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               UBL Name                             Dictionary Entry Name                 Definition                                                      Candidate CC ID

  GoodsItem                           Goods Item. Details                          A separately identifiable quantity of products of a      Consignment Item. Details
2                                                                                  single product type.
3 ID                              Goods Item. Identifier                           An identifier for the goods item.                        Consignment Item. Identification. Identifier
  SequenceNumberID                Goods Item. Sequence Number. Identifier          Sequence number differentiating a specific               Consignment Item. Sequence. Numeric
4                                                                                  goods item within a consignment.
  Description                     Goods Item. Description. Text                    Plain language description of a goods item
                                                                                   sufficient to identify it for customs, statistical, or
 5                                                                                 transport purposes.
   HazardousRiskIndicator         Goods Item. Hazardous Risk_ Indicator. Indicator Indicates whether the goods item includes
 6                                                                                 hazardous items (dangerous goods).
   DeclaredCustomsValueAmount     Goods Item. Declared Customs_ Value. Amount      Amount declared for Customs purposes of those            Consignment Item. Declared Value For Customs. Amount
                                                                                   goods in a consignment which are subject to the
                                                                                   same Customs procedure and have the same
                                                                                   tariff/statistical heading, country information, and
 7                                                                                 duty regime.
   DeclaredForCarriageValueAmount Goods Item. Declared For Carriage_ Value. Amount Value declared by the shipper or his agent solely        Consignment Item. Declared Value For Carriage. Amount
                                                                                   for the purpose of varying the carrier's level of
                                                                                   liability from that provided in the contract of
                                                                                   carriage in case of loss or damage to goods or
 8                                                                                 delayed delivery.
   DeclaredStatisticsValueAmount  Goods Item. Declared Statistics_ Value. Amount   Value declared for statistical purposes of those
                                                                                   goods in a consignment which have the same
 9                                                                                 statistical heading.
   FreeOnBoardValueAmount         Goods Item. Free On Board_ Value. Amount         Monetary amount that has to be or has been               Consignment Item. FOB. Amount
                                                                                   paid as calculated under the applicable trade
10                                                                                 delivery.
   InsuranceValueAmount           Goods Item. Insurance_ Value. Amount             The amount covered by an insurance for a                 Consignment Item. Insurance Value. Amount
11                                                                                 particular goods item.
   ValueAmount                    Goods Item. Value. Amount                        Specifies the amount on which a duty, tax, or fee        Consignment Item. Invoice. Amount
12                                                                                 will be assessed.
   GrossWeightMeasure             Goods Item. Gross_ Weight. Measure               Weight (mass) of goods, including packaging but          Consignment Item. Gross Weight. Measure
13                                                                                 excluding the carrier's equipment.
   NetWeightMeasure               Goods Item. Net_ Weight. Measure                 Weight (mass) of goods item, excluding all               Consignment Item. Net Weight. Measure
                                                                                   packing but including any packaging that
14                                                                                 normally goes with the goods.
   NetNetWeightMeasure            Goods Item. Net Net_ Weight. Measure             Weight (mass) of goods without any packaging.
   ChargeableWeightMeasure        Goods Item. Chargeable_ Weight. Measure          Gross weight (mass) on which a charge is to be           Consignment Item. Chargeable Weight. Measure
16                                                                                 based.
   GrossVolumeMeasure             Goods Item. Gross_ Volume. Measure               Measurement normally arrived at by multiplying           Consignment Item. Gross Volume. Measure
                                                                                   the maximum length, width, and height of the
17                                                                                 goods item.
   NetVolumeMeasure               Goods Item. Net_ Volume. Measure                 The volume contained by a goods item,
                                                                                   excluding the volume of any packaging material.
19 Quantity                       Goods Item. Quantity. Quantity                   Number of goods items.
   PreferenceCriterionCode        Goods Item. Preference Criterion Code. Code      Specifies the treatment preference for this good
20                                                                                 according to international trading agreements.

