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									       TEN KEY MASTERY
     Part 1: Teacher Manager
   (Screen-Based Version—No Textbook Needed)

20-minute, Self-Paced, Step-by-step Directions
       For setting up the course online
          (Course Description on slides 2-3)

               Ellsworth Publishing Company      1
                      (888) 963-4817
     Ten Key Mastery Description
• Ten Key Mastery is a data entry course designed to teach the
  numeric keypad by touch (without looking at the keys) and to develop
  the speed and accuracy necessary to skillfully apply this knowledge to
  a variety of data entry situations. Industry wants 12,000+ ksph
  (keystrokes per hour) with 98%+ accuracy. Ten Key Mastery takes
  about 30 hours to complete, including the employment tests. The wide
  use of computers in business and industry today has created a
  tremendous number of job opportunities for those skilled in data
• Ten Key Mastery is used successfully in High School and College to
  prepare for employment. There are 1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute, and
  10-minute timings (the bank employment test). It is especially helpful
  to people in the fields of data entry, accounting, secretarial,
  insurance, and any other work that requires numeric input. It is
  helpful in courses such as Bookkeeping, Spreadsheets, Database, etc.

                             Ellsworth Publishing Company           2
                                    (888) 963-4817
      Ten Key Mastery Description
• Three actual employment tests are included for students to
  practice. After completing the skill building exercises, students will
  be able to compare their skill with the employment tests of three
  major employers with offices nationwide: A temporary help agency, a
  major credit card corporation, and a national bank. Students are
  encouraged to practice and become proficient on these tests. The
  test from the temporary help agency is alphanumeric and trains
  students in batch processing. One of the nation’s largest credit card
  corporations is represented by a test that is used to screen applicants
  for admittance to their training program. The national bank consulted
  represents a large chain of banks in Arizona and several other states.
  They employ a large number of data entry people to verify checks and
  enter customer data. Their test is also used to screen applicants for
  admittance to their training program.

Print slides of Step-by-Step
• Print the slides and follow the step-by-step directions.
• Save for reference.

                         Ellsworth Publishing Company        4
                                (888) 963-4817
        Launch your Browser
• In the URL type: (www in front not necessary).

• Press Enter.


                         Ellsworth Publishing Company       5
                                (888) 963-4817
       Log in with Teacher Login
• On both lines, type the Teacher Login that has been assigned to
  your school (lower case). If you don’t have a Login assigned,
  type ―demo‖ on both lines. The Teacher Login gives Teacher
  Manager privileges; If students should find out your Teacher
  Login, we are happy to change it for you.
          School Login: demo
      School Password: demo

• Click on ―Sign in‖ or press the Enter key.

                              Ellsworth Publishing Company          6
                                     (888) 963-4817
     Select Teacher Manager
      for Ten Key Mastery
• Demos are Screen-Based; Textbooks are also available.
• Click to select Teacher Manager.

                          Ellsworth Publishing Company    7
                                 (888) 963-4817
       If Program Doesn’t Load!
• If it hangs up here and doesn’t load, your PC needs the Java plug-
  in. It is a free download from (MACs already have
  it in their operating system.)

                             Ellsworth Publishing Company          8
                                    (888) 963-4817
Profile Manager is where you
set up your course standards
• Click on Profile Manager.

                        Ellsworth Publishing Company   9
                               (888) 963-4817
    Creating Course Standards
• Tab 1-Profile List shows all the course standards created so far.
  They are available for all teachers in this school to use—each
  teacher does NOT need to create profiles. Be sure to have
  descriptive names, as shown below, not ―Harris‖
• It is desirable to have several profiles so you can individualize to
  slow and fast learners. (The Special Needs profile below has
  lower standards and only covers Lessons 1-22.)
• Click on the ―Create Setup Profile‖ button.

