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									        Killingly FFA Parents and Alumni
       Supervised Agricultural Experience
                    Youth Loan

The Killingly FFA Parents and Alumni Organization is excited to
offer a student loan program to the Killingly FFA Members.
Students may borrow money only for their Supervised Agricultural
Education Project and must hand in a Business Plan along with
the following application.

Payment plans will be discussed with the student and their
parent/guardian after they have been approved for the loan, and
will be based on their enterprise. All loans will have a 2% interest
rate attached to the loan.
                  Killingly FFA Parents and Alumni
                 Supervised Agricultural Experience
                              Youth Loan

1. Full Legal Name:

2. Current Address:

3. Birth Date:

4. Telephone Number:

5. Amount of Loan Request:

6. Are you a member of the FFA?

7. Are you currently employed? If "Yes", please provide an employers
name, address, phone number, amount of annual income, and if employement
is full or part time in the same provided below.

8. I verify that all of the information given in this application is true and valid.
and will uphold to the agreed upon contract.

     Student Name             Student Signature                 Date
Income Description (Please List):                    $ Amount

TOTAL INCOME                                                    0

Expenses Description (Please List):                  $ Amount

TOTAL EXPENSES                                                  0

ENDING CASH BALANCE (Subtract Income and Expenses)              0

Assets Description (Please List):                    $ Amount

TOTAL ASSETS                                                    0

Debts Description (Please List):                     $ Amount

TOTAL DEBTS                                                     0

NET WORTH (Subtract Assets and Debts)                           0
Project Advisor Recommendation:
Project Advisor- I agree to approve the applicant on this project and provide supervision of
the project for the duration of the loan. (Please describe if you approve of the project,
why, and how you will assist the student).

      Advisor Name                 Advisor Signature                       Date

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement:

Parent/Guardian- I acknowledge the applicant's participation in this project and will assist
and encourage the applicat to successful completion of the project (Describe how you
plant to assist the applicant and if you approve).

Parent/Guardian Name                    Signature                          Date

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