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     RequiredCustomsID                  Goods Item. Required_ Customs Identifier. Identifier Additional tariff codes required to specify a type
                                                                                             of goods for Customs, transport, statistical, or
21                                                                                           other regulatory purposes.
     CustomsStatusCode                  Goods Item. Customs Status Code. Code                Status of goods as identified by customs for
22                                                                                           regulation purposes.
     CustomsTariffQuantity              Goods Item. Customs Tariff Quantity. Quantity        Quantity of the goods in the unit as required by
                                                                                             Customs for tariff, statistical, or fiscal purposes.
     CustomsImportClassifiedIndicator   Goods Item. Customs Import_ Classified Indicator.      Indicates whether the goods have been customs
24                                      Indicator                                              classified for import.
     Item                               Goods Item. Item                                       Association to a description of the good or
25                                                                                             service.
     GoodsItemContainer                 Goods Item. Goods Item Container                       Association to describe the transporting of a
                                                                                               goods item in a unit of transport equipment (e.g.,
26                                                                                             container).
     FreightAllowanceCharge             Goods Item. Freight_ Allowance Charge. Allowance       Costs incurred by the shipper in moving goods, Consignment Item. Total Charge. Amount
                                        Charge                                                 by whatever means, from one place to another
                                                                                               under the terms of the contract of carriage. In
                                                                                               addition to transport costs, this may include such
                                                                                               elements as packing, documentation, loading,
                                                                                               unloading, and insurance (to the extent that they
                                                                                               relate to the freight costs).
     InvoiceLine                        Goods Item. Invoice Line                               Association to information directly relating to a    Consignment Item. Included. Trade Line Item
28                                                                                             line item of an invoice.
     Temperature                        Goods Item. Temperature                                Any temperatures associated with the goods.          Consignment Item. Transport. Temperature
     ContainedGoodsItem                 Goods Item. Contained_ Goods Item. Goods Item          Associates with any other goods items contained
30                                                                                             in this goods item.
     OriginAddress                      Goods Item. Origin_ Address. Address                   Region in which the goods have been produced Consignment Item. Declared For Customs.
                                                                                               or manufactured, according to criteria laid down Location
                                                                                               for the purposes of application of the Customs
                                                                                               tariff, or quantitative restrictions, or any other
                                                                                               measure related to trade.
     GoodsItemContainer                 Goods Item Container. Details                          How goods items are split across transport
32                                                                                             equipment.
     ID                                 Goods Item Container. Identifier                       Identifies goods items split across transport
33                                                                                             equipment.
     Quantity                           Goods Item Container. Quantity                         Number of goods items loaded into or onto one
                                                                                               piece of transport equipment as a total
34                                                                                             consignment or part of a consignment.
   TransportEquipment                   Goods Item Container. Transport Equipment              Associates the containers for a single goods
35                                                                                             item.
36 HazardousGoodsTransit                Hazardous Goods Transit. Details                       Information about Hazardous Goods Transit.       Dangerous Goods. Details
   TransportEmergencyCardCode           Hazardous Goods Transit. Transport Emergency           The identifier for a transport emergency card,   Dangerous Goods. TREM. Identifier
                                        Card Code. Code                                        describing the actions to be taken in an
                                                                                               emergency in transporting the Hazardous
                                                                                               Goods. May be the identity number of a
                                                                                               hazardous emergency response plan assigned
37                                                                                             by the appropriate authority.
     PackingCriteriaCode               Hazardous Goods Transit. Packing Criteria Code.         A code identifying the packaging requirement for Dangerous Goods. Packaging Danger Level. Code
                                       Code                                                    the transportation of the Hazardous Goods as
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     HazardousRegulationCode         Hazardous Goods Transit. Hazardous Regulation     The identifier for a set of legal regulations that     Dangerous Goods. Regulation. Code
                                     Code. Code                                        govern the transportation of the Hazardous
39                                                                                     Goods, expressed as a code.
     InhalationToxicityZoneCode      Hazardous Goods Transit. Inhalation Toxicity Zone An identifier for the Inhalation Toxicity Hazard
                                     Code. Code                                        Zone for the Hazardous Goods, as defined by
                                                                                       the US Department of Transportation, expressed
40                                                                                     as a code.