                                 Special Needs Profile

                              Ellsworth Publishing Company            10
                                     (888) 963-4817
      Creating Accuracy Standard
• Enter 98%. The accuracy standard depends upon the objectives
  of your course. If it is for job training, 98% is best. If there isn’t
  much time allowed, perhaps 95% could be considered.
• The Advanced Options button allows the teacher to enter the
  students’ individual passwords and freeze them so students can’t
  change them. It also allows the teacher to set a minimum ksph so
  scores that are too low won’t record on the Progress Report.
• Click on the Advanced Options button.


                                Ellsworth Publishing Company               11
                                       (888) 963-4817
Advanced Options Explanation

                                                    Number of scores (1-5)
                                                    required for each lesson
                                                    on Progress Report—
                                                    lesson won’t count in
                                                    grading unless completed.

                                                    Minimum score required to
                                                    save to Progress Report.

 Select this option if you want to enter student individual passwords and lock
 them from being changed by students. (If students are allowed to change
 passwords in their data file, you can see them in the Teacher Manager.)
 Weighting Lessons for Grading
• Click on Tab 3-Sections and enter which lessons you want to
  assign and what % of the grade they will be. This is a typical
  distribution. You can adjust it to include any lessons you want—
  just be sure the % of Grade adds up to 100%.

                                          If you don’t have the time
                                          or need for the
                                          Employment Tests, omit
                                          them and adjust the Total
                                          percentages to 100%.

            Entering Grading Scale
 • Click on Tab ―4-Grading Scale‖.
 • Enter the grading scale that you want your students to
   achieve by the end of the term/block/quarter/semester.

The beginning lessons are designed to be
very easy to encourage fast and accurate
keying from the start. If 12000+ ksph is the
desired speed with accuracy at the end of
the course, be sure students practice each
lesson from Lesson 1 until they reach that
goal. If students move on with low scores,
they most often end up with low scores.
        Saving Course Standards
•   Click on the ―Save Profile‖ tab.
•   In the Profile Name: enter a description so everyone knows what the
    profile contains without having to open it up. All the teachers in a school
    can use the same profiles; be sure they are descriptive like ―12000 ksph
    98% L 1-27 (Lessons 1-27)‖ and not vague like ―Johnson‖.
•   After entering the Profile Name, click the ―Save Profile‖ button.
•   On tab 1-Profile List, follow the same procedures to create a Special
    Needs profile, such as ―SN 8000 ksph 70% L 1-22‖. You will use it later in
    this demo to individualize to a special needs student.

       Remember to
       be Descriptive!
                                  Ellsworth Publishing Company                15
                                         (888) 963-4817
   Features of Profile Manager
• The “Edit Setup Profile” button is used to modify an existing
  profile. When you modify a profile, be sure to save it again.
• The “Delete Setup Profile” is used to permanently delete a

                            Ellsworth Publishing Company          16
                                   (888) 963-4817
        Creating Your Classes
• Click on Class Manager in the main menu.
• Click on the Create Class button.

                         Ellsworth Publishing Company   17
                                (888) 963-4817
           Creating Your Classes
• Begin with the teacher’s last name. Enter a descriptive name
  for your class with a date. (When the time comes to delete a
  class, you don’t want to have to open them all up to find the old
  ones!) Begin with the teacher’s last name, then Period,
  Semester/Quarter, year, etc. Click OK.
• Create two classes (Period 3 and Period 5 were created here).
  You will be moving students later—such as if there is a schedule
  change and you need a student and her/his scores in a different

    Creating Student Data Files
• Select ―Create Student Files‖ in the main menu.
• Select a class under ―Choose a Class‖ to put students in it.
• Be sure your ―Choose Setup Profile‖ shows the correct profile for
  an ―A‖ grade, 12000 ksph in this example. Click the arrow to
  change it if necessary.
• Enter a student’s last name, first name—be sure to include your
  name so you can practice later as a student.

