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									Using Scroll Bars to Create
Interactive Spreadsheets
        Martha Lietz
    AAPT National Meeting
          Boise, ID
       August 6, 2002

 How to create scroll bars in Excel
 Examples of scroll bars
  – RL circuits
  – standing waves
  – kinematics
 Worksheet to go with kinematics
 graphs spreadsheet
How to use scroll bars

 Click on View menu,Toolbars ,Forms
 Formatting the Scroll Bar
  – cell link
  – zero minimum
  – integer incremental change
  – page change
 Creating a simple position vs. time
Specific Scrollbar Spreadsheets

 Standing Waves
  – two identical waves passing each other
    and their sum
 RL Circuits
  – resistor and inductor in a series circuit
  – total current
  – total voltage, voltage across inductor
    and voltage across resistor
Specific Scrollbar Spreadsheets

 Kinematics Graphs
  – d vs. t (constant velocity)
  – v vs. t (constant acceleration)
  – d vs. t (constant acceleration)
Worksheet Activity

 Used in Regular Physics, but
  accessible to higher levels as well
 Explores relationships between
  graphs and kinematics equations
 Took 35-40 minutes with each
  student on a computer.
 Initial velocity on d vs. t (a  0) is the
  most difficult
How to get Activities

  – Kinematics Graphs Worksheet
    (.doc and .pdf)
  – Kinematics Graphs Spreadsheet
  – Standing Wave Sum Spreadsheet

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