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									T T L      Tectonic Techniques Limited

                                 • Documentation Management
                                 • Document Suite Development
                                 • Technical Authorship
                                 • Health & Safety File Documentation
                                 • Energy Log Book Production
                                 • LEED / BREEAM
                                 • Record Drawings & Schematics
                                 • Interactive / Web-based Documentation

T T L         Tectonic Techniques Limited

                      Documentation Management
   • Hands-on    management process        involving   all   Principal   Participating
   Organisations & Sub-Contractors.
   • Comprehensive suite of record documentation to fully satisfy the requirements
   of the CDM Regulations.
   • All elements of the documentation can be covered - Health & Safety Files, O&M
   manuals & Record Drawings for all building fabric and services elements.
   • By using the following tools TTL have developed an efficient and effective
   Documentation Management strategy :
                   Project specific O&M template production
                   On-line project databases
                    Regular progress reporting system
                    Project specific document review programmes
T T L              Tectonic Techniques Limited

                               Template Development

         • Liaise with the Professional Team and the Client to develop specific templates for
         all documentation.
         • Issue these templates to all information providers to ensure similarly formatted
  This approach provides the Client’s maintenance team with an intuitive and user friendly
  record documentation suite.
T T L             Tectonic Techniques Limited

                               Technical Authorship
  If required we can provide a full technical authorship package:
  • All of our technical authors are experienced in the production of O&M manuals for all
  aspects of any project.
  • We hold a large database of information related to all aspects of fabric and services
  installations within construction projects.
  • Our authors make full use of modern technology to produce an entire suite of O&M
  Manuals for a project with only minimal information input from individual contractors.
T T L             Tectonic Techniques Limited

                      Health & Safety File Documentation
  • We are fully experienced in working with the project’s Planning Supervisor to develop
  and produce the Health & Safety File for the project.
  • A project specific health & safety file template is developed that complements the O&M
  manual templates.
  • We then assist the Principal Participating Organisations with the development and
  insertion of relevant documentation into the health & safety file so as to comply with the
  requirements of the CDM Regulations.
T T L             Tectonic Techniques Limited

                          Sustainability Documentation
  • TTL are experienced in the production of Building Energy Log Books on a multitude of
  projects .
  • We have experience in the production of supporting documentation for LEED / BREEAM
  accreditation submissions.
  • We are able to assist in producing record documentation to support sustainability studies
  and EIA’s .
T T L            Tectonic Techniques Limited

                        Record Drawings & Schematics

  TTL can provide a wide range of services ranging from the inclusion of the record drawing
  production process into the documentation management function right through to actual
  production of drawings and schematics.
T T L            Tectonic Techniques Limited

                 Interactive / Web-based Documentation
                                   TTL VIRTUAL
  The TTL VIRTUAL electronic O&M system has been employed successfully on projects
  such as:
  • Dubai Festival City – Commercial / Retail Complex – Dubai
  • Project Spear - Barclays Data Centre - Gloucester

  TTL can provide a wide range of electronic versions of record documentation, ranging from:
  • DVD copies of source information.
  • Fully interactive DVD based electronic O&M manuals – incorporating HTML searchable
  front end.
  • Web-based O&M hosting – via secure, password accessible websites.
T T L                              Tectonic Techniques Limited

Commercial Sector:
 Plantation Place 1 & 2
 Aldermanbury Square                                                        TTL Projects
 125 Old Broad Street
                                                                       Manchester Joint Hospitals
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Sector:
 Abbott Murex - Dartford
 Manchester Joint Hospitals (PFI)
 Whiston Hospital (PFI)
 Broomfield Hospital

Defence Sector:                             Plantation Place No. 1
 Colchester Garrison (PFI)
 AWE Aldermaston

Financial Sector:
 Lloyds Building
 Royal Bank of Canada Centre

Data & Telecommunications Sector:
 Project GEM (Phases 1 & 2)                           Colchester
 20 Cabot Square                                       Garrison
 Project Spear - Barclays Data Centre
 Project Dart - Barclays Data Centre                                GOGGS
                                                                      East    Lloyds
Public Buildings Sector:                                                     Building
 GOGGS East
 50 QAG – MOJ Headquarters
                                                  20 Cabot
International Projects:                            Square
 Dubai Festival City Project
 Dubai International Airport
 Burj Dubai Tower
 Cyprus Airports Redevelopment
 Jersey Magistrates Court
T T L              Tectonic Techniques Limited

                                     Company Profile
  Tectonic Techniques Ltd was established in 1992 by the current Company Director Keith Barker
  whose past experience in all facets of the construction industry encouraged him to become
  involved in the Health & Safety File / Record Documentation aspect of the Construction
  Since it’s creation the Tectonic Techniques company ethos has been to ensure that
  Construction Projects on a world wide basis are supplied with Record Documentation of a high
  standard that is produced and managed by a company whose roots are in hands-on
  Construction Installation & Commissioning.
  It is this experience of construction industry processes which allows Tectonic Techniques Ltd to
  offer more than simple document control or technical author services. We are able to use
  construction      experience    in   conjunction    with   many     years   of    documentation
  management/technical authorship to cover all aspects of construction documentation.
T T L    Tectonic Techniques Limited

                               Unit 2
                    39-41 Church Road
                         Kent DA7 4DD
        If you have any queries or wish to discuss anything you
        have seen in this presentation, please contact us:
                       Tel: 020 8303 0117

                   Contact: Matthew Barker

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