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Description: "Company Analysis assists individual investors, managers and companies in evaluating opportunities, trends, market innovations as well as in selecting appropriate information solutions in order to make effective investment decisions. The study covers information on the business structure, areas of operation, products and services offered by the company. It comprises SWOT analysis, Key Ratios, and financials that aid investors in gaining an insight into the company's performance. The report is based on extensive research using data available from credible publications, trade journals, industry associations and the company sources. Report Highlights - Provides a comprehensive version of the company's performance - Offers key financial data, ratio and SWOT analysis - Tracks major M&A trends and developments - Business Profile, SWOT analysis and financial information on top five competitors - View on the company by our analysts - Supplemented with graphs and tabular information wherever necessary Table of Contents 1. Company Overview 1.1 History 1.2 Business Overview 1.3 Organizational Structure 1.4 Major Mergers & Acquisitions 1.5 Management Profile 2. Products & Services 2.1 Product & Services - An Overview 2.2 Sales Summary by Geographical Distribution 2.3 Revenue & Income Summary by Product 3. Financial Information for the Fiscal Year 3.1 Financial Summary for the Fiscal Year 3.2 Breakup of Revenue & Sales Trends 3.3 Ratio & Market Indicators 3.4 Earning & Income Estimates 4. SWOT Analysis 4.1 Strengths 4.2 Weaknesses 4.3 Opportunity 4.4 Threats 5. Top Competitors (Key Financials & SWOT Analysis) 5.1 Advanced Micro Devices 5.2 Intel Corporation 5.3 Micron Technology 5.4 STMicroelectronics 6. Analyst View List of Figures: Figure 2-1: Hynix Semiconductor - Revenues by Geographical Distribution (Million US$), 2008 & 2009 List of Tables: Table 1-1: Hynix
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