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									TO:            All Vendors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, and Employees

FROM:          Frank DeSimone, Managing Member

This document will be a permanent addition to all contract labor and material suppliers. Effective
immediately, Cobblestone Builders, LLC is implementing the following Standard Operating Procedures.

Once the estimate for services or material is approved, the vendor or supplier must sign the scope of work
and a contract for services and/or materials. Based on the contract the following items will be sent via
mail or fax:

   1.      Purchase Order
   2.      Standard form Partial Release of Liens
   3.      Selection Sheet (This form may not apply to all vendors)
   4.      Master Schedule

No invoices will be paid unless Cobblestone Builders, LLC receives the signed, notarized lien release
waiver and the Purchase Order number along with the vendor/supplier invoice. Cobblestone Builders,
LLC only accepts invoices by mail. Faxed or hand delivered invoices will not be recognized.

Due to the urgency of communicating with our vendors and suppliers, Cobblestone Builders, LLC will no
longer be able to enlist the services of any vendor/supplier unless they have a valid working fax.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Frank DeSimone
Managing Member
Cobblestone Builders, LLC
           321 N. Graham Street • Charlotte, NC 28202 • 704-568-2840 • FAX 704-568-1165

                               CONTRACT ACCEPTANCE & AWARD

CONGRATULATIONS on receiving the COBBLESTONE BUILDERS, LLC contract for you work you
will be doing at __________________________________________
during the period of JANUARY 1, 2004 TO DECEMBER 31, 2004.

  In order to insure that your billing invoices are properly processed at our business office, you must
provide the following information prior to any work being done on site and prior to any checks being
issued for payment.
COMPANY NAME: ____________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________
           CITY                                STATE        ZIP CODE
TELEPHONE: (_____)___________________FAX(______)_____________________
                       EQUIPMENT ONLY____ SUB-CONTRACTOR____
FEDERAL ID#_______________________ or SS#_____________________________
                                   (MUST HAVE)


INSURANCE CERTIFICATE: An original must be on file in our business office prior to any work being
done by your company on site. This certificate must be updated regularly and if allowed to lapse, checks
will be held until the update is received. The “Certificate Holder is: COBBLESTONE BUILDERS, LLC,
(Not any other name) ($1,000,000.00 minimum). Also, you must name COBBLESTONE BUILDERS,

SUBCONTRACT AGREEMENT: An original must be signed and on file in our business office prior to
any work beginning by your company on the site.

INVOICES: Invoices submitted to the Business Office (Not the Field Office) must have your company
name, address, invoice date, invoice number, purchase order number, description of work done (IF THIS
assigned by the field office.
                                    SUBCONTRACT AGREEMENT

        The undersigned, as Subcontractor, (herein “I”), agree as follows:
I, ___________________________________________________________________________
        (Name)                                 (Address)
agree to perform my work in accordance with the plans and drawings for this job. All of my employees
will comply with applicable safety and health laws and requirements pertaining to my work, including but
not limited to rules and regulations of public authorities, including OSHA. Safety of my employees is my
responsibility. Subcontractor agrees to instruct all its employees to inform Cobblestone Builders, LLC
immediately of any unsafe condition or practice whether or not in common work areas.

        The undersigned, as a Subcontractor, shall indemnify, save and hold harmless Cobblestone
Builders, LLC, from any related entities, agents and employees (hereinafter “you” or “your”) from and
against claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, fines, penalties
and judgments arising out of our or resulting from performance of my work, anyone directly or indirectly
employed by me or anyone for whose acts they may be liable, regardless of whether or not such claim,
damage, loss or expense is caused in party by a party indemnified hereunder. In claims against any
person or entity indemnified hereunder by an employee of the Subcontractor, anyone directly or indirectly
employed by them or anyone whose acts they may be liable, the indemnification obligation shall not be
limited by a limitation on amount or type of damage, compensation or benefits payable by a
Subcontractor under workers’ compensation acts, disability benefit acts or other employee benefit acts.

       I will provide and enforce the use at all times of personal protective equipment as required by
OSHA regulations. I agree that all scaffolding shall be designed and erected using approved materials in
accordance with OSHA requirements. I agree that guardrails, toe boards, and all applicable fall protection
devices shall be installed as required by OSHA regulations. I acknowledge that I am familiar with all
applicable regulations including but not limited to current OSHA requirements.

        I agree to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance, naming you as an additional insured prior to
starting work, in the following minimum amounts:
        Workers’ Compensation:        Coverage A Statutory
                                      Coverage B $100,000.00

        (If I am a sole proprietor, partnership or LLC, I agree to elect coverage for myself) Commercial
General Liability including contractual, personal injury, and completed operations coverage with bodily
injury/property damage limits no less than:

                              $1,000,000.00 per occurance/$2,000,000.00 General Aggregate

Automobile Liability:         Bodily Injury/Property Damage
                              $1,000,000.00 combined single limits

I agree that my insurance is on a primary basis with no contribution from you.

_______________________________                      _______________________________
Date                                                 Sub-Contractor Company Name

_______________________________                      By:________________________________
Address                                              Sub-Contractor Signature
                                                     Tax Identification Number
To:           All Vendors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, and Employees

From: Frank DeSimone, Managing Member

This document will be a permanent addition to all contracts for material and labor suppliers. Effective
immediately, Cobblestone Builders, LLC is implementing the following Standard Operating Procedure.

Payment terms with Cobblestone Builders, LLC are Net 30 days upon receipt of invoice. Invoices will
only be received via mail. Faxed or hand delivered invoices will not be recognized. Please make sure
any Purchase Orders associated with the invoice are included on the invoice.

Please sign below and date to indicated you agree with these payment terms and return to Cobblestone

COMPANY NAME: _____________________________________________

PRINTED NAME: ______________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ______________________________                 DATE: ____________________


                                  PARTIAL LIEN WAIVER/RELEASE

IN CONSIDERATION of payment to it of ____________ the undersigned hereby waives and releases
to the extent of its receipt of such payment, and except for claims or rights of lien for work performed for
which payment is being retained or for which payment has not been made, all lien rights it has resulting
from or arising out of its furnishing or labor and/or material for the improvement real property described
as follow:

The Partial Lien Waiver/Release is conditional upon Owner’s checks totaling of ________________
being collected with good funds.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this instrument has been executed on behalf of the undersigned under its
seal by its duly authorized representative

                              By: _________________________
                              Title: Manager Member


   Notary Public

My Commission Expires: ___________

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