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          Vertex One Bldg., Felix Huertas cor. F. Yuseco Sts.
                          Sta. Cruz, Manila
                         September 3, 2010

Secretary Baldoz, Secretary Ivan Uy, Congresswoman Zenaida Angpin,
Congresswoman Tricia Bonoan David, officials and employees of Convergys,
honored guests, ladies and gentlemen: good morning.

The BPO industry in the Philippines plays a stellar role in our national
economy. Eighty percent of the total outsourcing business in the country
consists of the call center industry, which provides jobs for 557,000 Filipinos,
and which continues to attract investments from overseas. With its dependable
workforce, your industry can look forward to another remarkable year, with
forecasts of $9.1 billion dollars in revenues for 2010. The duties and taxes
you contribute to the national account redound to more funds that the
government can use to build more schools and in providing basic health care to
our people. As other nations reeled from the effects of recession during the
global financial crisis, our nation viewed the BPO industry as a beacon of
opportunity in grim economic times.

And yet, if you are to continue growing, your call center industry has to break
the barriers to expansion. Investors will invest more if we address factors like
the expensive cost of power and bandwidth problems. To remedy this, I have
tasked our CICT Chairman Ivan Uy to ensure that telecommunications
companies upgrade the technology they provide, while ensuring that these
investments do not result in prohibitive data costs.

Our administration has also committed to shortening the amount of time and
paperwork necessary to start a business, sparing our investors from agonizing
lines and costly red tape in securing government permits.

Our neighbors, such as Malaysia and Singapore, which enjoy advantages in
infrastructure, are trying to close the gap in terms of human resources. They
are focusing on providing the same quality of service we have been providing
our investors. To make our manpower more competitive, TESDA has been
offering short courses to enhance the English proficiency of near-hires, and
develop the skills they need to successfully qualify for employment. Our
investment in the development of human capital, making them world-class
workers, will be the key to providing a pool of talent attractive to investments
and expansion.

Convergys is instrumental in making this growth possible. As the largest
private employer in the country, you have significantly contributed to the
creation of jobs at home, eradicating the notion that we are a country that
treats its manpower as an export commodity. In seven years, your company
has grown from hiring a handful of agents, to becoming 22,000 strong, earning
numerous BPO awards, both here and abroad, and being elevated to the PEZA
Hall of Fame as Employer and Exporter of the Year in 2009.

Convergys is an exemplar of high standards, and the opening of your new site
today is another testament to your commitment to excellence. Strategically
located at the heart of Manila’s University Belt, the opening of Convergys San
Lazaro offers opportunities for students to be financially independent, and able
to support their own education. This is a reflection of your dedication, not just
to providing service to your clients, but in opening up opportunities for young

Whether they decide to further advance in the BPO industry or pursue other
careers in life, the training and experience your employees will gain in your
company will be instrumental in making them productive members of our
society, and who enjoy social mobility.

The BPO industry is an increasingly vital factor in our economy. As one of the
most globally-attractive locations in setting up call centers, we need to take
advantage of the opportunities the industry has given us, and utilize them in
generating jobs and investments, reducing poverty, and improving the lives of
the people.

As we embrace the challenges of a technology-driven world, may we further
harness the partnership between government agencies and private entities, not
just for the immediate growth of the economy, but for the creation of a new
generation of entrepreneurs that will ensure lasting progress and prosperity for
our country.

Thank you and good morning. (applause)

                                     * * *


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