                                                            It is best to put all
                                                            students in your regular
                                                            profile and individualize
                                                            the few later.
                             Ellsworth Publishing Company                      19
                                    (888) 963-4817
     Creating Student Data Files
• For this demo, give all the students in your class a Student
  ID/Password of ―1‖ just to make it easy; they can change it
  later in their data file. (Teachers can lock passwords so
  students can’t change them—Profile Manager, Select Profile to
  change, Edit Profile, Tab 2—Accuracy Rate, Advanced Options.)
• Click the ―Create Student File‖ button.
• Create three student files (and assign ―1‖ as the Password for
  each). Just make up the names if you wish.

                            Ellsworth Publishing Company           20
                                   (888) 963-4817
     Viewing Student Progress
             First Report—Simple Report
• Select ―View Student Progress‖ in main menu.
• Select a class that has students in it. (The class you created.)
• Select a Student.
• Select ―Simple Report‖ (bottom left).
• Click on ―Get Report‖ to see the student’s individual scores.
  You might want to print this for a parent/teacher conference.

                            Ellsworth Publishing Company             21
                                   (888) 963-4817
     Viewing Student Progress
              First Report—Simple Report
• The Simple Report is shown below.
• If you would like to see another student’s scores while you are
  at it, click on the arrow to ―Choose another student‖, click on
  the next student.

                           Students can practice each lesson
                           more than five times; the best five
                            Ellsworth Publishing the Progress Report.
                           speeds record onCompany                      22
                                 (888) 963-4817
  Viewing Student Progress
    Second Report—Class Progress Report
• Select ―View Student Progress‖ again from the main menu.
• Select your Class.
• Select ―Class Progress Report‖ on bottom center.
• Click ―Get Report‖.

       Viewing Student Progress
         Second Report—Class Progress Report
•   First column has the Student Names.
•   Second column has the students’ personal passwords. If they
    change their password from a ―1‖ to something else and forget it,
    you can check here to see what it is.
•   L1, L2, etc., columns are the Lesson Averages. This is just a
    temperature gauge of how your class is doing—are they keeping up
    with assignments, who is behind, are they meeting their goals, etc.
    Teaching hint: Students should practice each drill until they reach
    their goal. Students who move on to new keys and new lessons, and
    have low scores, tend to finish with low scores.

                              Ellsworth Publishing Company              24
                                     (888) 963-4817
     Viewing Student Progress
        Third Report—Class Summary Report
• Select ―View Student Progress‖ again from the main menu.
• Select a class.
• Select ―Class Summary Report‖.
• Click on ―Get Report‖.

                           Ellsworth Publishing Company      25
                                  (888) 963-4817
        Viewing Student Progress
           Third Report—Class Summary Report
•   First column has student names.
•   Second column is the number of Lessons Completed.
•   Third column is Student Effort—how much time they have spent in
    actual practice. It records the amount of time the timer is going—but
    they can’t start a timing and walk off because if they don’t get a certain
    percentage of the timing correct it assumes they are playing around and
    doesn’t record the time.
•   Fourth column is Last Date Worked—date file was last opened.
•   Fifth column is WPM so far--useful in determining Mid-Term grades.
•   Grade/Weighted column. When finished with all assigned lessons,
    student grades based upon your grading scale in Profile Manager will
    automatically appear. You record your grades from this column.
•   Profile Name col.—useful in individualizing standards to special students.

                                 Ellsworth Publishing Company                26
                                        (888) 963-4817
        Individualizing to Students
      (Suzie Smith was found out to be a special needs student)
• Select ―Class Manager‖ on the main menu.
• Select the class your special needs student is in.
• Select the student (Smith, Suzie in this case).
• Find the Change Profile box (lower right), click on the arrow and
  select the profile you want to assign to her—SN … in this case.
• Click ―Update Profile‖ button. Click OK to dialog box question.

               Have several profiles to individualize
               to fast or slow learners.

