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                                CONSULTANT AGREEMENT

This Letter of Agreement is entered into between DePaul University, hereafter called "University,"
and ________________, at the address __________________, hereafter called the "Consultant.”
This agreement covers the project titled: _________________, hereafter referred to as the “Grant.”

 Source of Grant
This is    Grant  is         funded      by      _____________,      hereafter    the    “Agency.”

 University Grant Identification Number____________
The University identifies this Grant as number ___________(Depaul Project Number). This
number must be referenced on all correspondence with the University and must appear on all
invoices to the University.

 University Project Directors
 The principal investigator at DePaul University is ___________________ in the Department of

 Performance Period
The period of performance on this Grant is August 22, 2000 through August 31, 2001.

 Services
The Consultant will perform the following services and provide the following deliverables for the


 Public Regulations Pertaining to this Agreement
In performance of services under this Agreement, the Consultant will comply with all relevant
federal, state, city, and other public laws.

 Payment
The total cost for performance of the services described above is $________. Reimbursement for
travel or other expenses shall not exceed $_________. Invoices for services rendered will be sent to
the University. Requests for reimbursement for expenses shall be accompanied by original receipts.

This invoice shall be submitted in writing to:

Manager of Restricted Fund Accounting
Office of the Controller
DePaul University
1 East Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60604-2287.

The final invoice clearly marked final must be submitted no later than 30 days after the expiration
date of this Agreement.

The University reserves the right to request originals or copies of all financial material relevant to
any invoice submitted against this Grant.

 Transfer of Interest
Neither this Agreement or any interest therein nor claim thereunder shall be assigned or transferred
by the University or the Consultant except as expressly authorized in writing by the University or the

 Termination of Agreement
This Agreement may be terminated by either party giving to the other a minimum of thirty (30) days
prior written notice after which neither party will be liable for any future payments or obligations
after date of termination.

DePaul University                                     Consultant

Signature______________________________               Signature______________________________

(Principal Investigator)                              Printed Name:
January 7, 2011

 cc:    Post-Award Coordinator
        DePaul Office of Sponsored Programs


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