     TransportAuthorizationCode      Hazardous Goods Transit. Transport Authorization  Code specifying the authorization for the
41                                   Code. Code                                        transportation of hazardous cargo.
     MaximumTemperature              Hazardous Goods Transit. Maximum_ Temperature. An association to Maximum Temperature (at                 Dangerous Goods. Flashpoint Temperature.
                                     Temperature                                       which the Hazardous Goods can be safely                Measurement
42                                                                                     transported).
     MinimumTemperature              Hazardous Goods Transit. Minimum_ Temperature. An association to Minimum Temperature (at
                                     Temperature                                       which the Hazardous Goods can be safely
43                                                                                     transported).
     TransportEquipment              Transport Equipment. Details                      Information about Transport Equipment; a piece         Transport Equipment. Details
                                                                                       of equipment used to transport goods.

45 ID                                Transport Equipment. Identifier                     Identifies the transport equipment.                  Transport Equipment. Identification. Identifier
   TransportEquipmentTypeCode        Transport Equipment. Transport Equipment Type       Identifies the type of provider of the transport     Transport Equipment. Category. Code
46                                   Code. Code                                          equipment.
   ProviderTypeCode                  Transport Equipment. Provider Type Code. Code       Identifies the type of provider of the transport     Transport Equipment. Supplier Party Role. Code
47                                                                                       equipment.
   OwnerTypeCode                     Transport Equipment. Owner Type Code. Code          Identifies the type of owner of a piece of
48                                                                                       transport equipment.
   SizeTypeCode                      Transport Equipment. Size Type Code. Code           The size and type of a piece of transport            Transport Equipment. Characteristic. Code
                                                                                         equipment, expressed as a code. When the
                                                                                         transport equipment is a shipping container, it is
                                                                                         recommended to use ContainerSizeTypeCode
49                                                                                       for validation.
     DispositionCode                 Transport Equipment. Disposition Code. Code         The current disposition of the transport
50                                                                                       equipment, expressed as a code.
     FullnessIndicationCode          Transport Equipment. Fullness Indication Code.      A code indicating whether a piece of transport       Transport Equipment. Used Capacity. Code
51                                   Code                                                equipment is full, partially full, or empty.
     RefrigerationOnIndicator        Transport Equipment. Refrigeration On_ Indicator.   Indicates whether the transport equipment's
52                                   Indicator                                           refrigeration is on (true) or off (false).
     Information                     Transport Equipment. Information. Text              Additional information about the transport           Transport Equipment. Information. Text
53                                                                                       equipment.
     ReturnabilityIndicator          Transport Equipment. Returnability_ Indicator.      Indicates whether a particular item of transport
54                                   Indicator                                           equipment is returnable.
     LegalStatusIndicator            Transport Equipment. Legal Status_ Indicator.       Legal status of the transport equipment with         Transport Equipment. Legal Status. Code
55                                   Indicator                                           respect to the Container Convention code.
     MeasurementDimension            Transport Equipment. Measurement_ Dimension.        An association to Dimension.
56                                   Dimension
     TransportEquipmentSeal          Transport Equipment. Transport Equipment Seal       An association to Transport Equipment Seal.          Transport Equipment. Affixed. Seal
     MinimumTemperature              Transport Equipment. Minimum_ Temperature.          The minimum required operating temperature for
58                                   Temperature                                         the container (reefer).
     MaximumTemperature              Transport Equipment. Maximum_ Temperature.          The maximum required operating temperature
59                                   Temperature                                         for the container (reefer).
     ProviderParty                   Transport Equipment. Provider_ Party. Party         The party that provides the transport equipment. Transport Equipment. Transport Services
60                                                                                                                                        Buyer. Party
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     LoadingProofParty                Transport Equipment. Loading Proof_ Party. Party     The authorized party responsible for certifying       Transport Equipment. Loading. Party
                                                                                           that the goods were loaded into the transport
61                                                                                         equipment.