                               Ellsworth Publishing Company           27
                                      (888) 963-4817
     Individualizing to Students
• Select ―View Student Progress‖ from the main menu.
• Select your class.
• Select ―Class Summary Report‖.
• Click on ―Get Report‖.
• Notice in the Profile Name that Smith, Suzie has a
  different goal than the rest of the students in the class.
  She will feel a sense of accomplishment because she can
  meet this goal, won’t feel like a failure and will less likely be
  a discipline problem in the class.

                              Ellsworth Publishing Company            28
                                     (888) 963-4817
               Moving Students
               (Usually due to a schedule change)

• Select ―Move Students‖ in the main menu.
• Select the ―Current Class‖ and select a student to move.
• Select the ―New Class‖ the student will be going into.
• Click ―Move Student‖ button. The student data file with all the
  scores will appear in new class; it will be alphabetized with the
  rest of the class.

                             Ellsworth Publishing Company             29
                                    (888) 963-4817
          Moving Student Back
                   (wrong student was moved?)

• Select the new ―Current Class‖ student is now in.
• In ―Students‖ column, select the student you want to move
• Select the ―New Class‖ you want to put student back into.
• Click ―Move Student‖ button. Student is now back into
  original class.

                            Ellsworth Publishing Company      30
                                   (888) 963-4817
        Using Message Center
• Select ―Message Center‖ in the main menu
• Click arrow to ―Select Your Class‖. A drop-down menu of
  classes will appear.
• Click on your class. The students will appear.

                           Ellsworth Publishing Company     31
                                  (888) 963-4817
      Using the Message Center
• Hold down the Ctrl key and click to select two students—one
  being your name. (You can select non-adjacent students.)
• Click on the first arrow. They appear in the ―Send To‖ column.
• Enter a Subject:
• Enter a Message.
• Click the ―Send‖ button.
• Close ―Message Center‖
  by clicking on the red [x].
(When you go to the student
side, you will see the message.)

Someone else doing your student’s
   typing? Assign a Schedule!
• You can assign a schedule so a student’s data file will open only
  during class time. No one outside of class can type for your
• Click on Schedule Manager in the Main Menu.
• Click the ―Create Schedule‖ button.

                             Ellsworth Publishing Company             33
                                    (888) 963-4817
             Assigning a Schedule
• In the example below, this schedule is Daily from 8:30 – 9:20 am.
  (Friends outside of class can’t help your student!) Click on the
  Save Schedule button.
• It is assigned in Class Manager on the Main Menu. Select the
  class, student, schedule, and click ―Assign Schedule‖ button.

                             Ellsworth Publishing Company         34
                                    (888) 963-4817
             Deleting a Student
• Click on Class Manager.         • Instead of clicking on ―Delete
                                    Student‖, click on ―Delete
• Select the class.
                                    Class‖ (pretend by accident).
• Select the student.
                                  • Click OK. Notice class is gone!
• Notice the options available
  on the right.                   • Click on ―Restore Files‖ button.

                            Ellsworth Publishing Company              35
                                   (888) 963-4817
                Restoring a Class
• Select ―Deleted Classes‖.
• Click on the class you want restored.
• Click the Restore button.
• Close the Restore window by clicking on the red [x].

• Click on your restored class--notice class and students are restored.

          Your class
          and students
          are restored.       Ellsworth Publishing Company        36
                                     (888) 963-4817
  Free Formatting to Customers
   (Downloaded from Web Site—Copy at School Copy Center)
• Choose the chapters you want to teach; we’ll keep up with the
  version changes (no more outdated and expensive typing books).
  Version 2007 has 194 pages. If most/all of the chapters are
  used, bound textbooks are available at a reasonable cost.

