi              Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                Tehsil of Guna District, M.P.

 207      Ku. Priti Kaithuriya               R.D. Gadkar        Impact of Minimum Wages Act – 1948 on Agricultural Labouers.

 208      Ku. Manjula Bhalse                 R.D. Maurya        *The Socio-economic Impact of the Handloom Industry on their Women Workers.

                                                                *The Impact of Dr. Ambedkar’s Thought on the Valmiki Samaj : with reference to
 209      Shri Ritesh Kumar Chouhan          Dr. C.D. Naik
                                                                Mhow Tehsil, M.P.

          Shri Shambhu Dayal Singh
 210                                         R.D. Maurya        *The Contribution of Dalit Saints in the Medival Bhakti Movement.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                 16
          Shri Ramakaran Singh                                  The Impact of Private Sector Industries on the Development of Workers : with reference
 211                                         R.D. Gadkar
          Ahirwar                                               to Pithampur Industrial Area of Dhar

 212      Ku. Saraswati Kaithwas             R.D. Maurya        *The Impact of Industrialization on the Socio-economic Life of Women

                                                                *The Impact of Migration on the Socio-economic Life of SCs and STs : with reference
 213      Shri Vivendra Muzalde              Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                to Gogawa Development Block of Khargone, M.P.

                                                                *A Study of the Impact of Migration on the Socio-economic Life of SCs and STs : with
 214      Shri Jiyalal Akole                 Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                reference to Gogawa Development Block of Khargone, M.P.

                                                                *The Impact of Water Resource Conservation and Water Recharge on the
 215      Shri Devendra Muzalde              Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Socio– economic Development of Tribals : with reference to Bagh Block of Dhar, M.P.

                                                                *An Evaluation of the Participation of Forest : with reference to Barlai Forest Area of
 216      Shri Prem Singh Jamara             Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                Sendhawa, M.P.

                                                                *The Impact of Migration on the Socio – economic Life of Migrant Agricultural
 217      Shri Madhav Singh Mandloi          Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Labourers : with reference to Dabdi village Panchayat of Jobat Tehsil, Jhabua.

                                                                *The Impact of Industrialization on the Socio-economic Development of Scheduled
 218      Shri Devendra Singh                Dr. C.D. Naik

                                                                *The Impact of Labor Welfare and Safety Programmes on Bidi Workers : with reference
 219      Shri Vinod Sen                     R.D. Gadkar
                                                                to Sagar District, M.P.

                                                                Availability and Accessibility of Primary Health Services to BPL Groups in Rural
 220      Shri Siba Prasad Sahu              Dr. D.K. Verma

                                                                *The Role of Cooperative Credit and Service Societies in the Socio-economic
 221      Shri Krishnnakant Yadav            Dr. Y.G. Joshi     Development of the Weaker Sections of the Rural Areas : with reference to Balwadi
                                                                Branch of Khargone Block, M.P.

                                                                *The Nature and Form of Atrocity on Dalits : A Case Study of Gawalipalasia Village of
 222      Shri Ashok Maurya                  Dr. R.G. Singh
                                                                Mhow Tehsil, M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                   17
                                                                *An Evaluation Study of the Role of District Government on the Development of
 223      Shri Manoj Kumar Tank              Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                Weaker Sections : with reference to Khargone District, M.P.

                                                                *A Study of the Impact of Family Counseling Centre : with reference to Women Police
 224      Ku. Jagriti Chauhan                R.D. Gadkar
                                                                Station of Indore, M.P.

                                                                *The Contribution of Pithampur Industrial Area in the Socio-economic Development :
 225      Shri Arvind Songare                Dr. C.D. Naik
                                                                with reference to Mhowgaon town area, M.P.

                                                                People’s Participation in Universalization of Elementary Education : A study of
 226      Anusmita Swain                    Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Jagatsingpur District, Orissa.

                                                                Dr. Ambedkar’s Perspective on Panchayat Raj and Empowerment of Dalits with
 227      S. Azhagendran                    Dr. C.D. Nayak
                                                                reference to Pappapatti Panchayat, Tamilnadu.

                                                                A Study of Socio-economic Problems of Domestic Maid servants and Patterns of
 228      Mrs. Deepa Bhatt                  R.D. Maurya
                                                                Mobility Among them : with special reference to MHOW, M.P.

                                                                *A Comparative study of the Performance of Scheduled Castes students studying in
 229      Miss Sunita Soni                  Dr. D.K. Verma      Government and Private higher Secondary Schools with reference to MHOW Town,

                                                                *The Impact of Post Matric Hostels run by State Government on the Educational
 230      Miss Saishwari Kol                R.D. Gadkar
                                                                Development of SC and ST students : A study of Indore and Ujjain Districts, M.P.

