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									                               How to Plan & Conduct Fieldwork

                                                                Version 2, September 2004

                              Prepared by

                              Sean Albert
                              FBE Risk Manager

                              Tel: +6 (2) 9385 4575
                              Fax: +61 (2) 9385 5613

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                              Presentation Overview
                                       Definitions
                                       Responsibilities
                                       Fieldwork Process
                                       Fieldwork Management System
                                       Main Considerations
                                       Administration
                                       Getting help & training

                                                                                             (60 minutes)
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 This presentation is designed to provide you with a basic overview of how
 to plan & conduct fieldwork from a safety perspective:

                   May help you better plan and conduct fieldwork safer

                   May help you to identify fieldwork safety hazards & prevent
                    potential injuries

                   May keep UNSW travel insurance claims to a minimum, and
                    therefore reduce insurance premiums

                   May keep Workers Compensation claims to a minimum, and
                    therefore maintain the UNSW Self-Insurer License

                   May ensure that fieldwork continues into the future within

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                              References                      Consultation
          Various OHS Legislation              WorkCover NSW

          UNSW Policies:                       UNSW Risk Management Unit
             Fleet                             UNSW Emergency Services Unit
             Code of Conduct
             Insurance                         UNSW Fleet Manager
             Emergency Evac                    UNSW Human Resources
             First Aid
                                                UNSW Insurance & Legal Department
          UNSW Fieldwork Safety Guidelines
                                                UNSW Compliance Officer

                                                UNSW Travel Agencies

                                                UNSW Policy Management Unit

                                                Extensive UNSW/FBE Fieldwork Contributors

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                                  Background & Statistics
           Fieldwork is considered to be one of the most difficult occupational
           health & safety (OHS) areas to address within the UNSW, due to the
           immense diversity of fieldwork conducted campus-wide.

           The FBE conducted over 200 registered fieldwork activities in 2004,

                                 Local, state-wide and interstate site visits
                                 Organized weekly camps
                                 Overseas excursions & research projects

           This included both group based and indirectly supervised formats, of
           various group sizes, in both undergraduate and postgraduate arenas,
           and conducted with varying levels of fieldwork safety awareness.

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                                   What is Fieldwork?
                  Fieldwork is any compulsory activity where a Supervisor has
                  coordinated a directive for students or staff to leave UNSW
                  grounds for work or learning related tasks.

                              Examples of fieldwork include:

                                        Site Visits
                                        Excursions
                                        Work Experience
                                        Camps
                                        Exhibitions or Events
                                        Research

                   Permission must be obtained before fieldwork is permitted.

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                              What is not Fieldwork?

                It is not considered to be fieldwork when you advise or recommend
                to students or staff that they conduct off-campus research,
                voluntarily look at Sites, or attend an event in their own time.

                Social activities should not be made a compulsory directed activity.

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                              Understanding the Shift in Controller of Premises

                              Conduct Stage                        Controller of Premises

         Meeting point at UNSW, home or when leaving the   UNSW or home
         last place of employment, to commence the

         Travelling to and from destinations               Bus company, airline, private car, etc

         While at the site, event, destination,            Their organisation, council, national park,
         accommodation, etc                                construction site, hotel, etc

         While overseas                                    Their country‟s OHS policies determine this

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                                              Evaluation & Authorisation Team

                              Role               Who                                 Responsibility
              Approving Authority       DVC                     Approves overseas fieldwork applications in regions
                                                                deemed by DFAT as med/high risk
              Approving Authority       FBE Dean                Approves oversees fieldwork applications in regions
                                                                deemed by DFAT as low risk
              Approving Authority       Head of School          Approves fieldwork applications within Australia

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                                                     Management Team

                              Role                        Who                                 Responsibility
             Supervisor                   The person in charge of supervising    Ensuring adherence to the fieldwork plan
                                          the activity on the day
             Coordinator                  The person in charge of planning the   Coordinates the fieldwork planning stage
             Advisor                      Someone who is competent at            Provision of fieldwork safety & compliance
                                          advising on fieldwork safety           advice
             Administrator                FBE Fieldwork Administrator            Registers and stores fieldwork
             Site Supervisor              Controllers of Premises                Ensures that safety and supervision is
                                                                                 maintained while visitors are on their site