     LoadingLocation                  Transport Equipment. Loading_ Location. Location     Identifies the location where the goods are
62                                                                                         loaded into the transport equipment.
     TransportEquipmentSeal           Transport Equipment Seal. Details                    Information about a transport equipment seal (a       Seal. Details
                                                                                           security device attached to the doors of a
63                                                                                         shipping container).
64 ID                                 Transport Equipment Seal. Identifier                 Identifies the seal.                                  Seal. Identification. Identifier
   SealIssuerTypeCode                 Transport Equipment Seal. Seal Issuer Type Code.     The type of party that issues and is responsible      Seal. Type. Code
65                                    Code                                                 for a seal, expressed as a code.
66 Condition                          Transport Equipment Seal. Condition. Text            Information about the condition of a seal.            Seal. Condition. Code
   SealStatusCode                     Transport Equipment Seal. Seal Status Code. Code     The status of a seal, expressed as a code.
   SealingPartyType                   Transport Equipment Seal. Sealing Party Type. Text Textual description of the role of a sealing party. Seal. Sealing Party Role. Text
   TransportHandlingUnit              Transport Handling Unit. Details                     A uniquely identifiable physical unit consisting of
                                                                                           one or more packages (not necessarily
                                                                                           containing the same articles) for enabling
                                                                                           physical handling during the transport process.
70 ID                              Transport Handling Unit. Identifier                     Identifies the transport handling unit.
   TransportHandlingUnitTypeCode   Transport Handling Unit. Transport Handling Unit        The type of transport handling unit, expressed as
71                                 Type Code. Code                                         a code.
   HandlingCode                    Transport Handling Unit. Handling Code. Code            The handling required for a shipment, expressed
72                                                                                         as a code.
   HandlingInstructions            Transport Handling Unit. Handling_ Instructions. Text   Free-form text describing handling instructions
73                                                                                         for a shipment.
   HazardousRiskIndicator          Transport Handling Unit. Hazardous Risk_ Indicator.     Indicates whether the shipment contains
74                                 Indicator                                               hazardous materials.
   TotalGoodsItemQuantity          Transport Handling Unit. Total_ Goods Item              The total number of goods items in the transport
75                                 Quantity. Quantity                                      handling unit.
   TotalPackageQuantity            Transport Handling Unit. Total_ Package Quantity.       The total number of packages in the transport
76                                 Quantity                                                handling unit.
77 DamageRemarks                   Transport Handling Unit. Damage_ Remarks. Text          Description of a type of damage.
   ShippingMarks                   Transport Handling Unit. Shipping_ Marks. Text          Free-form description of the marks and numbers
78                                                                                         on a transport unit or package.
   HandlingUnitDespatchLine        Transport Handling Unit. Handling Unit_ Despatch        An association to Handling Unit Despatch Line.
79                                 Line. Despatch Line
   ActualPackage                   Transport Handling Unit. Actual_ Package. Package       An association to Actual Package.
   ReceivedHandlingUnitReceiptLine Transport Handling Unit. Received Handling Unit_        An association to Receipt Line.
81                                 Receipt Line. Receipt Line
   TransportEquipment              Transport Handling Unit. Transport Equipment            An association to Transport Equipment.
   HazardousGoodsTransit           Transport Handling Unit. Hazardous Goods Transit        An association to information about the
83                                                                                         transportation of hazardous goods.
   MeasurementDimension            Transport Handling Unit. Measurement_ Dimension.        An association to Dimension.
84                                 Dimension
   MinimumTemperature              Transport Handling Unit. Minimum_ Temperature.          The minimum required operating temperature.
85                                 Temperature
   MaximumTemperature              Transport Handling Unit. Maximum_ Temperature.          The maximum required operating temperature.
86                                 Temperature
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