                                                                Analysis of the Causes and Effects of the Conflicts During Land Distribution Under
 231      Maneesh Vyas                      Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Dalit Agenda in M.P.

                                                                *Impact of Poverty Alleviation Programmes and Dr. Ambedkar’s Thought on Scheduled
 232      Mohan Singh Janwra                Dr. C.D. Nayak
                                                                Castes : with reference to Nalcha Block of Dhar, M.P.

                                                                Role of Law in Removal of Social Disabilities : Socio-Legal Case Studies with special
 233      Praveen Pandey                    Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                reference to SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                 18
                                                                *Disbursement and Repayment of Loan Sanctioned by Banks to the Scheduled Castes
 234      Miss Reena Chakraborty            Dr. Y.G. Joshi      Under Different Schemes in Last Five years : A study of State Bank of Indore Mhow
                                                                Branch, M.P.

                                                                Parental Attitudinal Change towards their Educated Daughters : A Study of
 235      Narottam Bal                      Dr. C.D. Nayak
                                                                Bamanalibindha Gram Panchayat of Bhadrak District, Orissa.

                                                                *Impact of Empowerment Generated by Jawahar Gram Samridi Yojana on Rural Life :
 236      Lakhan Singh Sisodia              R.D. Maurya
                                                                A study of Lodha Panchayat, Tarana Block, Ujjain, M.P.

                                                                *The Schemes of SC Finance and Development Corporation and their Impact on the
 237      Raghunath Prasad Saket            Dr. D.K. Verma      Economic Condition of the Scheduled Castes : A Study of Raipur Baghelan Block,
                                                                Satna District, M.P.

                                                                *Socio-economic Impact of Poppy Cultivation on the Farmers – A study of Neemach
 238      Ku. Pramila Sanwaria              Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                District, M.P.

                                                                *Dr. Ambedkar’s Views on Rural Development and the Problems of Execution of
 239      Dinesh Meshram                    Dr. C.D. Nayak      Swarna Jayanti Yojana together with Solutions : A Study of Warasiwni Tehsil of
                                                                Balaghat District, M.P.

                                                                *Socio-economic Relationship of Non-Tribal Families with Tribal (Bhil) Household in
 240      Akash Tahir                       Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                an Industrial Area.

                                                                *Changing Dependendence of Tribals on Forests : A Study of Sondwa Block, Jhabua,
 241      Ishwar Singh Rawat                Dr. Y.G. Joshi

                                                                *Impact of Panchayat Raj on Rural Life and Thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar : A Study of
 242      Yogesh Bathari                    Dr. C.D. Nayak
                                                                Sagar District, M.P.

 243      Prakash Dhote                     R.D. Maurya         A Study of the Socio-economic Problems of Farm Workers.

                                                                *Critical Analysis of Changed Relationship of Tribals with the Forests : A Study of the
 244      Ajay Raj                          Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                Displaced Tribals of Panch National Forest of Seoni – Chhindwada.

                                                                *Role of Panchayati Raj in Rural Development : A study of Kelod Village, Tehsil
 245      Vinod Patwari                     R.D. Gadkar
                                                                Ambedkar Nagar.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                  19
                                                                *A Study of Child Labour in an Informal Sector : with special reference to Small Hotels
 246      Subhash                           Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                and Dhabas in Sohana Town, Gudgaon, Haryana.

                                                                Impact of Self Help Groups on Socio-economic Empowerment of Tribal Women : A
 247      Rajesh Patil                      R.D. Maurya
                                                                Study in Shahpur Tribal Block, Betul District, M.P.

                                                                Sustainable Development through SHGs : A Comparative Study of Agencies Supporting
 248      Avinish Nagar                     Dr. D.K. Verma      Micro – Finance in Scheduled Area of Pratapgarh District of Chittorgarh District,

                                                                *The Process of Stratification and Unification in the Scheduled Castes – with special
 249      Kiran Lata Meshram                R.D. Gadkar
                                                                reference to Mhow, M.P.

                                                                *The Participation of SC Female Bidi Workers in Bidi Industry and its Impact on their
 250      Pratibha Dube                     R.D. Maurya
                                                                Socio-economic Life : A study of Sagar District, M.P.

                                                                Globalization and Gender Inequality : A Study in Educational Perspective : with special
 251      Sh. Uttam K. Panda               Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                reference to Scheduled Castes of Bhadrak District of Orissa.