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                                                           Support Team

                              Role                       Who                                 Responsibility
                  First Aider            Someone capable of addressing first    Ensures that first aid response can be
                                         aid requirements                       provided at all times

                  Evacuator              Someone capable of addressing          Ensures that emergency evacuation
                                         emergency evacuation requirements      response can be provided at all times
                  Communicator           Someone capable of addressing          Ensures that communications can be
                                         communication requirements             maintained at all times
                  Caterer                Someone capable of addressing          Ensures that replenishment of nutrients can
                                         catering requirements                  be maintained at all times
                  Transporter            Someone who is licensed and capable    Ensures that compliant and/or registered
                                         of addressing transport requirements   transport is used at all times, and by
                                                                                licensed operators

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                                                           Learning Team

                              Role                        Who                                   Responsibility
                        Student           Approved UNSW students                    Ensures that compliance to instructions is
                                                                                    maintained at all times, but on the proviso
                                                                                    that any instructions given are safe to
                        Approved          Those who have obtained written           follow
                        Volunteer         consent to participate in the fieldwork

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                                                                           Approving Authority


       Fieldwork                                                               Supervisor

       Organisational                                     Site Supervisor

       Chart                                                                  Coordinator

                                                             Advisor                  Emergency Response Team

                                                                             Learning Team

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                                      Stage                         Steps

                                                   1.   Confirm the learning outcome
                              Review & Planning    2.   Identify the Participants
                                                   3.   Plan the activity
 Fieldwork                                         4.   Propose the activity
                                                   5.   Authorise the activity
 Stages &                                          6.   Brief the Participants
                                                   7.   Make final preparations
 Steps                                             8.   File the administration
                                                   1.   Starting the activity
                              Implementation &     2.   Travelling to/from destinations
                                 Monitoring        3.   While at the destination
                                                   4.   Dismissal
                                                   1.   Incident reporting & investigation
                              Review & Improvement 2.   Cleaning up & Returning equipment
                                                   3.   Follow up and Review

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                                  Confirmation of           Communications Plan
                               Fieldwork Objectives

                              First Aid & Emergency         Transport & Travel Plan
                                 Evacuation Plan

                                   Hazardous                    Organisation &
                                 Substances Plan               Supervision Plan

                              Incident Response Plan            Catering Plan

     Fieldwork                     Meeting Plan                Documentation,
                                                         Administration & Storage Plan

     Management                  Purchasing Plan              Personal Protective
                                                               Equipment Plan

     System                    Accommodation Plan            Alcohol & Drug Plan

                               Safety Induction Plan        Controller of Premises
                                                             & Permissions Plan

                                   Backup Plan                Qualifications &/or
                                    (Weather)                 Competency Plan

                              Safety Equipment Plan              Overseas
                                                             Considerations Plan

                                    Participants            Special Considerations
                              Roles & Responsibilities               Plan

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                          Item       Explanation                              Example
                    What         … is the destination   UNSW to Botanical Gardens to UNSW
                                 from and to?
                    Where        … will we be           Anzac Gate UNSW to main entrance gate Cnr Smith
                                 departing from and     & Jones street Botanical Gardens Sydney CBD (Park
                                 arriving to?           Ranger to meet us there) to Anzac gate UNSW
                    When         … will we be leaving   Departing UNSW at 11am, arriving at Botanical
                                 and arriving?          Gardens at 12 noon (Park Ranger to meet us there).
                                                        Departing Botanical Gardens at 1pm, arriving UNSW
                                                        at 1.30pm.
                    How          … will we get there?   Sydney Coach Services.
                    Who          … is in charge of      Convenor and Transporters
                    What         … do we need to        Bring your own light refreshments enroot and notes
                    Response     … in case something    late participants to contact the Convener as the bus
                    Plans           goes wrong          must leave on time.

