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									Thoroughbred Early Breeding

   Courtney Blohm, Jessica Laux,
          Kourtney Kuba
     Background - The problem
 Ten thoroughbred breeding mares from prestigious racing farms
    have been booked to be bred to Whata Studleyman.
    Whata Studleyman can only do a limited booking since he is
    training for races in March.
   The mare owners are interested in producing racing foals they
    all want their mares bred one week before or after February 15.
   The stallion owner signed all 10 breeding contracts and now you
    are legally responsible for breeding the mares within this two
    week period.
   The mares will all arrive on January 15 and have been under
    lights since December 1. The Jockey Club does not allow the
    use of artificial insemination.
       The drugs of choice
 The drugs we will be using will be
  Regu-Mate, a progesterone, and
  lutalyse, a prostaglandin
 The mares are already receiving light
  How to get a mare pregnant
 The Regu-Mate (progesterone) is given once
  daily for 9-14 days to the mares.
 The lutalyse (prostaglandin) will be
  administered the on the same day as the last
  day of Regu-mate.
 The mares should come into heat within 2-3
  days and ovulate within 5-11 days (avg 8-9
 Oral drug
 progesterone
 Works on the uterine endometrium,
  mammary gland, hypothalamus
 Acts as an agonist, has the same effect as
  natural progesterone, behaves as a steroid
  with nuclear receptors
 Negative feedback on gonadotopin secretion
 Used to hasten mares through the spring
  transition in cyclicity
 Injectible prostaglandin
 Works on luteal cells
 Binds to the PGF receptor in the plasma
  membrane of a luteal cell
 Has Ca+ second messenger hormone
 Initiates regression on the CL
            Possible Problems
 The reproductive state of the horse affects the
  ability of the treatment to work because the horse
  is a seasonal breeder.
 The amount of sunlight a mare receives affects
  her estrus cycle and ovulation.
 If you give the drug regu-mate during the winter
  it won't have any effect on the ovulation of the
 The drug is most effective in the spring or
  summer when the mares are receiving the needed
  light to induce their reproductive cycle actions
               Did it work?
 To determine if the mare is in estrus, look for
  teasing behavior when the mare is presented
  with a stallion.
 If the treatment regime works, the mare
  should present signs of estrus, and will have
  a normal estrus cycle within five to 11 days
  after the treatment stops.
  How much time is this going
          to take?
 Labor needs will not be high. Someone will need to
  inject lutalyse and feed regu-mate.
 Regu-mate will need to be given daily for 9-14 days
  and lutalyse on a one-time basis, and this will not be
  very labor intensive with ten horses.
 At parturition, it will be the owners' of the female
  horses responsibility to monitor the pregnancy and
  birth of the foal.

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