Consignment Processing Contract by gno22819


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									    1615 Canyon Creek Dr, Temple, TX                       (254) 773-7744         Mon. - Sat. 10 - 6
                                             CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT
CONSIGNMENT HOURS:                  Items may be brought in at any time during normal store hours preferably by 5:30pm.

PRICING:                            Items must be consigned for 60 days. Items will stay at the assigned price for the first 30 days.
                                    Unsold items will be reduced to 50% for the remaining 30 days. Baby Shar items will only be
                                    reduced 25% after 30 days (promotions are exceptions). No items will be accepted that cannot
                                    be valued at a minimum of $5.00 (Children’s $4.00).

PERCENTAGE:                         Consignor will receive 50% of the inventoried price for items selling for $47 or less; 60% for
                                    items selling for $48.00 and above.

PAYMENT:                            Payment checks are mailed at the beginning of these months: February, April, June, August,
                                    October, and December. For amounts less than $20, checks will not be mailed, but the
                                    payment may be collected in cash at Shar’s after 3:00pm. Each check will incur a $1.00
                                    handling fee.

CREDIT:                             Should you have any money due you, it may be used toward the purchase of merchandise in
                                    Shar’s at any time.

PICK-UP DATE:                       Each time items are consigned, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to receive a pick-up date and
                                    give Shar’s 24-hour notice before coming to pick up items. Items picked up prior to the 60-day
                                    consignment will incur a $20.00 processing fee.

UNCLAIMED ITEMS:                    Items not picked up within 5 days of pick-up date will become the property of Shar’s.

    -- CLOTHING                                                          First Name                         Last Name
           In EXCELLENT Condition
           Must be on Hangers
           Cleaned & Pressed*
           Current styles (Purchased in last 3 years)
                                                                         City                                State      Zip
            * Any item taken in that needs to be steamed, linted, and/
             or cleaned will be charged to your account.                 Phone                Email Address
--ITEMS OTHER THAN CLOTHES                                               Terms agreed upon and a one time set-up fee of $5.00
          In EXCELLENT Condition                                         will be deducted from my account.
          Clean and Sterile
          Completely Assembled.                                                       Consignor Signature
          No Parts Missing (No more than 5 years old.)
           Shar’s IS NOT RESPONSIBLE                                                         Date
             FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS.                                         0 Allow Shar’s to donate any unsold/unsellable
“Our staff must rely on present needs and past                           items. (Donation Slips available by request)
 experience to determine what will sell in our store.
 Please do not take offense if we do not select                          0 Pick up any unsold items.
 some of your items.”


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