Branding and Marketing Consulting Proposal by jck52011


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									Product and Marketing News
       New product branding
• DARS was the name of the ‘company’ or the overall
• Now called redLantern with tagline of ‘Illuminating
• Their new web address is
• DARS Owl accounts converted to redlantern Issue
  Tracker accounts
• Listserv memberships converted to (formally DARS-
  L), and (formally
        Why the re-branding?
• Eliminate confusion in the market
• Update name and recognition
• Improve awareness under a single identity
• Position their brand as ‘the’ industry leader
• Maintain close relationships with existing
• Reinforce their linkage to the university/college
1. DARwin = u.achieve

2. CAS =

3. DCP (Degree Planner) =
• DARwin is the client server version of the Degree
  Audit software until version 4.0
• With the release of the 4.0 version (January 2009),
  their name will be u.achieve with tagline,
  ‘advancing graduation’.
• Note that we likely will implement version 4.0
  considerably later than January of 2009 and that
  there is NO REASON to change what we all call the
  Degree Audit (currently most just use the acronym
  DARS) until after we implement version 4.0 of
       CAS became
• Places you promote (website?
  brochures?) should use new language (Degree Planner)
• Similar in functionality to the Graduation
  Planner developed and used by the
  University of Minnesota
• MnSCU has not purchased this product
    redLantern NEWS FLASH
• Miami University is initiating a Request for
  Proposal (RFP) for the sale of redLantern.
• redLantern plans business as usual as
  evidenced through ongoing product
  development, daily support via Issue
  Tracker, training workshops, consulting
  engagements, and preparations for the
  2009 and 2010 User's Conferences.
• To remain viable in a for-profit environment
• Higher education software market has changed
  significantly since DARS began
• Operating parameters within the university that
  were once protective are now restrictive
• redLantern has grown beyond the scope of the
• Budget crisis at Miami University – sale provides
• Sale should be finalized in first quarter of
• Our maintenance agreement is in effect
  through July 2009
• No reason to believe that significant
  changes will happen even after that time
• We’ll keep you updated as we hear more

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