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                                    Participant’s Roles and Responsibilities
      Item                          Explanation                                          Example
Who                       … will be in charge of planning     The first aider
                           this module?
What                      … they will be in charge of?        Planning all first aid considerations and arrangements
                                                              regarding the fieldwork, including a first aid particular budget
                                                              if required. The first aider will also be in charge of inducting
                                                              the participants on first aid arrangements for this fieldwork
Where                     … they fit into the fieldwork       The first aider reports to the Fieldwork Supervisor and the
                          OHSMS?                              Site Supervisor regarding first aid during the fieldwork
Why                       … they are needed on this           The site is a high risk and remote site
                          particular fieldwork activity?
When                      … will they be needed?              From the start of the fieldwork, to the end
How                       … do they intend carrying out       The First aider will organise a suitable first aid kit and PPE,
                          their role & what to bring?         be qualified and prepare a response plan for any anticipated
                                                              injuries, typical to this particular site. They will also need to
                                                              liaise with the Site Supervisor beforehand, regarding any
                                                              special requirements
Response                  … in case something goes            The first aider will contact the Park Ranger by hand radio
Plans                     wrong?                              and provide immediate first aid response to a casualty, until
                                                              help arrives

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                     Communications must be maintained between participants at all times

                     It is not just the Convener‟s responsibility to keep in touch with Participants, it
                      is also the Participant‟s responsibility to keep in contact with the Convener

                     Use „Buddy Systems‟ to ensure that someone can contact the Convener in the
                      event you are late or something has happened

                     Don‟t forget to charge your mobile phones

                     Be aware that not all places have mobile phone coverage

                     With approval, Conveners may sign out mobile phones from the FBE Student

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                                                First Aid

            Not all Fieldwork requires a qualified First Aid Officer to attend, provided that the
             appointed First Aider can ensure that first aid response can be obtained at all times
             (eg, in the Sydney CBD)

            Be mindful that treating a casualty without qualifications may carry legal
             consequences, and could worsen the casualty‟s condition if treated without

            First Aid Kits may be signed out from the FBE Student Centre

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          Avoid travelling alone. Organised group travel is safest

          The driver must be licensed.

          Negotiate deals on group bookings (eg, airfares, etc)

          Personal vehicles are not covered by UNSW insurance

          UNSW Fleet provides a competitive vehicle hire service:


CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

                 Try to stay in same place. They may offer discounts for group bookings.

                 Make sure the place you are staying has OHS policies & practices of their own.
                  They are the Controller of Premises.

                 Enquire through „STA Travel‟ & „Anywhere Travel‟, regarding accommodation
                  suggestions and bookings. They are UNSW preferred suppliers.

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Equipment (SE)

                              Safety Equipment                                         PPE

         • Communication devices                                 • Hard hats
         • First Aid Kit & Equipment                             • Steel capped boots or suitable walking
         • Food & chemical storage containers                      shoes etc
         • Vehicles                                              • Gloves
         • Maps & other navigational aids                        • Eye goggles
         • Provision of Safety Personnel                         • Ear protection
                                                                 • Aprons
                                                                 • Gas masks & Respirators
                                                                 • Slip, Slop Slap principles

              The Controller of premises is not obliged to supply SE or PPE to your group;
               however, they must ensure that SE and PPE is worn when required

              Students must supply their own PPE, in accordance with UNSW polices

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

                Determined by the:

                               Size of the group

                               Type of activity

                               Maturity level of the participants

                               Level of risk of the activity:

                                         Low risk = 30:1
                                         Moderate = 20:1
                                         High = 10:1

                Illegal substances & unacceptable alcohol limits are not permitted
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                                               Overseas Fieldwork

                              Refer to DFAT Website Country studies to identify whether your
                                               destination is considered safe:


CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                                 Emergency Immediate First Aid Response Plan

