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									                                          Ann Arbor Antiques Market
                                                                2009 Dates
                                             Please note new Sunday Market Hours*
                                                       8am – 4pm Saturday
                                                       *9am – 4pm Sunday
                                       ___April 18th & 19th      ___August 15th & 16th
                                       ___May 16th & 17th                  ___September 19th & 20th
                                       ___ June 20th & 21st                ___October 17th & 18th
                                       ___July 18th & 19th
                                          Show Manager, Doug Supinger Phone #937-875-0808
  Building Booth          Dimensions                   Price Total______       _Total___
  Building A, B, C, D        9’ by 15’                  $295.00___           ___________
  Building E, F, G (Available when A,B, C, D are full)  $295.00________________________
  Tent Space                20x20                       $250.00_____      _____________
  Connector Space                                       $170.00______      _____________
  Other Amenities________________________________________________________
  Table Rental ____       _       6’ _______            $10 each___________     _________
  Table Rental_____________ 8’ _____________$ 10 each________________________
  Make checks payable to: Ann Arbor Antiques Market
  Please mail contract and check to: P.O. Box 1587, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1587
  Contracts are also available at
  For further information please call: Amy @ (734) 662-0496 x 207.

  A minimum deposit of $75 is required with contract. This deposit fee will be refundable up to 10 days
  before show date. After that time the $75 deposit will be forfeited if cancellation occurs.
  Please indicate: First choice for booth location. _____________________________
                   Second choice for booth location____________________________
  Please indicate: Paper color for walls _____________________________________

  We will do our best to honor desired booth location. However in fairness to all, your application and
  payment need to be received in a timely fashion. Please note 15 days prior to show all remaining spaces
  become available on a first come first serve basis, to be determined by contract post mark.

 ___________________________________                                        _________________________________
 Registered Name (Please Print)                                             Michigan Sales Tax ID #

  ___________________________________                                     __________________________________
  Dealer Name (Please Print)                                               Signature
Pls note when sharing a booth: the Dealer who signs this booth contract is financially responsible for all rental fees due to Ann
Arbor Antiques Market. Please, no more than 2 dealers per booth.

Desired contact method for contract confirmation:
                   Phone Number_______________________________

                    E-mail Address_______________________________

                    Number of cards desired : _________________

New Dealers Only
Show manager will contact all new dealers by phone regarding their merchandise.
Primary Contact:___________________________________________________
Phone #_____________________________                  E-Mail_____________________
If accepted as an exhibitor by Doug Supinger (Manager) and in consideration of same, the undersigned hereby agrees to
abide by the following conditions:

Neither the Manager, Owner, or Washtenaw Farm Council, nor their agents or employees (collectively called “Operators”) shall be
responsible for any loss or damage to property (including vehicles, exhibits, equipment, inventory, structures, or any other personal
property); or injury or death of exhibitor, or invitees, guests, agents or employees of exhibitor, or the public, resulting in whole or in
part, directly or indirectly, from exhibitor’s use of the premises which is the subject of this agreement, or the exhibitor being on the
grounds of the Washtenaw Farm Council. If claim is made against the Operators, or if any of them shall be a party to any suit,
investigation, or proceeding as a result, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from exhibitor’s use of the premises or the exhibitor
being on the grounds, the exhibitor shall defend, indemnify and hold the Operators harmless from any loss, expense (including
attorney’s fees) or damage of any kind.

2. That if said premises be destroyed by fire, wind, or an act of God, or if any cause whatever makes it impossible to have the above
Ann Arbor Antiques Market or if in the sole judgment of the Manager, the show should not be held for any reason, the lease
agreement shall terminate and the exhibitor waives any claim for damages except the return of the rental fee.

3. In no case will any refund of rental fee be made once paid, except under the express conditions noted in item #2, above.

4. The character of the exhibits shall be limited to things that are definitely old and suitable to the character of antique shows or
markets. No reproductions will be allowed. Exhibitor agrees to remove from display and sale all articles or signs objectionable to the
Manager. The Manager will be the sole arbitrator. Everything must be guaranteed for authenticity by the dealer. Exhibitors will hold
Management harmless from liability for any goods not found authentic.

5. The Manager will provide no insurance on the property of the exhibitor or against the acts or omissions of the exhibitor, his agents
and employees. All insurance for personal property and public liability, must be carried by the exhibitors. Exhibitors hereby relieve the
Manager and the Washtenaw Farm Council of all responsibility in connection with the safekeeping of exhibitors’ property while said
property is at this location, and while the exhibitor and his property are on the grounds of the Washtenaw Farm Council. The exhibitor
agrees to hold the Manager and the Washtenaw Farm Council harmless from any liability arising out of the acts or omissions of the
exhibitor, his agents or employees.

6. All fire regulations must be observed, including no parking in front of or between the buildings. These are fire lanes and must be
kept open. There is NO SMOKING in any building or tent. Anyone using electrical connection is required to use a multi-outlet strip
with a circuit breaker and surge suppressor. Please bring your own extension cords. All tables must have fire-retardant covers to the
floor. Dealers must stay in their designated booth area as per fire regulations.

7. Sales price to be clearly marked on each item and the exhibitor shall mark all damage or repairs. Each dealer must display a
sign in his/her booth with the name of the business, the city and state.

8. Michigan State Sales Tax of 6% is applicable; all sales shall be recorded on sales slips with dealer name and address
either printed or stamped, and the description of items sold. The State of Michigan requires that anyone doing business in
Michigan have their own permanent Michigan sales tax license. We can provide the necessary application form.

9. No packing before advertised closing time of 4:00 p.m. DO NOT bring vehicles in until you are completely packed and ready to
reload. Please if you must bring your pets, they must be locked in a cage or on a leash at all times.

10. No distribution of advertising materials on the premises unless approved by the Manager.

11. Each exhibitor will leave the condition of the premises equal to or better than found. This includes the removal of all rubbish.
Damage to the structure or any part of the property or premises arising out of the acts or omissions of the exhibitor, his agents and
employees will be paid by the exhibitor in full as determined by the Manager and the Washtenaw Farm Council. The exhibitor is not to
use any nails anywhere, and is to remove any pushpins, S-hooks or wires used.

12. No subleasing of spaces. No one shall occupy or exhibit at the space other than the agreed upon exhibitor, except by prior
consent of the Manager. Both names must appear on the contract. Those operating otherwise will not have their contracts renewed.

13. The exhibitor shall unload as quickly as possible without blocking doorways. The exhibitor shall not set up while unloading and
shall move vehicles immediately to the approved parking area. No driving in the buildings to unload.

14. The exhibitor further agrees that exhibits must be in keeping with the family orientation of the Ann Arbor Antiques Market. Any
objects, be they paintings, prints, photos, posters, sculpture, carvings, and etc., that portray pornographic intent or any lascivious,
immoral characteristics deemed unsuitable for families and young children, will not be exhibited. The Manager will be the sole

Signature: _______________________________________________ Signing exhibitor has received and read the show rules
and regulations and agrees to abide by all show rules. Signature of this contact indicates that the person signing has full
authority to sign for the above referenced company and accepts personal liability for his/her company.

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