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					Creating Media Opportunities through
       Corporate Relationships

 An Industry Perspective on the Value of Registered Dietitians

       Presented to Pennsylvania Dietetic Association
                      April 24th, 2009
                   Emily Korns, MBA, RD
                     Mars, Incorporated
                The Agenda: Questions to Answer

• Why and when does industry* seek out a
Registered Dietitian to deliver media messages?
•What expectations do industry organizations
have for Registered Dietitians contracted to
deliver media messages?
• How can Registered Dietitians increase their
desirability to win industry-funded media

* Industry refers to for-profit corporations and trade

             Why Do Companies Love Registered
    • Food and Nutrition Experts
    • Good translators
    • One-on-one interaction with clients and
    • Science-based and integrated into the
    medical community
    • They make product recommendations

              The Conference Room Chatter: “We
              could really use an RD to help us
              with this project…”

    Registered dietitians are viewed as the nutrition
    experts. Our support is sought out for:
    • New product/ingredient launches
    • Old products, new research
    • New policies, programs and initiatives
    • New scientific research, in general
    • Credible product recommendations
    • Defense against incorrect information
    • Food and nutrition-related legislative commentary

                 Finding the Right Dietitian for the Job

    Once a need has been identified, the field of
    candidates must be narrowed:
    • Who do we know? (advisors, friends, colleagues)
    • Who already advocates for our services/products within
    the media?
    • Who is the subject matter expert in this field?
    Many people will input into this discussion:
    - Senior managers
    - Advisors
    - Agencies
    - Social and professional networks

            What Types of Media Contracts are
            Out There?
A media spokesperson contract might take several
different forms. The contracts are managed directly
through the company, or through an agency. Services
might include:
- Media tours (ground or satellite)
- VNR or RNR
- One-on-one media interviews
- Authored articles
- Media briefings
- Quotes

              What are the Expectations of a
              Contracted Spokesperson?
    • Authenticity in message delivery
    • Expertise in subject matter
    • Ethical practice and behavior
    • Media savvy and skilled message delivery
    • Strategic thinking and counsel
    • Appropriate understanding of industry and competitive
    • Non-disclosure and non-compete
    • Generally pro-industry

              Increasing Your Desirability for
              Funded Media Relations Contracts
    Let’s review how the field is narrowed.
    • Who do we know? (advisors, friends, colleagues)
    • Who already advocates for our services/products within
    the media?
    • Who is the subject matter expert in this field?

    So, what do you need to do,
    professionally, to get onto the short list?

          Basic Skill Training

1. Maintain your R.D. status, your portfolio and
   your membership to ADA.
2. Earn a Master’s degree…but a PhD, SciD or
   M.D. is even better
3. Get media training AND public relations
   training…(and make it part of your portfolio)
4. Get technical. Proficient use of a computer and
   a cell phone is not enough
5. Find your niche and subject matter expertise.
   Don’t wander far from that center

          Be the answer to the question, “Who
          do we know?”
• Sit on regional or national committees for health-
focused non profit groups
• If you meet people from corporations that you
respect, talk to them and offer them good (free)
advice and give them a business card
• Get REALLY friendly with a good PR agency
• Present at conferences and go to the networking

           Be the answer to the question, “Who
           already advocates for our

It’s a Google world. So get noticed..
• If you genuinely like a brand, company or
product…talk about it!
• Conduct media interviews often within your areas
of expertise
• Start a blog
• If you like a product, call Customer Service and
tell them how much you like it, and how often you
recommend it to clients

            Be the answer to the question “Who
            is the subject matter expert in this
1. First, you actually have to become a subject matter
   expert (new research, consumer trends, new products)
2. Find companies that you admire who might find your
   area of expertise important
3. Introduce yourself to their PR or Marketing manager
4. Keep in touch with that person regarding new and
   interesting information – make yourself an advisor

              Be Where People Look for Experts

• Update your info on ADA’s Find a Nutrition Professional
• Joined LinkedIn and start making connections
• If you have a website, make sure it is up-to-date with recent
press clips, photos and resume
• Join one or more DPG’s in your practice area, and contribute to
the listserv and newsletter
• Join PRSA and go to the networking events (or, get chummy
with a PRSA member and have them sneak you in)
• Build a relationship with a PR agency and accept their
invitations to holiday parties
• Work with IFIC and work to become part of their media contact

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     Riggs Korns


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