             1.          Try to remain calm

             2.          Check for danger to yourself or others:

                             If unsafe, evacuate the area immediately (go to step 4)
                             If safe…

             3.          Reassure the casualty that help is on the way

             4.          Alert the Fieldwork First Aider, Site Supervisor and/or Fieldwork Convener

             5.          Remain with the casualty until help arrives

             6.          Evacuate yourself, if the area becomes unsafe becomes dangerous

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
           Emergency Immediate First Aid Response Plan for Designated Fieldwork
                                       First Officers

 Upon notification or discovery of a casualty:

 1.          Render immediate first aid in accordance with the DRABC principles, then

 2.          Get someone to ring, 000 (112 for digital mobile phones) and follow their instructions, then

 3.          Get the same person to ring UNSW Emergency Management Unit on 9385 6666, then

 4.          Get the same person to ring the Fieldwork Supervisor (where possible)

                              Note: For hospitalization assistance, ring AHI on +61 (2) 9202 8211

                                                   UNSW Policy Number: 7072
OHP 10

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                                                           Safety Brief

             Item                   Explanation                                        Example
     What                     … you are doing?             We are going on a fieldwork site visit

     Where                    … you are going?             We are going to Multiplex, which is (address)
     Why                      … you need to go there?      We need to visit this site because…
     When                     … will it take place?        We will be going…
     How                      … will it be carried out &   As per your approved planning process
                              what to bring?
     Who                      … is in charge of what?      Allocation of responsibilities
     Response                 … in case something          As per your Fieldwork Risk Assessment
     Plans                    goes wrong?
     Questions                … to ensure everyone is      If you are unsure about something, please come and see me
                              clear?                       before we leave

                                      Avoid changing your safety brief, once it‟s given

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                                Code of Conduct: Planning Stage

          Attend the Fieldtrip Safety Brief by the Fieldwork Convener

          Complete and return an “Authorisation and Medical Questionnaire”

          Ensure that any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and suitable clothing is
           taken and meets with Australian standards where relevant (eg, hard hats)

          If you have a Mobile Phone, don‟t forget to charge it before you leave

          Don‟t forget to take along a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, medication and
           replenishment supplies

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                      Code of Conduct: Implementation & Monitoring Stage
                                                  In Transit

                                 Be on time

                                 Avoid travelling alone

                                 The Fieldwork Convener should be
                                  contacted when people will be late or are

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                       Code of Conduct: Implementation & Monitoring Stage
                                                  While Onsite

               Behave responsibly

               Be mindful of both personal safety and the safety of other participants

               Follow the Site Supervisor‟s instructions at all times

               Ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn or used when instructed

               Stay with the group and avoid wandering off alone

               Alert the Site Supervisor of any noticed safety hazards

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                    Indemnity Liability & Insurance
                                                     for Staff

In terms of Workers Compensation, the UNSW operates under a self insurer licence, whereby UNSW staff
are covered. For further information regarding this, refer to:


In terms of staff business travel insurance, UNSW staff are also covered. For further information regarding
this, including insurance policy coverage summaries for staff, refer to:


Liability considerations commence when the participant leaves their last place of residence or employment,
and follow the most direct route to either UNSW grounds or the Fieldwork Site. You should attend an OHS
awareness session, in order to gain a better understanding of you liability considerations. Refer to:

In terms of professional indemnity, refer to the UNSW Indemnity Policy summary at:

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                    Indemnity Liability & Insurance
                                                   for Students

        The UNSW has appropriate insurance cover whereby the Site, the student and the UNSW are
        indemnified in the event of a student, during the course of the activity, becoming legally liable for injury,
        to any person, or damage to property caused by their negligent act, directly or indirectly related to the
        activity, other than property arising from the use of a registered, or registrable motor vehicle.

        The University has Liability Insurance in excess of $10 million for any one claim in the event of such an

        As an enrolled student of the University of New South Wales, the student is covered by Student
        Accident Insurance, while participating in any campus related activity including work experience,
        fieldwork, or placement.

