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									                                           Scheme of Work
                                       Year 10 – Edexcel Drama

Term One; Up to ½ term

Project One            - Introduction to the course. Ground rules.
(Four lessons)        - What is a theatre company? Write up what a theatre company is for
                      - Bring in aims of the group.
                      - Trust activities and relaxation activities.
                      - Discussing drama diary.

Project Two           - Improvisation activities. * Where were you last night? * Guess the
(Six lessons)         situation * Whole class group impros/touching on forum theatre.
                      - Introducing drama conventions (Whirl wind workshops)
                      - Begin creating a drama vocabulary sheet.

Project Three         - Exploring Character. Creating a character, use of brainstorming,
(Six lessons)         hotseating, dodding cards, s movement and focusing on;
                      Motivation/Intention, Situation, Action (Who, Why, What, How.)
                      - Devise a short scene for your character focusing on a life-changing event
                         the character faced and how they reacted in that situation.
                      - Use improvisation, then structure, to be performed to the class, to be
                         used as an initial Target Setting evaluation (Video work). All work to be
                         written up in diary form.
                      - Homework to include; * Role on the wall * Lesson write ups * Character

Project Four          - Evaluate work so far, what has been learnt?
(Two-three lessons)   - Develop a personal target.
                      - Watch videoed work and evaluate how you could have improved and what
                        you did well.

Term One; - After ½ term

Project Five          - Conflict and Co-operation drama and movement work.
(Up to 12 lessons)         * What is conflict and co-operation? Write on the board as a brainstorm. Pupils are to
                          develop three motifs or still images and are to link these to create a form of ‘image
                          theatre’ on both conflict and co-operation. The three movements for each could be
                          related to sharing, unity, war, aggression etc. Show work. Is there a clear contrast?
                          Talk about conflict and co-operation in dtail, getting pupils to write in their diary a
                          definition for both.
                   -   Max, Nita, Yvonne work on conflict. From the youth work drama book
                       (Focuses on Movement/Gesture/Mime, Voice, Symbols, Hotseating and
                       Character/Role Play.)

Project Six        -   Recap skills developed. Add to Drama vocab list.
                   -   Individual pupil/teacher discussions to check progress and to address
                       concerns, problems. Re-cap targets.

Term Two – After Xmas

 Preparation work for Mysticism assessment for Paper I (See Mysticism scheme)
 Portfolio introduced and discussed.

Term Two – After ½ term

 Assessment work – Paper I, unit 1 (See separate scheme.)

Term Three – Summer

 Preparation work for Paper I – unit 2 (Script Work)
 Develop work on;
  - Symbols, Rhythm/Pace, Styles, Inner Meaning, Sub Text, Characterisation, Performing,
  improvising using scripts.
  - Looking at different ways of exploring a script. (As a radio play, TV interview, verse, using
  stage directions, using movement, as a diary, or as a narrated piece of mime or image
  - Work also developed on reviewing performances, with view to going to see a live production.

                                        Year 11 Scheme

Term One; Autumn

Assessment of Paper II (See separate scheme) – not yet produced

Term One; Oct ½ Term

 Practice and preparation for Paper II (external Exam)
Term Two; After Xmas

 Preparation for external exam (Paper II)
 After ½ Term – begin exam paper (practical exam Paper II)

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