                                                                *Rural Social Structure : A Sociological Study of Punjapura Village of Dewas District,
 252      Ku. Bhavna Hammad                Dr. C.D. Naik

                                                                Problem of Malnutrition Among Children Living in Slums : An analytical Study of
 253      Ku. K.T. Anju                    Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Causations and Consequences

                                                                *A Comparative study of the Performance of Self Help Group and Swarnajayanti
 254      Sh. Gulab Khatarkar              Dr. Y.G. Joshi       Village Self Help Employment Scheme : With special reference to Betul District of

                                                                *A Study on the Impact of Economic Liberalization Privatization and Globalization on
 255      Ku. Shubhra Singh Tomar          Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                the Economy and Economic Condition of the Handicraft Artisan of Satna District, M.P.

                                                                Impact of SEZs on Employment Generation : A Comparative Study of Tamil Nadu &
 256      Sh. B. Chandrasekaran            R.D. Maurya
                                                                Madhya Pradesh

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                  20
                                                                Evaluation of Awareness & Preparedness Towards Sexually Transmitted Infections
 257      Ku. Sunita Kshapakaran           Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Among Women of Slum Areas : with special reference to Slum of Indore.

 258      Ku. Rajni Singh Meda             Dr. Y.G. Joshi       Evaluation Mid-Day-Meal-Scheme : with special reference to Jhabua District.

                                                                *The Impact of Conversion on the Socio-economic Life of Tribal Women : A
 259      Ku. Pratibha Raj                 Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                Comparative Study in Raigarh District of Chhattisgarh.

                                                                An Analysis of Various Compulsions and the Level of Harassment of Working Female
 260      Sh. A. Kubendran                 Dr. Y.G. Joshi       Agricultural Labourers in Old Sempatti of Authoor Block in Dindigul District of Tamil

                                                                Ambedkar Ideology and Human Rights Movements in Tamil Nadu with Reference to
 261      Sh. M. Surya Raju                Dr. C.D. Naik

                                                                *A Study of Atrocity on SCs and STs in Madhya Pradesh and the Effectivity of the
 262      Sh. Hemant K. Chhekar            R.D. Maurya
                                                                Prevention of Atrocity Act.

                                                                *Analytical Study of the Extent and Causes of Drop Outs Among Primary Level Tribal
 263      Ku. Mamta Bhawel                 Sh. R.D. Gadkar
                                                                Girl Child : A Study in Dhar District, M.P.

                                                                *The Process of Social Assimilation of Juvenile Delinquency : An Analytical Study
 264      Ku. Teena Mahawar                Dr. Y.G. Joshi
                                                                in Ajmer District, Rajasthan

                                                                *The Impact of Vipatsana Meditation System on Physical and Mental Health and Social
 265      Sh. Mahesh Kumar Latare          Sh. R.D. Gadkar
                                                                Life : A Study of Dhammakanan Vipatsana Kendra, Balahghat M.P.

                                                                *Emerging Trends of Leadership among women in M.P. : A Study in Balaghat District,
 266      Ku. Duleshwari Bhairam           R.D. Maurya

                                                                *Tribal Life and Philosophy : An Analytical Study of the History and Socio-economic
 267      Sh. Radheshyam Meena             Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                Life of Meenas of Bhilwada (Rajashthan) and Vidisha Districts, M.P.

                                                                *Development of Instruction Manual for Human Rights Education and Dr. Ambedkar’s
 268      Sh. Amit Kumar                   Dr. C.D. Naik
                                                                Thought for 10th Class Students.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                                 21
                                                                Impact of Mid-Day-Meal on Educational Development of Depressed Class Children of
 269      Sh. Aravind Kumar                R.D. Maurya
                                                                Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

                                                                *The Problems and Implementation of District Level Plans and Programme : An
 270      Sh. Ravi Abua                    Dr. D.K. Verma
                                                                Analytical study in Tribal Dominated Dhar and Non – tribal Indore Districts of M.P.

          Sh. Anand Kumar                                       *The Socio-economic Condition and Grant of Relief to SC Household who were
 271                                       Dr. D.K. Verma
          Khobragade                                            Rehabilitated after Atrocity on them : A study in Balaghat District, M.P.

                                                                *A Study of the Socio-economic Status of the Tribal Bonded Labourers of Mhow tehsil
 272      Sh. D.S. Parmar                  R.D. Gadkar
                                                                of Indore District, M.P.

                                                                The Role of Administration in the Implementation of Panchayat Raj in M.P. : An
 273      Sh. Dwarka Nayak                 Dr. C.D. Naik        Evaluatory Study in Kannod Block of Dewas District.

                                                                The Impact of Pani – Roko Movement on Agriculture and Rural Development : with
 274      Ku. Sewanti Patel                R.D. Maurya
                                                                special reference to Barwani District, M.P.

Note : Dissertation title marked with * are in Hindi Language                                                                               22

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