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									Teaching Speech Online

Jan Ballantine St. Petersburg College Southern States Communication Association April 6, 2006

Special thanks go to…

Project Eagle for Funding Support
2003-2007 Project Eagle II = $4,470,750

2004-2007 Project Eagle I B = $1,491,150 $5,961,900

Project Eagle

Three congressional awards worth over $10 million  To build a national model for:
– increasing access for students

and workforce training – education anywhere, anytime


eCampus Growth

In seven years, Project Eagle has propelled SPC eCampus into phenomenal growth. Over 17,000 students enrolled Spring 2006



Offered 544 sections Offered 321 different courses


The goal today…

Explain how we teach speech online II. Go over the technical requirements III. Discuss course structure and content

I. Teaching Speech Online

How can you teach Public Speaking online, follow curriculum guidelines, and maintain the integrity of the course?

Answer: Web Conferencing
   

Participants seated at their computers Many cameras and microphones See & hear all conference members Increased individualism & interaction

What Is Web Conferencing?
 Web-based –

application providing

live – interactive environment – to conduct online classes, hold meetings, support training, or work collaboratively on a project.

Web Conferencing Products

Fall 2002--we used CUSeeMe developed at Cornell Univ., and then Fall 2003--we used Click to Meet by Radvision
– www.radvision.com


Many products online today

Since Summer 2005 we use SPOC
St. Petersburg College Online Communicator
Flash Program Created by Michael Carnahan
Web & Instructional Technology Team at SPC

Real-time, Rich Media

Speech Experiences

Students give 3 short online speeches to a maximum of 6 classmates at a time and the instructor using SPOC

How Speeches Are Given

Online Class

Instructor: online from home or office with web camera and headset with up to 6 students
6 Students: online from their homes, offices, or the soundproof rooms at the Seminole Campus with headset

At home

At home or office

On campus

At work

Video Layout of Speech Class

Challenges for Instructors and Students

Being flexible yet firm while adhering to standards and guidelines

  

Purchasing and setting up equipment Meeting technical requirements Helping students solve technical problems

Challenges (cont.)


 

Being a Director Grading Overcoming technical glitches

Key Benefits of SPOC

Easy installation for students Acceptable cost for students
Robust capabilities, including multi-point audio/video and text chat


II. Technical Requirements

Requirements for Students and Faculty

Multimedia-ready computer with minimum 2 gigahertz, 512 Mb RAM

2. 3. 4.

Cable Internet connection Web camera Headphone/microphone combination

Institutional Considerations
 

Providing a server Support: technical, design, & instructional Money: licenses, hardware, software, web camera, headphone with microphone
Scheduling & communication



III. Course Structure and Content

First Week of Class

Students must set up and test SPOC by Friday of the first week of class

Online Speech Schedule

Week 3: 2-3 min. self-introduction Week 6: 3-4 min. oral report or narrative speech Week 15: 2-3 min. special occasion



Taped Speech Schedule

Week 9: Informative Speech
5-7 min., min. 8 college-age audience members Exception: real audiences are acceptable: ie. Scouts, church, middle or high school


Week 12: Persuasive Speech
7-10 min., min. 8 college-age audience members Speeches are mailed or uploaded via www.yousendit.com

Other Assignments

Attend 2-3 Toastmasters Club meetings and write reports/critiques


Attend a live speech given in the community, college, or workplace and write a rhetorical analysis/ critique Post messages on discussion forums


Text Materials
Thinkwell’s Public Speaking
with Jess K. Alberts, Dan West and Brenda J. Allen


Multi-media CDs and print companion

Online speech works for students at St. Petersburg College…

Online Speech Success
Sent by Brian Burton on Tuesday, October 21, 2003 8:23pm I think you do a GREAT job of running a class that is well outside the traditional box. I have more work and get more out of this class than I have in MOST of my other classes so far (this is my 5th full-time semester). I guess this is just where things get a little hairy:) Anyway, I hope this isn't all just the same old story you've heard from everyone already. Thanks for your time.

More success…
Sent by Robert Fisher (469424) on Monday, May 3, 2004 7:36pm

Thank you for having this class and being a pioneer in the technology world to make this course available online. Using a webcamera is an important aspect of how many large corporations interact with their other plants, customers and suppliers, and I foresee it being the modus operandi for the future. I honed my skills during this class and learned some new tools that will help me in my career path. Thank you again.

More success…
From Irene Houllis, Spring 2005 The Toastmasters meeting went very well, better than I could have ever expected! I got up and did a table topic, and I actually won!!! How exciting! I never would have thought I could do that! Thanks for making us go there...it was an awesome experience.

More success
Sent by Mcfarlane , Daniel 2/22/2006 12:53:45 AM It is a mighty task, conducting a public speaking class, online. I truly thank you for all the effort and patience you bring. This is one of the most fun and productive classes I have encountered.

We are committed to online speech at St. Petersburg College!
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