                   (New versions will appear when released.)
 1-Basic MS Word Overview                9-Itineraries
 2-Faxes                                 10-Agendas, Minutes, News
 3-Memorandums                                Releases
 4-Business Letters                      11-Outlines
 5-Proofreading                          12-Email
 6-Tables                                13-Job Search Skills: Resumes,
 7-Reports, Bound & Unbound                   Cover Letters, Interview Skills
 8-Mail Merge                 Ellsworth Publishing Company                  37
                                              Follow-up Letters
                                     (888) 963-4817
    Free Introduction to Microsoft
      Applications to Customers
       (Downloaded from Web Site—Copy at School Copy Center)
• You can choose the chapters you want to teach; we’ll keep up with
  the version changes. Version 2007 has 127 pages. Bound
  textbooks are available for those that want them at a reasonable

               (New versions will appear when released.)

                    Windows or Vista OS
                    PowerPoint                                  38
   Tips for Getting Great Results
• Students should practice each lesson until they reach their goal
  before continuing to the next ones! Their goal should be the
  speed and accuracy for an ―A‖ grade.
• Praise goes a long way! Use the Message Manager!
• You can individualize for the special needs student so he/she
  experiences success too.
• You can individualize for the talented student that needs a little
• Since students will be practicing at their own pace (within the
  limits set by the teacher of course), and will need little
  direction from the teacher, use this free time to ―small talk‖
  with the students. Small talk is talking to individual students
  about whatever interests them: ―I saw you play ball at recess;
  you are good. Do you play other sports?‖ etc., etc. It will make
  your class their favorite class!
                            Ellsworth Publishing Company
                                   (888) 963-4817
We Give Teachers What They Want
•   Students can work from anywhere—school or home.
•   Web based; no software to install or maintain on school computers.
•   Individualize to fast or slow students.
•   Accumulates time students spend practicing.
•   Teachers and students can message each other. (Not between students)
•   Formatting and Intro to MS Applications are free downloads to customers.
•   Company is run by certified Business teachers.

                               Ellsworth Publishing Company
                                      (888) 963-4817
       Technical Information
• Designed for efficient use of bandwidth –
   • It is NOT streaming Internet
       • Once a student downloads the program, it is stored in the
         computer’s cache
       • Scores go to Ellsworth’s server every 12 minutes
          automatically, with no disruption noticed
       • If students select Save and Close File at the end of the
          class, the program remains open to the next class without
          logging in again.
• Student data is backed up nightly at Ellsworth Publishing Company.
• All you need is an internet connection and the Java plug-in (For PCs
  it is a free download from; Mac OS10+ already have
  it in their operating system.)

                           Ellsworth Publishing Company
                                  (888) 963-4817
Teachers/Administrators Only:
E-mail us at:
Phone us at: 888-963-4817

     •   For questions or comments.
     •   To receive a free complimentary copy of a textbook. (Must be sent
         to a teacher at a school address.)
     •   To receive a 60-Day FREE trial—Screen-based version. (Must have
         a verifiable school phone and email address.)
     •   For current prices,, Order tab,
         Education and Non Profit, Catalog or Order Form.

When ordering, how many student data files are needed?
  Request as many as you need for one block, quarter, or semester. Example—
  If you need 300 students one semester, at the end grade them out, delete
  the names, you can add 300 new students, etc., for the duration of the site
  license. If you request 300 data files, you can’t add the 301st student. If a
  student moves, you have an extra slot to add another student. 25 data files is
  the minimum.                 Ellsworth Publishing Company
                                     (888) 963-4817
    Parents and Students Only:
•   Order from, Order tab, Retail,
    Select Grade Level or Course, click on Buy Now button, follow the

                             Ellsworth Publishing Company               43
                                    (888) 963-4817
          To Continue As A Student
•   Click on the back arrow of
    your browser to return to
    Ellsworth Publishing web
    site where you see your

•   Teachers can switch
    between the Teacher
    Manager and the student
    side without exiting and
    entering the student

•   Go to Part 2 to continue
    as a student.

                                 Ellsworth Publishing Company   44
                                        (888) 963-4817

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