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For Worldwide Release: December 10, 2009

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Tropical Forest Foundation Names Caterpillar’s John Carpenter as Next
John Carpenter, president of Caterpillar Forest Products, has been elected chairman of the
Tropical Forest Foundation. Carpenter has served as vice president on the TFF board since

Caterpillar has been involved with the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) since its formation in
1990. TFF is an association of leaders of industry, science, education and conservation
working together to address the growing concern for the protection of tropical forests. The
primary mission is to promote sustainable forest management as the best way to preserve the
renewable resources and natural habitats of tropical forests. The group’s goal is to make sure
that harvesting is being done in the best manner for long-term sustainability, and ensuring
preservation of the natural resources in specific regions, and provide a mechanism to ensure
legal logging practices are used.

Past chairmanships typically came from the industry and conservation sectors. Carpenter feels
a representative from the manufacturing sector brings a significant benefit. “The harvesting
process begins with heavy equipment in the forest and mechanization is growing each year”,
said Carpenter. “It’s important for manufacturers to design harvesting equipment with reduced
impact features in mind. We need to make sure communities that depend on the forests are
aware that we are committed to preserving their environment, and are investing in equipment
designs to do just that.”

One of Carpenter’s goals is to increase awareness of the foundation’s worldwide efforts and
gain sponsorships to support expansion of sustainable forest management programs in tropical
regions worldwide. A new website was recently launched by TFF that includes an easy to use
contributor application. Visit


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 John Carpenter, Caterpillar
 Forest Products President, has
 been named the next chairman
 of the Tropical Forest
 Foundation (TFF).

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