        Further information, including policy coverage summaries, refer to:


CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                                     Claims Procedure

     Policy Name: University of New South Wales
     Policy Number: 7072

     Medical Claims

               Should you need medical evacuation (must call prior to evacuation), hospitalisation or have a
                general medical enquiry, call Accident & Health International (AHI) Assist Emergency Number
                (Reverse charges) on:

                                                       +61 (2) 9202 8211

               Minor accidents need not be reported unless overnight hospitalisation or evacuation is required

     General Claims

               For baggage, money (etc), you must report the incident to the relevent authority (eg, police, airline,
                etc), and obtain written verification of the incident. Upon return to Australia, you should contact the
                UNSW Insurance Section for directions on how to claim

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

                              Form                                                      Used for
         FBE Fieldwork Application Notes                  Helps guide you through the fieldwork application process works
         FBE Request to Conduct a Fieldwork Activity      Application form outlining fieldwork details, plus clearance
         FBE Fieldwork Participant Control Sheet          To help you allocate participant roles, plus the fieldwork roll book
         FBE Fieldwork Itinerary                          To help you to prepare your time schedule
         FBE Fieldwork Code of Conduct for Participants   To be given to participants. Outlines fieldwork do‟s and don'ts
         FBE Indemnity Statement for Site Supervisors     To be sent to Site Supervisors. Confirms UNSW insurance policies
         UNSW Volunteer Approval Request                  To ensure that volunteers are officially recorded
         UNSW Authorisation & Medical Questionnaire       To prepare for any special medical conditions and next of kin details
         FBE Task or Process Risk Assessment              For complex fieldwork that requires in depth safety controls


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                                              Getting Help

              •           Students consult with their
                          Supervisors only. Students do not                  Sean Albert
                                                                             FBE Risk Manager
                          consult beyond their Supervisor
                          without explicit permission to do so.
                                                                             • Telephone: +61 (2) 9385 4575

              •           Supervisors consult with their                     • Fax: +61 (2) 9385 5613
                          Course Authority.                                  • Mobile: 0414 489 940
                                                                             • Email:
              •           Course Authorities consult with the
                          FBE Risk Manager in the first                      Red Centre West Wing, Level 3,
                          instance. If unavailable, then                     Room RC-3018
                          Course Authorities may consult                     Faculty of the Built Environment
                          beyond FBE.                                        The University of New South Wales
                                                                             SYDNEY NSW 2052
              •           The FBE Risk Manager consults
                          beyond FBE.

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                                         Getting Help
                                             Fieldwork Advisors
     Type of Help                   Contact Person     Unit                                   Telephone
     Occupational Health &          Martina Lavin      UNSW Fieldwork Committee Chairperson   X52914
     Safety Risk Management         Bob Armstrong      UNSW Risk Management Unit              x52912
     •First Aid                     Mark Sawszak       UNSW Emergency Management Unit         x52833
     •Emergency Evacuation
     Communications                                    UNSW Communications Unit               x51111

     Travel Insurance               Sandy Wong         UNSW Insurance Unit                    x50339

     Workers Compensation           Paul Bransdon      UNSW Workers Compensation Unit         x51107

     Transport                      Estelle Pruz       UNSW Fleet & Hire                      x55497

     Code of Conduct                Doug Narin         UNSW Human Resources Department        x6376

     Finances                       Edith Chu          FBE Financial Services                 x56380

     Travel                         Bob Horder         UNSW Supplier Management               x52770

     Compliance                     Lyndell Carter     UNSW Compliance Unit                   x52497

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                                   UNSW Risk Management Unit:
                                      OHS Awareness (Tuition), 2 hours, Nil Cost

                                   UNSW Emergency Services Unit:
                                      Senior First Aid (Certificate), 2 days
                                      Emergency Evacuation (Certificate), ½ day

                                   UNSW Staff Development Unit:
                                      Contact them for details

                                   FBE Induction:
                                      See the FBE Risk Manager

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G
                              Thanks for your

CRICOS Provider Code 00098G

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