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									                           Grayslake Fire Protection District
                            Awards & Incentive Program
Subject: Meritorious Commendations
Issued: 1/23/06
Issued by: Lt. Joris Lillge

Purpose: It is the purpose of the Meritorious Commendation to reward personnel who have
shown outstanding work or extra effort to better the community, the Grayslake Fire Protection
District, or the Grayslake Fire Department.

Responsibility: Meritorious Commendations will be awarded by any Grayslake Fire Department
officer. Each officer can issue a maximum of one commendation at any time per calendar year.
Officers are not required to issue a commendation annually and should only do so if warranted.
If an officer has already issued a commendation for the year and feels an additional one is
warranted, they must receive prior approval from the Fire Chief.



Commendations should be awarded for exemplary work during emergency responses or in
outstanding achievement other than normal daily duties.

Types of Commendations:

Gold Star Commendation – This commendation is given for Bravery and Heroism in the line of
duty. This is the highest award given

Blue Star Commendation – Blue Star Commendations should be awarded for exemplary work
during emergency responses or in outstanding achievement other than normal daily duties.


Any fire department member may nominate themselves or another member by submitting a
request for commendation in writing to the officer of the nominated person. This request should
include the request date, the nominee, a detailed account of the meritorious achievement, and
finally a signature of the person making the request. The officer will review the nomination and
if warranted forward the nomination to the Fire Chief. If the officer does not find the nomination
warranted, they can deny the nomination by returning it to the issuer with a written explanation.


    1. When issuing a commendation, officers should fill out the information on the Meritorious
       Commendation Template located inside the folder labeled “Commendations” in each
       officers network folder located on the Grayslake Fire Department Computer Server. This
       should then be printed on the predetermined commendation award certificate issued by
       the Administrative Assistant.
   2. When completed the original commendation should be submitted to the Fire Chief for
      review and signing. The Fire Chief has the right to deny the commendation in which case
      the commendation is not valid and will not be issued to the proposed individual. Any
      denial does not count toward the one allotted commendation per year given to each
   3. Once signed, the commendation becomes valid and can not be withdrawn at any time.
      This commendation will then be copied and placed in the personnel file of the recipient
      or recipients.
   4. The Commendation is then returned to the issuing officer for presentation to the
      individual or group of individuals.
   5. The commendation should be framed for presentation.
   6. The issuing officer should establish a presentation date after a staff meeting or prior to a
      Tuesday evening training in which all recipients are on duty if possible. If not possible
      the majority should be on duty and others should be asked to attend. Recipients not able
      to attend will be given their commendation on a future duty day.
   7. The issuing officer will then contact the family or spouse of the individual or group of
      individuals and advise them of the commendation their spouse or family member will be
      receiving. The date and location should be given along with the invitation to view the
      presentation. Invitations should also be extended to all off duty personnel, board of
      trustees, and board of fire commissioners who wish to be present. With the Fire Chiefs
      approval, the media can also be contacted for attendance. All invitees should not disclose
      the commendation or its presentation to the recipient(s) if possible.
   8. Off duty personnel will be requested to attend in their Class A uniform but this would not
      be required.


   1. When presenting the commendation, the gathering should take place in either the Station
      1 or Station 2 training rooms to allow for the maximum number of visitors. The station
      which is opposite of the recipient(s) should be used if possible for discrete gathering of
      visitors. Both Stations should be present for the ceremony.
   2. If possible, refreshments should be served for all visitors.
   3. The issuing officer should be dressed in their Class A uniform for the presentation. The
      issuing officer will begin the presentation and award the commendation by standing at
      the front of the room with the Fire Chief or Deputy Chief (if available). The
      commendation should be read aloud and the recipient(s) told that a copy of the
      commendation will be placed with their personnel file. The presentation should be
      concluded with a handshake and by congratulating the recipient(s).
   4. The recipient or recipients should be given the opportunity to speak if they wish.
   5. A photograph of the presentation should be taken and retained for the Fire Department
      and the recipient(s).
   6. The ceremony can be concluded after any refreshments that may have been given and
      work resumed.
   7. A press release should be requested for any Gold Star commendations given. This request
      should be made in writing to the Deputy Chief.
   8. Any commendation given should be mentioned during any annual dinner or event held
      which focuses on personnel accomplishments.

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